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The Invasion Of Lena Giovanni Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Now What?



* * * * *

Lena awoke abruptly to someone ringing her door bell. Still naked & wearing the collar from the night before, she opened the door a crack to find her next door voyeur neighbor the tennis coach.

“Hi.” he said with a slick grin on his face.

“What can I do for you Mr. Fitz?’ Lena said flatly, keeping the door

open only inches as so not to expose her naked state.

“I think you can do for me the same thing you did for that young man you had over here last night.” he touted, licking his lips. Oh God! He saw Rusty fucking her in the pool! “I’m sure your dad would be really interested to know how you’re biding your time & disgracing the family by fucking your friends outside for everyone to see. Don’t you?” His syrupy sweet sarcasm hit Lena in the stomach.

“Can we talk about this some other time?” she asked, knowing now that she was going to have to fuck him too to keep him quiet.

“No, I want to talk about it right now.” And with that he pushed the door open, Lena offering little resistance in her weakened state. Seeing her nude & in the collar was like an invitation to come inside, so he did, closing the door behind him. “Well, well, WELL… I see we were a little busier than I suspected last night.” he said soaking in her tight body. The whelps had disappeared, leaving Lena smooth & tan, standing naked before him. Her breasts were swollen & tender but only appeared larger to her neighbor. Her tiny tortured nipples got hard from the embarrassment of the confrontation.

Lena took the collar off & put it on the table near the front door so she could easily find it on Friday. She strode away from him & into the living room, he followed.

“What will it take to keep you quiet, asshole.” she said matter of factly as she sat down on one of the plush chairs.

“You get right to the point, don’t you “Rusty’s Whore”. Couldn’t help but notice your nice new tattoo when you turned around.” Lena’s face flushed with abashment. “Since you’re now a little more experienced I feel there’s no need for me to even waste our time with small talk. I have a friend who I’ve been dying to introduce you to since I saw you finger fucking yourself in that Jacuzzi two summers ago.” he said as he sat down on the sofa. His eyes still lit up from her nudity. Goddamn, another group fucking, she thought. yenibosna escort Lena fought back the tears as she dealt with his proposal.

“Will your friend be back this afternoon?” he asked.

“No.” she croaked.

“Good, then it’s settled. I’ll call my friend & we’ll be back over around five.” he said as if he were coming back for coffee. “That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I didn’t need to bring the video tape after all.” he bragged, pulling a VHS tape from his pocket.

“Video tape! You sick fuck! You taped me with Rusty?!” Lena lamented. MORE blackmail evidence, shit!

“Of course I did. You didn’t think for a minute I’d let last night’s show go to waste did you?” He stood to leave. “All those times you swam in that pool naked, knowing I was watching you. Knowing how much I wanted to bust that young ass of yours wide open, taunting me every time I’d come over.” he laughed to himself, “Revenge is sweet stuff. Oh, you can keep this, I’ve got my own copy.” he said, throwing the tape on the sofa. “See you at five.” he said as he walked himself to the door & left. As soon as she heard the door close, Lena leapt to the tape, put it in the VCR & hit play. Sure enough, it was a very clear copy of Rusty pounding her by the poolside. Her screams of pleasure mixed with pain distinctly audible. Lena turned off the tape, & went upstairs to shower & change for her inescapable tryst with the peeping tom from next door.

By five o’clock, Lena had her hair up in a long ponytail & was dressed in her old catholic school skirt. She hadn’t had it on since the 9th grade, it fit her waist but it was now really short. You could see beginnings of her ass. She wore no panties, a very thin white shirt with no bra. She knew this would make him blow a nut sooner & then hopefully he & his friend would go home quicker. He was too old for Rusty’s stamina, she thought. Soon, the door bell rang. Lena opened the door & let Mr. Fitz & his friend in & closed the door.

“Very nice touch.” he implied about her outfit. Lena didn’t smile, this wasn’t a social call & she was once again getting fucked against her will. “Let’s go to your parents room,” he said, “That’s where I fuck her mother too” he told his friend & they both laughed. Lena let him lead the way, astonished at her mother’s indiscretion.

Once inside her parents room, Mr. Fitz told Lena to take off her shirt but leave the skirt on.

“You can call me by my first name now.” he said, as they all disrobed. “After this I think we’ll know each other a little better. Now I want you to bring that sweet ass of yours over here & curtsy on my face for awhile.” He laid back on her parents king-sized bed, his average sized cock stood straight up as he did. Lena yeşilköy escort climbed onto his face, he turned her around & so she could suck his dick as her ate her pussy. Hank’s friend, sat next to him so that she could spend some time sucking his much younger & larger cock as well. She took turns sucking them both as Hank ate her cunt with such precision that Lena was dripping wet after only a few minutes. Considering all the action her snatch had seen over the last 24 hours, it was almost back to it’s normal state amazingly. Hank’s friend’s dick grew to be quite impressive as it got harder & Hank wanted his friend to fuck her first.

He watched with wild excitement as his friend pounded Lena’s pussy while she laid on her back. Hank walked over as his friend fucked her hard, rubbing his cock. Lena prepared to have Hank ram his dick into her mouth but instead, he put it in his friend’s! Holy shit!! His friend took Hank’s dick in & sucked hard, this was not his first time doing it nor was this Hank’s first time having it done. He sucked Hank’s balls & ran his tongue around the head of Hank’s shaft. Almost forgetting she, herself, was being fucked fiercely, Lena watched in amazement as the guy gave Hank one of the best blowjobs she’d ever seen. His friend stopped blowing Hank long enough to whip Lena around so that she was laying on her side & slid his dick into her ass. She winced in pain as he plowed into her, Hank beating off wildly as he watched his friend pump Lena hard in her ass. She could see in his eyes that he really got off watching as much as he did actually fucking. Hank pulled up & down on his cock quickly as his friend shifted into high gear & rammed away at Lena’s asshole. Hank then walked over to his friend & put a finger up the guy’s ass while he fucked Lena. His friend slowed down & moaned with pleasure. Hank then parted the guy’s cheeks & slowly worked his dick into his friend’s ass & started pumping him savagely. The guy let out a sigh of ecstasy & began pumping Lena as riotously as he was getting fucked. Soon she felt his friend’s cum shoot fiery bursts into her ass. She crawled out from underneath him & watched as Hank pumped his friend hard & fast. His friend reached out & put his hands between Lena’s legs as she looked on & found her clit & fingered it. Soon she moved his hand away & found herself masturbating while watching them fuck forcefully. She came twice & finally so did Hank. He turned his friend around & came in his open mouth & on his face. Lena was spent. Never in her life would she have dreamed bi-sex was like this. She actually liked it. Now she understood why her mother was so fucking happy when she came back from tennis lessons. Hank’s friend introduced himself finally as Brian & then retrieved a zeytinburnu escort joint from his pants pocket the size & thickness of a cigarette.

“I don’t smoke cigarettes but I love weed!” Brian exclaimed as he lit the joint & passed it to Lena who took three hits.

“I have been screwing your mother for three years now.” Hank said to Lena as if he were talking to a friend. He took two hits & passed the joint back to Brian. “And, believe it or not, your father likes to watch from time to time. He thinks I don’t know when he’s there.” Lena’s mouth dropped open in amazement. Her parents seemed so completely in love with each other.

“Don’t look so surprised honey,” Brian added, “I treat having sex with men like food. I love home-cooking but sometimes, you just want quick take-out. Something fast & different. You don’t plan on having it every day, but it’s nice to have it once in awhile.” he giggled to himself. “I have a wife & son at home, she knows I go out once in awhile & she knows I love her & our son & she knows I will always come back to her. I also LOVE fucking her as well, but she can’t get into my scene. She tried but it’s not her thing. So she gives me the freedom I need to stay sane.” Brian passed the joint back to Lena. She took two more hits.

“Wow.” she said, “My parents are fucked up.” Realizing the whole picture.

“No dear, your parents love each other enough to allow each other to enjoy sex for what it is sometimes. Just S-E-X. You make love with your soulmate & you fuck for fun.” Brian explained.

“How do you think they’ve stayed together for 23 years? Most of their friends are divorced. Think about it.” Hank said & took a couple more hits & Lena took a few more herself.

“What else is in this shit?” she asked Brian as she passed the joint to him for the last time.

“I soaked it in ginseng & laced it with a smidge of coke. It’ll make you hornier than that ‘Ecstasy’ shit everyone’s doing now.” he said as he laid back on the bed & put the died out roach in his mouth, chewed & swallowed. He was right, Lena’s pussy pounded hard & heavy, aching to be fucked. Hank wanted to fuck Lena one more time & Lena was almost happy to oblige.

Brian laid Lena back & proceeded to lick her cunt, he darted his tongue in & out of her pussy hole & teased her little clit with the tip of it. Meanwhile, Hank let Lena suck his cock until it was good & hard. Then they both took turns pumping her pussy & pounding each other in the ass & sucking each other’s cocks while the other fucked Lena in the ass. Finally, Hank stood over both of them as Brian rammed Lena’s ass with a vengeance & jerked off in their both their faces as Lena getting violated. He came on Brian’s face & sprayed into Lena’s mouth as Brian pumped his hot load in Lena’s ass. Brian then brought her to her own final orgasm by fucking Hank with his still erect cock & shoving three fingers in her pussy at the same time.

Afterwards they got dressed & left. Lena was left to ponder her new found liking for sex with bi-men. Hank promised to bring a strap-on the next time he came over, Lena could hardly wait…

To Be Continued…

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