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The Good Tenants

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Scarlett and Molly turn from their computer screens to see Cole enter their living room. He found their invitation on his pillow. He enters barefoot, wearing a black button down shirt and well fitting jeans. He is carrying a tumbler of whiskey and eyeing the women suspiciously as he lowers himself onto the center of the brown leather couch. The ice taps on the side of the glass as he swirls his whiskey around, a smug lustful look on his face. The women eye each other and smirk as the plan they contrived is now going to come to fruition.

Molly, wearing a sage green pencil skirt and white blouse stands and places her hands on the desk. Scarlett, wearing a simple button down black dress, sets her feet on the now abandoned armrests of Molly’s chair, showing that she isn’t wearing anything under her dress. Cole leans back into the cushions of the couch, curious and eager. Scarlett winks at Cole as she stands, walks over to Molly and raises the green skirt above her waist, revealing white lace panties covering a tight round ass. Scarlett tells Molly to keep her hands on the desk and she slides one hand up Molly’s thigh to feel her wet and ready slit, the other hand wrapping around and tugging at Molly’s hair. “Are you going to be a good girl today, Molly?” whispers Scarlett. Molly moans as she pushes her hips back trying to get Scarlett’s fingers to rub against her. This earns Molly a sharp slap on the ass, causing her back to arch and ass move further out, earning a few more slaps that turn the soft flesh bright pink. Scarlett removes her hand and using Molly’s hair, pulls her upright and turns her around.

Molly looks through her lashes at Scarlett, seeking permission. She moves her fingers up to the top button of Scarlett’s dress and slowly undoes it. As she moves to the next button she catches a glance at Cole shifting and adjusting his now hard cock through his jeans. As soon as she finishes unbuttoning Scarlett’s dress she opens it baring Scarlett’s perky breasts to Cole. Molly turns her head and keeps her eyes locked on Cole’s as she slowly lowers the dress over Scarlett’s bayrampaşa escort shoulders and down her arms. The dress falls to the floor. Then Molly smiles at Cole as she takes one nipple into her mouth and sucks lightly. “Such a good girl, Molly” whispers Scarlett. Molly, knowing how Scarlett loves the pain, places a nipple clamp firmly on the taut nipple.

Now, fully nude, Scarlett begins to lift Molly’s blouse, exposing soft, creamy skin, inch by inch for Cole to see. Cole tries to stand but Scarlett gives him a stern look letting him know it is not his turn to play with her pet. “Lift your arms little girl!” Scarlett commands. Molly does so obediently and is rewarded with a firm passionate kiss. Instead of removing the blouse completely, Scarlett uses it to bind Molly’s wrists behind her back. Scarlett drops to her knees, bare ass facing an overly eager Cole, and slowly peels the white lace panties from Molly’s wet pussy and completely off. Scarlett stands, leaving Molly bound at the wrists and exposed. She saunters over to Cole, hips swaying, naked breasts and nipple clamp lightly bouncing, and pushes his knees apart. She lowers herself to her knees in front of him, looks up at him with lust filled eyes and begins to stroke his hard length through his jeans. She lowers her mouth so that he can feel her warm breath through the rough fabric and his length grows harder, almost painfully so.

As she begins to unbutton his jeans, Scarlett motions for Molly to come join her and commands Molly to kneel at her side. Slowly Scarlett undoes his zipper and is surprised to find he isn’t wearing any boxers. “Naughty boy.” she tsks. With one hand she reaches in and grips him firmly around his thick base, leaving his jeans in place, and strokes him a few times. Molly licks her lips in excitement as the first drop of precum beads on Cole’s hard tip and she can’t help but lick it off. Scarlett spanks Molly and pushes her face into Cole’s crotch and says “Now, you greedy little girl, take only the tip in your mouth.” beşiktaş escort Cole groans loudly and stares at the women through hooded eyes. Scarlett begins to stroke Cole firmly while Molly takes only the tip into her mouth. The two women bring Cole to the edge but stop before he can cum. Cole squirms on the couch and glares at the devious women as they remove his jeans completely.

Scarlett stands and brings Molly up with her. Scarlett removes her nipple clamp and places it onto Molly’s nipple. She pushes Molly next to Cole on the couch, arms still bound behind her. She forces Molly’s legs as far apart as they can go, exposing her dripping wet pussy as she says to Cole “Let’s eat her out together.”

Cole removes his shirt quickly, exposing a light dusting of hair on his chest and a happy little trail that leads down to his throbbing cock. When he sees how wet Molly is, his cock twitches against his stomach. He stands and moves to kneel between her legs and watches as Scarlett kneels on the couch at Molly’s side, her ass in the air as her tongue laps at Molly’s clit. He takes Molly’s legs and places them over his shoulders as he leans in to taste her excitement. His tongue moves in and out of her causing her to squirm and shift her hips to get his tongue deeper. He understands this not so subtle hint and quickly inserts a finger into her hot, tight pussy. Molly, being the greedy slut she is, thrusts her hips forward more. Scarlett ceases the caress of her tongue on Molly’s clit and whispers into Cole’s ear “Put two fingers inside her pussy and one in her ass if she continues to thrust like that.” Scarlett giggles deviously and starts to tug on Molly’s nipple clamp. Molly looks at Scarlett questioningly and Scarlett yanks the clamp off. Ignoring Molly’s pleas, she moves the clamp to Molly’s clit and secures it in place.

Molly begins to move frantically, enjoying the pleasurable pain. Cole takes these frantic moves as a chance to help control Scarlett’s pet and inserts two fingers into Molly’s pussy, then beylikdüzü escort a third to get it lubricated. Scarlett and Cole can tell that Molly enjoys the sensation of being stretched and would one day love to be fisted, but for now Cole removes the third finger, and pushes it firmly into Molly’s tight ass. Molly releases a startled scream at the sudden but welcome intrusion and begins to quiver as she comes close to going over the edge. Molly’s moans get louder and more hurried as Cole thrusts his fingers into her pussy and ass, and as Scarlett pinches and nibbles on Molly’s nipples. Scarlett grips Molly’s throat gently sending Molly over the top. She spasms and contracting around Cole’s fingers until she shivers from the sensitivity.

Cole removes Molly’s legs from his shoulders and tells Scarlett firmly “You are both my pets now. Scarlett sit on Molly’s face and let her pleasure you while I fuck her.” Scarlett purrs and replies “Yes, Sir.” Cole unties Molly’s hands and yanks Molly’s legs so they are over the arm of the couch and her pussy is tilted up for easy access. From the table drawer he grabs a thick black dildo and hands it to Molly while motioning towards with a glint in his eye. Scarlett takes her place straddling Molly’s face. She lowers herself slowly, feeling Molly’s warm breath at her slick entrance. Cole pushes Scarlett from an upright position to face down on the couch so he can view her ass and see Molly licking and fucking Scarlett with her mouth. As soon as Molly begins to lick Scarlett, Cole thrusts himself firmly into Molly, causing her to moan into Scarlett.

Molly takes Scarlett’s clit in her mouth, spreads the wet lips with her fingers and inserts the dildo punishingly into Scarlett. Molly thrusts the dildo into Scarlett at the same pace Cole fucks her. Cole enjoys the view of Molly’s tits bouncing and Scarlett’s ass in the air as she gets rammed with the dildo. He hears the change in the moans and can tell the women are close. “Thank fuck” he thinks to himself. He thrusts harder and deeper and Scarlett is the first to cum and Molly eagerly licks up every last drop. Molly begins to tighten around Cole’s hard thick cock as the taste of Scarlett’s pleasure excites her further. Cole spanks Molly’s thigh and she begs him for more until they cum together. They all collapse, panting and sighing contentedly. The women look up at Cole and say “We hope you enjoyed your belated birthday present.”

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