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The Great Ray Threeway

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“So the girl kneels down and grabs the guys cock and says, Okay. But do you have to hit me?” Ray and I busted up. When we stopped laughing I noticed that Ray looked a little pale. His gaze was over my shoulder. I turned around.

“Oh hi Lynn, c’mon in. What brings you by?”

“I’ve been ‘in’ thank you. The old alligator and blowjob joke quite the intellectual conversation. What a surprise.”

“Well I guess you could change it around somehow and have the guy kneeling …I just don’t think it would have the same erotic quality.”

“Erotic quality – moronic is more like it. There’s nothing erotic about that old joke. HA! You wouldn’t know erotic if it knelt right in front of you.” Lynn had her hands on her hips and her eyes were blazing with intensity.

I turned back to Ray and smiled. “Do everything that I do. Mirror my every movement, OK?.”
I stood up and walked toward Lynn, Ray was behind me. When she was between us I stopped. Ray was looking at me and Lynn was looking back and forth between us.

“Erotic, sensual, sexy – I know all that.” I picked up her left hand Ray mimicked and picked up her right hand. We slowly and lightly stroked the exposed skin of her arm. We barely touched her fingers as we knelt on each side of her. We pushed her hands against the skin of her thighs and as we transferred our touch to her legs we curled her fingers up under the cuffs of her shorts.

We slowly touched the entire front, sides and backs of her legs – nothing on the inside. Her breathing was slowing, getting deeper. Which I took as an indication that she was enjoying this bit of stimulation. I wondered just how far she would let this go.

She slowly stepped her feet apart causing Ray’s eyes to go wide with excitement. We touched the inside of her calves and thighs always stopping at the hem of her shorts. After a dozen times up and down her legs on the up she pulled her shorts up exposing her upper thighs. Our hands followed obediently until they were stopped by the material bunched at her crotch. She was breathing somewhat irregularly now.

I took hold of her left hand and Ray her right. She released the material and relaxed her grip. We lifted her hands up until her arms were extended over head. Her breasts deliciously outlined against her t-shirt. Her nipples were pressing against the thin cotton and seemed very erect. We walked her to a doorway between the rooms and had her lean back against the jamb as she grasped it overhead. Her eyes were glazed and distant. We knelt beside her legs again and resumed the light stroking frontside, backside, outside, inside. Her scent began to fill the room.

I leaned forward and whispered into Ray’s ear. He nodded in understanding. We slid our hand high and under the legs of her shorts. Our lifting caused the short to bunch up again and push tightly against her crotch. I mouthed one, two, three. We simultaneously reached up gabbed her panties at her hip and pulled them down as far as the crotch of her shorts would let us. She gasped and trembled. The combined sexual tension within the room was intoxicating. Ray and I slowly stood dragging our fingers up her body.

As our hands rose we took hold of her shirt and we raised it bahis firmaları gathered the material into our hands. When we reached the bottom of her breasts we stretched the material out so that there was no contact with her breasts. Once the shirt cleared her head we placed it behind her head to act as a cushion. Of course it also acted as a restraint due to the fact that her upper arms were still in the sleeves.

Her sport bra was white and the bountifulness of her breasts pushed against the fabric. The darker skin of her areolas was clearly visible and her nipples were definitely erect. Her stomach had a soft womanly bulge to it. We stroked gently across her belly and ribs. Since she had yet to say a word of discouragement or encouragement for that matter – we continued.

We turned her around so that she was facing the door jamb. Since she was leaning toward the wall we moved her shirt so that it cushioned her forehead. We stroked her back and worked our way up to the bottom of her bra – we pushed it upwards. As it stretched you could see the bottom of her breast come into view. A soft bulge of pale skin turned in at the tightness of her bra. Gravity worked against her as more skin was exposed. Her nipples caught on the bottom of her bra and stopped further exposure. We caressed the exposed underside of her breasts with a light touch to the dark skin of her areola. A light sheen of perspiration covered her and she licked her lips.

Another silent countdown ended with our pulling the bottom of her bra outward, her large breasts fell free of confinement with a delightful bounce and a loud gasp from her. We knelt beside her again and as our hands descended we pulled her shorts down past the full roundness of her bottom. We stroked and caressed her soft skin. I whispered into Ray’s ear again. His eyes went wide in amazement; I nodded my head in encouragement. He finally nodded back.

When he was ready we moved with surprising speed. I pushed in at the back of her knees and she began to collapse immediately. When we had her upper body supported I grabbed hold of her legs and stood. We quickly moved into the next room and laid her on her back. Within seconds I had stripped off her shorts and panties while I told Ray not to removed her shirt and bra. She tried to cross her arms over her breasts and clamped her legs together – she couldn’t cover much. Ray’s perspective was pretty much obstructed for any view of her tits or pussy. However, from my vantage point, the effect was quite the opposite. Perhaps she thought her feet were covering her, they weren’t. The long gash of her very wet vagina was delightfully visible.

No one said a word. If this was going any further the next move had to be hers. We waited as she decided what was going to happen next. Her arms slowly relax overhead and her legs lowered and spread apart. She presented her body to us – so we took it.

I knelt down between her legs and began to lick her wet cunt. Ray was kissing her nipples as she tried to rub the front of his pants and fumbled at the zipper. Ray got the idea and drop trou. Lynn turned her head and Ray stepped forward pushing his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t move much in the position she was in so kaçak iddaa he began to fuck her mouth. I guess Ray hadn’t been getting much action over the last month because he didn’t last but about three minutes before he came. Lynn wasn’t able to swallow very effectively so a large amount of cum leaked out of the corner of her mouth and trickled across her cheek.

I kept licking away at her until she came too. While she was recovering I dropped my pants and shoved into her wet and ready cunt. I held her legs in a wide “V” while thrusting as fast as I could. I wasn’t used to this fast a pace and I was getting tired so I called to Ray for a break. Lynn’s eyes went wide as I pulled out still holding her legs and Ray took my position. He rubbed his cock along her slit and then pushed into her. Ray began to fuck her as fast I had and Lynn was clearly enjoying it. Lynn said she was starting to dry out some so I let her lick me good and wet before the next switch.

Only her mouth felt so good I just stayed there until I came. Except that I pulled out and sprayed her tits. This must had turned Ray on because he let out a yelp pulled out of Lynn’s cunt grabbed his cock and jacked himself to orgasm shooting his stuff all over her stomach. Ray didn’t give her much of a break as he put a couple of fingers in her and rubbed his thumb on her clit – she came pretty quickly. After that we all needed a break.

Lynn was still on her back staring vacantly at the ceiling. Trails of cum dripped off of her tits and stomach, her legs were still apart and Ray just looked calmly at her empty cunt. I was sitting in a chair with my dick hanging limply.

“God that was incredible. I can’t believe I …” I cut Lynn off. “You don’t think we through here yet do you? Can you go again Ray? I can think of at least one more hole I want to fill.” Lynn lifted her head and starred at me – I just smile back.

“Push back against me Lynn. Oh yeah just like that.” I watched as the head of my cock spread her ass apart. She was so tight. Her sphincter muscles reluctantly allowed me deeper and deeper into her rectum. The fact that Ray was filling her cunt was no doubt a major part of that reluctance. I slowly stroked in and out of her ass. Ray kept up a running commentary, Lynn babbled incoherently, and I moaned.

Gradually Lynn’s cunt and ass relaxed enough that Ray and I got a movement going. We gradually got going faster and faster and Lynn pretty much lost it. She was just swearing and screaming and writhing about. She kept on about ‘cumming…cumming…cumming’. Ray said he was just about there when I came with a roar.

I pulled slowly out and Lynn made it clear that while it had felt good she was much too sore to allow anymore ass-fucking – so Ray took her doggie style until he came. That was it – we were through.

I had gotten some paper towels wet and put them in the microwave for a few seconds so that they were warm. Ray and I slowly cleaned the cum off of Lynn. It was obvious though that she would be leaking for the next few hours. We all slowly dressed.

Ray leaned down and kissed Lynn. “You are incredible.” He looked over at me and gave me a wave a wink and a smile. “Man I’d love to stay but I’ve got a plane kaçak bahis to catch. This has been the best month of training I’ve ever had.” He was flying out this evening – I never saw him again. Lynn left a few minutes later.

Needless to say the rest of the afternoon was spent revisiting the those 90 minutes – a once in a lifetime experience. The drive home was relaxing and I called out excitedly when I opened the door.

“Honey, I’m home.” The house was quiet but having seen my wife’s car in the driveway she was probably visiting next door. I made for the bathroom to take a piss and found my wife in a bubble bath – soap bubbles nearly overflowing.

I knelt down and kissed her with all of the passion and love I could muster. “I love you. I love you more then you can imagine.”

“How can you…”

“I loved you before this and I love you now. Ray is right – you are incredible.”

“But after what I did, how can you…?”

“Jacquelyn.” I wrapped her in my arms. “J-baby, we both wanted this. We had talked about something like this happening if it worked out. This was a fantasy that we both shared. The opportunity to experience it was here, today. I decided to go for it. You or me or Ray for that matter could have stopped this at any time, but I glad nobody did – very glad. I love you. You’re my wife. Ray doesn’t know who you were. If he ever met you again he wouldn’t recognize you.” I lifted the raven colored wig up and held it before her. Jackie took her hands and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Are you sure honey? How could you watch me do all of this. To suck another mans cock and let him cum in my mouth. I let him fuck me too. You were both fucking me – I was like some kind of slut.”

“Shhhh. I love you. And I’ll say it and prove it to you as much as I need to until you understand it. Okay?.”

“Alright. I love you too. Can I ask you something? We’ve never tried anal sex before. Why today?”

“Why today. I guess because the rules were set aside today. I took advantage of that. We get into patterns, behaviors, ruts. They can be very hard to change. We get so comfortable that we don’t want to disturb the balance. I’ve called you ‘J’ instead of Jacquelyn for years. Maybe you’re tired of it? You might not even like it? Maybe I’m tired of it? But we don’t want to rock the boat – so we do it again and again.”

Jackie got out of the tub and I toweled her dry. I swept her into my arms and walked into the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and began to strip. J rolled to the edge of the bed and grabbed my cock. As I talked J slowly sucked me to hardness. When I was ready she laid me on the bed and then impaled herself on me. She started a slow rocking motion. Her hand was wedged between our pubic bones. She started to pant quickly.

“We took a big chance today. How will we react and assimilate what happened today. Maybe we do this again? Maybe we don’t? Maybe we talk about it often – maybe never again? There was a lot on the table today. The way we see each other, the way we see ourselves, the way we think the other sees us. I love you more because of this day. And not because of what you did or didn’t do. I love you more because you were brave enough to take that chance. I love you Jacquelyn with all my heart.”

“I love you Matt.” J started to work her cunt muscles in earnest. We came within seconds of each other and then drifted off into a deep satisfying sleep.

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