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The Massage

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I had just come from the doctor’s office. My shoulder was sore and it was hard to move. The therapy was slow and he suggested a massage. He recommended a place a short distance from his office. He jokingly remarked that I could probably get a happy ending there. I laughed at that not thinking it might be true. I went there and was greeted by an oriental woman of about 40 years old. I explained what I wanted and what the doctor recommended. She smiled and told me to undress and lie on my stomach, then cover myself with a towel. The room was small and lit with very soft lighting, almost romantic. The massage table had plenty of room to move around it. There was a chair and a rack to hang my clothes. I undressed and covered myself with the towel.

The door opened and a woman came in she was about thirty and introduced herself as Kim. Kim was younger then the woman who had greeted me. I didn’t notice how attractive she was since all I really wanted was relief from the pain in my shoulder. beşiktaş escort The massage began at my neck covered my whole back and then she worked on my shoulder for about 10 minutes. At first it hurt but then the pain got better to the point that I thought it was healed. She uncovered me and did my buttocks and legs. Kim then asked me to turn over. She massaged my cheeks, my scalp, my neck, my chest, and then reached for my penis.

“Do you want me to?” She asked as she moved her hand in an up and down motion, leaving no doubt about what she was offering.

“No thank you.” As I handed her a $ 40.00 tip and started to get dressed.

The next week I returned after the doctor’s appointment for another massage. This time the older woman took me into the room and came back after I undressed to massage me. Her name was Sue and the massage was even better if that was possible and my shoulder felt great afterwards. This beylikdüzü escort time as I turned on my back Sue massaged me and then without asking began to jerk me off. I told her it want necessary. I told her I found her attractive but did not want her to feel that I came there for that. I told her that had we been on a date or together somewhere other than here. A place where she would be doing it as something she wanted to do, not as part of her job I would not stop her. I tipped her $40.00 and left as I had the week before.

The following week Mei was there and Sue greeted me and sent me into the room to undress. The massage was so good that I was beginning to doze off when suddenly I realized that there were 4 hands massaging me. I felt a soft kiss on the neck as 2 hands began to caress my scrotal sack.

“This we are not obligated to do”

Then from the other side.

“This we want to do.”

Two sets of beyoğlu escort lips kissed my shoulders then one was gone. The other left as the first one returned only this time bare stiff-nippled breasts were pressed into my back as she kissed my neck. Then the other was back and her bare breasts pressed into the other side.

A giggle and a whisper.

“Turn over please.”

I turned over just as Mei pressed her lips to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I felt Sue’s tongue begin to lick my cock as it hardened. Then a bare wet pussy settled over my face. I began to lick the offered peach as Mei settled onto my face for a tongue ride. My cock was now hard as a rock as Sue climbed up onto the table and settled down sheathing my hard cock in her very wet pussy. She slowly began to massage with her internal muscles as she rubbed her clit against the base of my cock. Mei’s pussy was soaking my face and I heard her moan as she orgasmed, and climbed off my face. She bent down and began kissing me, licking my face clean as Sue began her orgasm. The contractions that signaled Sue’s orgasm were powerful enough to bring me along with her to a powerful orgasm. As sue climbed off Mei began to clean me with her mouth. As I left that evening Mei told me that next week I was obligated to stuff her pussy and eat Sue to orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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