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The Hangout

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The characters in this story are over the age of 18.


I opened the door to see Megan standing there.

“What’s up dude!” She said with a big smile on her face. “We’re playing Call of Duty right?”

I invited her into my house. It was the middle of the summer, and we had planned on hanging out. Since we are both big gamers, we decided to go to each other’s houses a few times over the next few weeks, chill, hang out, eat junk food, and play some games.

“Yeah, I’ve already got the Xbox on, come on.” I smiled back at her, leading her into the living room.

We settled on the couch. Megan’s blond, somewhat messy hair dropped until just above the middle of her back. She was wearing a white tanktop, revealing a black bra underneath, blue jeans, white and blue striped socks, and light blue converse which she removed at the door. I was wearing your standard jeans and t-shirt with black socks to match.

The house was as busy as a mall, with both my parents shuffling around grabbing this and that from every room of the house. They were leaving for a short vacation, just for the weekend, leaving me home alone. I was looking forward to it as the weeks lead up to this day. Imagining myself home alone for almost three whole days. I could go to bed whenever, wake up whenever, eat whatever, watch porn and jerk off as loudly as I wanted, and the thought of walking around the house naked was the biggest anticipation for me. I wasn’t planning on getting dressed the whole weekend. The instant they left that Friday midday, I would be stark naked, and I knew I wouldn’t get dressed until Monday morning when they returned.

“Are your parents going somewhere?” Megan asked, looking at mom run around the house with her suitcase, picking up everything they (probably didn’t) need.

“Yeahhh, they’re going down south to see some relatives. It’s only for a few days. They will be back on Monday.” I explained.

About 20 minutes into the first level of our game, I heard my mom call out; “Right, that’s everything, we’re all ready now. See you in a few days! Bye! Love you!”

“Bye!” I called back from the living room. The front door closed. The car started up, and a few seconds later, it drove away.

“Woohoo!” I exclaimed. “Finally done. We’ve got the whole house to ourselves now.”, I said with a smile.

“Woooo!!” Megan shouted back, pumping her fists in the air. “Let’s turn up the volume. Fuck it.” She grabbed the TV remote and turned up the game.

Two hours went by and we both felt seriously relaxed. This is what summer should be about. Just friends hanging out together, having a good time. It doesn’t need to be beach, beach, beach, sun, sun, sun. Megan and I never were the type to go out and get sunburns, or tan in the garden, or even really go outside that often. Just being in each other’s company was enough for the two of us. And days like these are the reason we’ve been friends for so long.

As the day continued, I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind that if Megan wasn’t here, then I could be naked right about now. Jerking off to whatever big tittied slut I would be watching on PornHub. No headphones in. Moaning as loud as I want. Cock in hand and tissue at the ready. Just the thought of all of that was enough to get me a little big aroused. What would Megan think if she knew that was how I was going to spend the next few days after she left? I mean, surely she watches porn too, right? She’s always been ‘one of the guys’ in our tiny group of friends. I’m sure she’s imagined, or even had, days like that. Spending the whole day naked, with her legs wide open, fingering her wet, juicy cunt, and playing with her round tits. Oh god. The thought of Megan like that didn’t help. My semi-hard cock had now become almost a full rager. Thankfully my jeans helped to cover it. It’s not like I’ve never thought about her in that way before. She’s always been attractive. Cool, messy blonde hair. Pretty, round brown eyes,. Her body was gorgeous; slender with a hint of curve. If she gained weight, it all went to the right places.

I was too horny to think straight at this point. I had stopped jerking off a week before today so that these few days would be an orgasm paradise, and I just needed to unleash. We’ve been friends for so long now, I’m sure a little naughty conversation wouldn’t be too damaging to our friendship. I decided to give it a shot.

“You know, if you weren’t here, I would be home alone and I could be walking around naked right now.” I explained, with my face still aimed at the TV.

Megan gave a little chuckle. “Oh dude, I do that all the time when the family is out.”

My eyes grew a little bahis firmaları wider. I knew it was something most people do, but imagining her, walking around fully naked, her 34C tits bouncing freely with every step. I couldn’t help myself but push the conversation further.

“You do know that as soon as you leave, I’m getting naked, right?” I had no idea how she would respond to THAT, but I sure wasn’t expecting it to be…

“Why wait then. Just get it all of now, dude.”, she said.


Did… did she really just tell me to get naked? Right now? In front of her? That had to be a joke. I didn’t want it to be. I decided to see how far she would go.

“Really?” I asked. “You want me to get get naked right now?”

“Sure. Why not? You said you’re going to do it anyway.” She said in a ‘matter-of-fact’ way.

“And… you would be fine with me just playing games with you… totally naked… next to you… on the couch…… naked?” I was stunned.

“Yes! Come on, just do it already.” The whole time, she was looking at the TV. Did she like me, or was she just a really easy-going person that her male friend sitting next to her naked wouldn’t bother her one bit? I decided to find out.

“Alright.” I said. “I’m going to go upstairs to my room, get naked, and then come back, and we’re going to keep playing.”

“Fine by me.” She said, still with her eyes on the TV, but with a hint of a smile.

“Alright. I’m gonna do it!” I exclaimed, getting up off the couch.

“Go!” She replied.

“I’m going!” I said back.

I headed upstairs and into my room. Was I really going to do this? I would be naked in the same room as Megan. I’ve never been naked with anyone in my life, and now I’m going to expose myself in front of one of my longest friends. What if, when I come back down, she has her phone out, ready to take pictures and show it to everyone. No. I pushed that thought aside. She would never.

I took a deep breath and said ‘fuck it’. I took my socks off, then my shirt, then my jeans, and finally, my boxers. My semi hard cock hung between my legs. It grew a little more when I thought about being next to her like this. What would she say? Would she like how my cock looks? Would she touch it? All these thoughts raced around in my head, and I couldn’t help but think of her jerking me off when I got downstairs. I became fully erect and began stroking. I only stroked for a few seconds before I stopped myself. “Better not waste too much time” I thought to myself. The tip of my cock glistened with pre-cum. I grabbed some tissue and wiped it clean. Okay. I’m ready.

I walked down the stairs, nervous yet excited. I stepped through the living room door to find Megan playing the game. My character was in a safe place while she handled all the enemies. I took another deep breath and sat back with her on the couch. My bare ass on the seat, and I picked up my controller. Megan took a quick glance at me and then went back to playing.

“Woohoo!!” She yelled “That’s more like it! It just feels so much better, right?” She said.

“Oh, way better.” I replied, trying to play it off like it was no big deal.

The day carried on like this. Me, naked. Her, fully dressed. At some point she shifted her position on the couch so that her legs were on my lap, and her head was turned to the side so she would see the TV. The feel of her legs over my cock felt heavenly. I tried my best to hide my boner. Either I did a good job, or she didn’t mind.

We had almost completed the game when Megan got up off the couch.

“I gotta piss.” She explained.

“Arlight.” I replied, letting her go.

I was left alone. Naked. On the couch. The whole experience so far wasn’t too bad actually. I mean, sure it was a little awkward when I first came downstairs, but it only took a few minutes before it became totally normal.

A little while later I heard the flush of the toilet and heard footsteps head my way. And then, a bare foot stepped over the back of the couch, followed by a bare leg, followed by a naked Megan. Her exposed tits bounced as she slumped back on to the couch.

“Whew. That’s better.” She sighed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had stripped off too. We were both sitting on the couch together totally naked. God, she looked even hotter without any clothes on. Her nipples were the perfect shade of pink than complimented her clear, pale skin. She picked up her controller and carried on as usual, placing her legs across mine, with my cock rubbing against her soft, smooth, bare leg. If I moved any more, I swear I would cover her calf in cum.

She kaçak iddaa noticed me staring. “What?” Megan said, “You’re naked so I figured I’d join. Besides, it’s hot today. No point in having clothes on, right?” I couldn’t agree more.

We stayed like this for another hour or so. My cock calmed down after a while and we carried on as usual.

After a little while, we decided we should eat. We headed to the kitchen and stuck a pizza in the oven. It felt so surreal to walk around naked with Megan. Doing every day things in the buff. I couldn’t help but have a semi most of the time. I think my body was trying to help me out because I noticed her glance at my cock every now and then. Never a full on stare, mouth wide open, drool spilling out with cock hungry eyes, but just enough to let me know that she was curious. The pizza was cooked and we both had half. Again, just doing every day things while nude was odd to say the least. But, a benefit of eating with no clothes on is no stains. If some sauce spills on you, you can just wipe it away, no problem.

Ever since Megan came out of the bathroom like that, there was a hint of sexual tension in the air. I mean, it’s kind of hard for there not to be with two, single, naked people sitting together for a few hours. We had been chatting all day while playing, only now, the conversations became a little more erotic.

“So, were you planning on just staying naked all weekend or what?” Megan asked me.

“Well I wasn’t JUST going to stay naked. I was also… you know……”

“What? Going to watch porn and masturbate?” She said so nonchalantly.

“Yep. Pretty much.” I replied.

“It’s cool dude. Like I said, I do the same when I’m home alone. I like hentai mostly.”

The thought of Megan, fiercely masturbating to porn appeared in my head yet again, only this time, she was watching cute cartoon girls getting fucked.

“Oh really?” I asked curiously. “Didn’t know you liked tentacle porn.”

“Well, it’s not ALL tentacles in hentai. There’s a genre called Futanari, and it’s basically chicks with huge dicks fucking each other. It’s great! There’s a series which takes place in a club at school and-“

As Megan carried on talking about hentai, I couldn’t help but get fully erect. I didn’t care at this point. We had both seen each other’s bodies all day. What’s wrong with letting her see a little more? I shifted my leg until my hard cock was fully exposed, pointing up. Megan notcied it after a few seconds.

“-and then another girl comes from another school, and she wants to fuck them all and test them, so she-woah! Guess this talk of porn has got you in the mood huh?” She said with a giggle.

“Hey, I can’t help it. With all this porn talk, it’s my body’s natural reaction.” I stated, playing it off as casually as I could.

“Well then…” Megan slyly said “…what kind of porn do you like?”

“I like loads of stuff; roleplay, lesbian, MILF, exhibitionism, bukkake, blowjobs, squirting, the list goes on and on.” It felt nice to let this side of me out. I never really talked about porn to a girl, but the way Megan was so open about it made me admire her more.

All of a sudden, Megan’s hand found her way onto my lap. Her position on the couch had shifted from a laid back, relaxed pose, to having her on her side, propping herself up on one elbow, facing me. God her hand felt so nice. So soft and gentle.

“So… you like watching blowjobs huh?” She asked with a grin, as her hand moved closer and closer to my cock. “How many have you had?” Her hand carefully grasped my cock, causing me to gasp.

“U-uh… n-none.” It’s true. I had never been this intimate with a girl before. I had a few girlfriends throughout my life, but the farthest I ever got to was kissing. This was a whole new level.

“I can fix that for you.”

Before I could even say yes, Megan’s mouth had already swallowed my cock. Her lips felt amazing along my shaft, and her tongue worked wonders around the tip of my cock. She shifted her position yet again so that she was lying on her front along the couch, with her knees bent and feet pointing up, and giving me a great view of her ass. She didn’t have the biggest ass, but it was cute and round.

After a few seconds, she took my cock out of her mouth, got up a little, slapped my thigh and said, “Open your legs, I gotta do this right.” I had no idea what she meant, but all of a sudden, she got on her knees on the floor, sitting between my legs, the soles of her bare feet pressed against her bare ass, and she swallowed my cock yet again. Somehow it felt even better this way. Her messy blonde hair rubbed against my inner kaçak bahis thighs as her nose rubbed against my pubis. Megan’s eyes locked onto mine as her head moved up and down, up and down, up and down. After just a few minutes, I couldn’t hold on anymore.

“Megan- Megan I’m gon- I’m gonna cummm!” I managed to shout out.

Just then, Megan took my cock out of her mouth and began stroking it with both hands as fast and as hard as she could. Spurts of hot, gooey semen shot out and hit her mouth, chin, and chest. The cum from her chin eventually dripped down onto her tits, and I laid back onto the couch, exhausted. Megan kissed the tip of my cock, got up, and fell back on to the couch next to me.

“So what’cha think?” She asked happily as she lay her head on my shoulder, still covered in cum.

“That. Was. The best thing. I have ever. Experienced.” I told her.

“Glad you think so!” She exclaimed with a big smile.

Megan snuggled up to me a little more before grabbing her controller and going back to playing. It was clear she had no intention of wiping my cum from her face and chest.

As the night went on, I got a little sad by the fact that I knew Megan had to go back home at some point. I didn’t want this day to end. The sky got darker, and it started to get a little colder, so we ended up cuddling on the couch while watching TV, still as naked as the day we were born. It had been a good four or five hours since the blowjob. The cum on her had dried, and she washed it all away. Eventually, I just had to ask the saddest question of the night;

“So, what time do you need to be home?”

“I can go home whenever. Why? Do you want me to leave?” She asked.

“No, oh god no. I mean, I’ve really enjoyed being with you today.” I told her, cuddling her a little tighter.

“Well then…” She stated, reaching for her phone. “…how about I text my mom and let her know I’m sleeping over tonight?” She look up at me with a smile.

“That’s fine by me.” I replied, giving her a smile back. “You wanna sleep on the couch tonight? We don’t really have a guest room in our house and my bed is only a single sooo…”

“I’m sure it’s big enough for the two of us.” She said, getting up from the couch and taking my hand.

I followed her lead, switched off the TV before leaving the living room, hitting the light switch as we walked through the door. I followed Megan up the stairs, her ass just inches from my face. About half-way up, I gave her right ass cheek a little kiss, to which she replied by turning her head around and winking, before continuing up the stairs.

We arrived at my room and headed straight for the bed. We both slumped in, got under the blanket, and cuddled some more.

“I’ve enjoyed spending the day with you too.” Megan whispered, giving me a pack on the cheek. I couldn’t help but respond by giving her a kiss too. Still on her cheek, but a little closer to the lips. She replied accordingly, with another kiss, this time it landed on the corner of my mouth. We both looked into each other’s eyes for no longer than a second before we engaged in a deep, long, wet kiss on the lips. Megan rolled on top of me and I held her tight, our lips never disconnecting. Her legs fells on either side of me, and her pussy was just grazing my now hard cock.

“Hey.” Megan began. “I just realized; you’re the only one who got to cum today. Well…now it’s my turn.” With that, she immediately grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy, before gently slipping it in. It felt like the most amazing thing any person could feel. She slowly started to go up and down, up and down, riding me. She dove back into another deep, wet kiss as she rode me faster and harder. The sound of our naked skin slapping together, and her wet juices drove me crazy. Megan’s breathing got heavier and heavier.

After a few minutes, her pussy began to spasm, and she squirted a small amount of her pussy juice on to me. She grabbed on to me tightly as she orgasmed, deeply kissing me one more time. A few seconds later, I kept pumping into her, and eventually came inside her.

We cuddled together, both breathing heavily, arms locked around each other. It suddenly occurred to me…

“Hey… you’re on… birth control… right?” I panted.

“…Don’t… don’t need it…… my ex and I… tried to have kids… a few years back…. but it turns out…I can’t have any…… you can cum in me as much as you want…” She panted back, before giving me a peck on the cheek.

We eventually drifted off to sleep together.

The next morning, I woke up to an empty bed. I walked down the stairs, not bothering to get dressed, and saw Megan in the kitchen, her back to me, still as naked as yesterday. That cute ass facing me. She turned her head and looked to me.

“Hey babe.” She said with a smile. “What do you want for breakfast?”

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