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The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 68

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Pamela’s Tales – Part 4

“I don’t know, Mom,” Johnny replied to his mother’s suggestion. They were in his basement bedroom, Pamela having just brought down a load of his clothing, folded and ready to be put away. She had brought up the conversation she had had with Bethany McAllister over coffee that afternoon, including the suggestion of a three-way.

“It’s entirely up to you, Johnny,” she told her son. “I don’t mind sharing you with her, since you’d been with her long before you ever treated me.” Pamela moved up and gave her son a light kiss on the back of his head. He was seated at his computer desk, tying his new tennis shoes. “Besides, Beth’s been going through a rough period since her arrest, and she’s probably in need of a little TLC right about now.”

“I don’t know,” Johnny shook his head. “I don’t really find her all that attractive anymore. I never did, really. It was just the idea of getting laid by a teacher, is all that was.”

Pamela was surprised at her son’s candor. She’d always assumed he had been attracted to Bethany McAllister and that was why he had slept with her in the first place. She had assumed also that Beth had provided for him an outlet for his own sexual desire for her, his own mother. Since then, she had learned through conversations with her son that it wasn’t the case. He hadn’t started craving her until after he’d been with his math teacher, Johnny had told her. Beth had awakened in him that Oedipus desire. For that, Pamela would have to thank Beth again.

“I’ll let her know that you’d be too uncomfortable,” Pamela told Johnny. “Or maybe I’ll just tell her that I would be.”

Johnny stood up and asked, “Would you, Mom? Would you be too uncomfortable if I asked you for a three-way?”

“I don’t know. I guess it would depend.” Pamela had moved to the corner sofa that doubled as Johnny’s bed, now that he had moved his old one out and replaced it with the computer desk. She sat with her legs crossed, deep into the corner, enjoying a cigarette. She wore denim jeans, a plum-colored long-sleeved v-neck t-shirt, and walking shoes. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tail. She watched Johnny come to her and kneel on the floor. His hands went to her thighs and lightly caressed her.

“What would it depend on?” His sly grin made her wary and excited.

“I guess it would depend on who you have in mind,” she replied. “Also, would it be a young man or older woman?”

“Have you ever been with another woman?” he quickly asked.

She shook her head. “Never. I’ve really no desire to, either. I’m strictly a dick-girl, young man. I like men and all of the things they bring to the table.” She leaned past her son and snuffed out the cigarette in the ash tray. He moved aside and joined her on the sofa.

“So, if I were to bring over a friend, you’d be up to getting double-teamed?” As he asked, he leaned in and gave her neck a nuzzle and kiss.

Pamela realized that her son already had a plan in mind. “And who would you be suggesting?” His right hand had come up to cup her left breast as he nuzzled her.

“Who else? Freddy, of course. He misses you, and has asked me on several occasions now to try and spend some time with you again. You were his first, you know. And wasn’t he yours?”

“Other than your father and a couple of others along the way?” she laughed. She pushed her son from her neck and asked, “I thought he had finally managed to bed his own mother. Wasn’t that the whole idea of what he and I had done?”

“I guess he still wants to have fun with you, too, Mom. I know I enjoy spending time with you!” Johnny leaned back in and began to kiss her chest just above the “V” of her shirt, while still massaging the breast he held. “I don’t mind sharing you, if you don’t mind being shared.”

“As if you would have a say!” Pamela laughed, again pushing him away. “Besides, aren’t I already being shared between you and your father? Don’t you think you’re enough for me? Or maybe I’m not enough for you? Is that it?” She gave her son a lingering look. “Or maybe you’ve got a thing for Ursula and see this as a sort of mom-swap thing? Is that it?”

Johnny shrugged. “I guess I wouldn’t mind it, you know. I really don’t have a thing for older women like Freddy does, but I guess his mom isn’t all that bad.” Pamela wasn’t upset in the least. She knew her son wanted to expand his harem, as it were. After all, Freddy had been with her, why shouldn’t Johnny get a shot at Freddy’s mom if he desired?

Both stood up and Johnny pulled his mother into an embrace. Her breasts crushed into his chest and his cock began to twitch at her close contact. “You’ll always be enough for me, Mom,” he said, and then kissed her cheek. “Until I find a girl my age that’s as fun as you are, that is!”

“I seriously doubt that would keep you from lusting after me,” she replied into his ear. She also gave his crotch a firm stroke as well.

“Hey! I thought you two were going shopping!” George’s voice boomed down the stairs. From the angle he had at the top of the stairs and seated in his wheel chair he would not have been able to see his wife and son in their embrace. Still, bahis firmaları they jumped apart.

“We are, Dad,” Johnny called up. “I was showing Mom how to log on to my computer, in case she needed to.”

“Why? Is there something wrong with the one up here?” George backed his chair up as Johnny led Pamela up and into the laundry room, where the basement stairs led from.

“Not as far as I know,” Johnny told his father.

“Given the amount of porn downloaded on it, I’m surprised it even works,” Pamela sniped as she took hold of her husband’s chair and guided him back into the living room. She often teased him about the many hours he put watching porn on the family computer, even though it wasn’t in reality all that much, given the fact that he no longer had the ability to gain an erection after his accident. Still, he found watching quite stimulating, and could achieve an orgasm given the right stimulation.

“I wonder how much porn that boy has on his,” George asked as she parked him beside his table in front of the television. It was early evening and the news was on.

“I’m sure Johnny doesn’t need porn to enjoy himself,” Pamela told her husband. “He’s got girl-friends, you know. Friends he runs around with.”

“The boy’s 21 years old and still lives at home,” George pointed out. “I doubt if he’s got a girl-friend, since he never brings one around here.”

Pamela replied, “He sneaks them in the back door when you’re not looking.” She gave George a kiss on the cheek, feeling his two-day stubble on her lips. “Otherwise, you’d be salivating all over them, wouldn’t you?”

George reached between her legs and gave her crotch a gentle squeeze. “I was hoping you’d put on a show for me tonight, Babe,” he whispered. “Maybe use that new dildo again?”

Pamela gave him a kiss on top of his balding head. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Watching me pleasure myself, fantasizing about all the fine young studs walking the halls of the high school?”

“Hey, whatever gets you off!” George laughed. “Although I’d rather watch you and one of those hot young girls feasting on each other’s fat pussies.”

“Jeezus, George! You know I’m not like that.”

George pulled her into his lap then. “Maybe you could set something up for me then. You know, my birthday’s coming up next month. I’ll be fifty. A milestone. I think it deserves something extra special, don’t you?”

“Weren’t your sister and Larry coming into town that weekend?” Pamela asked. “Maybe you’d like to see that? Your sister and me, locked in a pussy-slurping 69?”

“Fuck yeah!” George exclaimed. “Damn, I’d love that, Babe! Would you really set something like that up for me?”

“Let’s go, Mom!” Johnny called from the foyer. “I want to get back in time to watch The Big Bang Theory.”

“I’m coming, Johnny!” Even as she said it, she regretted it. She glanced at George and thought she saw something in his eyes. The idea that he’d want to see his wife and sister making love was new to her, and the idea that George might have a history with his sister had never entered her mind. And yet, there was something familiar in his eyes. A look she’d seen in Johnny’s, maybe, when he was about to pounce onto her naked body.

Pamela leaned in and gave George a kiss, full on the mouth. He wasn’t expecting that. “You know that I’ve never been with another women. I wouldn’t even know how to bring it up.” She stood up and changed subjects. “Johnny’s waiting. I’ll bring you back something. What would you like?”

George held her gaze a moment, and then told her, “A bottle of Crown would be nice. That new apple flavor, if they have it. I think I deserve it.”

Pamela wondered what he meant, and why he had said it that way. “A bottle of Crown,” she repeated. “Anything else, honey?” She turned away and retrieved her purse from the table and her coat from the rack.

“That’s all,” George replied, and then began to surf through the channels. Pamela hurried out through the front door to join her son.

“So, where are you taking me, Johnny?” Pamela asked her son as she headed around to the passenger’s side of her Dodge Caravan. Johnny had already made it clear that he was driving by climbing behind the wheel.

“Don’t worry,” her son told her. “We’re just going for a ride, is all. It’s nice out and I thought you’d like to get out of the house for once.”

As they began backing out of the driveway, she asked, “Okay. How about I ask it this way? Where did you tell your father we were going?”

Johnny gave her a sly smile. “I told him I was taking you shopping. I got paid yesterday and I wanted to buy something nice for him. HIs birthday is coming up. And you know what? He gave me sixty dollars to get you something from him.”

“So, we’re going birthday present shopping for your father?” she asked her son. “He reminded me of his birthday just a minute ago, by the way. As if I’d forget.” She looked at Johnny and then said, “You know, I had thought we might be going someplace to do the nasty again.”

Johnny replied with a hearty laugh. “Now, what gave you that idea?”

“Well, I suppose I got the impression by the kaçak iddaa way you were grabbing my ass all day, whenever your father had his attention elsewhere.” Pamela told him. “And then the way you were feeling me up in your room, not ten minutes ago. But if you’re taking me shopping, then I guess I can enjoy that just as much.”

“We’re not going shopping, Mom,” Johnny said. “Not right away, at least.”

“Ooooo! So, we are going someplace to do the nasty! I like that even better!”

“Jeezus! What the hell have I created?” Johnny asked no one in particular. Since she and Johnny had begun their affair, Pamela had been finding that she needed her son’s attention more and more. In fact, she was the aggressor at times, even slipping down to his basement bedroom at all hours of the day and night to enjoy a few minutes of sinful contact. Even if it was just getting her hand down the front of his pants, it helped to ease her heated desires. Usually, she would end up on her knees, sucking her son’s thick cock to full readiness, and if there was time, she’d insist he put it to her, as she often told him. Other times, she had to satisfy her needs with taking her son’s thick cream in her mouth and down her throat. In the months since their first incestuous night together, Pamela had grown into a competent, if not eager, cock-sucker, much to Johnny’s delight.

As for the masturbatory shows that she put on for her husband from time to time, it wasn’t other young studs that she imagined as she worked herself over for George’s pleasure, it was their own son in her mind’s eye. Before she’d submitted to her lusts and went actively in search of a lover, she’d never have dreamed of doing such things. Since she and Johnny had become lovers, it became easier for her to relent to her husband’s requests. Be it out of a sense of guilt or pleasure, she wasn’t sure. She could only imagine the reaction George would have should he ever discover the truth of her secret life.

“Johnny. I’ve been thinking that it’s time you found your own place,” she said after a few miles.

“Hey! What brought this on?”

“Your father has begun to notice that we’ve been spending a lot of time together, especially me downstairs with you. I don’t know what he might suspect, but I just get the impression that he knows something is going on between us.”

Johnny drove in silence for a few miles, and then said, “Do you think it might be something else?”

“Like what?” she asked.

Johnny sucked in a deep breath of air, and then admitted, “Last month, when Aunt Helen and Uncle Larry were in town, well, I might have gotten careless.”

“What do you mean, Johnny?” Pamela asked.

At the next light, he looked over at her and said, “Aunt Helen and I were in the RV, and dad came out. I think he might have seen us.”

“Are you telling me that you and Helen had sex?” Pamela was surprised. In fact, she was hurt. And suddenly jealous.

“Not really,” Johnny replied. “She gave me a blowjob, is all. But I think dad saw enough to figure it out.”

“I can’t believe it. When were you going to tell me about this?” She noticed that she had a hint of anger in her voice.

“Aunt Helen made me promise not to say anything, especially if dad asked. She seemed pretty upset.”

Pamela nodded her understanding. She recalled Helen being different that last day of their visit. She had thought it had been something between her and Larry. She wondered if George had said something to Larry about what he had seen. And could that be why George had made his suggestion earlier, she wondered?

“Let’s not worry about that right now,” Pamela told her son. “Let’s just enjoy this beautiful day. Take me up into the mountains. I want to walk in the woods, Johnny. I want to breathe some good, fresh air.”

“And maybe we could find a spot to do the nasty in nature?” Johnny suggested slyly.

“Exactly!” Pamela laughed. “You do realize, young man, that I have you to blame for this, what you’ve done to me! You’re to blame for what I’ve become, and as such, you will be required to take care of all of my needs and desires.” Pamela leaned over and gave her son a kiss on the cheek as he drove, as well as a firm squeeze to his crotch.

“Hey! I’m trying to drive here!” Johnny begged, but didn’t remove his mother’s groping hand from his crotch. He liked having her hand on his dick, he had to admit.

“So, drive. Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the ride,” Pamela grinned, leaving her hand where it was. Beneath the fabric of her son’s jeans she could feel movement as he began to grow. She couldn’t help but smile, knowing the effect she had on Johnny, even for an old broad.

Their route took them past Majestic Mall and the series of strip malls that lined the Highway 101 spur that led down into Regal Bay. Pamela told him as they passed to remind her that they had to stop at a liquor store to pick his father up a bottle of Crown Royal. Johnny made the turn that would take them up into the foothills of the Majestic Mountains, following the sign indicating the direction to Majestic Mountain Park. It was early in the evening and the park would be busy with kaçak bahis hikers, Pamela knew, given such a warm and bright November day. They wouldn’t have any sort of privacy there, she knew, not for a few hours at least so that couldn’t be their ultimate destination. She refrained from asking, and settled in to enjoy the ride.

Johnny drove on past the turn in for the main parking area of Majestic Park and continued on. He took a fork a mile past to the left and headed up the two-lane road. The thick forest grew ever closer to the road as they wound up higher into the mountains. Pamela hadn’t been along this road before, but Johnny seemed to know where he was going, so she contented herself with watching the scenery go by, and Johnny’s semi-rigid cock beneath her hand, still encased in his jeans. She gave him a firm squeeze to remind him that she was eager for whatever he had in mind.

Pamela soon discovered just what her devious son had in mind, as he turned off the road and travelled a short distance up a spur that was primarily used for logging trucks to let traffic past. As they pulled in Pamela noticed that they would be completely hidden by the trees that lined both sides of the spur. Johnny turned onto a gravel road, more of a trail, and stopped the van some twenty feet up, well hidden from the road and the spur. Pamela noted that to the right of them was a small shack.

“We’re here,” Johnny told her as he shut the engine off. Pamela looked to him and saw him grinning. “Come on.” Johnny pushed open his door and climbed out, and Pamela followed suit a moment later. She waited as her son stopped at the rear of the van and opened the back. He removed a large beach blanket and carry-all beach bag.

“What is this place?” Pamela asked, following her son to the shack.

Johnny reached for a rock, near the front door, which didn’t turn out to be a rock after all. It was a key-hide, from which he removed a set of brass keys on a lanyard. “This is one of the shacks the university has up here for the nature studies classes to use,” he explained. “There are three of them. This one doesn’t get used much anymore, though.” He opened the door and led Pamela in. The interior was dark and cold. She waited just inside until he had turned on a battery-powered lantern, and then watched as her son went over to a large kerosene stove. Within minutes, he had the stove lit and it wasn’t long before Pamela felt the warmth.

Pamela took notice of the shack’s furnishings. Johnny had told her that it was owned and used by the university, and yet it didn’t resemble any sort of scientific studies unit that she’d ever seen. No, this shack was made up to resemble more of a frat house, with a couple of mattresses on the floor at opposite sides of the bare-wood floor, a long table in between with three mismatching chairs, a short refrigerator that was standing open and empty near a partially enclosed bathroom containing a wash basin and toilet.

“Nice place,” she muttered, beginning to catch on to what her son had in mind for the afternoon.

“This place gets a lot of use in the summer, usually by high school kids looking for more than a back-seat bang,” Johnny told her. “Once in a while some of the guys from class bring a girl, up here.”

“Have you ever brought someone up here?” Pamela asked. In response, Johnny grinned and shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t telling if he had, and she was sure he had. She watched as he laid out the beach blanket atop one of the mattresses. It still wasn’t warm enough in the shack for her. She noticed a trash container and out of curiosity she took a look inside. She found it half-full of beer and soda cans, and used condoms and their wrappers. “Apparently, this shack gets used a lot.”

“Like I said, a lot of people know about it, especially teenagers.” Johnny finished laying out the blanket and went to adjust the blower on the stove. He directed the warming air in the direction of the mattress. “It’ll be warm enough in here in a few minutes,” he grinned.

“And by warm enough, I suspect you mean that it will be warm enough to get naked?” Pamela asked in a naughty, husky voice. She had located the small radio that sat on the counter and turned it on. It had been pre-set to one of the local rock stations, and AC-DC’s Thunderstruck had just started. “Oooooo, I like this song,” Pamela said as she began to move with the music. When she had turned to face her son, she was holding each of her breasts in a hand through her sweater.

With a wide grin on his face, Johnny asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Pamela strutted towards him, still holding and now alternately lifting her breasts. “Maybe I can help warm things up in here,” she replied, adding a tongue swipe across her lips as she leaned towards her son and deftly ripped the sweater off. She swung the garment over her head and tossed it to him. Now topless save for her bra, she turned and strutted away from her son, still moving with the music. Johnny watched as she put her hands on her hips, and looking back at him, she wagged her broad ass in his direction. After a slow roll of her hips, accompanied by a deep bow that pushed her ass back towards him, she turned back around and again strutted to him. Johnny noticed that her jeans had been unfastened at some point, and as his mother approached, she began to push them down her thighs.

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