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The Hessian’s Tale

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“This place is so cool,” Abby said as she turned around, taking in all of the detail of the entryway where she stood. “I’ve got the weirdest feeling, though. It almost feels like I’m home.”

“Yeah,” Claire said, not really paying attention. “It’s really expensive, too, so we have to mind our manners.”

The sorority sisters stepped through the entryway. They had joined resources with one of the fraternities from their school in renting the house for their Halloween costume party. Several members of both groups were finishing the decorations for the costume party which was supposed to start in a few short hours. Claire and Abby made their way to the kitchen, sat their bags down and began helping with the preparation of the food.

“I know you young folk aren’t serving dinner tonight, but it sure smells good in here.”

Heads turned toward the sound of the voice.

An old man, tall, slender and grizzled in appearance stood in the door way. He stepped into the kitchen.

“We may have gone a little overboard on the snacks we’re serving,” said Sara, standing at the stove and stirring a pot.

“I’m sure the guys will make sure we don’t have too much left over,” said Abby pulling a dish out of the refrigerator and setting it on the counter.

“Your voice sounds familiar, young lady,” the old man said.

“I think I talked to you on the phone about renting this place,” she said.

“That must be it,” the old man said. “And your name was…”

“Abby,” she said, smiling. “My name’s Abby.”

The old man stood peering at her for a moment, then smiled.

“Well, Abby, you and your friends have a good time tonight,” he said. “I’m not normally here nights, so I hope everything goes well for you all. If you do need me for anything, I will be available for you.” He handed Abby a card with his number on it.

As quickly as he’d appeared, the old man turned and left the kitchen.

“Kind of creepy how he wanted to know your name and stared at you, don’t you think?” Claire asked.

“He probably hasn’t seen this many women in one place in years,” Sara said. She reached forward and adjusted a knob on the stove.

“I think he’s harmless,” Abby said. “He seems to be just a sweet old man.”

The girls went back to work preparing the food for the party.

A couple of hours later, the three girls were upstairs changing into their costumes for the party. Sara was dressing as the Cat Woman, Claire as a French Maid and Abby was dressing in a Colonial gown. All three of them were in various stages of undress, touching up their make-up and carefully adorning their bodies.

“I’m kind of irritated that more of the guys didn’t show up to help us get ready,” Claire said. She had one foot on the bed as she slowly rolled a fishnet stocking up her leg. She was wearing black bikini panties with a black garter belt and no bra. Her breasts swayed gently with the movement of her body as she moved the top of the stocking closer to the top of her thigh.

“I don’t know why that surprises you,” Sara said. “Besides, you know if they had shown up, they’d be more than willing to help us right now.” She sat in front of the mirror clad only in a wispy white thong. Her nipples stood erect atop her breasts as she leaned forward, focusing intently on her make-up. She was almost finished with the lines that gave her “whiskers.”

“The test will come at the end of the night when they either stay and help clean up like they’ve promised to or abandon us,” Abby said. She stood in front of a floor length mirror, nude from the waist down, becoming increasingly frustrated as she tried with only marginal success to lace up and secure her corset with bustier. “Will one of you help me with this?”

Claire, finished with her stockings, stepped over to where Abby stood.

“Arms up, sweetie,” Claire said, grabbing the fabric and maneuvering it on Abby’s torso. “If Mark doesn’t stay and clean up, he and his left hand are going to be very well acquainted before I put out for him again after tonight.”

Abby raised her arms and Claire slowly pulled and twisted on the lingerie until she succeeded in getting it positioned properly.

“You know, right now you look like such a slut,” Claire said.

“I’m not the one dressing as a French maid, wearing fishnet stockings and a skirt short enough for everyone to see my ass,” Abby said as she cupped her breasts and assessed the boost given to her cleavage. “Or should I say, actually see your ass, since you and I both know you’ll have your panties off before midnight?”

“At least I’m not the one wearing my costume without underwear.”

“Actually, that would be me,” said Sara. She swung her feet away from the mirror and stood up. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and began pushing it down from her hips as she stepped closer to the bed and her costume.

“You’re not going to wear anything under that costume?” Claire asked turning to look at her friend’s nude body.

“Nope,” Sara replied, pressing her breasts bahis firmaları together and pulling on her nipples. “In fact, when I get it on, it’ll make you think I grew a second skin.”

Claire and Abby watched with interest as Sara, now completely naked, began to wiggle her way into the black leather suit.

“That doesn’t look like it’s very comfortable,” Claire said.

“It isn’t really,” Sara said. She rolled the cloth up over her hips. “Even though it has a zipper in the crotch, I pretty much have to strip to pee; it doesn’t breathe at all, and it sticks to you.” The lips of her pussy disappeared beneath the black cloth. “But it feels pretty good coming off, and I look fucking hot wearing it.”

Claire and Abby both stepped into their dresses as Sara pushed her arms into the sleeves of her costume. Both girls finished donning their dresses and began fastening the buttons. Sara stood in front of the mirror arranging her hair under her mask, her one piece costume unzipped all the way to her pubis.

Claire and Abby both spun side to side checking their appearance in the mirror. Except for the fact that she’d left three buttons undone to expose her bustier, Abby looked very much the colonial genteel young lady. Claire, likewise, left a couple of buttons unfastened, exposing an ample portion of her cleavage to view. Both girls watched with rapt attention as Sara closed the zipper on her costume.

“What do you think?” Sara slowly turned around, raising and lowering her arms and striking different poses to show how skintight the outfit was. Every curve on her body was accented. The cloth perfectly hugged the lips of her pussy and her ass, and her nipples so well defined, it was as though she had merely painted them.

“Wow,” Abby said.

“Damn, girl,” Claire shook her head. “I’d do you.”

Sara laughed.

“I’m hoping Flynn reacts the same way.”

“How could he not?” Claire asked. “You’re virtually pornographic in that suit.”

“And with this zipper,” Sara said, “I can be out of it and ready to fuck in a heartbeat.” She ran the zipper all the way down and threw her shoulders back just enough to bare her breasts before pulling the suit back into place.

“We all know that once the party gets going good, girls will be pairing off with their boyfriends to make out and have sex,” Abby said, “but we need to make sure we remind people that this is a really old, historical house and to be respectful and very careful.”

“We can try,” Claire said, adjusting the top of her maid costume. “But you know as well as I do, once they get started drinking and groping, all bets are off.”

Abby nodded as they opened the door and headed downstairs.

“I still can’t believe they agreed to let a handful of us stay here overnight,” Sara said.

“Yeah,” Claire said as she took hold of the handrail for the stairs. “It ought to make for an interesting evening.

An hour later, the party was close to being in full swing when their boyfriends showed up.

“Look,” Claire said, getting her friends’ attention. “It’s the two musketeers and their… oddly dressed friend. What happened? I thought you guys were going to be the three musketeers.”

“That was the plan,” said Chris as the six people drew near enough to each other to be heard. “We got to the costume shop and one of the employees had let the other musketeer costume go out. This was all they had left.”

Flynn and Mark were dressed as musketeers, while Chris was dressed in what appeared to be a golden yellow uniform of some sort.

“So what are you supposed to be?” Abby asked.

“A Hessian soldier,” he replied.

“A what?” she asked.

“They were mercenaries from Germany, hired by England during the American Revolution,” he said.

“I think you look handsome,” she said, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

“You look ravishing yourself,” he said.

“What about me?” Sara asked, pushing forward.

“Wow!” Flynn exclaimed. Accenting his response, he angled his body and manipulated the costume sword at his side, jutting it skyward as though an erection.

Everyone laughed.

“You look great, too, baby,” Mark said.

“Why, thank you, kind sir,” said Claire as she curtsied, lifting her abbreviated skirt and flashing her panties.

“I’m not wearing any,” Abby said, whispering into Chris’s ear.

“What?” he asked.

“Panties,” she said. “I’m not wearing any panties. So when you want to take me, all you have to do is lift my skirt.”

“I look forward to violating you shortly, my lady,” he said.

As the evening wore on, as had been predicted, with alcohol flowing, several people became noticeably intoxicated and couples began to get intimate.

Some were considerably less discreet than others, though. Abby saw one couple off in the corner of a dimly lit room, the girl sitting on her date’s lap, his hand buried inside her skirt as they kissed, her top open and her breasts exposed. She walked past Mark and Claire as they headed upstairs and to kaçak iddaa find privacy in one of the bedrooms. Claire was holding her panties in hand and the front of her maid costume was completely unbuttoned.

Turning the corner at the bottom of the staircase, she saw Flynn and Sara off by themselves. Sara’s costume was unzipped to the waist and Flynn was gently teasing the nipple of her exposed breast with his thumb.

Abby began looking for Chris, who’d gone to get them fresh drinks. After circling through the entire bottom of the house, she saw Sara and Flynn again across the room. She went to ask them if they’d seen Chris. Before she realized what was happening, she placed a hand on Flynn’s shoulder.

“Have you seen… Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said.

Sara’s costume was peeled from her upper body and down around her hips, the threshold of her pussy exposed. Awkward though it was for her to do so with the costume so low on her body, she was down on her knees and had Flynn’s erect penis in her hands, stroking him and his shaft wet from where her lips had already been.

“If you’re looking for Chris,” Flynn said, “I think I saw him out back near the gazebo earlier.”

Sara looked up at her, intoxicated lust in her eyes.

“If you don’t find him, come on back,” he said. “The more the merrier.”

“Just be ready to ditch the dress,” Sara said as Abby walked off.

As she passed through the French doors opening onto the patio, Abby looked over to her right and saw another couple, their costumes spread on the grass, nude and in the middle of having sex. The girl who Abby recognized as Debbie, was straddling her boyfriend and riding his cock, her breasts swaying rhythmically.

Abby took a few steps into the darkness so as not to be too obvious and looked back at the couple. Debbie had a look of bliss on her face as Russell sucked her tits while she rode him.

Abby felt the heat rising in her veins and reached for the top of the bustier to loosen it a bit. She could feel herself getting moist between her legs. She needed to find Chris and get his cock inside her.

Chris came out of the cellar with another bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. The first thing he saw when he turned around was one of his fraternity brothers seated at the table, his girlfriend lying on the table with her legs spread. Her hands were kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples as he feasted on the bounty of her pussy. Chris allowed his gaze to linger only long enough to realize that his brother was naked from the waist down and sporting a throbbing erection. He made his way out of the kitchen with the bottle and glasses.

Making his way through the house, he looked for, but did not see Abby. He did see Flynn, musketeer uniform abandoned, on his knees behind an equally nude Sara, thrusting into her as she rocked back against him.

Turning away from the sight of their sex-in-progress, Chris’ attention was diverted by the sound of laughter coming from the top of the stairs. Looking up, he was Claire and Mark headed down the stairs. He noticed that not only was her maid costume open and her breasts unfettered, she no longer had panties on. As his gaze tracked them down the stairs, he couldn’t help but notice a red, almost enflamed quality to the flesh of her pussy lips and nipples.

“Like what you see?” Claire asked as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She raised her skirt and shook her hips, causing her breasts to jiggle as she did so.

“Very enticing,” Chris said. “I’m actually looking for Abby, since I doubt the musketeers are much for the habit of sharing.”

“Sometimes they need proper persuading,” she said, reaching down with her hand to cup Mark’s cloth covered cock. As her hand pressed over the fabric, Chris noticed that he must no longer be wearing anything beneath it, for the outline of his resurgent erection was clearly discernible. “I think we saw her outside. It looked like she was headed for the grove of trees.”

Chris raised the bottle in a mock salute of thanks and took his leave of them. Passing through the front door, he looked off toward the grove. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he saw the outline of her form in the shadows.

It wouldn’t make sense to try opening and pouring wine in the dark in a bunch of trees, he thought to himself, so he sat the bottle and the glasses down on the porch and set off towards her.

Abby was in the shadows well removed from the house when she saw him. His back was to her, but the outline of his shape in the soldier’s uniform costume was unmistakable. As she stepped very carefully towards him, he turned to face her.

“I’ve been looking for you,” she said, throwing her arms around him and burying her face in his neck.

“And I for you,” he said, whispering into her ear as he took her in his arms, pulling her close to him.

“I want you,” Chris said, whispering into her ear.

“And I want you,” she said. “We must hurry, though, before we are found out.”

Chris began removing his kaçak bahis coat as she began unfastening the buttons at the top of her dress.

His hands were rougher than she remembered them, Abby thought to herself as he cupped her bare ass with one hand and groped her breast. He had her skirt raised, exposing her lower body to the night air. She could feel his erection pressing into her through the cloth of his pants.

Her dress drawn up around her hips, her bodice open and her breasts exposed, Chris centered his cock in between her legs and thrust upward.

Abby felt his cock penetrate her hot, swollen sex. Their mutual arousal was overpowering, and she felt the almost animalistic urgency of their fucking overtaking her as each of his thrusts lifted her nearly off of her feet.

Chris felt her stumble backward, almost losing her balance, saved only by her back bracing against the tree that towered over them. He reasserted himself between her legs and thrust into her once more, resuming his carnal assault on her sex.

“That’s it, my soldier,” she panted. “Give me a good fuck…”

“I giff you my cock, my lady,” he hissed through pursed lips as he continued to thrust into her.

“Oh, yes,” Abby said. “Give me your cock… fuck me… oh fuck me…”

“I can feel your cock swelling inside of me,” she said, her voice low, her breath rasping.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Chris said, “I’m getting ready to fill you with my cum…”

“Ohhh… ohhh… fuck me,” Abby said. Her breathing was hard, rapid and shallow. “I can feel you… ohhh…”

She dug her fingers into his shoulders as his cock began to spew his seed into her.

“Ohhh… ohhh…” Chris thrust himself hard and full into her, urging the torrent of his semen into her. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as her orgasm hit her, her pussy spasming on his cock.

They collapsed against one another, their breathing slowly calming as they slowed and then stopped moving against one another.

“I should go now before you’re missed,” he said, pulling back from her enough to crush his lips against hers, his tongue desperate to seek hers out.

“You should go now before I’m missed,” she said as their mouths parted.

Almost as quickly as they’d come together, they parted. Chris rapidly tucked himself into his pants and reached down to grab up his jacket. He turned to take one final glance back at her, and she was gone. As he began walking back to the house, he wondered why she would have been worried at all about someone at the party missing her. After all, it wasn’t like their friends didn’t know they were sleeping together. They’d been watched fucking once before, for crying out loud.

As Abby watched him walk away, she began to gather herself back together, lowering the skirt of her dress and smoothing it. She could feel his semen oozing out of her and beginning to run down her leg. She pulled the bustier closed against her, and then decided against it. She looked up, and he was gone. Leaving her breasts exposed to the night air, she began her trek back to the house.

Walking back to the house, she wondered why he’d felt it necessary to go from her before she was missed. When she’d come outside to find him, more than half of the couples she’d seen had been in the midst of some sort of sexual activity. Why should they have been any different?

Abby stepped up onto the patio. The couple that had been fucking when she came outside was gone. She stepped through the French doors and shut them behind her. A couple lay on the couch naked and spooning, a sheet covering them. She made her way to the stairs and began to ascend them.

At the top of the stairs, she heard the sounds of sex coming from the nearest room, the door slightly ajar. She paused just outside the door, peeking in. Faint light from a bedside lamp cast a pale glow on the couple. The woman was on her knees on the bed, ass raised in the air and the man behind her was thrusting into her slowly but firmly. Moving on down the hall, Abby pushed gently on the door to the room where she’d put her dress on earlier. Claire lay on the bed with Mark, there nude bodies covered by a satin robe draped over them. Flynn sat in a chair in the corner, Sara astride his cock, facing away from him.

Abby leaned against the doorway, watching the subtle rhythm of her friends moving against one another.

Claire crawled from under the robe and walked over to Abby.

“You look like you had a good time outside,” she said, running a hand up Abby’s belly until her hand encountered Abby’s bare breast.

Abby almost jumped as Chris appeared behind her, his arms sweeping around her waist.

“I know I enjoyed it,” he said as he nuzzled Abby’s neck.

“Ummm, I did, too,” she said, pulling his hands up to cover her breasts.

“You want to come in and join us?” Claire asked, kissing her gently on the lips.

“No,” Abby said, reaching behind her to grasp Chris’ growing erection. “I think we’ll go get out of these clothes and fuck again. We’ll see you guys in the morning.”

Claire leaned out into the hall and watched them walk away. Turning back into the room, she observed Mark pulling the robe away from his body, his penis standing at attention.

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