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The Meeting

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Dedicated to my Rain King, TLP!

Watching my friend drive away, I bring my hand down from waving good bye to her and walk into the restaurant to meet you. I look around, don’t see you and find a spot to wait.

I’m standing inside, by the door, wearing a black skirt that hits mid-thigh covering a very curvy bottom, white buttoned silk top tucked into the skirt, and red high heels as I wait for you to come meet me. My shoulder length dark hair blowing with the warm breeze as the glass entrance door opens and closes and light touch of make-up on my face; but I notice nothing because of what is going through my inflamed imagination; to actually see, touch and kiss the man I have been fantasizing about for so long.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a tall, dark haired man, dress in black jeans and black shirt, walking through the restaurant door, head down, on his cell phone. A little crinkle of his eyes tells me it is a good call and as he lift his head up, he sees me and I see that it is you. Your eyes light up as you realize you are looking at me and you tell the person you are on the phone with that you have to go now and hang up.

I find myself suddenly shy, not knowing what to do next, but you step closer to me, take me into your arms and give me a tight hug. Overwhelmed at feeling you so close, I inhale your scent and hug you tighter. I look up into your eyes and you lean down, softly our lips meet and our bodies mold into each other as we let the kiss linger, our tongues teasing. The feel of your lips on mine seems to send a flash of electricity through my body and I snuggle in closer to you as you deepen the kiss.

The hostess comes over and asks if we are ready to be seated, as we pull away and look at each other, not knowing what to say at first but smiling. You finally tell her that we are and she shows up to our table.

As we sit next to each other, you reach for my hand and lift it to your lips and kiss it. “I can’t believe it’s you,” you say to me in that sexy voice I know so well.

“I feel the same,” I answer hoarsely, “and it seems surreal that we finally meet after all this time.”

You lean over to me and lick the edge of my ear as you whisper, “God, I want to feel your body next to mine. I want to touch and taste every inch of you, baby. You make me so damn hot.”

“Mmmmmm, yes,” I whisper back. “I need to feel you inside of me so much my body is getting overheated thinking about it.” I need you so bad.”

As you sit back into your chair, our waiter comes to the table to ask what we would like to drink before we order. I tell the waiter that we would like to order a bottle of Merlot to share and you nod your head in agreement. We look over the wine menu, decide on a wine and the waiter goes off to get it.

We talk about things that are going on in our lives and catch up since it had been a few days since we chatted. The waiter returns with the bottle and a couple glasses, opens it, has you taste the wine and at your nod, pours us each a glass, takes our food order, and leaves, telling us to enjoy.

You lift your glass and say, “to us, finally meeting and to our continued friendship, where ever it may lead us.” To which I clink your glass and we both say “cheers!”

We talk easily as we always do, our eyes drinking in each other while we wait for our food to arrive. Knowing where this will go after dinner, we both seem to be on edge but somewhat relaxed, glad to finally be in each other’s company rather than staring at a computer screen seeing each other’s images while we chatted or talked on the phone.

Dinner arrives and we slowly eat as we continue to drink our wine, talk softly, glancing up from our plates to look at one another, still amazed to find each other. Throughout dinner, I find I can’t keep my hand off your thigh left thigh as I feel your hand roam over on my right thigh and knee. Just the thought of being able to feel you, instead of imagining it, turns me on, that I find I am having difficulty breathing normally. Even my speech seems to be more breathy as we talk; as I feel your hands slide up my thigh, its affect on me directly related to how wet my panties are starting to get from the reaction.

The waiter returns to take our plates when he notices both plates were empty and asks if we would like dessert. You look directly at me, but respond to him, “no, we’re fine; dessert is waiting for us at her place.” I get your full meaning and blush as the waiter raises an eyebrow, smiles and walks away. We pay the bill, go to your car and drive to my place.

When we walk in to my apartment, you close and lock the door behind you, grab and pull me to you and kiss me hard, your tongue plunging into my mouth, ferocious attacking my tongue, your hands running up my back, pulling me tight into your body, I feel your hard bulge against my hip.

Moaning out loud, I move my hip against your hardening cock, letting you know how much I like the feel of it. You move your lips over and güvenilir bahis around my face, down on my neck, nibbling, licking and kissing it. I hear your ragged breath near my ear and it turns me on even more that I am affecting you that way. You lick and nibbling on my ear, breathing heavily, telling me how much you want to fill my pussy with your cock. I moan out loud as when I hear you tell me that, pushing my tits up, as I arch my back more as I feel your lips lower down my neck, nibbling down towards my tits.

Your left hand covers my breast through the material of my shirt as you pull and tease my nipple as you continue to kiss me; your right hand drops to squeeze my ass cheek as you pull me in tighter, grinding your hard cock against me over and over, while you moan. Your hand lifts my skirt in the back so that you are feeling skin as you lift your head from my lips to look down at me. My face is flushed and my hands are all over your chest, as I start to unbutton your shirt to feel your skin.

I look up at you, sensing you are staring at me and ask you if you are ok. You smile and tell me you are more than ok and lean down to kiss me again. “I want to feel you naked against me, baby,” you say. “I am so hard right now and want to be inside you so bad.”

I smile at you, back away and start to unbutton my shirt as you watch. Your eyes glued to my fingers, watching me undress. As I pull the shirt out of the waistband of the skirt, you eyes go to my breasts, watching them bounce as I pull the shirt off. You grin and reach a hand out to touch the skin above my bra, sliding your finger along the fabric from my breast up to my shoulder and back down again. Again the jolt of electricity runs through me and I moan out loud at your touch. You look up at my face and your finger comes up to my lips and traced them as your other hand still glides along my skin above my bra.

The sensation causes my nipples to harden and your hands runs over them, eliciting more moans. You reach to the front clasp and remove it as my breasts spill out of my bra. You take them into your hands and your lips touch one and then other nipple, kissing them lightly, blowing on them with your breath.

I feel my pussy start to tingle and feel the wetness on my panty as you taunt and tease my body to full arousal. I want to feel you closer but love the torment you are putting my body through. I wrap my arms around your hip and pull you closer so that I can feel your throbbing cock through your pants, as I rub the length of it up and down with my hand. I look into your eyes as you are nibbling on my nipple, but you close them as you catch your breath when you feel my hand go lower to cup your balls and massage them gently.

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” you whisper against my nipple, as I resume stroking you through your pants. “I want to fuck you so bad right now. I want to hear you scream as I make you cum over and over tonight.” You take a nipple into your mouth and suck it so hard that when you release it, there is slight mark on my breast. “Perfect; just branded you as mine, woman,” you tell me, smiling, when I see the mark.

With your shirt opened, I lick your nipples and kiss along your chest up to your neck as you hold on to my hip grinding yourself into me. I pull your shirt off and push my body close to yours so that our naked torsos touch feeling the heat off your body. You pull down the zipper and let my skirt fall to the floor as your hands knead my ass cheeks. I feel the crotch of my panties getting wet as my pussy is on fire by all your touches and teasing of my body.

Stepping back, I pull of my panties, step out of my heels and get onto my knees to remove your shoes and socks. I lean up and unzip your pants and pull them down along with your boxers, your rigid thick rod free of its restraint of fabric. That I actually have it within reach, my mouth drops open in amazement of how it looks, so much better than I imagined.

I slowly touch it, my fingertip lightly tracing an invisible line from the tip halfway down and then my hand slowly wrap around the silky skin, stroking it all the way down to the base of your cock. You lightly play with my hair tenderly, sliding your fingers across the back of my neck sending shivers down my spine, eliciting a moan.

I look up at you, your eyes glazed over with passion looking down at what I am doing. I watch your face as I lick at the tip of your cock seeing your eyes close to the feel of it. Your quick intake of breath lets me know that you like how I am licking down and around the length of you, kissing and nibbling along the way. I rub your cock on my lips, my cheeks, around my face when you grab my head guiding me to take it into my mouth.

I kiss the tip, tasting the pre-cum on my lips as I open to take the head of your cock, sucking it in slowly and gently. “Oh yes,” you whisper loudly enough for me to hear, “that feels so good, baby.”

I stroke your cock firmly as I slide my lips over the top, türkçe bahis pulling it into my mouth, softly and slowly with the suction of my mouth, as I feel it throb. You pump your hip towards my mouth groaning and I take more and more of your cock down into my throat, sliding my hands over your balls, squeezing and massaging them as I suck greedily on your rod. Your breathing starts to become labored as your body is getting more heated from the sensation to your cock. I continue to stroke and suck on your for a couple minutes, love the feeling of you in my hands and in my mouth.

Hearing your groans and moan and wanting to taste your hot juicy load in my mouth, I bob my head on your tool, faster and harder, sucking it so hard that it barely can slide in and out. I feel your balls start to harden, filling with your cum and tighten to your body, letting me know you are close to exploding your salty, sweet juices into my mouth and down my throat. I grab your cock and stroke you hard following the rhythm of my mouth, hear you gasp and your body tense as your hands roughly grab my hair and move your hips, feeling you ready to unload your hot juices.

“Oh, god, fuck yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSSSSSS!” you scream as your cock spasms over and over, unloading what feels like gallons of hot creamy juices into my mouth. I swallow it down as much as I can while I continue to stroke and suck you fast, milking every drop.

You pull your cock out of my mouth as you relax from your orgasm; looking down at me smiling and pull me up so that I am standing with you. We go over to the couch and you sit pulling me onto your lap. You touch my face and lean to kiss me softly. “Wow, baby, that was incredible;” you say against my lips, “felt so amazing.”

As you kiss my lips, sliding your tongue in and around, your hand slowly descends to my nipples, tugging and pulling on them and then down over my stomach, until you reach between legs, feeling the wetness you have caused. You spread my legs with you hand, sliding your fingers around the swollen lips, tormenting my pussy with your touch. You glide your fingertips to the hard nub of my clit, softly and slowly, rub it between your fingers, a groan escaping my lips as you tease it unmercifully. “Does that feel good?” you ask against my neck you are nibbling as your fingers torture my moist cunt.

“Ahhhhh… feels so nice, so good,” I moan breathlessly, “you’re making me so hot, so wet, baby,” as I feel your fingers rub my clit harder, feeling you slide a finger into the entrance of my pussy, my juices gushing out as you pump it your finger in slowly.

“Oh yeah, you’re so wet,” you say, taking the finger into your mouth licking at my juice and sliding it back in. “And so sweet… Oh yeah, pump my finger, baby,” you say as you feel me move my hip to meet your finger’s thrusts. You torture me for a while, pushing and pulling your finger in and out as your thumb continues to rub on my clit, causing moans to escape from my lips.

“Oh, oh… I’m going to cum. Oh, god, pleeeease!!!” I groan out loud as you rub my clit harder, pumping your finger in and out of my pussy faster.

“Cum for me, baby; I want to make you cum so hard,” you whisper in my ear. “I want to feel your body tremble. I want you to know it is me doing this to you,” you say as you watch my face, flushed with passion. I feel my thighs start to shake as the waves of passion hit me, my body arching to meet your rubbing, my pussy muscles grabbing your finger with the intensity of my orgasm. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Yessssss!!! Cummmmmmminggggggg!!!” I scream as I feel my body go out of control, all in the power of your hands and what you’re doing to me.

You hold me tight while my body comes down from my orgasm, kissing my face, pushing my hair out of my face and caressing my nipples, whispering in my ear how you loved pleasuring me and watching me cum.

Snuggling up to you, I give you a big hug around your wide chest as I kiss you on your neck and say, “Mmmmmmm, thank you for that. Felt so incredible, my legs are still shaky.”

“Baby, it is still early and we have a lot more to do and a lot more fun to have. Where’s your bedroom? Let’s go there, lie down, be comfortable and touch each other all night. What do you say?” you ask, pushing me up as you stand.

Nodding my head in agreement, I take your hand, pulling you towards my bedroom. I start to turn the light on but you stop me when noticed all my candles and tell me that you would rather use them. I give you the candle lighter and tell you to light them and I will be right back. When I return with a bottle of Pinot Noir wine and two glasses, all the candles are lit and the room has a romantic glow to it.

“Ah, perfect,” you say, when you see me with the wine. I pour some in the first glass, hand it to you, pour me a glass and put the bottle on my night stand and grab the remote, turn on some soft music on the stereo that sits on the dresser, then placing the remote back on the night stand.

“What güvenilir bahis siteleri do we toast to?” I ask, looking at you sitting on the edge of my bed. In my head, I am still finding it hard to believe you are here and naked, too!!! You look over at me, smiling and say, “Come here, and we’ll think of one.”

I sit on the bed next to you, clink glasses as you say, “To a wonderful evening for us.” We sip at our wines, as you look around my room. Too wound up, having you so near, all I can do is look at you as I drink my wine too fast. You face me, lean over and softly kiss my lips, pull back, gulp down the last of your wine, take my empty glass and put them on the night stand next to the bottle.

You push me down on my back as you kiss me gently on the lips, deepening as you slide your tongue inside to tease mine. Spreading my legs with yours, you get between them while we are kissing and touching each other’s body, I feel you rub your hardening cock against my clit and move my hip up to feel more. You slide a hand down to my pussy and I hear you say, “Wet again, baby?”

“You know you always make me this way,” I tell you moaning as you slide a finger in deeper, feeling around, rubbing this way and that, causing me to arch my back as you hit the sensitive spot inside. “I hear your voice on the phone and I get wet. So sexy so sensual, I love to hear your voice and you know that.” Chuckling, you kiss me quick and then tell me that I have the same affect on you.

“Baby, I need to be inside you so bad. Need to feel that hot pussy wrapped around my cock,” you tell softly, teasing my pussy with your fingers, your lips and tongue licking and teasing my neck and ear. My hands are sliding up and down your back, pulling your body into mine, wanting to feel you deep inside of me. “Oh, yes, please,” I say to you, “need to feel you inside of me, too. Please, baby, now!”

I spread my legs wide so that you can slip your throbbing cock inside my slick hole. Being so big, you push in slowly, allowing my pussy to stretch around it. Feeling so good to me, I can’t help but moan every time you push in. I feel so full with your cock plunged in and the I start pump my hip on your cock, wanting to feel it stab me over and over. “Oh, baby, please, pound my pussy… want to feel it in me so hard… pleeease!!!” I beg of you, as you slowly move in and out, watching me.

With your cock almost completely inside me, you grab behind my knees and you push my legs back to get deeper access into my pussy. You start to drive your cock harder into me, pulling almost all out and then plunging in again, over and over, driving me mad. The only noises in the room our moaning, groaning and grunting as we fuck like wild animals. As much as I can, I move my hip up, down and side to side as you poke and prod my drench pussy for minutes on end. I feel the tension of my orgasm starting to build again as I hear you say how much you love feeling your cock in me so deep and tight. “Oh, I am going to cum!!!” I tell you, “Baby, going to cum so hard.” I keep repeating as I feel you plunge in and our so hard and so fast.

“Oh yeah, me too, baby, me too,” you huskily groan, as you feel my pussy tighten around your cock, knowing I am ready to cum. “I’m going to explode deep inside you, baby,” you growl just as I tighten my legs and feel the waves of euphoria slam my body, sighing out loud deeply. I feel the heat of your cum hit inside and the intensity of the sensation extends my orgasm as you erupt inside me.

“Oh baby, yes!” you mutter, “I’m cumming, baby, cumming so hard; oh, feels so good,” as your cock unloads deep inside me.

Both of us breathing heavy as the waves subside, you let my legs go and pull your cock out to lie next to me, pull me close and hold me; both of us sighing in our euphoria.

“That was some dessert,” you whisper in my ear. “What’s the encore?” You asked, causing me to giggle as you pull me closer into your body, kissing my neck.

“Mmmmmmm, anything you want, honey,” I tell you.

“Anything?” you ask.

“Yup, anything,” I tell you.

“Well, you know what I want bad, don’t you?” you ask me, pulling me to my back so we can look at each other as we talk.

“Um, yes, I seem to recall you wanting to do something with me,” I say, teasing you to tell me out loud.

“Baby, are you going to make me beg for it?” You ask in that sexy voice I love so much as you stare at me with those beautiful eyes of yours.

“Um, maybe,” I say, pulling your head down as I kiss you deeply and passionately.

“Mmmmm, very nice; you know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you, don’t you?” You say smiling as you touch the side of my face and lean down to kiss me again. “How about we just relax and talk for a while until we get our second wind and then I will beg for it,” you say.

“But I’m ready to go, again, baby,” I tell you. “You forget, I’m your horny little girl and I have limited time with you so I am going to use it up as much as possible.”

Laughing, you tickle me and tell me to be patient. “I came out to see you and get to know you, baby, as well as make love to you. I want to talk right now and know more about you. Stop being a brat,” you say, as you softly spank my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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