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The Lancaster Twins Pt. 12

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If you are not familiar with the Lancaster Twins saga, this episode will not stand on its own. It won’t make sense if you haven’t read the other episodes. Thanks to everyone who still follows this series. I had intended for this to wrap it up, but I see now that more episodes are necessary. Probably 1 or 2 more after this one. I hope you enjoy!

Laurie Lancaster examined herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She had inherited her golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes from her mother. She was tall, 5-10, like her Aunt Jennifer, and had inherited her shapely body and long, athletic legs. Her breasts were a solid B-cup — not yet as big as Aunt Jen’s. Because she was a basketball player, she didn’t really want her boobs to get any bigger, fearing that they might inhibit her mobility and her jump-shot. Laurie was proud of her body, though she didn’t really wear clothing that emphasized her curves. She had been taught by her father to wear modest clothing in public and to try to be humble, even though, he told her, that she was the most beautiful girl in the county. She believed that he really thought that and didn’t much care if anyone else did.

When her mom had died of cancer when Laurie was 10 years old, they had moved out to the farm with her grandparents. Jack and his father had worked together until Tom felt that he was no longer up to it. They sold half of the farm, 100 acres, and all the cattle. Now Jack grew wheat and soybeans. He hired most of the work out to others, as he taught History at the high school, where Laurie had attended.

Tom and Shana had bought a condo in town. Jack had feared that they, especially Tom, would miss the farm, but they had both started playing tennis and were involved in many other activities. They said they were having the time of their lives. They were only 20 miles away, so they visited often and Laurie liked spending a lot of time with Shana. Shana had been, in effect, her mother since she was 8 years old when Laurie’s mother, Cathy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. They had all been devastated, but now Laurie could barely remember her mother anymore. She just remembered that she was beautiful and kind and always smiled, even when she was sick. She knew that her mother had loved her more than anything on earth. She still wept sometimes, wishing that her Mom could be with her.

Laurie had been dating for a couple of years, ever since she turned 16. Now she was 18 and had just graduated from high school. She had learned how to perform oral sex with her first boyfriend, even though she didn’t even like him much. He had been insistent. She felt pressured and awkward, and wasn’t about to let him feel of her budding breasts or reach into her panties. She didn’t date him long. She talked to her grandmother, Shana, about it and admitted to her that she had done oral sex on a boy. Her grandmother advised her to avoid all sexual activity until she married — that was the ideal. However, she understood that situations came up and she wanted Laurie to be prepared. She talked to her frankly about sex and advised her to get on birth control, just in case. Laurie was quite sure that she wasn’t going to be having sexual intercourse, but she did as her grandmother advised.

About a year later, she had a more serious boyfriend, and at first didn’t allow him access to her body either, though he practically begged her. She did perform oral sex on him, though he never mentioned reciprocating it. She had learned to like it okay, but she refused to let him finish in her mouth. Then he talked her into letting him fuck her. He didn’t even try to take her bra off or play with her breasts. He just got her in the back seat, shoved it in and, a few seconds later shot off inside her. It was very painful and not the least bit arousing. There was nothing about the experience that she enjoyed and she didn’t even want to think about it. She had given her virginity for THAT? She was disgusted with herself. She wasn’t even turned on by seeing either of her boyfriend’s penises. They didn’t look as big as what she had expected. She assumed that their penises would grow and be bigger when they were grown men. Neither of them, she estimated, could have been longer than 6 inches and weren’t much bigger around than a finger.

Laurie didn’t allow anything to come between her and basketball, and had hoped to get a scholarship to play at some college. She loved the game and felt that she was a good enough player that some team, somewhere, could use her. She had been disappointed, however. Two community colleges had told her that she could try to walk on, but didn’t offer a scholarship. She was now resigned to the fact that her basketball playing days were over.

Laurie and Jackson had lived alone in the big farmhouse since Laurie was 15. Laurie’s bedroom was upstairs, in her Aunt Jennifer’s old bedroom. Aunt Jen still kidded that she was just letting Laurie “borrow” it. Laurie thought that her Aunt Jen was so funny, all the time. She loved her very much and hated that they bahis firmaları lived some 200 miles away.

Her body was already developed pretty well by the time her grandparents moved away. Her boobs were big enough that she never left the house without a bra. She was tall and lanky at that age. Her legs were still really skinny. In the intervening years, however, her legs had gained muscle from playing basketball, her breasts had gotten bigger, and her body was generally more toned. After her grandparents moved out, she no longer felt the need to be modest around the house. She felt totally comfortable around her father. She didn’t purposely walk around naked, but if he happened to be around when she was changing clothes, she didn’t care. She liked to think they had a special relationship; one that, because of circumstances, was even closer and more intimate than other fathers and daughters had.

Jackson saw characteristics of his wife, his mother, and his sister in his daughter. She was exceptionally pretty — maybe even as pretty as his mother had been in her younger days. Her body was, at age 18, similar to that of his sister when she was that age. It certainly could not be any better than Jennifer’s had been. It still made his cock twitch to think about how hot his twin sister was at that age. She still was really shapely and beautiful, at age 42, but he couldn’t imagine anyone ever being as sexy as she had been when they had first started having sex.

Laurie enjoyed laying on the couch with her Daddy. He would put one arm around her and ‘spoon’ her as they watched TV. It felt good. Sometimes it felt exciting because her Daddy was a big, strong, muscular man. He took care of her. She liked the idea that he was her man and hers alone. She often could feel his cock harden against her bottom. She could tell that he was much larger than either of her boyfriends, but just supposed that men were much larger than boys. She knew about erections and that they just sometimes happened. There didn’t have to be a sexual reason for them. She imagined, though, that since her father hadn’t been with a woman in many years, the closeness of a female probably gave him an erection. For some reason she could not have explained, the feeling of it against her bottom was strangely reassuring.

When they lay on the couch together, especially if she was on her period and wasn’t feeling real well, she would take her father’s big hand and put it under her shirt on her tummy. He always took her cue and gently rubbed it. It was so comforting to her. When she turned 18, if she was in the mood, she would place his hand on her breasts. She had tried to do that a few times before, but he always pulled his hand away as if it were scalded. It dawned on her, though he didn’t say it, that it was because of that random “age 18” thing. That seemed really silly to her. A birthday didn’t change a girl into a woman. After that magical birthday happened, however, her father was suddenly willing to touch her breasts. They didn’t discuss it, but she imagined that he had to know that it felt good to her. After all, she always instigated it. It wasn’t a big deal to her; it was just part of the special relationship she had with her daddy. He would gently massage them and stroke and tweak the nipples. Later, she would go upstairs and masturbate, wondering what it would be like for him to kiss and lick her nipples. No boy had ever even played with her breasts except on the outside of her clothing.

Tom and Shana had added a large guestroom, with a private bath, downstairs when Laurie and Jackson moved in with them. The only way to get to the new room was to go through the existing downstairs bedroom. They knew that this wasn’t ideal, but it was going to be a lot more expensive to do it any other way. After they moved away, Jackson moved downstairs to the master bedroom, but Laurie opted to stay upstairs in Jennifer’s old room. She had the entire upstairs to herself, including the large upstairs bathroom that connected the two bedrooms. She, of course, had no idea of the shenanigans that had occurred in that bathroom, or in those two bedrooms a few years before her birth.

Laurie was exceptionally phobic of thunderstorms. They had known a family whose home had been hit by a tornado. One of their children had been killed. This had occurred a couple of years after Cathy, her mother, had died. Jackson blamed those two major traumas on Laurie’s phobia. When there was a thunderstorm or a tornado watch, even a hundred miles away, Laurie slept in the guest bedroom, so she could be near her father. She even got in bed with him sometimes if the thunder was really loud. He would hold her as she trembled. It broke his heart that his little girl had lost her mother and was so well-acquainted with heartache and fear.

Jackson always enjoyed his daughter laying on his shoulder or ‘spooning’ with him, as they talked. She almost always wore a tee shirt at night when they were alone, which may or may not cover her little panties. It didn’t really kaçak iddaa matter because she usually took his hand and put placed it on her body. Since she had turned 18, she had started placing his hand on her breasts. She had tried that, much to his consternation, before she reached that age, but there was no way he was going to touch her in any sexual way — at least not before she was “a consenting adult”. Even he and his sister had never done anything sexual with each other until they were 18. He could tell that she enjoyed him touching them and stroking her stiff little nipples, but they didn’t talk about it. In fact, they often talked about sports or the news or any number of topics during this time.

Feeling of her body this way made his cock throb with need, but it never entered his mind to try to do anything with his daughter that she didn’t ask for. He was quite sure that she was aware of his erection, but there was really no way to hide it. He had a big cock — 9 thick inches. He sometimes wondered what Laurie would think if she actually saw it. He thought back on when she first started taking his hand and placing it on her body. That had been when she was 15, shortly after his parents had moved out. It had been totally innocent. She just placed his hand on her tummy and sometimes held it there as if she was telling him not to let his hands roam. He didn’t. He wouldn’t have. Then, a few weeks ago, not long after she turned 18, they were ‘spooning’ one night during a particularly severe thunderstorm. His daughter was trembling. Suddenly she had taken his hand and brought it to her breasts, under her tee shirt. He had just let his hand lay there for a minute, unsure of what to do. Then she had taken his hand and moved it around on her breasts. He mused that his daughter was, without words, telling him what she needed. She soon seemed comforted and her trembling had turned to short little gasps, which he took to indicate that she liked what he was doing.

One night there was a tornado watch and, even though no tornado had actually been sighted, Laurie was scared. She came to Jackson’s room and crawled in bed with him. They had the TV on to monitor the weather situation, but Jackson didn’t think that they were in any danger. Laurie lay on her tummy, her head on his shoulder, one of her long legs thrown over her father’s body. She wore only a pair of panties and a tee shirt that barely came below her navel.

“When’s Aunt Jen coming to visit?” she asked. “I haven’t seen her or Uncle Dave or Tommy since Christmas,” she said. She didn’t dare mention that she loved seeing her cousin, Tommy, because he was the hottest boy she’d ever been around. He was 6-6 and had inherited the same good looks as her dad and her grandfather, Tom. He was clean-cut, with very dark hair and brown eyes. Laurie got a tingly feeling whenever he was around. She wondered what it would be like to suck his cock. She might even let him do it in her mouth, she sometimes imagined, then remembered that he was her cousin.

“I wanted to talk to you about that, honey,” he told her as he stroked her hair. Her head was laying on his shoulder and she had her head turned so she was whispering in his ear. She was so soft and sensual and she always smelled so fresh and nice.

“What about it, Daddy?”

He swallowed. “I really hate to even tell you, honey, but they’re having marriage issues.”

She sat up and looked in his eyes. “What? Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave? How?”

“Well, you’ve heard us talk about the ‘twin thing’, right?”

“Sure, yeah. I get that,” she replied. “What’s that got to do with this?”

“Well. When Aunt Jen is sad, I…I know it sounds silly…” he began.

“You sense it?”

“Exactly. I’ve just felt, for a few weeks now, that something just wasn’t right. She wasn’t saying anything about it, though, when we talked on the phone…So I just asked her what was wrong…” he said as he reached for a tissue to wipe his eyes.

“Daddy! Please don’t cry?” she begged as she snuggled up to him and kissed his cheek. Fuck, she was so soft and curvy and sweet!

He managed a smile. “She said that she wondered when I was gonna ask…” he sniffled. “Oh honey, Uncle Dave had an affair…”

She sat up again. “Is he CRAZY?” she yelled. “There’s nobody any prettier or smarter or sweeter than Aunt Jen! Why would anyone cheat on her? That’s nuts!”

Jackson nodded, and wiped away a tear as it coursed down his face. “I can’t stand it when your Aunt is sad, Laurie. And right now, she is so sad. She is hurting. She was my best friend until I met Cathy. I love her very much.”

Laurie lay down next to her father and put her arms around him. She kissed his cheek as her own tears flowed down her cheeks and dripped off her chin. She didn’t bother to wipe them away. “I’m so sorry, Daddy. I know how much you love her. I mean, it’s pretty obvious when you two are together. It’s almost like you’re married!”

“Yep. This twin thing,” he said. “It’s hard to explain. Thanks for understanding.”

“Are kaçak bahis they divorcing?” she whispered, still hugging him to her. He could feel the swell of her breasts through her tee shirt mashing against his naked chest.

“Yes. She said it’s not the first time he’s done this. You know how she is. She forgave him. Said she would forgive him again, but he’s leaving her. He wants a divorce. He plans to marry the other woman.”

“Daddy, that just makes me sick!”

“Me too, honey,” he sniffled.

“So what about Tommy? He hasn’t texted me in forever. I wonder if this is why?”

“He’s really depressed about this. He just finished his freshman year at college and, of course, he’s on the basketball team. He told Jennifer that he wants to quit basketball and that they should just move here.”

“I would love that!” Laurie smiled. She imagined living in the same house with Tommy. She supposed that she would have to change some of her habits, especially running around the house in her underwear. “Could Aunt Jen get a job here?”

“Well, most of her work is done online, anyway. I just don’t know. Yeah, well, nothing is settled, but we do have enough room. I guess Aunt Jen could sleep upstairs with you, and Tommy could sleep down here in the guestroom. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” he told her. “It’ll be a while yet. At least a few months.”

“Right,” she laughed. “Those rooms upstairs are not half the size of these rooms down here. She’s not going to want to settle for that tiny little room when she can have a big bedroom and private bath down here,” she told him as she imagined sharing the upstairs with her ultra-hot cousin, Tommy.

Jackson’s mind immediately went to the possibility of his ripe young daughter sharing the upstairs with her very handsome cousin. He knew, from experience, the possibilities and opportunities that such a situation presented. He wasn’t sure that was such a great idea, but counter-balancing that was the fact that his wonderful sister, Jennifer, would be near him. Even though he was sure that nothing sexual would happen between them again, just being near her would be a great comfort to him.

“Just calm down, Honey,” he laughed. “We can talk through all this stuff, later,” he said as he patted her on her panty-clad bottom. The combination of his deliciously ripe young daughter’s body pressed against him and imagining his beloved sister moving in with them had given him a raging hard-on. He almost wished that Laurie would just go on to bed so he could masturbate.

Laurie turned over and grabbed Jackson’s hand, pulling him into a spooning position. She was tingling from just thinking about her hot cousin, Tommy, living with them. She imagined him coming to her bed and pleasuring him with her mouth. Added to this was the excitement that she had begun to feel whenever she felt her father’s erection against her. For years she hadn’t thought anything about it, assuming that it was just something that happened to men. Lately, however, she had begun to think that he was turned on by her, and that caused all kinds of forbidden thoughts to enter her mind. She couldn’t remember being as turned on as she was tonight. She needed her father’s hands on her. She wondered what went through her daddy’s head when she, a few weeks previously, had placed his hand on her breasts. Had he been able to tell how excited she had become? She had almost had an orgasm. Nobody had ever touched her bare breasts, but him — not even her boyfriends. She sensed, innately, that her father was always there to meet her needs and comfort her. It was so different than with a boy. Boys were constantly pressing for more and more. Not Daddy. He gave her comfort and now, she admitted, it had become something a bit more. She hoped that he got pleasure from touching them. He was sad, tonight. Maybe touching her breasts would make him feel better.

“Honey, I think the tornado watch has been cancelled. I’m going to turn the TV off and try to get some sleep, okay?” he whispered.

“Okay. Can I stay here?” she asked. “I’m comfortable.”

“Okay, sure,” he said as he pointed the remote at the TV and turned it off, leaving them in complete darkness. He really wished she would go on to bed because her hot little body was driving him crazy and he needed to masturbate.

“What are you doing?” he muttered when she sat up for a moment. It was too dark to see her.

“Taking my shirt off. More comfy. That okay?”

“Well…” he paused. This was the time to put an end to this, if he was going to. She seemed to be getting more and more bold. He wondered where this would lead and was quite sure that he didn’t want what might be the ultimate end of this kind of behavior. “Sure. If it makes you feel better.”

She lay back down, facing away from him and pushed her ass back until she felt his cock pressed against her. He felt so big tonight! She wished that she could see it. She took his hand and, without preamble, place it on her naked breasts. Oh it felt so good, especially when he started gently manipulating them and tenderly stroking her aching nipples. It felt so intimate, so loving. She felt so total comfortable with him and trusted him implicitly.

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