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The Kid

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The Kid

As Sandy rounded the corner of the hallway to her apartment, she saw two of her female neighbors flirting shamelessly with some kid who couldn’t have been much more than nineteen. He was a skinny little pretty boy, maybe an inch shorter than her, and he had swagger to spare. She’d seen him around the building before and the combination of his arrogance and the lewd way that he stared at her rubbed her the wrong way.

True to form, he ignored the two ladies in front of him when Sandy walked by, very obviously checking her out. Now Sandy wasn’t unaccustomed to having guys check her out. In fact, she was incredibly hot, so it happened all the time. She just didn’t like the way HE did it. I mean Sandy had a gorgeous face and a body a bikini model would die for, the kind of hotness that gets a million views every time she posts a picture or video online, so attention wasn’t new to her. She just didn’t like HIS attention.

She walked into the apartment, and she could smell that Rick had already started cooking dinner. He poked his head out from the kitchen. “Hey babe,” he said, and could already see she was pissed off.

“What’s up?” he said, as Sandy took her time and continued putting her bag and coat away without answering him. She did that when she pissed.

He walked over to her and started rubbing her shoulders. “Babe, what’s the matter?”

She finally turned to look at him. “It’s that little teenage prick again. I can’t stand him.” She paused for a second. “And I can’t believe the way that Felicia and Candy drool over him. He’s barely out of High School, and he’s not even all that hot.”

“Babe you know exactly why,” Rick said. He was referring to the rumor around the building that the Kid had a big cock. A REALLY BIG COCK.

“Oh come on. That’s just a rumor,” Sandy said dubiously.

Rick laughed. “Babe, he fucked both of them bow-legged. They were walking funny for days.”

Sandy crossed her arms and stood there, clearly still annoyed, but thoughtful. Something crossed her face and she looked back at Rick. “There’s a lot more to sex than having a big cock. You know that.”

Rick looked over at her with exaggerated hurt. “You know what I meant,” she said, playfully annoyed, finally smiling.

Rick finished making dinner, and they had some wine and a few laughs. Afterwards, they had sex before bed. Even Sandy realized it was makeup sex for her comment earlier, but they went through the motions and it was about as good as it usually was. She didn’t cum once.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rick left the next morning for Phoenix, off to a mini reunion with some old friends. He’d be gone the entire week, so Sandy decided she would make the most of her freedom by going out with her friends for Ladies Night. Sandy went through her makeup routine, slipped into her favorite black dress, let her hair down, and set out for the club.

As she stepped out the door she could see the Kid say good night to Felicia. He slapped her on the ass and she giggled, nearly falling over on wobbly legs. She closed the door and he looked over at Sandy as she walked by.

“Looking hot tonight. But you don’t have to go out to have some fun,” he said, an arrogant smile on his face.

She slammed on the brakes, and spun around, ready to rip his head off. But when she looked over at him, she found her eyes wandering down to his cock. She could clearly see the outline of something long and thick, and her heart started beating faster. Seeing her look, he pushed his hips forward, framing his large bulge even better. At that, she looked back up at his face, ready to say something, but she struggled to put together a sentence. Instead, she spun back away from him and stormed off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sandy got in late after a wild night with her friends. She slept in, grabbed a small breakfast, and headed down to the pool to get some sun. Another thing she rarely did when Rick was in town. She relaxed by the pool for about an hour-and-a-half, and then headed back up for a shower.

She bahis firmaları passed the Kid on the steps and did her best to ignore him. She couldn’t help it though, and looked right at his cock again. He stopped and turned to stay facing her as she walked by, and she couldn’t take her eyes off his bulge.

She rushed back to her apartment and couldn’t stop thinking about what was hiding in his pants. As she showered, she found herself rubbing her body slowly, touching her breasts, especially her sensitive nipples, and even fingering herself. She had never masturbated in the shower before, but she was unbelievably turned on and couldn’t help it.

After she toweled off, she put on her robe and headed for the kitchen to grab a snack. That’s when she found a surprise. The Kid was casually leaning against the wall by her front door, smiling like always.

“Excuse me. What do you think you’re doing in here?” she said, clearly angry.

He stood there unfazed. “The door was unlocked. I knocked a couple of times, but no answer. I figured that look you gave me was an invitation, so I came in,” he said with smug confidence.

“You figured wrong. Get out.”

“Oh come on. I know you’re curious. I know you’ve been thinking about me,” he said, his confidence unshaken.

She still looked angry, but also a bit flustered. “Curious about what exactly?” she said warily.

“You know,” he said smugly, hooking his thumbs into the belt loops nearest his hips and resting his hands on his thighs as if to frame his package.

Her face went from wary to amused. “You know my boyfriend would beat your ass for even talking to me this way.”

The kid showed no sign of fear or doubt. “Good thing he’s out of town then, hunh? Besides, trust me, when I’m done with you won’t even remember his name.”

She chuckled. “Wow. You are incredibly full of yourself. You really think you’re so good that any woman will drop anything for your dick,” she said, shaking her head.

“How about we find out,” he said, suddenly unbuttoning and und unzipping his jeans, and unceremoniously pushing them down to his feet. When he stood back up, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

His cock was absolutely huge. It was at least 10 inches completely limp, and as wide as her forearm. It had thick veins that ran up and down its remarkable length, and his balls were the size of tennis balls. He was smiling ear to ear as she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his cock. He kicked his pants off and slowly sauntered over to her, the swaying of his huge cock seemingly hypnotizing her.

Finally, she looked up from staring at his monster, shock and desire playing across her face. She shook her head a couple of times, struggling with her desires and with what she was seeing. He moved a little closer and gently grabbed her hand, putting it on his enormous cock. He was stiffening, his beast already over a foot long, and she couldn’t even close her hand around his incredible girth. She stared at it again, longing on her face as she stroked him a little.

He reached up to her neck and pulled her down to him in a kiss. She seemed to pull back initially, but then leaned into him, kissing him passionately. His huge cock was standing up like a spear and she was stroking it more vigorously now. He was rock hard and his big balls had pulled up to the base of his jackhammer, ready to go.

He pushed open her robe, still kissing her, and rubbing her erect nipples with both hands. Her eyelids were heavy with pleasure, and she shifted her shoulders so her robe would slide off, revealing her spectacular body. He took off his top with Sandy’s help, walked over to the dining room, and he grabbed one of the kitchen chairs and sat down, his hips slightly forward, his huge dick pointing at Sandy.

She stared at him for moment, biting her lip as she studied him. He had a handsome face, but his body was nothing special, skinny and hairless, not much muscle, and not remotely her type. But his cock was unbelievable. She felt deep longing just looking at it. That alone made her dripping wet.

The Kid did much the kaçak iddaa same. He looked Sandy up and down, very much liking what he saw. She was a bit taller than the average, with a gorgeous face, large perky breasts, a small waist, and an ass like a dancer. She wasn’t just his type; she was every man’s type. An Alpha Hottie. She was the Holy Grail. And he was going to own her.

Sandy could count on one hand how many blowjobs she had given in her life. She knew women like her didn’t have to do it, so she didn’t. But this was different. She knew that a cock that magnificent somehow deserved it, and even more odd, she felt she wanted to do it. She needed to do it.

She kneeled in front of him and grabbed his huge meat with both hands, guiding its oh so big head into her mouth. She could barely fit it, stretching her mouth to its limit, but just did manage it, and began stroking his mighty shaft with both hands. He rubbed her head as she worked, then started pushing her head down onto his cock more forcefully, trying to drive his huge cock down her throat. She resisted a bit at first, but then let him work, her lipstick smearing and her mascara running as he face-fucked her.

He stood up and grabbed the back of her head with both hands, thrusting with his hips, pushing deeper and deeper until he finally rested his big balls on her chin. He pulled his massive cock out of her mouth and she slumped to the ground, gasping for air.

He helped her to her feet and guided her to the bedroom, having her lay face-up on the bed, her ass at the very edge. He grabbed both of her legs against his chest and began rubbing the huge head of his beast against her clit and the lips of her pussy. She was incredibly wet and moaned softly as he worked his cock against her pussy. He finally pushed just the head into her, and she moaned louder, her legs pushing against him and she said, “Yes. More. Give me more.” Slowly he shifted his hips just slightly back and forth as he pushed further into her, and then she suddenly shuddered and pushed against him once again, having her first orgasm. She groaned, “Oh God. Yes,” and he continued. He was just about two-thirds inside her when he finally bottomed out to another shudder from Sandy.

The Kid pulled back out to another moan, just his huge cock-head still within her, and looked down at Sandy. She was flushed and messy and hotter than ever. Her eyes were full of desire and hunger and looked a little woozy. Ever the Goddess, she looked incredible freshly fucked, and he thought how much hotter she’ll look when he’s done with her.

The Kid drove his cock home with a bit of force, and Sandy moaned loudly, shuddering again. He began pumping her rhythmically and her moans came more regularly, nearly every other breath. After just a couple of minutes a powerful shudder shook her body and she bucked up and down, squeezing him with her legs. He paused as he could feel her cum wash over his cock, and he smiled, picking right back up.

He started pumping with a purpose, and her moans became louder as she began shuddering and shaking more and more often. After a few minutes of this, Sandy’s legs gripped him tight again, and she bucked like a bronco, her eyes clamped shut and her moans becoming one long guttural grunt. Cum washed over his big cock yet again, and he wiggled his hips a bit, which brought a few more shudders from Sandy.

That’s when the Kid decided it was no more Mr. Nice Guy. He pulled his monster out of her and let her feet fall to the ground, and she looked at him panting, her eyes burning, wondering what was happening. He made her turn over onto all fours, and he pushed his meat into her again, more forcefully than before. She groaned long and low, and he began pumping hard, slapping her ass occasionally to accentuate his thrusts.

He was pushing harder and harder, and his cock drove deeper and deeper, stretching her like cheap plastic wrap. She was howling now, and grunting and groaning, orgasm after orgasm rippling through her body like waves on a shore. Finally, he hilted with a thud, and Sandy’s arms buckled and her legs went kaçak bahis limp, her face moaning into the bed sheets, as her cum poured over his huge cock. He held it there for a few moments, savoring the feeling of his big balls pressed against her delicious ass, watching her helplessly moaning and shuddering, struggling to raise herself back up on her elbows.

Then the Kid started pumping away again, and Sandy could barely make a coherent sound, moaning and groaning in a constant stream of pleasure noise. He was thumping her hard, and her hands were splayed out to either side of her head, which was half-twisted down to the sheets, muffling her moans. Her legs were wobbly, but the Kid was gracious enough to keep her steady with his hands, and he plowed her with vicious delight. She was cumming almost non-stop now, and her body was all but limp, completely controlled by the Kid and his massive dick.

He picked up the pace a bit, and the rhythmic thump-thump-thump sound was a lot like the sound of chopping wood. She bucked like she was having a seizure, swaying from side to side, but still impaled on the Kid’s huge cock. When she finally stopped, she went completely limp, only her labored breathing and the occasional shudder of lingering orgasms showing any sign of life.

The Kid knew it was time to go in for the kill. He pulled her legs to hang off the edge of the bed and supported her hips with his hands, pulling his enormous cock out of her pussy and pushing into her ass. Sandy could barely muster a groan in protest, and he had to wiggle a bit, but finally got about half of his huge monster into her ass. Then he pulled back and began pumping her hard.

Sandy could do nothing but shudder uncontrollably as he stretched her asshole and pushed in further and further with each stroke. Once he finally hilted she bucked weakly but wildly, her arms and legs shaking and bouncing helplessly. Cum poured out of her pussy and onto the bed and the floor, creating a small wet spot on the rug. He shimmied his hips, shaking her from side to side, and she came again, nearly soaking the bed and the rug.

The Kid pulled his huge meat out of Sandy, flipped her over to face up, and climbed onto the bed, straddling her midsection. He put his cock between her big tits and squeezed them around him, fucking them thoroughly. He wiped her cum and shit on her own boobs with each thrust, and it made him even harder. When he was done he tapped her on the chin with the head of his monster, brushing her lips, and then using his fingers to push open her mouth.

Then, working his fat cock with both hands, he stroked his long shaft hard and fast, pumping himself vigorously. After maybe two minutes he could feel the pressure building in his big balls and he smiled. He rose up from her midsection to his knees and aimed his beast, closing his eyes as his cock exploded. Cum shot out of him like a firehose, covering her breasts, nose, and mouth, and filling her mouth with cum.

The Kid climbed off the bed and got his clothes from the living room. He put his shirt on, then walked over to the bed and lay his giant cock on her abdomen. Even limp she could feel the weight it. “This is what a real man can do to you,” he said, slowly stepping back so his fat dick slid off her and across her pussy, like a bowstring on a violin. She shuddered again, and then weakly lifted her head, giving him a look that could melt lead. She licked the cum off her full lips and then slumped back down to the mattress.

He finished dressing in front of Sandy as she lay on the bed silently, completely spent. He looked at her, a sweaty mess, covered in her own cum and shit, and he smiled. Just how I pictured it, he thought.

“Call me when you can take some more.” He smiled. “I might even answer,” he said, and he walked out.

Sandy slipped into a pleasure coma and awoke several hours later in that same position. Her mouth, pussy and ass were all sore, and she walked gingerly (and a little bow-legged) to the shower. The warm water made her body tingle, and she found she was touching herself again, rubbing her breasts and her stomach, and feeling gentle orgasms ripple through her. Finally, she came and leaned against the side of the shower, smiling.

She broke up with Rick the next day . . . right after she made the call.

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