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The Morrisons Ch. 01

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Growing up in the Morrison house hasn’t been a particularly easy task for 19 year old Ryan since his father walked out on the family when he was 12 years old leaving him the only man in the house trying to look after his mom and his now 18 year old sister Stacy.

Before his dad left everything had been perfect, they were a typical family, dad worked long hours to put food on the table while mom stayed at home raising their two kids.

Then it all came out of the blue, the day that literally tore an entire family apart.

Both kids were called into family room, when they walked in they could see their mom sitting in the chair crying while their dad stood just in front of the fireplace.

“Ryan, Stacy, your mom and I have decided to split up, I’ve found a new job in California and will be moving their at the end of the month” explained Steve Morrison.

“California”, Ryan thought, that’s a long way from where they have grown up in Massachusetts as he tried to let the information they have been told settle into his head.

“I love both of you kids and I will take you out to see me whenever possible and you can always call me any time you need anything, I’m still your dad and I’ll always be here for you” Insisted Steve.

The rest of the month was torture, pure torture for Steve who never shed a single tear, instead he spent almost every night laying in bed, listening to the sobbing coming from his sisters room, trying to figure out how, at 12 years of age he was going to be the man of the house.

Ryan went into his sisters room on more than one occasion over them few weeks, just to reassure her that it was going to be ok, “I’m your big brother and I’m always going to protect you”, he’d tell her as he allowed her cry into his shoulder as he just gently stroked her waist length blonde hair.

When the end of the month came, things had changed. The day after Steve moved out, Ryan came down for breakfast and sat opposite his sister looking into her eyes to try make sure she was ok but something was different. That sparkle, that young carefree glint in her eyes had gone, looking back at him was an almost blank stare from Stacy’s eyes.

Their mom, now having to be the sole bread winner in the family immediately got a job in the local Walmart, working crazy hours and leaving her two kids at home every evening to look after themselves.

Ryan always tried to protect his sister, tried talking to her about everything but she pushed him away, gone was that sweet innocent kid who cried into his shoulder about their dad leaving and what was left was a cold, almost callous girl who didn’t want to talk to anyone about anything.

As both kids grew through the teenage years their personalities differed more and more, Ryan became a young man, pretty early if the truth be told while Stacy seemed to alienate everyone more and more.

By the time she was 15 her blonde hair had gone, replaced by first a copper red then as black a colour as you could possibly imagine.

Ryan tried hard with his sister but now, at the age of 18 he had pretty much given up. She was constantly in trouble in school, and showed absolutely no interest in dealing with either her mom or her brother.

The one thing Ryan did notice over the last few years was how she would apparently try tease him, things like walking around in her underwear when it was just the two of them there, coming out of the shower she’d let her towel drop slightly, just enough to expose the majority of her breasts but not enough to reveal everything.

Ryan knew she was his sister but hey, he was still a teenage guy and when she would catch him looking, she’d shout “pervert” at him before giving him a cheeky grin before storming away.

Occasionally Ryan would think of her, not as the sister he should but after her little peep shows, he’d notice her body. She was no longer a kid, her breasts had filled out to what had to be a c cup, her ass looked impeccably tight and she had curves but all in the right places.

“Stop”, he’d instantly tell himself, kartal escort remembering this was his sister but he couldn’t help think, wonder what the rest of her, the bits she kept hidden during her shows actually looked like.


It was two weeks after Stacy’s 18th birthday, something happened, something Ryan knew would change his relationship with his sister forever.

Ryan was at work in the local electrical store he worked in, he was supposed to work till 8pm but business was slow so his boss Larry had sent him home, there was no point both of them being there to just look at each other.

As Ryan entered the house and walked up the stairs, he could hear soft little moans coming from his sisters room.

“God no”, he thought, not another guy she had brought home while her mom was at work, knowing it had happened on more than one occasion before.

As he walked past his sisters room the door was slightly ajar, and as he passed it he could see there was nobody else there, Stacy was on her own in the room, he could barely make out her legs wide open facing towards the door.

Ryan stopped, completely frozen, this was wrong, he knew it was… “Just walk past, into your own room” he told himself but he couldn’t.

Instead, he edged closer to his sisters door, gently pushing the door more open. He couldn’t stop himself, he knew it was wrong but the growing bulge in his pants told him it was what he wanted to do.

With the door open further he could see, his heart was racing at the view in front of him.

His 18 year old sister was laying on her bed, a pair of pink panties hanging off one ankle, naked from the waist down and a black tank top pushed up, up above her firm breasts exposing the most beautiful, amazing, rock hard pink nipples he had ever seen in his life.

He could see her eyes were closed, one hand was pinching and pulling at her nipple, the other was between her legs, slowly working in circular motions around her clit.

“Mmm” he heard escape her mouth, “oh god, yes, harder” as her fingers dropped down between her glistening pussy lips.

Ryan stood, afraid to move incase he was heard, a throbbing erection in his pants. He wanted to free it, he knew it was wrong but he had to do something, he had never been as horny or seen such a sight in his life.

“Later” he told himself.

Watching Stacy, as two of her fingers dropped down then pushed hard inside of herself.

“oh my god!! Harder, yes, fuck me harder, oh my fucking god I’m going to cum, please fuck me harder, Ryan please, oh my godddd”

Ryan was shocked, she just said his name, he had to get away, he had to leave her door, he couldn’t get caught standing here, not now.

With the way his heart was racing and the fact he could no longer think straight as he turned to move he tripped, tripped over his own two feet before hitting the hallway with a thump.

“Oh my god” he heard coming from sisters room, Ryan what the fuck, how long have you been standing there you pervert” came the shouts from inside the room.

Stumbling to his feet, all he could do was mumble.

“Answer me Ryan for fuck sake, have you been standing there watching…”

Suddenly as Ryan was looking at her, he could see the blood drain from Stacy’s face, realisation dawning on the young 18 year old that as she was cumming she had moaned her brothers name.

“Come in, I think we need to talk.”

As Ryan entered the room he could still smell the sweet juices of his sister in the air, something which was doing absolutely nothing to get rid of the powerful erection he still sported.

Stacy by now had her blankets pulled up, covering her modesty as her brother sat on the edge of her bed.

“I don’t know how to say this Ryan, I really don’t but the truth is that I love you, you’re my big brother and I know it’s wrong but for all these years I’ve only ever wanted you. It’s why I was such a bitch growing up, I was trying to push my feelings away but I can’t, I can’t stop thinking of you, I want you with me, I want to fall asleep every single night in your arms, I want you to hold me and kiss me telling maltepe escort bayan me that you’re never going to leave me.”

Ryan sat there dumbfounded, he didn’t know what to say. He tried to open his mouth but no words would come out, he just looked into his sisters eyes, seeing the tears forming in her eyes as for the first time since they were kids she poured her heart out to him.

It was then that the realisation hit him.

As his heart started to melt listening to his sister speak to him he felt different, the erection he had was still there but that wasn’t it. His stomach felt odd, almost flipping over on himself, his heart was racing. It didn’t take him long to realise what it was.

“I love you Stacy, I’m never going to leave you” interrupting her. “I’ve always been your big brother and my job was to protect you, I’ve tried even when you’ve pushed me away but I want to protect you forever.”

As soon as he finished what he was saying Stacy sat up and leaned in to kiss him.

The minute their lips touched Ryan knew this is what kissing someone you love actually felt like.

He had been with girls before of course but nothing he had ever had felt like that kiss, it hit his entire body from his head to his toes but most importantly, he could feel it in his heart.

Stacy broke the kiss, looking at Ryan smiling as she pushed over in her bed. “Come on big brother, come in beside me.”

Ryan never said a word, just climbed in beside his sister before wrapping his arms around her kissing her again, this time even more passionately and deeper than before.

While kissing Stacy his hands gently stroked up along her sides, from her waist to just under her breasts. His thumb rising and lightly flicking over her nipple causing a soft moan every time it did.

Leaving her lips, kissing her face, her cheek and down along her neck, his tongue slipping out and softly licking her neck as he moved further and further down along her body.

His finger and thumb pinching and playing with her nipple as his lips descended towards the top of her breasts.

His hands leaving her soft, firm mounds as he replaced them with his lips as Ryan’s hands lightly traced over his sisters soft skin descending further down over her flat toned stomach.

As his fingers finally found her wetness, Stacy let out a soft little whimper as her brothers fingers slowly circled her clit, bucking her hips as they parted her soaking wet pussy lips.

Using two fingers he rubbed slightly harder, from her clit to dripping wet hole, lightly dipping his fingers inside of her before pulling back out and returning to her clit. Each time his fingers caught her swollen clit between them Stacy felt an electric thrill shooting through her entire body.

Positioning himself on his knees between her legs Ryan kissed her, his tongue tracing along her stomach until he reached her pussy.

His tongue touching her clit for the first time sent out the loudest moan he had ever heard from a female in his life.

Flicking his tongue over and back across her clit, catching it between his teeth, softly sucking it into his mouth at first before working harder and faster on his sisters soft little bud. Ryan’s fingers started pumping into her tight little pussy, fucking her harder and faster, his tongue flicking her clit matching the pace of her fingers.

Stacy was moaning loud and deep, “oh fuck Ryan yes, please yes, harder, oh my god yes, oh fuck”.

Wrapping her legs round her brothers neck, pulling his face deeper into her pussy, “yes, fuck mmmm, just like that, oh my god yessss, fuck, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop Ryan pleeeease.”

Feeling her body Buck and arch underneath him Ryan knew she was close so picked up his speed, finger fucking his sister harder and faster, his mouth sucking her clit in, feeling it scrape across her teeth.

“Oh my god yes I’m cumming, oh my god Ryan yes, of fuck yes, oh my god, fuck fuck, yeessssss” holding him by the head, her legs clamping tight around her big brothers neck, her entire body shaking as her orgasm began to subside.

“Holy shit brother, where the fuck escort pendik did you learn to that.”

Ryan just looked up at her and smiled before returning to her mouth to kiss his now satisfied sister.

Stacy kissed her brother back, enjoying the taste of her own juices from her brothers mouth and tongue before taking control of the situation.

Roughly pushing Ryan onto his back, Stacy immediately got to her knees, undoing his pants in swift motion before removing them in another.

“Mmm nice cock you got there big brother” as she looked down at her brothers throbbing erection before instantly sinking her mouth down onto it.

How quick and fast she moved shocked Ryan and he thought he was going to shoot his load right then and there as he felt his sisters soft lips descend almost the entire length of his cock at once.

Ryan had received blow jobs from girls in the past but this was on a completely different level from anything he had experienced in his entire life. The feel of his sisters mouth sliding along his cock, her tongue rubbing along the entire shaft before she withdrew it from her mouth, just long enough for Stacy to look him in the eyes as her tongue swarmed over and back across the tip of his cock before engulfing his throbbing member again.

Ryan’s hands resting on his sister head, involuntarily his hips started bucking, pushing his cock further and deeper into her mouth, hearing her gag slightly as his cock hit the back of her throat.

“Stop, Stacy I’m gonna cum if you keep that” as her mouth once more took almost all of him in.

“You’re not gonna cum yet, I want you inside of me, I want to feel your cock in me” Stacy explained as she left her brothers cock before climbing onto her knees, ass in the air.

Positioning himself behind her Ryan held his cock, rubbing it down between the cheeks of his sisters ass, over her tight little asshole until he reached the opening to her pussy.

“Fuck me Ryan please, I need to feel you inside of me.”

Ryan didn’t have to be asked twice as one hard, fast thrust later his entire cock was buried inside of his sister.

“Oh fuck” was the only response from Stacy as Ryan felt her pussy walls tighten around his cock almost clamping down on him.

Holding his sister by the hips Ryan slowly started to pump into his sister, moving slightly harder and faster as his hands left her hips, his fingers tracing up her back as he worked Stacy either side of her spine.

Every time he pumped his cock into her, Ryan could hear the soft grunts coming from his sister in front of him. Her entire body becoming absorbed by the fucking she was getting from her brother, her body by now collapsed on the bed, face in her pillow as she felt each thrust from her older sibling.

As Ryan’s fingers reached her neck he surprised Stacy, grabbing her by the hair, yanking it back, lifting her body up of the bed as he began to fuck her harder and deeper.

This was all Stacy needed as almost instantly she broke into her third orgasm of the day, this one so much more powerful than any she had ever experienced.

“oh my good fuck, oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, harder, yes, oh fuck, oh my god fuck, yes yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck.”

Feeling her body tense and her pussy clamp round his cock, Ryan couldn’t hold back any longer, “fuck yes I’m gonna cum.”

“No, not there, I wanna taste all you have” as he watched his sister pull straight off him then grab his cock before quickly jerking it before sinking her mouth down onto it again.

Ryan couldn’t hold back now, holding her head and fucking his sisters mouth almost as hard as he fucked her pussy only minutes before, his cock erupted, stream after stream of cum shooting into his sisters mouth as she took every single bit of it.

When Stacy was certain there was no more she pulled her brother down into a kiss.

“I love you big brother, please don’t ever leave me.”

“I love you too Stacy and I’m going nowhere.”

With both siblings still naked they lay down on Stacy’s bed, that feeling of both naked chests pressed into each other was the most comforting feeling they had in their lives, it wasn’t long before their eyes started to tire and they started to drift away.

“Ryan, Stacy, are you guys home?”

“Shit” shouted both siblings in unison as they woke as their mom was climbing the stairs calling out to see if either of her kids were home.

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