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The Massage

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The doorbell rings. You answer it wondering who could be there. You aren’t expecting company and no one is home other than you. You open the door.

There is a tall, red-haired woman standing there. She is dressed in a long black leather coat down to her high-heeled shoes. You move back to allow her entry, captivated by her beauty. You don’t know her but your heart skips a beat or two as she walks past into the living room. As she steps up into the room, you realize she has very slim legs, one briefly uncovered.

She has a brief case in her hand, which she places on the floor by the bedroom. How she knows where everything is, boggles your mind. She reaches into the case, pulls out a sign and hangs it on the door. It reads. “Please do not disturb.”

She walks over to the phone and turns the ringer off. She then removes a dozen or so candles in soft colors and carries them a few at a time into the bedroom. As you stand in the doorway to your bedroom, she lights incense, lavender you think. She walks past you to turn up the heat just a little. You watch the sway of her hips under that long coat as she heads to the thermostat.

Turning to the stereo, she puts in a CD and presses play. The sound of Barry White crooning about love and promises fills the room. “It feels so good, you lying here next to me, You have no idea how it feels, My hands just won’t keep still, I love you, baby…” sings Barry.

She walks back to the case and carries it into the bedroom. She looks over her shoulder at you. Her eyes and a nod of her head beckon you to her. You don’t realize what she wants. She crooks a finger, silently pulling you into the room.

She motions for you to lie down on the silky blanket that had been laid out on the floor. You don’t know how it got there, but it is in the middle of the room. She still hasn’t spoken or removed her coat.

You start to lie on your stomach but she stops you. She helps you to remove your shirt, running her hands over your chest as she lifts it over your head. She is close. You breath in her scent, you smell raspberries. You are a bit uncomfortable with the idea of taking off your pants. Not because you have never been with a woman, but because of the rock hard erection you are sporting. You take bahis firmaları a deep breath trying to think of something else entirely.

This effort is defeated as you watch the red haired woman in the coat. She is removing bottles of oils and what, lubricants? She looks down at you lying now on the silk sheet and smiles. Your heart skips a beat again. She kneels down and places her hands over yours. This calms your heart but not your blood. Her finely painted fingers cover your eyes coaxing them closed. You smile, put your head down and reluctantly close them.

You hear her move quietly over to the table with the oils. You look at her. You can’t resist. She is looking directly into your eyes. Her blue eyes light up with her smile. “In your eyes, the light the heat, in your eyes, I am complete, in your eyes…” chimes in Peter Gabriel, perfect timing. She moves so that she is standing just out of your reach but within full site. She places her hands on the belt holding the coat closed and unties the knot. She then walks closer to you.

Her hands grasp the collar of the coat, pulling on it revealing skin. Her eyes lock with yours. The coat slides over her shoulders and drops into a pile at her high-heeled feet. Your eyes move from the coat at her feet slowly up the shapely legs to discover what was under the coat.

You are rocked to your core. She stands before you in a white lace teddy and nothing else other than her shoes. It is very sexy and subtly revealing only small areas of skin. Your imagination goes wild, as does your entire body. She turns to put oil in her hands. The back of the teddy is a g-string with a bow just at her lower back. You let out a deep sigh and lay your head on the pillow.

She saunters over to you with the jar in her hands. She places it on the floor, her hands slick with scented oil. She raises an eyebrow when you look at her. She holds up her hands as if wondering where to start. Her face changes to a determined look.

She places her hands on your shoulders lightly resting them there. This gives you a chance to get accustomed to the feel of her hands on you. You really don’t want her hands there, rather lower, but focus on where they are instead. Keeping her hands in contact with you, she is taking kaçak iddaa her time. The rhythmic yet sensitive massage proceeds from long gliding strokes to deeper ones. The oil, warm and slick arouses you. She uses her body weight rather than arm strength for deep strokes.

Concentrating firm pressure on the muscles of your back, her hands and fingers trace the contours of your body from head to foot easing the tension in your shoulders, gently releasing knots in your thighs and kneading your buttocks. She kneels in front of you to massage your arms. You want to reach out and touch her. Your tongue slips out to wet your lips. All of a sudden your throat is dry. Her breasts are near your mouth. Just a little bit closer now. She turns and gives you a nice view of her ass, tight and round.

She has moved to your legs. You start to feel even more turned on, you struggle to relax and enjoy the sensations. You spread your legs a little further apart and feel her hands respond, gliding deeper between your legs and buttocks. She reaches forward and cups your ass and works down your legs. She brushes by your genitals. She kneads the muscles in your legs working her way back up to your thighs. Her fingers gently fondle your balls. Then move on to relaxing your legs again. You want her to continue. You have to shift, uncomfortable now in this position.

A hand reaches under your hip and one on your shoulder on the right side coaxing you onto your back. Excited you don’t even think about the major hard on you have. You roll on to your back anxious to see what is going to happen next. You feel a little dizzy. The blood is flowing more freely through your body now. The massage continues at your feet, snaking along your inner thighs to chest, arms and neck, then back again, swirling around your cock and testicles, sliding between your thighs, hands and fingers kneading and stroking.

She cradles your genitals in her hand and raises her eyebrows again, questioning if you want her to go further. Jodeci kicks in on the stereo, singing “How do you want it, how does it feel…” You nod and your cock jolts with excitement.

Bringing one hand down, she strokes you from the top all the way to the bottom. Then she releases it. Immediately she brings kaçak bahis her other hand to the top of your cock and repeats the stroke, creating an alternating motion. Again and again she does this.

Not wanting you too tired, she doesn’t allow you to cum. She continues to stroke and massage your cock, bringing you to a peak then moving to massage your thighs or stomach and back again.

She’s astride your thighs and pours some oil onto your chest and down over your stomach. Very slowly she massage it into your skin. You’ve got eye contact. She watches the effect she’s having on you. She leans forward massaging you with her breasts. Her lips meet yours. Soft gentle kisses at first getting deeper and harder, kissing your neck and shoulders. Licking down your chest, flicking your nipples with her tongue, slowly licking downwards she sticks her tongue in your navel.

Then in one long, slow, tantalizing stroke she licks down to the base of your cock. Watching it jerk in response, she wraps her fingers round your cock and barely touching gently start to caress it. One hand stroking your cock the other massages your balls. She licks up and down the shaft of your cock and over your balls. sucking your balls gently drawing them into her mouth then pushing them out again. Running her tongue back up she takes the head in her mouth swirling her tongue round it one way then the other. She starts to softly suck your cock and caress the shaft. Gradually taking more and more in her mouth as she sucks harder. Your cock pulses in response.

She leans forward to kiss you again sliding forward, letting her hot wet pussy rub over your cock. She wiggles her hips so that her clit presses against you. Still kissing you she lifts up so that the head of your cock slips deep inside her. She remains still for a minute or two, you feel her adjust to the size of your cock. Slowly she slides up and down your cock, rotating her hips as she moves.

Gradually getting faster and harder, she leans back so that you are really deep inside her. She rubs against you, a lovely warm tingly feeling builds up inside you. She moves harder and faster and with a final hard push downwards she cums squeezing your cock hard, making you cum too.

She lays her body on top of you. Both of you are satiated in the moment. You are still inside her. She has gotten inside you. The thought of this sexy woman and what you have done makes your cock grow hard again. This time…you give the massage.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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