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The Halloween Costume

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“So what do you think?”

Karen spun around to show me every angle of her Halloween costume. She was dressed in a sexy blue policewoman jumpsuit. The costume had a plunging neckline, front buttons, and wide belt. It was made into short shorts that showed off her long thin legs. With a pair of heels she would be absolutely stunning, but she was twirling on the toes of her bare feet.

Hanging from one hip was a plastic baton made to look like wood. In her right hand was a pair of realistic handcuffs. She spun the cuffs around her forefinger and smiled.

“These feel pretty real,” she stated nodding toward them. “Want to give them a try?”

Without waiting for a response, she reached out and grabbed my wrists. While facing me, she pushed my arms behind my back and clicked one cuff around a wrist. She stepped forward to bump me backward with her chest. Her face was so close to mine that I could feel her cool breath on my cheek.

Karen pressed me backward until I bumped against a post of her canopy bed. Having pushed me into the post, she wrapped the cuffs around it and clasped them around my free wrist. Without looking she tightened them. Apparently she was familiar with the device.

Karen brushed her long blonde hair back behind her shoulders, then peered around to check her handiwork. A broad smile flashed across her face and she clapped her hands in excitement. I pulled my wrists apart, but the cuffs held firm. I pulled harder and twisted, but they still held firm. These were not cheap plastic handcuffs; they were the real thing of cold, hard steel.

“Hey Julie!!” Karen called out to her roommate with a wide grin. “I’ve got your boyfriend in a compromising position!!”

“That’s not funny,” I complained, “Come on. Let me out!”

I was not dating Julie. The girls shared the apartment across the hall from mine and the three of us had become friends. Sure I flirted with Julie a lot, and she seemed to flirt back. As much as I wanted to ask her out, I hadn’t worked up the courage. Now cuffed to her roommate’s bed, I felt a bit embarrassed.

Julie pranced into the room to check out the situation. She wore a thin tight tank top with spaghetti straps and baggy pajama bottoms. I’d seen her in her pajamas a lot, but she usually covered her top a bit more. I could clearly make out the roundness of her breasts and her nipples pointed out through the thin cotton.

“Bill?” Julie circled around, checking out my predicament, “just what is going on here?”

Karen smiled. “Let’s give him wood.” She teased.

With that she stood on her toes next to me and blew softly in my ear. I could feel her lips brush lightly against my ear and neck. Her hands reached up to unfasten the buttons of my shirt, slowly, one at a time. When the shirt was unbuttoned, she tugged it out from the waist of my pants, pulled it back over my shoulders and down to my wrists. She flicked her hair back again and giggled.

Julie had grabbed a nearby pair of scissors. She gathered a fist full of my t-shirt with her left hand and tugged. With the scissors she snipped off the material in her fist. My t-shirt snapped back with a large gapping hole exposing my chest.

“Christ Jules!” I griped as I pulled against my bonds, “this was a good shirt.”

She just flashed a flirtatious grin, “Oh Bill, lighten up. I’ll buy you a new one.”

With that she reached inside the hole and ran her hand across my chest. She massaged a nipple with her thumb. Karen, too, ran a hand inside my shirt to firmly caress my chest. Karen leaned against me, standing on her toes, and gave me soft kisses on my neck. It was surreal, but it felt amazing. I stopped fighting my bonds and reveled in the massages I was receiving.

“Is he wood yet?”

I felt a hand run down to my pants and squeeze the bulge at my crotch.


The girls dropped their hands from me and took a step back. Together they looked at my pants. They giggled and pointed and gave each other high fives. They were proud of their handiwork.

I thought their little practical joke was over and stood there while they celebrated. cevizli escort They stood in front of me for a brief moment. There was a little uncomfortable silence. Then Julie stepped forward to me. She caught me by complete surprise as she grabbed my shirt with both hands on opposite sides of the hole. With one quick and violent motion she ripped the shirt apart, exposing my chest, and leaving the shards draped from the neckline.

She tossed the torn shirt back over my shoulders and ran both hands over my chest. Then suddenly, she dived at my nipple, taking it into her mouth. She sucked it hard and bit. I felt the jolt of stabbing pain, but the pain was arousing and I could feel my hardness press against my pants. She continued to suck on my chest, and I became more and more aroused.

Karen came forward to lean against me again. With one hand she struggled with my belt, while she pushed up to press her lips to my mouth. I turned my head toward Karen to receive her kiss. Her lips were soft, full, and moist. She gently sucked my upper lips between her own lips and pulled lightly away. Then she pressed forward again, opening her mouth fully against mine. I could feel the slight touch of the tip of her tongue.

I was so carried away by the pleasure of Karen’s kiss and Julie’s attention to my chest. My head was spinning with arousal as sexual energy within me grew stronger and stronger. I hadn’t even noticed that the girls had freed me of my pants. My pants and boxers lay in pile around my ankles. I was completely exposed and vulnerable.

Julie stood up to give attention to an ear. She nibbled slightly on it and caressed it with her tongue. I moaned into Karen’s mouth as Julie traced across my cheek with tiny kisses. There was a brief clumsy kiss of the three of us, but Karen pulled away and let me lose myself in Julie’s passionate lips. I could feel Julie’s body leaning against me as her kiss carried me away.

Karen dropped to knees in front of me and ran her mouth down my side and over my hips. She continued kissing around to my front. I felt my hardness press against her face as she kissed low on my tummy. She turned her head to run her mouth across the length of me. Her tongue traced around the tip and over the head. Then she kissed along the length of it some more.

I released myself from Julie’s kiss and threw my head back. An unforced grunt of pleasure burst out, followed by a deep moan. I closed my eyes for a bit and let the world center on the feeling between my legs. I was harder then I’ve ever been; my skin was so tight that there was a slight tinge of pain.

Julie looked down to watch her friend. A little smirk crossed her lips as she gazed. But she was not content to observe, and soon dropped to her knees too. Each woman knelt on either side of me. Together they ran kisses up and down the length of me; making me harder; making me throb.

I watched almost unattached as if they were a scene from an adult film. But the feelings were real; real and intense. Julie kissed to the base and then licked my balls as Karen took me into her mouth. My body seemed numb as all feeling focused entirely on my crotch. Karen bobbed her head, then licked down me again, exchanging a kiss with Julie. Julie took the head into her mouth. I kept watching as the girls repeatedly passed me between them, kissing each other, and licking me.

Julie stood up briefly to step out of her pants. She dropped them in one smooth motion taking her panties with them and tossed them aside. I gazed as the tuft of red hair between her legs, trimmed back, but long and thick. She returned to her knees to continue giving me attention.

Karen stood to strip too. She unfastened a single button. She slipped our one arm, then the other, by pulling the uniform down over her shoulders. She wiggled her hips as she pulled the costume to her ankles and stepped out of it. Karen straightened briefly to throw her hair back and giving me a full view of her long tight body accented with a navy blue strapless bra and matching panties. She watched Julie’s hungry cihangir escort mouth give me pleasure, then knelt back down to join her.

I stood transfixed watching and swimming in the pleasure. I could see each girl take a hand to explore the other. With their lips and tongues keeping me hard, their fingers found the way between the other girl’s legs. Karen’s thumb pushed between Julie’s swollen lips, finding the way through the thick red hair to the hard clit beneath. While gently massaging with her thumb, Karen pressed her middle finger deep inside Julie. I could hear Julie moan quietly, almost crying.

Julie’s hand struggled with Karen’s panties. At first she rubbed over the panties and then she slipped her hand in over the waistband. But it was awkward, so Julie pulled her hand out and simply pushed the now wet panty to the side exposing Karen’s shaven and swollen lips. Julie’s fingers explored between those lips, massaging the moistness beneath.

I was so turned on that I had completely forgotten about my bondage. I was so transfixed by the girls that I was frozen. But as suddenly as the girls had started, they stopped. Stopped and stared hungrily into each other’s eyes. Without saying a word Karen pulled Julie up and pushed her back onto the bed. She pushed her hard, almost violently, then dropped to her knees and pressed her mouth between Julie’s legs. Her mouth explored deep as the long red hair surrounding Julie’s lips brushed against Karen’s cheeks.

I pulled against the cuffs but could not get free. Instead, I could only watch. I could only watch as Julie spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up high. I watched as she arched her back and turned her head to the side. I looked on while Julie stretched her arms out and clenched the bedding in each hand. I gazed at the look on her face; she looked in pain, but it wasn’t pain, it was concentration. She had the look of complete concentration as she focused on the pleasure between her legs.

Julie rolled her hips rhythmically against Karen’s face. Karen lips and tongue explored and caressed. They both moaned softly, almost musically, as if they were singing to each other. I watched as Julie’s hands clenched tighter and tighter. She closed her eyes tight and pursed her lips. I could see her flat stomach throbbing, as her muscles tightened. Her stomach throbbed as the sensation between her legs overwhelmed her. With a loud scream she raised her hips high while an orgasm radiated through her, centering at Karen’s mouth, still pressed firmly to her.

Julie’s eyes opened wide and glared at me with a piercing stare. “I need you inside me!!!”

Julie pushed a stunned Karen aside and jumped off the bed. She grabbed me around the neck and kissed me firmly but briefly. Then she pulled me to my knees and dropped on all fours. Karen slid off the bed and took me in her hand, guiding me into Julie from behind. I was inside Julie; she was soft and warm and wet.

“Come on! Fuck me!” Julie turned her head to command me. She pressed herself backward, pushing me deeper inside her.

It was an awkward position, with my arms still cuffed to the bedpost. But I pushed forward with my hips. Then pulled back and pushed forward again. Julie continued to press backward against me, assuring that I stayed deep insider her. I thrust forward harder and harder, then faster and faster, and finally catching a rhythm. I felt a bead of sweat slide down my cheekbone as I worked; pumping harder and harder.

It was amazing being inside Julie and I could think of nothing but the sensation of our sex. My hips slapped loudly against her firm behind as I continued to pound. I became a machine, not a man but and thing; not a lover but a slave. Julie cried out loud and I bit my lower lip. Thrusting, thrusting, thrusting.

Karen paced back and forth in front of us. Staring at us like a cat eyeing its’ prey. Her hands were on her hips as she gazed at the action. She paced back and forth; back and forth.

Julie reached back in desperation. She reached back as far as she could and dug her nails erenköy escort into the flesh of my ass, holding me tight to her; keeping me deep inside her. Her head fell to the floor.

“uh……uh…….uh……uh……uh” She softly grunted with pauses between.

I could feel a slight shudder with each grunt. Then Julie slipped off me, leaving me hard, and collapsed to the floor. She moaned something under her breath and slithered back onto the bed.

Karen stepped in front of me, hands on her hips. She froze momentarily, and contemplated her next move. Her face looked angry. Still standing in front of me, she slipped her hands in the waist of her panties and dropped them to the floor. She stayed there for several seconds, hands on her hips and panties around her ankles. Then she kicked them aside and grabbed my head.

She pulled my face violently to shaved and swollen lips. I could feel her wetness on my cheeks and chin. She squatted down slightly and pulled me tighter to her. Then she rocked herself on my mouth, pressing her clit hard against my tongue.

My arms pulled painfully back against my bonds. And my neck ached as my head bent backward. Karen wasn’t being sensuous and gentle. She was raping my face. And she raped my mouth violently; thrusting and rocking her hips to my face. Hold my head as tightly as she could.

Karen had become an animal. She was animal of pure pent up sexual energy. And she wanted release. I could hear her grunting, with a low angry growl. It was violent and painful. Still, I was strangely turned on, and I pressed my tongue against her. She rocked herself back to get my tongue inside her, and as I pressed it into her as deeply as I could, her muscles contracted hard in a orgasmic explosion.

As the cum passed through her she released my head. She stood over me, grinning and panting. Karen stepped behind me, and in a moment released the cuffs from my wrists. They were trick cuffs, and I could have released them myself, if I had only knew how.

Karen caressed my wrists, as if tending to my injury, but she wasn’t nursing me. She was pulling me to the bed. She slid herself up and lay back; next to her Julie lie curled up in a fetal position fast asleep. Karen opened her legs and held out her arms, inviting me inside her.

I crawled up onto the bed as Karen took me in her hand and pulled my hardness to her. I press myself forward, piercing into the wetness below. It felt wonderful inside her and I pumped gingerly as I wrapped my arms around her.

Her hips pushed up to meet mine. Our strokes became longer and faster. I was a machine again and I started pumping into her hard.

“That’s it” she cried out, “fuck me. Fuck me with that big hard cock of yours”

She panted a little.

“Wake up Julie,” she taunted her sleeping roommate, “I’m fucking your boyfriend. And he ate my pussy!”

I was speechless from my pent up sexuality. All I could do was thrust my hips and moan. So I thrust. And I moaned. And I thrust some more. Karen kept on talking.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck me.”

“Fuck me hard baby. Hard.”

“Come on baby. Harder. Faster,” she was taunting me, “fuck my cunt.”

She kept taunting me as I pounded against her. “Fuck my cunt. Fuck my cunt!!”

I was thrusting and pounding as fast and hard as I could. I thought I might hurt her, but she simply shouted for more. Her words, though, faded into the background as I succumbed to my own feelings of pleasure. I let the sexual high wash over me, building greater and greater. My mind was spinning as animal instinct took control of my body.

I could hear her voice and the slapping of our bodies, but the sound seemed somehow distant. Instead I thought only of the growing feeling building between my legs. The feeling grew stronger and stronger; and as it grew strong my motion became more desperate. I began fighting for the release that I needed. It built up at the base, but soon filled the entire length of me inside her. Like a huge welling of water swelling behind a damn, the feeling grew. I was powerless to hold it back. The sexual energy exploded through me. I came. I came inside her. Pressing myself as firm and as deep as possible, I let the waves of cum pour from me; filling her with the warm fluid of my sex.

As I regained consciousness, I saw her blue eyes gazing at me. She smiled slyly and whispered something low. I rolled off her and collapsed into a helpless exhausted heap.

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