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The Jiu-Jitsu Class

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When everyone first meets me they think of me as tiny and adorable. Sometimes this gives them the false illusion that I can be easily made a victim. I’ve been in some situations in the past that could have ended not so great for me. Luckily I was always able to talk my way out of the danger the men posed.

I heard about jiu-jitsu and how it was designed for smaller people against bigger opponents. So, I searched for martial arts school that offered classes and signed up. The teacher was impressed at how quickly I picked things up and would often have me rolling with the guys in the class to offer as much reality to my training as possible.

I’d been training for almost a year when one day this new student showed up to class. At 6’4¨ and 280 pounds he was the biggest guy on the mat. He certainly got my girly bits going with his tight black shirt showing off all his muscles and masculinity. I appreciated the way his gi pants hugged his tight ass. He also claimed he was already a blue belt and had that aura of having something to prove, that he was great at the sport. The last half hour of class is always open mat rolling. We’ll bahis firmaları spread out and pair up and practice what we’ve learned or refine techniques and moves we’ve been working on. I was working with one of the guys closer to my own size and he asked me if I was going to roll with the new guy. I gave a calm smile as I adjusted his arm for a triangle choke and just nodded.

We’d broken up again and were switching partners. One of the guys, Mark, who’d been there awhile slapped the new guy on the back and suggested that he roll with me. I stuck my hand out and introduced myself.

“Zoey,” I said, “nice to meet you.”

“Charlie,” he returned sizing me up.

Charlie turned to Mark chuckling, “You’re joking right? I’ll break her. It wouldn’t even be a challenge for me.”

Mark shared a knowing smile with some of the other students who were making their way over to us and said, “Yeah, we all thought that too.”

Charlie started to dismiss me and turn to one of the other students when I felt the instructor elbow me in the shoulder egging me on to challenge him.

“So, you’re too chicken to roll with a girl?” kaçak iddaa I teased putting my hand on my hip and cocking my head impishly.

He walked over and tried to intimidate me with his height and size. I wasn’t to be intimidated though, almost everyone’s bigger than me. So, I just grinned up at him showing my lack of fear and how much confidence I had in my abilities.

“Fine, but don’t blame me when you get hurt,” he growled at me.

All the students sat in a circle around us not wanting to miss this for the world. The instructor had us kneel in front of each other to begin. I closed my eyes, sitting on my heels and waited for him to make the first move. When I felt the air change I opened my eyes and saw him coming forward on his knees. The height difference was my advantage and I shot in to put him in my guard. My right arm went behind his neck and my hips swung forward allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist. My weight falling backwards took us both to the ground and automatically he posted his hands on the ground to keep us from slamming into the mat. Using this opportunity, I let my legs side down the back kaçak bahis of his thighs. Pinning his right leg with my left, I posted my right foot next to his hip, broke down his left arm and popped my hips up to roll him onto his back.

As soon as I felt us change positions, I shot my feet underneath his legs hooking them under and around the back of his knees and pressing my hips down into his abdomen. At the same time I had caught his right wrist and fed it to my hand still under his head. He was trying to yank it free which gave me an opportunity to slip my left arm underneath and grasp my own wrist. Then pulling my arm out from underneath his head the next time he moved I started to pull his wrist down the mat toward his elbow till I left him tap my body signaling he surrendered. Immediately I let go and grinned down at him keeping my hooks in the pressing my hips into him suddenly becoming aware of a bulge between us. Patting his cheek I said “I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.” Then leaned down and whispered into his ear “Take me out for a date and maybe I’ll let you try this naked,” before releasing the pressure and offering him a hand up.

He met me at my car after class and asked where I wanted to go on a date. He was the perfect gentleman and I was more than happy to try out naked jiu-jitsu with him. Of course this time, I let him win.

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