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The Masseur Pt. 06

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(Authors Note) Pt. 6 is very long. As Ethan’s life changes directions, there is a lot of background that needs to be explained. This story contains some episodes of Non-violent Bondage/Roleplaying, adultery, Incest, and variations of sexual encounters. All Characters are at least 18 years old.

The Masseur Pt. 06

***Learning to fly***

When I walked into my new home in Park City, Utah. I was impressed by the work that had been done. Jacobsen had hired the best for me. I had the workout machines I wanted, and they were in their own room next to the indoor pool. The place had been cleaned top to bottom. He’d also put on contract a pool service, house cleaning, laundry, and food service company for me. I would never have to go to the grocery store or liquor store unless I needed something special!

The most expensive thing I had done was to install a hidden room in the basement. I’d learned from Tami that insurance was a good thing. Every room in the house now had been wired with video cameras. Military-grade that were undetectable unless you knew what to look for. All of them connected to a computer and hard-drive set up in my secret room. It wasn’t to spy on people but to provide proof of what goes on in my house if someone tried to blackmail me.

I didn’t waste any time on my flying lessons. I signed up at old man Zimmerman’s Cessna Pilot center and was scheduled to take my first lesson the next day. But first, I needed a vehicle, so I went to the nearest dealership and paid cash for a new S.U.V. It was a dark blue Toyota Highlander with 4-wheel drive. I was told I’d need it when winter came, so I went with it.


My introduction flight was in a Cessna 150. A little two-seat airplane that looked more like a bug than something that would fly. My instructor introduced herself as García Sanchez, but I was to call her Grace. Now I appreciate a good looking woman, and Grace was stunning!

A beautiful Latina woman that could easily have been a model. I guessed that Grace had to be around 25 years old. She had long, thick black hair, dark brown eyes, and sensual big full lips on her beautiful face. She had a beautiful brownish/olive skin tone. To top all of that, were her curves. I followed her around the airplane as she pointed out the various parts and explained what they did.

She certainly wasn’t fat but deliciously curved. The front of her flight suit bulged with her breasts. And I couldn’t take my eyes off her butt when she bent over to point out the landing gear and brakes. Her butt wasn’t large but had a beautiful round shape that made me want to grab it.

She made a lot of eye contact with me as she explained things. I found myself trying to pay attention and wanting to unzip the front of her flight suit down and see her boobs.

“Are you paying attention?”

“Huh, yeah, sorry I was thinking about work.”

“You need to put all that away when you are going to fly,” She told me, “You have to concentrate, or you’ll end up dead.”

“Got it!”

I was a little embarrassed because we both knew I’d been staring at her tits. I got over it quickly when I realized a woman like her was probably used to it. The only thing I didn’t like was the wedding ring on her finger. I knew It would make things a lot harder if I made a play for her.

I climbed in the left door, which is the pilot’s seat, and she took the right one. We went through a check-list and started the engine. It seemed simple enough with a steering wheel (Yoke.) I thought it was like a car, but you steer with your feet on the ground. I zigzagged a bit because I wanted to use the yoke.

Grace gave me instructions, and I quickly got the hang of it. We did this engine run-up to check the magnetos, which are the things that make the spark plugs work. Then we taxied out to the runway, and she talked to the tower for permission.

Grace told me, “Hold on to the controls, and keep your feet on the rudder pedals lightly so that you can get the feel of this.”

Grace pushed the throttle forward, and the little plane quickly began to run down the runway. When we reached 60 knots, she pulled back on the yoke, and we began to climb out. I could feel it more than I ever had in a commercial jet. It was exciting seeing the ground get smaller below me.

We flew to what was called a training area, and she demonstrated some basic flight maneuvers and then let me try them. It was amazing to actually be flying a plane! By the time the hour was almost up, and she landed the plane. I felt pretty confident already.

After parking the plane and tying it down. We walked back towards the office.

“Ethan, are you sure you’ve never flown before?” Grace asked me.

“Nope, that was my first time. Why?”

“Because you picked it up so fast.”

“That’s good, huh?”

Grace stopped and smiled at me, “You might be a natural but don’t let it go to your head. You still have a lot to learn.”

“You’re the boss.”

She laughed, and we went inside to get my book to study for the written test. Grace and I would have a year’s long friendship bahis firmaları that started that day. And I owe her a lot for teaching me how to fly.


I soloed with just five hours of dual instruction when it usually takes 10 or more hours. It was quite the feeling of flying alone the first time and not having Grace in the right seat to save me if I screwed up! When I did my 3 touch and goes, and parked the plane. Grace took me inside and signed my logbook.

Then she wrote on the back of my T-Shirt the date, first Solo, and signed her name. Then to my surprise, she cut out that big square that she had written on! All around the office walls were many shirt cut-outs signed and hung up. I got to hang mine on the wall with them and went home without a shirt!

To keep this from getting boring, I’ll say that with unlimited funds and no job, I progressed rapidly. When you can log 5-8 hours a day, you move along pretty fast. My love life suffered during this time, and I had to drop down to one pill a day or wear out my cock masturbating!

I hoped that would change sooner than later.


Summer was coming on, and I went out for a run after working out on the weight machines. There were trails all over the property through the woods, and it was beautiful! I was jogging down the path when I came upon a girl dressed in shorts like me. She had on a t-shirt that said, “Park City H.S. Track.”

She was stretching her legs and looked surprised to see me. I stopped and put my hands on my hips, catching my breath.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi, Are you new around here?” She asked, straightening up and looking at my face.

“Ethan Lee, I just moved in.”

“I’m Mandy Hamilton,” She replied, “I live down Copper Mine Street.”

She was a tall girl around 5′ 8″ or 9″. She had dirty blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was easy to see she was a distance runner. With a thin and athletic body, long legs, small boobs, and lovely green eyes.

“Yeah, I moved in a couple of weeks ago.”

“Really, where at?”

“I gave her the address.”

“Oh, we heard someone bought Hanson’s place.”

“Yeah, I’m getting used to it.”

“Your folks liking it so far? She asked.

I laughed, “No, they haven’t seen it yet.”


I guess she didn’t expect someone not much older than her to have that kind of money.

“I bought it, lock stock and barrel.”

“Sorry, it’s really none of my business, but you seem kind of young to be buying a big place like that.”

“No problem, I get that a lot,” I told her, “Come on, let’s jog, and I’ll tell you about the businesses I own.”

I took off down the trail at an easy jog, and she caught up with me. I told her about the work out centers but not that I’d inherited them. She seemed pretty impressed and opened up about her own family.

“I bet you run cross-country,” I told her as we jogged on a trail that led back to my house, “You in High School?”

“I graduated already, going to college this fall,” She replied, “How’d you know I ran cross-country?”

“Your body looks like it was made for long-distance.”

She had a pretty laugh, “Oh, thanks a lot!”

“No offense intended; I think athletic women are hot.”

She looked at me with a smile, “At least you’re honest about it.”

I had to laugh out loud, “Some of my old girlfriends might disagree with that.”

The trail branched off, and to the left was the one headed to my place, and I stopped. Mandy pulled up next to me.

I pointed, “That’s my trail back home. You want to stop over for a cold drink and see the place?”

“Sure, I’ve always wanted to see inside that house.”

“Come on, I’ll race you!” And I took off in a sprint.

I could hear her footfalls behind me, and I wasn’t gaining much ground. It was still a half-mile to the property, and I got faster. I have to admit that long-legged gal was keeping up the whole way. At the end was my open back gate, and she passed me just before we crossed.

We were both breathing hard and walking it off in circles.

“You’re pretty fast,” I told her when I could talk.

“State champion, three years in a row.”

I laughed, “I’ll ask next time before I ask for a race.”

Mandy grinned at me, “Wise decision, but you’re no slouch yourself!”

We walked the 50 yards of my back lawn to the patio doors that opened up into the indoor pool and work out area next to it.

“Wow!” Mandy said, looking around, “This is perfect!”

“I went behind the little pool bar, “Beer or soda?” I asked her.


“I don’t like beer.”

I gave her a cold Perrier bottle after opening it, and she walked into the weight machine room.

“What do you think?” I asked, and took a slug of beer.

“Amazing, I wish I had this at home.”

“Hey, you’re welcome to use it. I’m gone most of the day flying, but I’m usually home by late afternoon.”

“You’d do that?” She asked.

“Sure, why not?”

“I’ll take you up on that for sure.”

“Bring your suit, and you can use the kaçak iddaa hot tub or pool if you want.”

After the tour, Mandy thanked me and jogged off to her home. I sort of liked her already, and I hoped she felt the same way about me.


I didn’t see her again for a few days, but I met her mom early one morning before I left for the flying club. I was having my coffee when the doorbell chimed. I went and opened the heavy door to find a woman holding a pie and smiling at me.

“Hi, are you Ethan?” She asked.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“I’m Michele, I believe you met my daughter Mandy the other day.”

“Oh, right. Nice to meet you.”

I couldn’t help but notice she’d driven up in an expensive Mercedes convertible.

“I brought you a house warming gift and wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“That’s very thoughtful, come on in and have some coffee with me.”

“I’d love to.”

I led Michele to the breakfast nook and got a new cup as she put the pie on the counter.

“I hope you like Apple Pie?” She asked as I poured her a cup.

“Love it, did you make it yourself?”

“I don’t cook, but I love to bake. I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I will love it.”

I handed her a cup and pointed out the sugar and told her I had milk if she wanted it.

“Oh no, black is fine.”

We sat down across from each other and spent fifteen minutes getting acquainted with small talk. Michelle was a slender woman like her daughter and had dirty blonde hair cut in a pageboy style. The ends of her haircut were tapered down around her face and neck. I noticed that her straight hair looked too good to be true. And I’d have bet she spent a fortune at beauty salons.

Michele had lighter colored hair than Mandy and brown eyes. I noticed that her nails were perfectly manicured and painted. Now I’d seen women like her before, and she had “Trophy Wife” written all over her skintight designer jeans and expensive blouse. I guessed she was in her late 30’s and have to admit she did look good!

“Of course, she looked good, or she wouldn’t have been able to land a rich man,” I was thinking to myself. When we finished our coffee, she smiled and asked.

“Could I have a quick tour of your home? I’ve really wanted to see it for years.”

“I have to go pretty soon, but sure.”

I gave her a quick tour, and she remarked how much she liked all the furniture I’d bought. I smiled because she kept telling me what good taste I had. I wanted to say to her that I’d hired a pro to fill the house, but I kept it to myself.

At the end of the tour, Michelle was impressed by the workout room.

“I see why Mandy wants to come over here now,” She told me, walking around all the machines, “She is a workout nut.”

“Your welcome to use them too.”

“Oh, how nice! I might take you up on that one of these days.”

Time was getting tight, and I told her that I needed to run. She thanked me for the tour, and I thanked her for the pie before she sped off. I wondered how many other nosy neighbors would be coming around as I drove to the flying club for my lesson with Grace.


That afternoon when I got home, I did my workout and was a sweaty mess when Mandy showed up at the sliding glass door knocking and holding a little gym bag.

I unlocked it and slid it open, “Hi, what brings you around?”

“I was hoping you could maybe show me how to use your weight machines.”

“Sure, what kind of workout do you want?”

“I don’t know?”

“Well, as a runner, you don’t want to bulk up like me, because it would slow you down. How about some general strength training and building up your legs?”

“Sure, sounds good,” Mandy answered, “Show me what to do.”

Mandy took off her sweat jacket and had on a workout top that was one of those sports bra things women wore to our gyms. She was wearing track warm-up pants and unzipped them at the ankles so she could pull them over her tennis shoes.

I really liked watching her strip and secretly wished she’d keep going the rest of the way! I watched and was thinking that she had really nice long legs that would feel good wrapped around me while I fucked her.

I showed her how the machines worked, and I spotted her. I had her do mostly leg work. Along with some upper body strength machines for her arms and tummy. Mandy had a flat stomach that glistened with sweat by the time we were done. I’d worked her pretty hard for the first time, and she was dog tired.

“Wow!” Mandy said, sitting there, “I feel like a wet noodle!”

“You did great for the first time! You can use the shower and take a hot-tub if you want?”

“That sounds great if you don’t mind? I did bring my suit along.”

“Go ahead. I’ll use the shower inside and meet you at the tub.”


I went inside and took a shower and found my swim trunks. I hadn’t found a “No clothing Allowed” sign for the tub yet, so I thought it best just to see how things went. When I got back to the tub, Mandy was already sitting in the swirling water.

“This kaçak bahis feels so awesome!” She told me as I went to the fridge for a cold beer.

“Since you don’t drink, do you want some water?”

“I didn’t say I don’t drink,” Mandy replied, “I just said I don’t like beer.”

“How about wine?”

“That would be nice if you have it?

I laughed, “I have enough to float a boat!”

I poured her wine glass full of red and handed it to her as I walked down the steps into the tub. I noticed she was looking me over. Thanks to those pills, I was pretty lean and cut. Something that I could tell she liked.

“Thanks,” She smiled and took the wine.

I sat down across from her and took a big drink, “Ah, this is the life!”

“It feels wonderful!”

We chatted about flying and running and other stuff until my beer was gone.

“I suppose I’ll get out now.”

“Yeah, I’m turning into a wrinkled prune!” Mandy laughed and followed me out.

I handed her a towel from the rack and dried myself off. I got another beer and got my first look at her without much on. She had a tiny little flowered Bikini. One of my favorite types too. The ones with string ties on the bottoms that showed bare skin on the sides. She had a tiny waist that I wanted to put my hands around, but I controlled myself…mostly.

Mandy didn’t change and just put her warm-up tracksuit back on. She picked up her gym bag, and I walked her to the sliding door.

Before she stepped out, she turned to me and said, “Thanks so much! I bet I’ll be sore tomorrow.”

“If you are, you can soak in the tub.”

She laughed, “You may never get me out of it!”

Then I did something I probably shouldn’t have, but I figured what the hell. We were standing close enough that I just put my arm around her shoulder, pulled her to me, and kissed the hell out of her lips. I think she was so surprised that she didn’t even have time to resist it.

It wasn’t a long kiss, but I’d let her know I was interested.

“What was that for?” She asked me, stepping back towards the door.

“I’m not sure it just felt like the thing to do. See you tomorrow!” I said, grinning like a fool.

“Uh, sure.”

I watched her walk down the lawn to the back gate. A couple of times, she looked back towards the house. Finally, she shrugged her shoulders and disappeared into the woods. I didn’t know if she’d be back or not, but I’d let her know I was interested in more than just training with weights.

I had more important things to worry about the next day. Early the following day was my check ride with the F.A.A. examiner to get my private pilot’s license.


At Salt Lake airport at 8:00 AM, I passed my oral exam with the Man! And next came the flying. He put me through my paces doing the required maneuvers and stalls etc. When we got back on the ground, he looked over his clipboard he’d been using at all the checked boxes.

“Well, Mr. Lee, congratulations, you’re a pilot.”

“Thank you, sir,” I replied.

“I must say you fly like you’ve been doing it for years. I couldn’t find anything to dock you on.”

He signed me off in my logbook, and I flew back to Park City. When I went back into the office, Grace was waiting for me.

“Well, how did you do?” She asked and walked over to me.

“Passed with flying colors!” I beamed a big smile back at her.

“Terrific!” She said, “I knew you would!”

To my surprise, she came over to give me a hug, which I accepted without a thought. She had her arms around my neck, and her big boobs were pushing against my chest. I had my hands on her hips, and without any hesitation, I slid my hands behind her. My well-practiced fingertips pushed on the pressure points on both sides of her lower spine.

I found out just how sensitive she was when instantly, her crotch came forward and smashed against my package. I pushed it against her crotch right before she ripped my hands away and jumped back.

I could see a red tinge showing below the beautiful brown on her face.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” She yelled at me, “I’m a happily married woman, not some fucking slut you can grope!

I opened my mouth to apologize, and she raised her hand showed me her palm.

“I don’t want to hear it, Ethan! You are the most gifted pilot I’ve ever seen, but if you ever do that again, you can find a new instructor!”

Grace turned around and stomped out the door. I just watched her cute little round ass because I’m like that. I just can’t help appreciating the female figure.


Grace stomped to her car, pissed off about what had happened. Once inside her car, she sat there and took some deep breaths. Then Grace started her car and drove home. By the time she was there, she’d cooled down enough to realize it hadn’t all been Ethan’s fault. Grace had never felt anything like it when he pushed on her lower back like he had. She’d just jumped against him and felt his cock grind against her crotch.

It had felt like electricity going from her spine to her crotch. Grace shook her head and unlocked the door. It had been almost three weeks since she’d seen her husband, Hector. Hector was an airline pilot with United, and they only got together one or two weekends per month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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