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The Holiday Party

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The holidays are time of wonderful house parties, friends and strangers meeting to share the holiday spirit. I had been working hard, a break was needed, luckily I had received an invitation to a party. Not knowing the host that well there would not be many people that I would know but making acquaintances was never an issue for me.

The party was at a beautiful home in an upscale part of town. As a lover of the holidays I was definitely in the spirit, decked out in a little black dress with the 5″ red strap heels. The evening as unseasonably warm so I was sans panties, the dress did not allow for a bra. I felt like the hottest gift in the room, the question of the evening was who was going to unwrap me.

Acquaintance come easy to me, the banter was light, the champagne cold, everyone was having fun. A stranger from across the room got my attention. He is conversing with a small group and had not seen me. I immediately knew that I had to meet him, get an introduction.

A friend engaged me in conversation, when I had the opportunity I asked about the mystery man. She gave me a few tidbits; it heightens my desire. I ask for an introduction. She took me over, for an introduction, the handshake sends a current through me. Then he is pulled away, as he was introduced to someone else.

‘Does he even remember my name?’ I ask myself, ‘damn, damn, damn.’

A half hour later I am introduced to him again, this time not missing my chance to make an impression on him. We shake hands again, I pass him a note.

‘Meet me in the bathroom at the top of the stairs, 10 minutes.’

Will he come? What if he does? Does he find me attractive?

Oh fuck! I am so nervous.

The door opens, it is him, he grabs my hair, pulls my head back and kissed me, deeply, fucking deeply,

I melt in his arms. ‘God I feel him against me’.

He pushes me against canlı bahis şirketleri the sink, he lifts my dress, and enters me,

‘Fuck, how he did it so fast. Oh my god does he fill me, he is taking me, not asking just fucking the hell out of me.’

As he pounds away at my cunt my breast spill out of my dress, my nipples as so fucking hard. Looking into the mirror I watch the fire in his eyes as he takes me. My cunt is on fire, he has me spread wide open, filling me with every stroke.

I am so close, he reaches and twists one of my nipples as I exploded into an orgasm. Screaming with delight I encourage him to pound away. He explodes deep inside of me, filling me with his cum. Milking him for every drop my cunt clutches his cock.

“Is this what you want?” he asks me.

“Fuck, yes, fuck me, take me, use me,” I scream.

I feel him continuing to explode inside of me, “Oh my god, I feel your cum filling me,” I stammer, my heart is pounding in my chest.

I fall to my knees, taking his cock in my mouth, tasting us as I clean him, my god I love the taste of us on his cock. Cum is one of my weaknesses.

“Fuck, I want to be your slut, please ravish me” I beg him.

He hardens in my mouth, pulls me up by my hair and bends me over the sink. He fucks me again, this time in the ass, hard, pounding me. I am putty in his hands; he fills me again. How does he know my other weakness, anal sex?

Anal b rings out the slut in me, oh God, does he know how to fuck an ass!

“Fill my ass with your cum, oh my God! Fuck me like the slut I am” I shout. “Holy shit, I need you forever, I am yours,” I scream.

My asshole is totally taken; I am in heaven as he explodes deep into my bowels filling me with his wonderful cum.

I slide to the floor, out of breath, my asshole twitching from the fucking, I clean off his cock, God he canlı kaçak iddaa tastes so good.

After I clean him he zips his pants, and writes something on my right breast. Then he walks out the bathroom door leaving me on the floor.

I gather myself to the best of my ability and headed back to the party, slipping into the kitchen for a big glass of ice water. Still in a fog, I have never been fuck like that before, totally taken. I find a small sitting room off the kitchen; sipping my water all I can see is my face in the bathroom mirror.

Was that really me, the reflection on the mirror? The woman is the mirror had a raw primal look in her eyes, she was screaming to be fucked harder and harder. Tell him to fuck his slut, fuck his slut with all he had, and fill her with his cum. The woman in the mirror’s eyes were ablaze with passion, hunger, need; she was a completely out of control, a slut.

I shiver, my body still had not processed all of orgasms, my legs are jelly, my holes full of cum. I feel the cum running down in insides of my thighs.

“I heard it all, I was on the other side of the bathroom door, my God I would of given anything to be you!” said the woman. A very well dressed, classy woman in her 40/50s was looking at me.

“What,” I said looking into this woman’s eyes.

“OMG, I would have given anything to be fucked like you, I heard you screaming for him to fuck you harder and harder. To fuck his slut, to use you, to fill you with his cum.” She had a similar primal look on her face as she talked, one hand rubbing on her pussy.

I said nothing, my expression must have said it all. I smelled of pure sex, the look in my eyes was complete rapture.

“I could hear you cleaning off his cock, slurping up every drop of cum from him, telling him how wonderful his cock tasted. Then he started to fuck you again! In the canlı kaçak bahis ass this time! My God, I want so much to be a slut to a man like that. You are the luckiest woman in the world, I am very jealous.” As she settles at my feet.

All I could do was blink, nod, I was still shuddering from the experience, still in a fog.

The woman, pushed my dress up exposing my upper thighs, staring at the cum dripping from my holes.

“My God, you are filled with his precious cum, the mix of both of your cums is too much for you to hold inside of you. Your lips are swollen from him fucking you!” she tells me.

The woman shuddered, ‘did she just have an orgasm?’

She touches my thigh, I jump, it was a spark, my body has been one large spark. She scoops some of the cum off my thigh and eats it. Her eyes close as she is savory it.

“The two of you taste so good, fuck, I came twice listening to the two of you,” she said.

No shame in her voice, just jealousy. She was in a similar fog as I.

She started to lick the cum from my thighs, I was transfixed, not know what to do. I didn’t have the strength to do anything if I so desired. I just sat there and watched. She was feeding off of me, eating the cum with the same passion as he and I made it.

As on auto pilot, my legs spread, she moved to my pussy, eating the cum with a hunger I had just had moments before. Her tongue snakes to my asshole cleaning the cum dripping from it, she sucks on my puckered hole, getting every drop.

“My God, I have never touched a woman before,” she says, “I cannot help myself, if I cannot have him. I need your cum. I have never burned like this before. Please do not think ill of me.”

Shudders start to go through my body again, I am shocked that that I have another orgasm left in me.

She finished cleaning me, I can see the tears in her eyes. Her passion, her emotions. They affected me deeply.

She rose and walked back to the party, her legs seem to be jelly just like mine.

I closed your eyes trying to process everything, was that even possible. Hmmm, no but I do have his phone number.

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