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The Look Ch. 03

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Shit, he thought. Who could that be?! He wasn’t expecting anyone. He contemplated ignoring it and thrusting his fully loaded cock into her but one of his neighbours was quite elderly and might need his help.

He didn’t have time to untie her, pull his shorts up and get to the door. Instead he reassured her that he’d be straight back and went to the dining room window. The curtains were drawn so he pulled them slightly apart just enough to open the window and talk to his unexpected visitor, without letting them see in.

Sure enough it was his neighbour. ‘Hi Dave, is everything ok?’ he asked politely, not wanting to show his frustration at his ill-timed visit.

‘Oh good evening, I just wanted to let you know that there were some kids running around earlier who looked like they were up to no good,’ Dave explained.

He knew that Dave had a tendency to chat and was now regretting opening the window.

Listening to their conversation, she was becoming more impatient and eager for him to get rid of Dave so he could fill her wet and slippery love canal with his stiff erect cock, which was only a short distance away and showing no sign of subsiding despite the interruption.

He must have read her mind. Whilst talking to Dave, he slipped his hand behind her and began to finger fuck her again. She always shaved her pussy at the slightest sign of stubble so it was easy for him to find her creamy love hole. First he inserted one finger, then two and finally three. He worked them in and out of her in a rhythmic pumping motion.

Her pussy responded just as he hoped, producing more and more cream so he could finger her faster and harder. Dave at this point was now talking at him about the youth of today. casino şirketleri He just nodded his head and pretended to listen, concentrating more on bringing her to another climax.

He was becoming slightly concerned about the noise she was making, clearly enjoying his fingers thrusting in and out of her juicy pussy. Her moans of pleasure were becoming increasingly louder and he didn’t want Dave to get suspicious.

‘Sorry Dave, I’ve got something in the oven I just need to check on,’ he said, interrupting Dave in mid diatribe.

‘That’s ok,’ he said, ‘You go and check, I’ll just wait here until you get back.’

Bollocks! This was impossible! How could he satisfy her and politely get rid of Dave?

He slipped back from the window carefully, making sure Dave didn’t get an eyeful of his guest tied to the dining room table with her dress hoisted up and half naked.

He had an idea. He went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a whole cucumber. He returned to the dining room, picked up her knickers and scrunched them up.

He whispered into her ear, ‘You’ll thank me later,’ and pushed them into her mouth. Then he took the cucumber and pushed it in to her sodden pussy. It went all the way in effortlessly, much to her obvious delight. She wanted to let out a loud groan but her silk knickers were doing their job and gagging her.

He went back to the window where Dave was still waiting. Without saying a word, Dave carried on from where he left off. Meanwhile, he began to pump the cucumber in and out of her. Despite her temporary gag, she was breathing hard. Her back was arching as he increased the speed of his action. He pushed deeper inside and moved the cucumber from side casino firmaları to side, knowing that she was on the verge of coming.

The gag was stifling her moans and gasps of sexual pleasure to muffled whimpers. Faster, harder and deeper he fucked her with the cucumber. She pushed her forehead down on the table, arched her back as much she could and tensed all over as her orgasm neared. The thought of being tied up and taken like this so brazenly only a metre of so from his neighbour was such a turn on. From the height of his erect cock, she could see he was clearly enjoying it too.

Then it came. Her whole body shook and went into spasm. The piston like action of the cucumber fucking brought her to a tumultuous climax. Her legs wanted to give way and she gasped for air through her gag. But he didn’t stop. He continued to thrust it in and out of her. He could feel the walls of her pussy tightening again, clamping on the phalic object between her legs, having no option but to take it deep again. And with that, she came again, this time ushering out a loud muffled carnal grunting sound, which not even the knickers in her mouth could stop the neighbour noticing.

‘Is everything alright in there?’ Dave asked.

‘Yes, it’s just Alexa telling me my dinner is ready. I really ought to go,’

‘Sure, no problem. I didn’t mean to keep you. Enjoy your evening!’

‘Thanks Dave. Night.’

He closed the window and pulled the curtains. Then he undid the bonds holding her legs and removed her gag.

‘Don’t untie me anymore,’ she said, clearly exasperated from the exertions beforehand. ‘I like being tied up.’

He turned her over so she led on her back and tied wrists. He lifted her legs güvenilir casino up and pushed them backwards exposing her clean shaven pussy, which was glistening wet and gaping.

She was so wet that his cock had no problem entering her. She had the perfect pussy. Warm, wet and very, very sensitive. He was in heaven as he buried his rock hard cock deep into her. Instead of the cucumber, he now pumped her with what she really wanted. She felt his balls slapping against her arse as he built up speed.

He pushed her legs back further to sink his swollen member deeper inside her. She responded with louder gasps and groans of erotic pleasure.

He could feel his own orgasm building but he wanted her to come one more time. ‘I’m going to come soon,’ he mustered through gritted teeth, trying to hold on.

‘Do it, do it, do it,’ she said urgently between gasps, ‘so am I!!’

He leant forward to kiss her passionately, their tongues entwined together. He was almost there, desperate to please her, frantically fucking her to bring her off once more. He could feel her tensing, her pussy tightening once more around his bursting cock.

‘Aaaahhhhhhh! Fuck!!’ he called out, spurting his hot sticky come deep inside her, unable to help himself.

This was all the encouragement she needed. ‘Aaaahhhh, fucking hell, what have you done to me!?’ she cried out in pure ecstasy, as they both came together, both breathing hard and both exhausted.

He stayed inside her for as long as he could, savouring her pulsating pussy and her delicious scented perfume.

‘Bloody hell, that was intense,’ he exclaimed, in between gasps for air and untying her wrists.

‘I told you I like to ride,’ she smiled.

‘You’re naughty. But I like it,’ he said.

‘Mmmmmmm, I know. But I haven’t got properly started yet. Wait until Thursday evening!’ she whispered with a knowing look and sparkle in her eye.

Neither of them could wait. Work was going to be fun in between.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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