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The Letter

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I lay on my soft bed, my long brown hair spread out on my pillows. I hold in my hand a single piece of note paper that was discretely handed to me just hours before. I had read the words on it once before in the restaurant while I had lunch. As I read the erotic words, my body became hot and my breathing deeper. I couldn’t wait to get home.

Unfortunately, I was at lunch with a dear friend that needed someone to listen to her problems and give her advice. I tried my best to concentrate on what she was saying but it was difficult considering my mind kept wandering to the neatly folded sheet of paper in my coat pocket and the person behind the words written on it. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the moment.

He and I had one very sexual encounter in the parking lot after class months before when he masturbated for me. He sat in his truck and stroked his cock while I stood by the door and watched. It was incredibly naughty watching him perform for me when people were walking by. I still can’t get the image of the look on his face poker oyna while he shot his load all over his chest out of my mind.

I finally got my friend calmed down enough to leave her without feeling guilty so I got in my car and immediately unbuttoned my pants. It is about a half hour ride home and I intended to spend that time wisely. I read through the letter once more before leaving the parking lot and I could feel my juices begin to soak my panties.

I eased my car on to the highway and let my hand stray between my legs. I teased my clit not really wanting to get off I simply enjoyed the sensations I brought forth. I felt my orgasm building so I quit playing with my clit and moved my hand to my breast instead. My nipple was rock hard as I pinched and flicked it. I continued this subtle torture all the way home.

Now that I am home and reading the words he wrote, my fingers slowly begin to trace a path from my lips to my neck and down across my breast. I can feel my nipple begin to pucker and peak again so I start canlı poker oyna unbuttoning my shirt. Opening it, I reveal my breasts bound tightly in a black lace bra. I bring my finger back to my mouth and swirl my tongue around it to moisten the tip. I slip my wet finger inside my bra letting it graze around my already hard nipple making it harden even more.

I feel the wetness between my legs increase caused by the words I am reading and the sensations emanating from my nipple. I close my eyes and as I spread my legs apart I can almost feel your hands pushing on my thighs as you lower your wet tongue to flick my clit. My hand slips inside my pants relieving the urge I feel so deeply to be touched. I imagine my hand is your mouth, and my fingers your tongue.

I arch my back pushing my breasts toward the ceiling as if begging you to touch them. I put my hands behind my back and release the clasps on my bra. My mounds fall and begin to sway as my body moves. I slide my pants and underwear down my legs leaving them in a pile internet casino at the end of the bed. I lay back completely naked and imagine that you’re there watching me.

Again, I spread my legs wide so my pussy lips spread apart revealing my swollen bud. I put a finger on each side of my clit forcing it up so I can flick my middle finger up and down on it. I image that it is your tongue and flick my finger faster causing my hips to buck. My head is thrown back and my mouth is open as I moan over and over.

Using my other hand I slowly insert a finger into my wet, hot pussy. I fuck myself first with one finger then I add another. I close my eyes and imagine you crouched between my outspread thighs with your face buried in my cunt. My fingers are moving at a frantic pace back and forth across my clit, as your tongue would, to bring me to my peak.

My head thrashes on the pillow and my hips buck wildly as my orgasm claims me. I spill my sweet juices imagining you are there savoring every last drop. I moan out your name as my pussy clenches around my fingers.

I lay still as I come down from my orgasm. I look down at the crumbled letter that lay forgotten on the bed beside me. I pick it up smooth the wrinkles and read it once again smiling as your face comes to my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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