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The Long Absence: Ted’s Story

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Author’s Note: Themes include voyeurism and exhibitionism (mainly hearing sex), sexually active 40-something moms, and group sex/orgies and bukkake .

Editing thanks go to: Tigersman

The Long Absence: Ted’s Story

Chapter 1 — The Arrival

Ted sat in the back row of a bus that was taking passengers to a dock. He was excited about this singles cruise he was going on. It would be ten days on a huge cruise ship with nothing but singles who, in his mind, were like him – looking for sex. He pulled out his cell phone and texted a friend while the bus gradually filled with people.

“Dude, I’m here. It’s going to be the bomb! So much pussy!” Ted grinning, sent the text.

A moment later, his phone vibrated, Ted read the text. “Cool. Do me a favor and don’t use the words ‘the’ and ‘bomb’ so close to each other. The NSA. Remember?”

“Ha. Right. My bad,” Ted texted back.

It’d been three years since Ted had stepped foot in the United States. Immediately after graduating college he moved to India, working at an outsourced IT job in the training department. He was one of only a few Americans there. Now, at 25, he was back in his home country, the company was sending him to live and work in New York City. This singles cruise was a nice little present to himself for the couple weeks off of work he was granted during the transition back to the states. He’d read reviews that this particular cruise line supported and encouraged debauchery on board.

Ted hadn’t seen his family since his college graduation, three years prior, but after he got settled in New York, he’d call his mother, surprising her that he was back in America.

Another moment passed, another text from him friend, “Do me a second favor and don’t use the phrase ‘my bad.’ I’m pretty sure it’s outdated.”

Ted chuckled, sending a final text, “Fine. I’ll let you know how much puss I manage to snag while I’m here.”

“I’m betting zero. But yes, good luck with that, take care man,” Was the reply text.

Turning his phone off, putting it in his bag, Ted looked around, watching people board the bus. He saw several nice looking women, none were really amazing though. When a little old lady with white hair and a cane sat in the empty seat next to him, giving him a seductive grin, or at least he thought it was, Ted looked away embarrassed.

“Ok, no worries, there’d be new people arriving on the ship each day. There could already be a ton of hot chicks already on board,” He thought to himself, watching the line of people making their way inside. He recalled the ship would be docking each morning to let off and pick up new passengers. That’s when he saw her.

“Whoa,” He thought.

She was fairly short, maybe 5’3″ or 5’5″, had very long brown hair, nearly down to her very lovely ass. She had on a large beach hat and huge dark sunglasses. She was wearing small, tight, blue jean shorts that showed off her toned legs, a white tank top, and sandals. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were nice. Ted guessed she was in her 30s based on her nice figure alone, but didn’t have a very good view of her face. The distance she was from him, plus the hat and glasses, concealed any facial details. He watched her enter the bus and sit in the very front seat.

“I’ll find you later,” Ted thought, grinning inwardly, thoughts of taking her to his room on the ship running through his mind.

“Mmmm,” he moaned out loud. He quickly turned to the old lady sitting next to him, hoping she didn’t hear him. She apparently did because she was still smiling at him. “Crap,” he thought. Ted nodded politely back and returned his gaze to the window.

The woman he was ogling moved fast, or it seemed she did to Ted. Then he realized, he was in the back of the bus, the woman was in the front, and there was a little old lady sitting next to him. He wanted to tell her to hurry up and get out of his way, but waited, and waited, and waited.

Finally they were able to get out of his seat. “After you, ma’am,” Ted gestured the old woman to go ahead of him.

“Oh no, you first, I want to enjoy the view,” She winked at Ted.

“Uh, ok,” He smiled awkwardly, grabbed his bag and took his leave. He rolled his eyes when he heard the old lady whistle at him from behind.

The hottie he was checking out was nowhere in sight. Ted sighed, got his room assignment and made his way there. His room was on one of the lower decks, close to a large swimming pool. It was next to the very last room on the floor.

After changing into his swim trunks he looked in the mirror of the small bathroom. “Ok, let’s do this,” He told himself. “Play it cool, don’t be a creep, don’t be desperate and just let things happen.”

Ted wondered if he needed to shave, but he loved his dark beard. He glanced at his body, proud of shedding 70 pounds since college graduation. He wasn’t hugely muscular, but he wasn’t very flabby anymore. He was finally proud of how he looked. After he made his way to the pool area, Ted counted two women he was interested bahis firmaları in talking to and fucking. There was a hot blonde, who looked to be in her early 40s. Then an extremely tall, close to six feet he guessed, dark haired beauty. Her hair was nearly black, her breasts were larger than the woman he saw while on the bus, and she was looking around, almost nervously.

“Hmmm,” he wondered out loud, lounging back in the chair.

“You should go talk to her,” a voice from his right startled him. It was the same little old lady.

“Oh, hi,” Ted smiled at her.

“I may be old but I can be sneaky. You didn’t even see me sit down next to you,” She said.

“Well, I, uh,” Ted chuckled.

“You were busy checking out that tall girl. You should go talk to her. She looks lost or like she’s looking for someone. Go ask her if she’s alright.”

Ted looked over to the tall girl, most likely in her 20s, then back at the smiling old woman next to him, “I think I will. But maybe I’d rather sit and talk with you,” Ted flirted with her, causing her to laugh, a way of thanking her for her encouragement.

“That’d be nice, but I’m here to enjoy the view. Remember? I’d prefer an older man anyway. You younger guys can’t handle me,” She explained.

Ted attempted to hide his laughter, joking back with her, “You know? You’re right. I’m probably not worthy of a goddess like you. I’ll just settle for her I guess.” He looked in the direction of the girl.

“Have fun, dear,” She said, putting on her sunglasses and leaning back on the chair.

Ted made his way to the taller woman, thinking about how cool that old lady was, but also noticing how gorgeous the tall girl was as he got closer. “Wow,” he said to himself.

“Hi,” Ted said, standing at the pool’s bar where she was.

“Hi,” She glanced at him, then quickly looked away.

“Are you ok? I saw you from over there. You looking for someone?”

“Yes I’m looking for someone, someone to avoid,” She said.

“Oh, I see. Well we could hang out if you like. I’m Ted,” He extended his hand.

“Hi. I’m Alice,” She quickly took it, shaking it.

“So you are trying to avoid someone?”

“Yes,” She gasped. “There he is too.”

Ted looked in the direction Alice was looking. He saw a hugely muscular man with his arm around none other than the hot chick Ted saw on the bus. Ted watched the hulk of a man, slide into a hot tub on the other side of the pool. His heart sank when the hot woman, in a small, white bikini, sat on his lap, sipping on her drink.

“I guess she found someone. She’s hot as fuck so I’m not surprised it didn’t take long,” Ted thought to himself.

“So you know him?” Ted asked Alice.

“Yes. He’s a pig. His name is Rodney. We’re both from Miami. I nearly punched a hole in my room’s wall when I saw him walking around. I can’t believe that piece of garbage is on the SAME cruise I’m on.”

“Wow, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“No I’m sorry for unloading like that. I’m just trying to avoid him and,” Alice sighed, shaking her head. “He doesn’t see me yet, so maybe we can go to a pool on the other side of the ship?”

“Yeah sure, that’d be great,” Ted smiled at the green-eyed beauty.

As Ted and Alice walked away, the brunette from the bus sat on Rodney’s lap, slowly grinding her ass into his erection under the bubbling water. She watched Ted leaving the pool area, a sly grin coming across her face.

Chapter 2 — Alice and Holly

“So did you two used to date?” Ted asked Alice. They were sitting in a similar hot tub at another pool, sipping on bloody marys.

“No. My sister hangs out with him and tried to set us up, but I can’t stand him.”

“He looks like a body builder. Is he dangerous or does he just have a crappy personality?” Ted asked.

“Well, definitely a horrible personality. As far as being dangerous, maybe, I’m not too sure. He’s not the kind of guy I would hang around, if that answers your question.”

“Yeah, kinda,” Ted smiled.

The traded smiles and changed the subject. They talked for a couple hours about general biographical things — their background, work, and so on. Ted thought for a moment, that this girl would be the only one he slept with on this cruise IF it even progressed that far. He was fine with that, since she was absolutely stunning. There as just one problem.

The hot blonde from the other pool, who looked to be in her early 40s, joined them in the hot tub. She smiled, sitting across from them with her own drink. She introduced herself as Holly and took over leading their conversation. Ted didn’t mind so much, because Holly, with her long blonde hair, big breasts and amazing body was hot, however, he was enjoying spending time getting to know Alice.

They chatted about random things, similar to what he and Alice did earlier.

“So what are you two up tonight?” Holly asked, looking directly at Ted. Ted struggled to answer because he felt Holly’s foot caress his calf. He knew it wasn’t an accident because she kaçak iddaa kept at it, plus the look she was giving him was making him hard. “A three way?” he asked himself, betting his friend would never believe that stroke of luck.

“Uh well,” Ted said.

“Ooh my drink is empty. You two think about it, while I get a refill,” Holly said. When she stood, Ted and Alice were able to get a view of her from behind. She was wearing a thong bikini, her ass was nearly bare. It was far more revealing than the red bikini Alice was wearing.

“Wow,” Alice and Ted both said, watching Holly walk away.

“She seems pretty comfortable with herself,” Alice pointed out.

“Yeah,” Ted agreed, watching Holly’s hips sway, wanting to plunge his cock in her.

“I’ll be back, I need to use the restroom,” Alice said.

A moment later Holly returned with her refilled drink. “Where’d Alice go?”

“She went to the restroom.”

“I see. You said you’re leaving in 10 days?”

“Yep, just got here earlier today.”

“Aww that’s a shame. I leave in five days,” Holly said, taking a seat next to Ted in the hot tub.

“I was thinking, maybe you and her could hang out tonight? Since she got to you first,” Holly suggested, placing her hand on Ted’s thigh under the water.

“And then,” Holly continued, the older woman slowly dragging her hand up Ted’s thigh, “You and I could get to know each other before I leave.”

“Uh, yeah, I think that’d be great,” Ted stuttered, nervousness and excitement bubbling just like the water they sat in.

“Good,” Holly grinned, her hand under the water, squeezing Ted’s erection. “I’ll look forward to it.”

Ted laughed nervously, “Yep, should be fun.”

“What’s your room number?” she asked.

“It is room 29,” Ted answered.

Holly kissed his cheek and stood, “I’ll come find you tomorrow morning then.”

“Holy shit,” Ted thought to himself, watching Holly walk away. “This may be an epic cruise after all.”

Alice smiled and reentered the pool. She and Ted resumed their conversation, Ted playing it cool, hoping to come across as likeable. They made plans to meet up for dinner and afterward check out the night club on the upper deck.

Ted waited awhile for his erection to diminish. They left the hot tub and played some pool volleyball with other singles a little while before parting ways to get ready for dinner.

As Ted made his way to his room on the other side of the ship, the hot woman from the bus, was sitting next to Rodney in the same hot tub they were in from earlier. They had been making out for awhile, Rodney’s finger sliding into her small bikini bottoms, fingering her under the bubbling water. She opened her eyes, seeing Ted walk to his room in the distance, moaning into Rodney’s mouth. When she saw Ted’s room was right next to hers, she broke the kiss, looking into Rodney’s face.

“We’re going to have fun tonight,” She said. Rodney nodded and they resumed sucking face.

Chapter 3 — Rowdy Neighbor

That evening after dinner, Alice and Ted checked out the club on the ship. It wasn’t huge and was fairly crowded.

There were pools in one side of the club, lit up with various color changing lights. Ted saw couples in there, some were drinking, some were dancing, and some were doing something else.

“Just a reminder to the folks enjoying the pool,” the DJ said over the loudspeaker, “If you want to get freaky, return to your rooms for that!”

Ted chuckled when he saw several folks get out of the pool, presumably to finish up in their rooms. He saw a few look embarrassed, the woman climbing off the man, trying to pretend nothing was going on.

Alice found a corner, always keeping an eye out for Rodney. She and Ted danced, flirted, and laughed. It was fairly fun, but Ted was hoping something would happen with Alice. They left a couple hours later, close to midnight, Alice asking him to walk her to her room. Ted saw the little old lady from the bus enter the club as they left, shaking the odd sight of the old lady from his head, he extended his arm to Alice and walked with her.

“I had a great time tonight,” Alice said, standing in front of her room.

“Me too,” Ted smiled. “I hope to run into you again here,” he added, forgetting all about Holly.

“That’d be great,” Alice kissed his cheek and went inside.

“Don’t press my luck, be cool, be calm, don’t be a creep,” Ted thought watching her door close on him.

“Ok that was good, I did good,” Ted thought walking to the other side of the ship. “I’ll try to up the ante tomorrow. I’ll kiss her. She leaves the day before I do, I have plenty of time to get in her pants.”

When he rounded the corner he froze. In the distance, at the end of the deck, was the hot brunette from the bus ride. She was wearing a tiny bikini and was making out with Rodney at a door. Ted kept walking, looking out to the side of the railing at the pool area, seeing a woman sucking a guy off in a lounge chair.

He glanced back at the hot brunette, kaçak bahis seeing Rodney dip down and pick her up, her legs straddling him.

Ted looked away once more, playing it cool. In the sparsely populated pool area he saw another couple on top of each other on another lounge chair kissing passionately. “What a ship,” he thought.

Getting closer to his room, his heart nearly stopped when he saw the hot brunette and Rodney enter a room. It was the last room on the deck. It was right next to his.

The hot brunette undid her bikini top when Rodney picked her up. She held on to him, while he opened her room door with her key. She saw Ted approaching in the distance.

Not taking her eyes off Ted, she whispered in Rodney’s ear, “Fuck me.”


Ted was miserable and aroused at the same time. His neighbor, who he surmised was either Rodney or the hot bus brunette were going at it like animals — absolute animals. Grunting, moaning, yelling, banging against the thin wall, slamming the bed, cumming over and over. It went on all night.

She sounded incredible. Ted put his ear against the wall, pounding his cock with his fist while he listened to the woman bellow in ecstasy. She had such a sexy voice too. Ted had no idea what she sounded like when she talked like a normal person, but how she screamed and moaned was certainly sexy. Oh how he wished he was Rodney.

As the night progressed, Ted had jacked off through most of it, edging himself over and over again, but by this point he was miserable, his head hurt and he needed sleep.

Finally around 4am they quieted down. Ted dozed off the sleep. Thirty minutes later, they started up again, waking him up. Thirty minutes later, it was quiet. At 6am they started up again. By 7am, Ted was asleep again. He slept till noon.

When he woke, he remembered Holly was supposedly going to visit him. He never saw her. Instead he hung out with Alice. It was more of the same. Talking, playing in the pool with other, less wild people of the cruise.

After a day of fun in the sun, he sat with Alice, eating a hamburger at a grill near the pool. Casually looking around, the hot bus brunette caught his eye. She was leaving the room next to his. She was alone. Ted thought that maybe it was her room after all and not Rodney’s. She was wearing a tight cocktail dress.

Ted saw her again in the little white dress at the night club a few hours later. “So yeah, I’m just not sure about rushing into things,” Alice was telling him while danced. Ted nodded, pretending to pay attention, watching the hot bus brunette, her back to him, dance and make out with Rodney several yards away. Ted didn’t mention Rodney was there, because he wanted to check out the mystery woman. She looked incredible. Ted wished he could get a good view of her face.

“I want to take things slow and get to know someone first. I’ve made a mistake where I rushed things and it didn’t turn out well,” Alice went on.

“Uh huh,” Ted nodded. He wanted something different. He wanted to fuck – mainly the hot bus brunette. He tried not to moan when he watched Rodney pull her dress up, revealing her naked little ass. Ted watched him grab and massage it, no one else on the crowded floor noticing or caring.

“So that’s what I’m hoping really. To make a friend first you know?” Alice asked. Ted still wasn’t paying attention. He watched a few people gather around the bus hottie. She had gone to her knees in front of Rodney, her head bobbing back and forth, sucking his cock to the beat of the music, people cheering her on.

“What are you looking at?” Alice said, noticing Ted’s eyes widened. She turned around and only saw Rodney. “Oh crap!”

Alice pulled Ted out of there, angrily pushing her way through people. She really disliked Rodney.

She was disgusted by him; Ted had to calm her down. He was able to convince her to hang out in his room. She thought about it for a moment and agreed.

“I’m really sorry that jerk is here,” Ted said, handing Alice some water. She sat on his bed, taking the water and thanked him.

“Oh well,” She sighed.

“I hope I’m not a jerk,” Ted joked.

Alice caressed his face, “No, you’re not a jerk at all.”

“Think I could get another good night kiss?”

“I think so,” Alice smiled, leaning to kiss Ted on the mouth. She gently lapped her tongue at his lips, Ted did the same. They giggled a bit and embraced, kissing each other harder. Ted was playing it safe, not wanting to scare her off, even though he wanted her naked. They kept kissing, Ted letting her control the pace.

Minutes later they were lying on the bed, Ted running his hand over her stomach, kissing her lips and neck. Her hands were running through his hair, holding him in place, getting lost in the moment.

Fifteen minutes later, Ted rolled over, Alice came with him, straddling him, kissing him. That’s when Ted heard it.

“Ahh yess!! Uhn Ahhh!” the hot bus brunette neighbor and Rodney were back at her room next door.

“Just ignore them,” Ted suggested, knowing it was impossible, rolling Alice over onto her back.

“Yess!! Ahhh!” She cried out after a loud bang against the wall, continuing to disturb Ted and Alice’s make-out session.

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