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The Interview

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Natasha sat in the waiting area of Winter & Winter, legs crossed with perfect posture, taking care not to slouch (both in an effort to present herself as professional, and in an effort not to crease the sheer black blouse she was wearing). She all of a sudden felt self-conscious about her outfit. The advertisement had said that applicants must be ‘well-presented’ and able to ‘present an image in keeping with the expectations clients have of our company and brand’.

Natasha had chosen a basic black boddess underneath a sheer black blouse, and a blush, faux-leather pencil skirt. Her shoes were high, but basic black heels. She worried that she’d gone too far with the sheer blouse, especially with the way the bodice accentuated her chest, but she also knew Winter & Winter’s clientele. W&W mostly did marketing and public relations work for entertainment companies. Companies with images that relied heavily on excitement and (mostly) subtle sex appeal. Some of the most exclusive nightclubs, desirable actors, and expensive products used this firm to develop the face of their brand. Natasha assumed that ‘well-presented’ meant ‘sexy and fuckable’, so she dressed accordingly.

Before she had a chance to work herself up into too much of a panic, she heard her name called.

“Miss… Morgan?” The voice was warm but gruff. Natasha’s heart skipped a beat and she jumped up out of her chair. She stood and extended her hand towards the man holding what presumably was a copy of her resume. He was relatively young, early thirties maybe? He was wearing a black suit, black shirt, and black tie. On someone else it might of been too much, but on him it worked. He was obviously very self-confident. He had fair skin, but looked like he’d caught some sun recently. Probably an exotic holiday, God knows he looked like he could afford it. His hair was dark and short, tousled but styled perfectly.

“Hello, I’m Natasha Morgan.” Natasha flashed her teeth, hoping that her lipgloss still looked perfect.

“I’m Damien West- it’s nice to meet you. Follow me.”

Natasha followed Damien into a large room. A board table sat in front of floor to ceiling windows. On one either side of the board table were 5 leather chairs. Damien walked around the table and sat with his back to the floor to ceiling windows. Natasha sat opposite him, sitting gently to accommodate the tight fit of her skirt.

There was another man sitting behind the board table in the chair next to Damien. Slightly younger, maybe thirty. Sandy blonde hair slicked back and styled immaculately and purposefully.

“Miss Morgan this is Lucas Trenton.” Lucas nodded towards Natasha in acknowledgement but made no move to get up or introduce himself.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Trenton.” Natasha sat down as Damien continued to speak.

“So, Natasha. Would you mind telling me what you understand this role to entail?”

Natasha only had a vague idea, the ad hadn’t been particularly detailed. A friend of hers from college was working as a PA, and had encouraged Natasha to look for similar work when she’d had trouble finding work after graduating with an art history degree. Her friend had described it as being a ‘beck-and-call bitch at the whim of a power-hungry, middle-aged sociopath’, but had also said it was easy enough.

“I suppose I see this role as… being someone who can make your job as easy as possible in any way that I can so you can use your time as effectively as possible. To be honest Mr. West I’m not completely sure, the job description was a little vague, but I appreciate the opportunity to discuss it with you.”

“I don’t see the point in being obtuse so I’ll be as blunt as possible. The job description was vague for a reason. This role is… everything you described. But there’s also certain… requirements.”

He said this firmly but tactfully, as if he was preparing Natasha for what was about to follow.


“I’ll be completely upfront and if you decide that this position isn’t for you I’ll completely understand. If you don’t feel comfortable or capable then it’s better that you tell me now. I need to be sure that whoever I hire into this role is confident and capable, and not likely to decide in a month they’re not prepared for what’s sometimes expected.”

“Of course.” Natasha felt her stomach twist into a knot.

“Natasha, I’m one of the foremost faces of this company. I deal with a large number of our wealthiest clients. My PA is an important part of that equation, bahis firmaları they represent me when I’m not available. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority at all times. They spend a huge amount money to obtain our representation and it’s my job to make them happy, and I mean fucking thrilled, to be spending that money.”

“Absolutely, I totally understand.”

“Sometimes, in this business, our clients become unhappy, dissatisfied, sometimes just bored. When that happens I sometimes need help to smooth those situations over. Smoothing those situations over, and keeping clients happy in general often means… entertaining them. That can mean hosting them for dinner – usually with me, arranging a very attentive experience at one of the clubs we work with, or it can mean connecting clients with… company, and sometimes providing that company yourself.”

Natasha was holding her breath. Damien was holding eye contact, completely focused and intensely serious.

“And above everything else, I need you, or… whoever becomes my PA, to be professional and discrete. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I think so.”

Damien continued to hold her stare, clearly waiting for her to elaborate.

“You’re saying that it would be my job to ensure that… that your clients are as happy as possible, at all times. That as your assistant, I should be able to provide a… satisfying experience for every one of your clients. And that I should be prepared to go much further than many other roles may expect to provide that experience.”

Damien nodded. Natasha became aware again that Lucas was there. While Damien was talking she felt as though it was just the two of them in the board room.

Natasha couldn’t of spoken at this point if she’d wanted to. She was terrified, but also completely exhilarated by what Damien was saying. She felt excited in a way that she hadn’t in a long time. She heard what he was describing – being able to go as far as necessary to please clients. It sounded exactly like what it what it was, but it also sounded like a challenge, and that was something Natasha didn’t even realize she’d been craving.

“Natasha, there is… another element to this interview. We have had applicants who have thought that they would be comfortable dealing with clients confidently, and it hasn’t worked out. I’m sure that this is unlike any other interview you’ve attended, and that’s because we’re not like many of the other companies you will have interviewed for. We don’t play, Natasha. We’re serious about what we do.”

“I understand. And I am interested, Mr. West.”

Damien smiled, reservedly.

“What does the other part of the interview entail?” Natasha asked quietly, already expecting the answer she was about to get.

“Lucas is part of our legal team, and works almost exclusively with the clients I manage. He often deals with clients closely, and often has the unenviable job of discussing difficult situations with them. He understands what it can take to make them happy. He’ll be conducting the second part of your interview.”

Instead of feeling disgusted or tempted to run in the opposite direction, Natasha felt determined to see the interview through. She wanted the job even more now than when she walked into the Winter & Winter office building 45 minutes ago. But when she looked over at Lucas she felt a nagging seed of self-doubt bloom into a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Natasha had never been that girl. Not in high school. Not in college. Never. She had a keen intellect, but she’d never felt confident with boys… men. She knew that she was attractive, or could be if someone helped her dress the part, but it was playing the part she’d always had the issue with. She’d always felt like a fraud when trying to be seductive, and she knew that if she was ever going to give a convincing performance, it was now or never.

“I’m going to be standing on the other side of the mirror.” Damien continued. ” I’ll be able to see and hear you, but won’t be interacting with you in any way. It will just be you and Lucas.”

“And… what would you like me to do?”

“Make him happy.” Damien looked intensely at Natasha.

“And Miss. Morgan, make no mistake. This isn’t a trick request designed to trip you up, test your morals, or any of that other pious crap. This is me asking for proof of how far you’ll go for a client, for me, and how competently you’ll go there. Again, if you’re not comfortable with this you can kaçak iddaa leave at any time, and it won’t be held against you. You need to want to do this. You need to be comfortable with it. Do you understand?”

“I do.”

“Well then, I’ll leave you two alone.”

Damien smiled at Natasha and looked at Lucas before walking through a door next to the mirror, and leaving Natasha and Lucas alone.

“Natasha, for the purposes of this interview I am a client. I pay this company, and Damien, a lot of money for their services and I like to feel respected. I like to feel in control. I like to feel… powerful. Do you understand?”

He was cockier than Damien. He was confident, but in a different way. His intensity was arrogance, and blatant desire to have what he wanted. His ice-blue eyes offset a subtle smirk.

“I understand.”

“Then let’s begin.” Lucas stood up quickly and started to pace the length of the board table slowly, hands in his pockets.

“Miss. Morgan I have a big problem and I need to see Damien immediately.”

“Mr I’m so sorry to hear that. Damien isn’t available right now, but I know that he’d like me to make you my… top priority, is there anything I can do to help you?”

“I doubt it. I need to speak to Damien, I spend a lot of money here and I expect to be his top priority, not just yours.” Lucas’s voice was authoritarian, but flat, clearly playing the part.

“I understand, and I’m sure Damien will be with you as soon as possible. I can see that something’s clearly made you unhappy though, and in the meantime I’d like to talk about it and see if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Natasha stood up from the table, willing herself to walk over to Lucas. She walked around to the other side of the table, feigning as much boldness as she could, and placed her hand on his arm gently.

“Please Mr. Trenton, take a seat, and we can discuss it. I’m here to help in absolutely any way I can.” Natasha moved closer to Lucas, so that her body was brushing against his, her breasts making contact with his chest, and guided him down to the chair. As he sat down, his eyes wandering over her breasts, Natasha sat in the chair next to him. She still felt a knot of nerves in her stomach, but seeing Lucas’s eyes linger over her tits made her feel bold. She put her hand on Lucas’s knee, and leant towards him in a way that made her cleavage unmissable.

“Well, Miss. Morgan, or can I call you Natasha?”

“Of course you can call me Natasha, Mr. Trenton” She gave his knee a subtle but firm squeeze. She held his gaze. He was looking her right in the, eye, and Natasha felt like he was trying to intimidate her, but at this point she was committed, and determined to show Damien how well she could please a man. She wouldn’t let herself be intimidated by Lucas. She’d fuck him in the way she’d always wanted to fuck a guy – explosively and unapologetically. She’d prove herself, no matter what it took. Lucas turned towards Natasha, and put his hand on her knee, just below the hem of her skirt.

“You want to help me, Natasha?”

“Of course Mr. Trenton , in any way that I can.”

Natasha could feel his breath on her cheek and she felt her pussy becoming warm. Her breathing quickened as Lucas leaned in towards her and put his lips on hers. He pushed his mouth hard onto hers, and she pushed back, tentatively parting his lips with her tongue, trying to show that she wasn’t afraid. She felt herself becoming wet, and as Lucas moved his tongue against hers she felt her juices leak into her panties. Then Lucas pulled away from the kiss.

“Sit up on table, take off your clothes first.”

Natasha stood up. Hesitant but determined. She reached back, unzipped her skirt, and let it drop down to ankles, wiggling her hips to help it fall. She unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and pulled it over her head. She went to undo the enclosure on the back of her boddess, but Lucas stopped her.

“No, leave that on. Take off you panties.”

Natasha tugged at the strap of her black thong and pulled it down past her ankles, stepping out of it, carefully maintaining balance in her heels. She looked at Lucas – as cool, collected and commanding as he’d seemed before, he looked like he was struggling to stay in control. He was biting his bottom lip and his breathing had quickened. There was urgency in his voice – desperation.

“Sit up on the table, and I want you to touch yourself.”

Natasha panicked. She was nervous before but it had been kaçak bahis the two of them together. She’d never put on a show like this before, had someone watch her so intently. She sat up on the table, and was brought back into the moment when she felt the cool surface on her bare ass. She took a deep breath, remembering that she was being watched.

Natasha stared at Lucas, sitting in his chair directly in front of her, as she parted her legs and moved her hand down to her bare pussy. Lucas moved in his chair as Natasha parted her lips and put her fingertips on her clit. She looked down at Lucas’ pants and could tell that he was hard. Natasha didn’t know if it was being able to see Lucas’ hard on through his pants, or the thought of Damien watching her from behind the glass, but Natasha became completely focused on the pulsing in her pussy. She started to rub her clit harder, quicker. Her breath started to catch and she let out a groan, throwing her head back as her chest heaved.

“Oh my God.”

Lucas pulled her back into the moment “Don’t cum yet. You’re not allowed to cum.”

Hearing him say the word brought Natasha right to the edge.

“Ohhhh, I can’t, I’m going to cum.”

“Stop touching yourself.” Lucas stood from his chair. He unbuttoned his top few buttons and took of his tie, but left his shirt on. Natasha, dazed from being so close to an orgasm, moved her legs together in an attempt to fight the urge to move her hand back to her clit.

“Take off your boddess.”

Natasha unclipped her top and threw it onto the floor as Lucas unbuckled his belt. He lowered his pants past his ass, exposing his dick. Natasha saw it as he freed it from his boxers and she groaned. She was already imagining how good it was going to feel when he was inside of her. She was aching thinking about. She didn’t have to imagine for long.

Lucas moved towards her quickly. Natasha put her hands on the table behind her and leant back. Lucas stood in front of her at the edge of the table and moved the head of his cock to rest momentarily on her lips. Lucas gasped quietly as he felt how wet and slick she was. Natasha saw the last trace of that icy control Lucas had possessed slip away in that moment, and he pushed his way inside of her.

“Oh my God.” Lucas groaned gruffly as he plunged the length of his cock into Natasha.

Natasha gasped sharply and then began to groan as Lucas thrust, in and out, roughly and quickly.

“You’re so fucking wet. Tell me why you’re so wet.” Natasha didn’t know if she’d be able to speak, but she knew that she was still performing, she still had to play the game.

“Because you feel so damn good.”

Lucas reached behind Natasha’s head and pulled her hair. “I feel good?”

“You feel good and I want to please you.”

Lucas started thrusting harder, gripping his hand tighter as he wrapped his fingers through Natasha’s honey blonde hair. He was thrusting so hard that it may have hurt slightly if it didn’t feel so overwhelmingly pleasurable.

“You want to please me with your tight fucking pussy?” Natasha hadn’t been talked to like that before, but Lucas’ dick working on that intense throbbing deep inside her made her not care. She’d never felt this totally and completely turned on before. Natasha thought again about Damien watching them from behind the mirror. Was he hard? Was he touching himself watching Natasha get fucked? The thought made Natasha let out a guttural and loud groan, and that drove Lucas right to the edge.

“Fuck I’m going to cum.” Lucas pulled out of Natasha, pulled her head back further, and jerked his dick. Natasha moved her hand back down to her pussy and rubbed her clit desperately and she watched Lucas’ hand grip his cock. After a few seconds Natasha knew that she was close.

“I’m coming.” Natasha’s voice was weak as she struggled to hold herself up on the table.

Lucas groaned as he shot thick, white come over Natasha’s tits. As soon as Natasha felt the warmth of his semen on her chest she came. Her arm gave out and she lay back on the table whimpering as her body convulsed.

“Oh God,” Lucas whispered as he recovered from his orgasm. When he’d collected himself Lucas started to redress. His distance, his coldness, had returned and Natasha suddenly felt self-concious.

“Get yourself… ready. Damien will be back shortly.”

Natasha cleaned herself up and got dressed. She felt sick with nerves. All the confidence she’d felt as Lucas was fucking her disappeared. When she felt she looked composed enough she sat back down in her chair and waited for Damien.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the door handle click and Damien walked into the room.

“Miss Morgan, when can you start?”

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