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The Lumberyard: Anticipation

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Thanks to starrkers and drksideofthemoon for reading and helpful feedback.


“Why doesn’t he touch me?” thought Jasmine. Lying on her side, propped on one elbow, she adored her sleeping husband. It was three in the morning. Six hours earlier, she’d come to bed naked. The lack of a nightgown was supposed to send a clear signal to her husband of eight years. But he had read a book for a while, granted her a chaste little kiss, and turned off the light.

She ran a hand over her lonely breasts. They were swollen and sensitive. Her time was about a week away. She really wanted some conjugal attention from her mate. Yes, he had to go to work in the morning, but maybe …

Lightly she touched his shoulder, feeling his muscles through the thin t-shirt. He didn’t appear to respond. Slowly she made her way down to his waist and hip. He stirred a little, but appeared to be fast asleep. Maybe it was not to be. Sighing, Jasmine flopped on her back, then rolled in the opposite direction.

Scott worked hard to keep his breathing long and even, as if he were asleep. Her pheromones were sending loud signals to his brain. His cock was yelling What do you think you’re doing? She wants it! Let’s go!!

He ignored it. A mischievous grin played on his lips. He loved his wife very dearly, and even after years of marriage, their sex life still had a lot of spark in it. But he had a little surprise planned. Hopefully she’d enjoy the moment as much as he would. He rather thought so. But in order for the plan to work, he had to go against the grain of modern culture and engage in some (gasp) delayed gratification. He needed her to be hungry.

His thoughts drifted to his woman’s health. A year ago, the groinocologist had suggested that Jasmine get a hysterectomy. The doctor felt that this was the only way his wife could be rid of the significant pain she suffered every month. At lunch one Saturday, Jasmine’s girlfriends had pressured her to go through with it.

She’d come home crying that afternoon, and he held her while she spilled out all of her worries. He was a good listener.

“Tell me all about it,” he encouraged.

“I don’t think you cut off a body part just because you don’t like it any more,” she said. She sounded a little panicky. Scott knew there was more. “Uh-huh,” he replied.

“But the truth is –” her voice broke — “the truth is, I don’t think doctors know what they’re doing. And I’m scared, I’m scared to be cut open. What if they make a mistake? Mistakes do happen, all the time!” She continued to rant. Tears edged her voice. He worried she would make herself sick.

Scott held her and kissed her. “You don’t have to do it,” he said. “I’m right here with you. Whatever decision you make, I’ll support you.” That calmed her down. Like a fevered child, she clung to him until she fell asleep.

So every month, Scott was well aware of her health. He knew the rollercoaster pretty well. For the next week or so, she’d be all over him. Then she’d take a sharp turn left — corresponding with the dot-circle symbol he made on his calendar — and he’d bring her Vicodin and hot broth. As he said he would, he respected her decision. He did what he could to ease her pain.

The next morning, Jasmine stumbled toward the light in the kitchen, drawn by the smell casino şirketleri of the coffee and roused by the familiar sounds. The coffeepot grumbled and the kitty cats practiced for the Olympics. Husband and wife found one another in a warm embrace.

“Listen,” said Jazz. “Why don’t you,” she kissed his neck “call in sick to work,” she pulled the collar of his t-shirt in her teeth “and we can go fuck like jackrabbits.” He held still, feeling her tongue swipe the salt from his skin. He tried to think about baseball statistics.

Gently he pushed her away. “I’m sorry, baby. I’ve got a big day in the office today. I have to get that project finished by tomorrow if my sweetie is going to get a shiny new patio.”

Jasmine looked disappointed. “Oh, yes, the patio.” She took her coffee over to the table and sat down.

He teased her, “You do still want it, don’t you?”

She couldn’t help but smile and say yes. It was true. Scott had promised he would build them a new patio this summer. Together they had saved up the cash, gotten the consultation and drawn up the plan. Now it was early June and time to get started. He had arranged for Friday and Monday as vacation days from work. He figured, all other things being equal, he would at least get a solid start on the project. And hopefully get some adult playtime as well.

That night, Jasmine again slipped into bed without a stitch on. She was a little more aggressive. She touched him in ways that she knew turned him on. She fondled the front of his hip and stroked his derrière. She lifted one breast and rubbed it against his back, trying to write her name with the point. The feel of him increased her thirst.

Scott turned her down. “I love you, sweetie. I’m just tired, okay?” Jasmine sighed and acquiesced. In the dark, she stared at the ceiling, listening to her husband’s breathing. She waited until he was asleep before reaching under the bed. Thankfully the cats had not decided that her toy was theirs. It was right where she left it.

Quietly Jasmine stroked her tits. One at a time, she suckled the tender pink tips. The nice part was being able to control the pressure — not too firm, not too gentle — but still she longed for her husband’s mouth on her body. She thought about his tanned skin and dark hair. She remembered the way he looked in the summer when he mowed the yard. Especially when he took off his shirt … the sun shone on his back … the sweat rolled in rivulets around his nipples and down his abs…

She thought about the last time they made love, and felt her labia juice and swell. She loved it when he took her from the back. His hands were rough on her hips and his grunting noises gave her goosebumps. Jasmine slipped a finger into her cleft and teased her entrance. She kept her left hand on her breasts, alternately patting and pinching the eager nipples.

Scott lay on his side, listening to his wife masturbate. He heard the soft whispering noise of skin on skin. He could swear she was sucking her nipples. He loved watching her do that. It was all he could do not to roll over and grab her to give them both some satisfaction.

Then he heard the unmistakable wet sound of fingers in pussy. God damn. Fervently he wished for a way to sneak a peek but could think of none. His compass casino firmaları was pointing due north, true and steady. As soon as she was asleep, he’d have to go jerk off in the bathroom. He tried not to groan in frustration.

The sound changed. Jasmine made a brief moaning noise. Now Scott knew, if only he could turn over, he’d see the phallic silhouette in the moonlight. He’d see her delicate, feminine hand wrapped around the broad U-curve of the two-headed toy. He could visualize his wife pleasuring herself. The image, combined with the teasing sensory input, made him just about stark raving.

Jasmine played the pyrex head of the dildo between her labia, rubbing the blunt point up and down. Slowly she guided the fatter end of the curved glass rod into her hungry cunny. The other half of the rainbow stuck out. It looked like she had a penis. She used it as a handle to wedge the dildo in deeper. She let go and practiced her kegels. The rod sticking out of her bobbed up and down.

Their love life was often playful. She was tempted to shake her husband awake and say, “Hey, look at this! Let’s compare our dicks!” But she kept her laughter to herself. She fingered her clit instead, trying to get some relief. She rocked her hips and thrust the hard pole in and out of her aching pussy.

At last she came. He felt the mattress give as she pressed down with the soles of her feet. He knew her back was arched and her pelvis was thrust up into the air. Still he held his silence and kept his hands off his boner. He waited for what seemed like forever, though it was probably only ten minutes. When her breathing steadied out, he made his way down the hall. Her sounds and movements were fresh in his mind. Quickly he took care of business and went back to bed.

Thursday morning dawned hot and clear. “Just 26 hours,” Scott thought to himself. He made the coffee and pushed down the toast. As he cut up strawberries for their breakfast, his horny wife strolled sleepily into the kitchen. Her hair looked like it wanted to wave at somebody in the next room. Her skin reflected a bit of sweat from last night’s carousing. She looked great.

His dick and his heart led him over to where she stood. He hugged her close and pushed his face into her hair. “Just one more day,” he told her. She thought he meant, just one more day in the office. “Just one more day,” she answered back. “Thanks for making breakfast, honey.”

“You’re welcome.” He brought coffee and fruit to her place at the table. He smiled at her with love and lust. It would be difficult to keep his mind on work today.

* * *

It took a bit of effort, but he managed. He really did have to finish that project, and he did. All the specs came in and all the budget numbers were good. Now it was up to the client, and that person would need time to review the whole thing. Scott was easily off the hook through Tuesday.

Thursday night was tough. After dinner he sneaked off to the bathroom again. He figured it would help if he got off before the torture began. He debated sleeping on the couch, but couldn’t quite bring himself to do it. Again he ignored his wanton wife. Again he resisted her soft hands caressing his butt and thighs. And again, he listened as she tried to meet her needs by herself.

Jasmine felt güvenilir casino a little sad as she dragged the toy out from under the bed again. Her sexual hunger was increasing, though; she had to. This time she considered the banana-like curve from a new perspective. She looked at the slender half. She waved it through the air like a star-fighter, mentally making zooming noises. To date she had masturbated with it only when she was both horny and in a bit of menstrual pain, when her delicate insides called for something smaller. But she knew what it was for.

Under the bed was their trusty tube of KY. Scott could not believe his ears when he heard the cap flip open. He felt a stab of jealousy. Was she playing with her ass? Without him?? This was too cruel! His cock yelled Kubrick at him: “‘In the Name of Her Majesty and the Continental Congress! Get over there, boy!'” With an iron will, Scott ignored its demands. He listened like a thief, straining to catch every nuance.

Jasmine put a fat glob of lube on the smaller prick-head. Then, careful not to rub it off, she fit the curve to the underside of her body. The thin half of the rainbow fit snugly in the crack of her ass. The larger half split her cleft. Its head landed near her clit.

She rode the curve for a little while, getting used to how it fit. Using minute movements, she slid it back and forth, pressing it deeper into her crevices. She could feel the slim glass head in full contact with her anus. It knocked at her back door, wanting in. She twirled her hips in a bellydancer’s wiggle. Her wetness increased.

Jazz grabbed the handle in front of her pubic bone and pushed it slowly toward her toes. The pressure against her asshole increased. Her breathing grew heavier and her nipples stood out. She guided the blunt arrow and pressed the first half-inch into her tight little bud. It was very, very hard. She paused, feeling it. Her heartbeat pulsed between her legs. Her bosom began to sweat.

Careful not to dislodge the prong, Jasmine slid her fingers around in her pussy. She was thoroughly soaked and ready. She smeared her juices around the pole where its tip lanced her flesh. Then she twirled her finger fast and hard around her clit. As the hot tingling friction rose, she gave a sudden push.

The head drove in. She gasped: everything happened at the same time: a little pain, a wild burst of orgasmic pleasure. Her clit jumped like a caught swordfish. Her body convulsed. She nearly bent double from the sharp sensations. Thoughts of keeping quiet were no longer in existence.

Scott heard his wife’s ecstatic spasm. He could stand it no longer. He took advantage of her obvious distraction and hastily began jerking off.

So it was that husband and wife lay beside one another in bed, each longing for the other. Each felt that the desired coupling was not an option, and so turned to solo efforts. Side by side, not touching, their bodies quivered and strained.

Jasmine’s antics had made Scott crazy. His hand beat an allegro tempo up and down his baton. Quickly he found the edge. In the dark, his cum shot toward the nightstand. He fired again, and again. A sound slid from his lips.

A few seconds later, as his heart rate slowed, he wondered if he had splattered one of the cats. The thought made him chuckle.

Tomorrow, he told himself. Soon. He sure as hell hoped his plan would work.

Did you enjoy the tease? Follow this couple’s antics as they frolic among the flagstones in “The Lumberyard: Culmination.” Thanks for your vote and comment! ~ l8bloom.

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