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The Longest Day

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Gemma Redmond’s phone vibrated just as the four slices of toast she’d been waiting for popped up. The reminder said “first client 9am!” A busy job in recruitment meant she relied on these alarms she set herself, and while some days she could get away with arriving a few minutes late, today she knew she must be on time.

Dressed in a charcoal suit and crisp white blouse, Gemma buttered the toast before she felt warm, strong, familiar hands slide round her waist. Her boyfriend Josh’s bristly cheek brushed past her ear and pressed against her face. He kissed her cheek, then her neck, and she could feel his excitement pressing against her bum as his hands slid towards her breasts.

Gemma giggled and pushed Josh away. “Behave yourself,” she said, “I can’t be late today.” Josh smiled, but there was disappointment in his eyes, and not a little longing. She’d had her period last week, and a busy few days since meant it had been almost a fortnight since they’d made love – an eternity for a couple in their mid-twenties who’d lived together just four months.

“It’s OK for you, you only need to stagger ten feet down the corridor and you’re at your desk. Some of us have to actually go out for work,” Gemma grinned.

Josh loved working from home as a graphic designer, and Gemma knew he loved her even more. He was kind, funny and athletic, with a perfectly-proportioned 6’3″ frame and dark, chiselled features. Gemma thought he might just be the one.

The couple ate their toast and chatted before Gemma slurped down a cup of tea. She was about to dash out of the door when Josh said “Forgotten something?” Gemma smiled, skipped over to him güvenilir bahis and he pulled her into his arms, giving her a long, deep kiss while one hand ran through her hair. Gemma felt the beginnings of a familiar yearning between her legs but playfully pushed Josh away, saying on her way out: “You’ll just have to wait, won’t you?”

Once at work, Gemma’s busy routine of meeting jobseekers, analysing CVs and arranging interviews began. Around mid-morning, Gemma returned to her desk and checked her phone, noticing a message from Josh.

Gemma opened the message and what she saw meant she struggled to stifle a surprised giggle. Josh had sent a photo of himself from their hallway, naked except for the pair of tight-fitting boxers he knew she loved.

Gemma zoomed in on the image, first focusing on that friendly yet handsome face she loved so much, before scrolling down to Josh’s crotch, her eyes tracing the outline of the tantalising bulge there. Feeling herself flush with excitement, Gemma tapped out a reply that simply said: “Can’t wait x.”

Struggling to forget the thought of Josh, waiting at home ready to pleasure her, the rest of Gemma’s morning was unproductive to say the least. After a hasty lunch, Gemma received another message from Josh. This time there was no picture, just a message saying: “I need to see you. Send a pic x.”

The aching between her legs that Gemma had tried to suppress all morning returned immediately and she headed for the toilet. Once inside the cubicle, Gemma removed her jacket, unbuttoned her blouse and scooped her D-cup breasts out of her smooth white bra. Holding her phone at arm’s length, türkçe bahis Gemma snapped a selfie and sent it to Josh, with a message saying: “An appetiser x.”

The thrill of the moment caused Gemma’s nipples to tingle and a warmth to begin glowing between her legs. She tried to push her increasingly erotic thoughts away, sorting out her bra, buttoning up her shirt and removing her trousers ready to urinate.

As she pulled her lace knickers down, Gemma realised just how turned on she was. The gusset was ridged between her folds, coming away with a quiet snapping sound and bringing with it a trail of silky lubrication. A film of Gemma’s fluid covered her labia which throbbed steadily with excitement. Gemma carefully dabbed away the moisture with toilet roll before sitting down.

Once she had peed, Gemma took more paper and wiped herself, a coarse corner of the paper scraping accidentally but exquisitely against her clit as she did so. The electric sensation caused Gemma to feel a sudden weakness in her stomach and she gasped involuntarily.

She was desperate to end this torment and bring herself to orgasm, but she knew the delight waiting at home was even greater. Gemma pulled on her soaking knickers, did up her trousers and returned to work.

What followed was the longest afternoon of Gemma’s life, every task seeming to take forever while she ached for 5 o’clock. Gemma’s professionalism wouldn’t allow her to claim she was sick for early leave, but it crossed her mind more than once.

Every step she took seemed to only increase her arousal, the crotch of her knickers working its way between her swollen lips once more güvenilir bahis siteleri and the movement stimulating her greater still.

Finally it was time to leave. Gemma raced from her desk, without time to even shut down her computer. On her way to her car she sent a message to Josh: “10 mins. Be ready x.”

Pulling into the driveway, Gemma dashed from the car and hadn’t closed the front door before her jacket was off. Her trousers were down before she reached the foot of the stairs and by the time she made it to the landing her blouse was on the floor. Gemma felt her heart thumping through her chest as she stepped into the bedroom.

Josh was stood by the bed, naked, with his long, thick erection bobbing in front of him. Without saying a word, he grabbed Gemma and suddenly her tongue met his as they frantically kissed, his hands tearing at her bra and knickers. He pulled her onto the bed, where she lay with arms and legs splayed ready for him.

Josh guided himself inside her, his engorged penis gliding effortlessly between the soaking folds. Their lovemaking was fast and rough, their need for each other overwhelming any possibility of taking their time. Josh pumped his hips with a swift, strong purpose, his pubic bone contacting her yearning clit with each stroke.

The feeling of Josh filling her up pushed Gemma near the brink of ecstasy, and looking at his features she knew he was close too. Josh’s thrusting became quicker still, and he and Gemma gazed into each other’s eyes as they came together, her letting out a high cry as her vulva exploded with the most delicious sensation, those heavenly contractions and waves of orgasm gushing from within her.

They remained in that position for several minutes, their breathing eventually slowing. Josh held Gemma in blissful silence before they both fell asleep – spent, drained, but utterly satisfied.

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