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The Gypsy Chronicles Ch. 03

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“Oh hell I’ve got dozens” I said. “Loads! Which ones do you want to hear, the tame ones, crazy ones, the middle of the road not too ridiculous ones?”

There we were a couple of days later at her place. She’s laughingly called herself a slut for the picture session, the stories I had sent her and her domineering me in her bedroom.

“So do all of these fantasies of yours involve me? She said.

“Yeah, a lot do, well most do, actually all but the one about the pole dancing midget in a cop uniform!”

“Perv” she said laughing, “so come on then let’s hear another one.”

“You have to understand,” I said, “These are fantasies, they are not necessarily something I would carry out, they’re not something that I would force, they are things I think up when there is no one to scratch that itch and I have to please myself,” I said. “But if you are sure, I have a tame one first you are fulfilling it now.”

“What? Me sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine? That one is fulfilled every week!”

“No, me telling you my fantasies, I have fantasised about that?”

“Do you have any idea of how weird you are? I mean weird with a capital FUCKED UP! OK we have a couple of bottles tell me a fantasy then”

“Dear god I’m horny,” I thought, but this has been a dream of mine and its coming true. I’ll tell her but there is a shyness or embarrassment, no that’s not right, it’s a fear of it not being real. That it’s a dream.”

“O.K. you asked, here goes”

[The fantasy begins]

“You come around to my place, you’re angry, really fucked off. I come out with one of those witty quips that sometimes irritate you. One that you take seriously and treat as a sign that I don’t understand. You believe I can’t understand because I’m just like whomever else it was that pissed you off. I become the target of your anger. Waving your arms about, you shower me in the shit that you feel everyone is throwing at you.

“If only people would shut the fuck up, stop making my life a mess, do what they say and mean what they say.”

“I always do,” I tell you raising my voice, in that slightly desperate manner that I adopt when things are going bad for you. I hate you being like that. You never understand how special you are to me, how much I want the best for you and how I would do anything to get you to where you deserve to be.

Getting mad you tell me, “OH YOU ALWAYS DO, DO YOU?” in that snarky manner that infuriates me, Good ol’ Mister I’m you friend, I’ll help, I’m there, what can I do for you, it’s fucking pathetic. You make yourself out as someone that has something different to offer in life, but you don’t you’re the same as him, them and everyone else.”

That stings but, with the saintly patience of one that has been through the wringer of Gypsy’s biting temper I carry on.

“Ok, so I can sit here and you can shout at me and that’s fine, go for it, really, or you can tell me what the problem is. I don’t say I can help, but I’d rather you shout about that than my inadequacies.”

“Oh fuck off and stop being so fucking self-righteous” you say.

“Listen lady, if I had someone to fuck I would fuck off to them, canlı bahis right now all I’ve got is an angry woman telling me I’m worse than useless and half the worth of anyone deemed worthy of your spit.”

“What?” you say. “look I’m in a really bad place right now, it’s not you, I’m just…”

“You’re just what? What’s up, what’s the problem?” I ask.

“I’m frustrated, Kevin’s fucked off, Albi is all but useless and Pete, well Pete’s a doos. (A great South African term by the way)

“So what’s the problem? “People? Is that what you are saying”

“People. Work, life, the lot of it… and I need a fuck!” you say with a frustrated look.


Laughing, in a kind of resigned and slightly tired way you say: “I haven’t cum since I don’t know when, everything else is just life’s crap, but damn it I need to get sorted. Now you see why you can’t help me, I’m sorry to take it out on you but that’s what I meant by you being like the others, you can’t help me with that.”

“Who says.” I say with a bemused smile.

“Who says what?

“Who says I can’t help you cum.”

“We’re friends sicko, you aren’t going to make me cum,” you say with a degree of certainty.

“I would if you wanted me to, I’m not sure about being a sicko but you’re right about me being a friend.”

“hahaha you’d fuck me?”

“I would, but there’s other ways to skin a cat.”

“What no strings, no comeback, no following me around like a lost dog, not taking it out on me later because you can’t get more from me.”

“nix, nada, not a thing, not a single string, not even a thread”

Interested you say “and how are you going to do it.”

With some soft music on and the scene set…

“Do you trust me?”


“Then come with me” hand out ever the gentleman I help you up and we go to the bedroom.

I lie you down on the bed on your belly, slip you’re shoes off and start to gently rub your feet, you’re flinching but with a soft “shhhh” here and a caress there you start to relax.

A bottle of massage oil from a long forgotten lady sits in the bedside cupboard.

I push your summer dress up laying the folds on your butt. Covered ensuring modesty and letting you know that this will take time. This isn’t about me diving in, it’s about building the passion, starting slowly until you are on the edge and just have to be satisfied. I believe I’m up to the job.

Each of your toes get attention. I’m not a foot guy but you do have nice toes. I massage your calves, softly, sliding my hands up and down them to the knees, back to the feet, ankles and up again. You sigh

I rub the back of your thighs a gentle pressure, not too hard, slowly working up to your butt, but not touching it, not yet. Keeping the gentle pressure I bend down as I caress and massage your legs. You feel my breath on the back of your thighs, warming and promising of a touch that doesn’t quite materialise.

You sigh again and your legs part slightly, promising me access to something I wasn’t expecting to see but have every intention of satisfying.

Nice panties by the way. I love those, black lace square cut, just a hint bahis siteleri of what lies beneath and further down. That spectacular rounded ass moving ever so slightly every time you breathe.

It’s changed now, no longer the pressure of a massage, more the gentle touch of a caress another sigh and then the softest moan.

My fingers are reaching the base of your lace panties now as I continue to caress and kiss the back of your thighs, knees and calves, slowly concentrating on your upper thighs.

I really can’t resist a peck on your butt. You’ve said “kiss my ass” when we are joke fighting a couple of times and I’ve always thought, “if only you would let me.”

You feel me kissing the crease where your butt meets your thighs. As I start to pay attention to the inside of your thighs with my fingers tongue and lips you moan, further parting your legs.

I can smell that unmistakeable incredibly erotic, totally exotic and alluring muskiness that shows I’m heading in the right direction. I’ll never forget how wet you used to get when we were an item.

I gently remove your panties with you raising your belly off the bed to allow better access. My word, there’re not damp. There’re wet, gloriously so. The smell of pure sex and desire pervades. Why can’t they can’t bottle that stuff!

You’re starting to wriggle now and I continue kissing and caressing, you feel my breath where ever I kiss, feeling warmer and warmer as the passion increases. You feel my cheek caressing one thigh as I kiss the other inner thigh, your ass wriggling as I kiss it and you move around. You let out a long moan.

With the gentlest indication of what I need you to do, you turn over and I look in your eyes for the first time since you laid down. I give you a soft smile and you give me a look of smoky sultriness that dares me to go further, do more and walk the walk rather than just talk the talk.

I need to build it up. It’s got to be a good one, no, a great one, it’s been a while and you deserve it.

I’m close to that gorgeous mound at the top of your legs, but not touching it just yet. I back of for a second massaging again, this time the front of your thighs, a gentle firmness reducing to a caress again.

Your legs apart, I can see the sweetest shape of your lips and the unmistakeable shine of your juices around them. Much as I want to dive in, they have to wait, nothing builds without time but it’s unmistakeable. It is building within you as you slowly wriggle and moan.

I kiss the crease between your thighs and legs, the inside of your thighs, and then moving up you feel my nose softly graze you’re lips, moving up to your clit but just missing it. I love your scent and we both moan in unison.

Slowly kissing nearer and nearer to the ultimate goal, you are not quite writhing around, but not far from it. You feel my breath on your lips and the slightest of kisses, almost not there, almost as if you imagined it.

You push towards my face but I back off, we’re building something monumental here and it takes time. My kisses and caresses continue while you moan, softly and slowly you say “fuuuuuuuuuck” but say no bahis şirketleri more.

Slowly and gently while kissing around your clit, I caress your lips feeling their slipperiness, like the softest silk, warm inviting and delectable.

You feel just the tip of my finger softly separating your lips while I continue to kiss and caress with my tongue, you feel my tongue slide off your clit down towards your lips and let out a little shudder. My tongue softly parts your lips and the moan is louder this time, “yes, yes, fuuuuuuuuuuck” you whisper. You taste better than the juiciest peach. All I want is to be there tasting your total awesomeness.

As I pull away to lick, kiss and caress, you sit up trying to pull be back just as my thumb brushes your clit and you fall back wriggling in pleasure. You feel my tongue between, around, up and down your lips, silk on silk.

Moving up you feel the slightest touch of my tongue on your clit and the touch of my fingers around your lips. I like the way you’ve shaved, just that little bush above the tasty peach.

Swirling around your clit with my tongue I’m starting to shift around as you writhe in pleasure. Going down to your lips you feel my tongue enter and you shiver a little bit. It’s coming, shortly, it will be worth the wait.

You are not paying attention to the detail now, where my lips are kissing, what my fingers are caressing, you are lost in the moment squirming, moaning, your ass lifting slightly off of the bed. I back away for a second, God you’re beautiful.

“There, there” you whisper as you feel my tongue around your clit, I’m trying to be gentle and takes effort following you around as you wriggle and writhe.

You feel a finger between your lips, this time after a slight pause, as if waiting to enjoy the view before entering, you feel a fullness in your peach, gently exploring caressing, enjoying it in there as the area around your clit gets more attention with the gentlest of greetings from my tongue every now and again.

I have to say you certainly look like you are having a great time, but WOW, this is far more than phenomenal for me.

You feel my finger on your G-spot as I kiss where ever the physics of neck muscles let me, my other hand exploring your belly and hips caressing, lingering and moving on for more fun elsewhere.

As I nibble your clit with my lips you really start to writhe, I feel more and more juices, the moans are going to be heard by someone, but neither of us care, “fuck fuck fuck fuck, oooooh ahhhhhh,” as you buck and writhe.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrh ARRRRRRRRR OH MY OOOOOOOO, I… I’M AAAAHHHHHHH” and I feel it as you shudder. You buck and jolt, moving around your hands on the top of my head, I keep up the stimulation until you start to comedown, slowly coming down with you until with a sigh you relax and lay still.

You look down at me slippery chined with a happy look on my face and laugh.

[Back to the sofa with Gypsy and the wine]

I hadn’t been looking at her face much as we spoke, a look here a glance there as I recounted my fantasy involving her. As I look at her face now she is staring at me with a look I haven’t seen before, a cross between shock and curiosity.

“I really need something like that” she said with a wide eyed look, “REEEEEEALLLLY need it! Save the stories for another day” she leans across to me and…

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