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The Neighbor

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It was about a month or so after I moved into a new house from out of state.

The day was bright and sunny. I was out wearing my usual grubby clothes working on things around the yard and house.

Thankfully I had good neighbors. The older retired couple right next door was super nice. She knew just about everyone in the area. They were one of the first homes in the subdivision of this small town.

The people I bought the house from lived in it for quite a long time. I’m sure it was a bit odd seeing some single guy living there now.

“Hi. Welcome to the neighborhood,” I hear, as I’m fussing about with the riding mower in front of the garage door.

I look over toward the street, and there is a woman about my age, late 40s, walking by. She waves and smiles. I motion her over to the driveway and walk down to chat.

“Hi neighbor. I’m Kevin” I say, as I hold out my hand.

“Hi. I’m Kathy.” She says, shaking my hand. “My husband Bob and I live down the other street there. So you getting all settled in?” She said.

“Oh, that won’t happen for a while yet.” I laughed. “There is lots to do for the next six months or year.”

“I know. Moving is such a ton of work isn’t it. I’m sure you and your wife will get settle quickly.” She said.

“No. I’m single, and don’t have kids. So if there’s something that needs doing, I’m it.” I joked.

“My husband is an electrician. So he is in charge of the fix it stuff around the house.” She said.

“It’s nice to have a handy…man.” I said, intentionally pausing between words.

Kathy and I had an immediate attraction to each other. You could see it in the eyes. I knew it. She knew it. And she was not a bad looker either. She had short curled hair, nice shape, average size. A woman I definitely would not kick out of bed.

“How long have you lived here?” I asked.

“We’ve been here for about 16 years now. It’s nice. It’s a quiet area. A good place to raise kids.” She said.

“Quiet is good. I’m not exactly an early bird on the weekends.” I said, smiling.

“I like sleeping in once in a while too.” She said.

“Well I better get back to my chores here.” I said.

“Yes, I need to finish my exercise route. I’ll probably see you around another day. It was nice to meet you.” She said.

“You too. Oh, hey wait. May I get your number? In case I have any questions about the area, or need an extra hand with something.” I said, as I pulled out my cell phone.

“Yes, sure.” She said.

I pulled up the directory and typed in her name, and handed her my phone. She put in her number.

“Great, thanks.” I said.

“I’ll let you get back to your projects. I’ll talk to you later.” She said.

“Thanks. Enjoy your walk.” I said

She looked nice in her shorts, that’s for sure. I watched her for a few seconds walking away. My mind was already getting her in bed.

The rest of the day was filled with lots of miscellaneous chores needing to be done.

Sunset rolled around. I had enough work for the day. It was quitting time.

I went inside and made a ham sandwich and sat with my long list of things to do around the house. I got a few of them scratched off the list.

Afterwards, I showered and relaxed for the night.

When I was going over my notes, I remembered I needed to find a contractor to finish the driveway. The previous owner only had the front third of the driveway closest to the garage done. The rest was dirt and gravel.

I texted, Kathy, “Hey, it’s new neighbor Kevin. I wanted to ask you if you knew any good concrete guys out here? I want to check into having the driveway here finished.”

“Hi. Let me ask my husband who did ours.” She texted.

She got back to me with the name of the guy. She said he did a real good job on their driveway.

“Great” I texted. “I’ll have to walk down and take a look at it when I get a chance. What’s your house number?”

“We’re four or five houses down on the left side. 607.” She texted.

“Ok. Thanks.” I replied.

“Did you get all your stuff done today?” She inquired.

“I managed to get a few things done. I am hoping to be in good shape by the time winter arrives.” I texted.

“Yes, winter tends to drag on a while here for sure. Come by whenever you want to have a look at the driveway. Have a good night.” She said.

“Thanks.” I said.

A few weeks passed. I noticed her on her exercise walks a few times. One day, I was at the kitchen table working on the computer when I saw someone walk by from my picture window in the living room.

I got up and went to the blinds on the adjacent wall, in front of the kitchen table. I keep them closed usually, because the sun glare.

Looking out the blind, like a peeping tom, I saw her. It was Kathy. This time she had on some black spandex and a t-shirt. I think my dick nearly jumped out of my pants. Fuck. She definitely had a nice shape. One that I would like to run my hands over nice and slow.

The weekend was almost here again. It was Thursday and a nice day. It must have been about 11am. I had been bahis firmaları inside working on some electrical stuff for quite a while. It was time for a break.

I thought I would pop down to Kathy’s house to have a look at the concrete work their contractor did on their driveway.

An idea popped into my head.

I put on my lycra/spandex cycling pants and shirt. Figured I would spice up the visit. Two can play the tight pants routine, I thought.

I leaned against the bath counter and stroked my cock. Good genetics equipped me with a nice eight and a half inch shaft with a bigger than average diameter. It was a beauty. No women were ever disappointed when they got to see the beast.

Thinking about what Kathy would look like with her mouth wrapped around my shaft, had me hard quickly.

I tucked myself into the tight cycling pants. I would be a bit more limp by the time I got over to her house, but not fully deflated. It will be a nice package for her to see.

I got on my road bike, and rolled down to their house. It was all of ten seconds down the street. I rolled up on the nice driveway and walked with my bike over to the door. I laid the bike in the grass and rang the bell.

Kathy came to the door. I waved. She smiled.

She opened the storm door. “Hey neighbor. Out exercising today?” She said.

“Yes, just figured I would stop here first before heading out further. The new driveway looks really nice.” I said.

She stepped outside onto the front landing and talked with me about their work.

“They did the sidewalk here too, going to the front door.” She said.

I bent down and got my bike back up as we continued talking.

I asked, “How long did it take them to get it done?”

She said, “Oh it was only 2 or 3 days I think, then they came back to remove the forms.”

I looked out onto the main driveway. I said, “That’s fast. He must have a bigger crew.”

As I looked back at Kathy, I caught her checking out my bulge as it pressed against my cycling pants.

She said, “Yes, he had five or six guys here working on it.”

“Excellent. Well thanks for the contact. I will give him a call and get a quote on mine then.” I said.

She was smiling. “No problem. Enjoy your biking.” She said.

I walked over to the driveway with my bike and waved as I road off.

I grinned, knowing she definitely liked what she saw. I may get this woman in my bed after all.

I rode down to the gas station and over on the other side of the main street, through some of the newer subdivision areas. Then I wound my way back over to my house. It was a short fifteen minute ride.

Probably about three weeks then passed, seemingly quickly. It was work, work, and more work. I always looked forward to sleeping, because I knew I would sleep well. Being tired at the end of every day was a plus in that regard.

I would send Kathy a text message now and then, asking about something or other, just to keep in touch with her. She would always reply.

One Friday, I was out working in the yard by the driveway, and Kathy comes walking down the street on her usual route around the neighborhood.

I wave and walk out to the street to her. We talked for a bit. While we are talking she is twirling her hair with her finger. I don’t know that she really was aware she was doing it. I had read somewhere that women do that unconsciously when they are attracted to you.

As we we talked, I noticed she glanced down at my crotch again. But I had my longer work shirt on, so nothing to see this time.

We got on the topic of food. I told her I make an awesome pear pie. She mentioned that she liked to bake as well.

I said, “Well you wouldn’t know it from looking at you.”

She was a bit embarrassed but liked the compliment.

I said, “I usually bring things I make to work. Saves me from eating it all myself.”

“Oh I know. I do that too.” She said.

“I’ll show you how I make that pear pie next time I decide to do one. Nothing like a personal baking class with a pro.” I said, smiling.

“Oh that would be awesome,” She said, smiling. “Well I better let you get back to your work here. Have fun.”

“Oh yea, great fun,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Happy walking.”

As she walked away, she glanced back and caught me checking out her ass. I smiled at her and waved.

The next day, I picked up the pears at the store along with a bunch of other grocery items. They were not quite ripe just yet. But by the time I would use them, they would be fine.

Another week passed. I am going over my things to do that day while sitting in the kitchen.

I send Kathy a text at about 11am. “Hey, I’m pondering making a pear pie today. Do you have time for a baking lesson this afternoon?”

About fifteen minutes later, she replies. “Hi. I’m not sure. Maybe. I have to wait and see how the morning goes. I’ll let you know later.”

“Okay. Sounds good.” I text back.

I go ahead and clean up the kitchen and get the ingredients ready, just in case.

Then I shave and take a kaçak iddaa quick shower. Put on some cologne. I decided to put on a tighter fitting pair of jeans and a nice button up shirt. I roll the sleeves up a bit.

I get the master bed made up nice and turn on some smooth tunes.

About an hour and a half later, I get a text. “Looks like I can make it!” Kathy says.

“Excellent. Come on over when you’re ready.” I reply.

About 12:45, I hear the door bell ring and head down the stairs. It’s a bit cooler out today, about 50F.”

I open the door. Kathy is there, wearing a jacket and jeans.

“Hi. Come on in.” I say.

“It’s a bit chilly out today.” She says as she walks into the entry.

She takes off her jacket and I put it in the closet. She is wearing a nice button blouse. I catch a glimpse of a black lace bra, on what appear to be solid C cups. Sweet.

“Come on up to the kitchen. So how are you today?” I ask, as I walk up the stairs.

“Great. Oh I like your kitchen. Big counters. That’s nice to have.” She said.

“Yes, it’s handy. Plenty of room. Go ahead and wash your hands. The towel is over on the side there.”

While she washes up, I go and turn up the thermostat to about 80. I want her feeling like taking off her clothes from the heat.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” I say.

“Sure, just a small glass though.” She said.

I grab a bottle from the fridge and pour us each a small glass.

I hand her the glass, and lift mine up. “Here’s to new neighbors and tasty pie.” I say.

“Mmmm, that is pretty good.” She says, sipping the wine.

“It’s a Cabernet from Australia. It was on sale a month ago or so.” I said.

Kathy sits down on the other side of the counter. I turn the oven on. Then I hand Kathy the bowl of pears and have her peel and slice them.

“So I called the guy who did your concrete work. He is going to come out next week to give me a quote.” I said.

“Oh, that’s good. It will be nice if he can get it done before the really cold weather sets in.” She says.

Looking over the counter at her cleavage as she slices the pears, my cock is starting to stir.

Meanwhile, I get the rest of the ingredients mixed while explaining what I am doing. Once she has all the pears sliced, I have her come over on my side of the counter.

“Now take the slices and arrange them in sort of a fan pattern in the pie crust.” I tell her, as I wash off my hands.

Standing next to her, I can smell the perfume she is wearing. And I get a better glimpse in her shirt. My cock is definitely happy and rising to the occasion.

“That looks good.” I say, looking down her blouse, but talking about the pears.

“I’ll show you how to do the chocolate shavings after I pour the filling in on the pears.” I say, as she washes her hands again.

“So at this point we just pour in enough of the filling to get it up to the edge, but no more. There will probably be some leftover.” I say.

I set it aside. There are some leftover pear slices. I take one and eat it.

“Mmm. Those are good. Perfectly ripe now” I say.

I pick another one up and put it up to her mouth. She opens her mouth and takes it. My finger lightly brushing her lip.

“Oh those are very good.” She said, slightly embarrassed.

“Next I will show you the chocolate shavings technique. They go on after the pie is fully cooled. I already melted and cooled the chocolate on a sheet, so it’s ready.” I said.

I open the fridge, and get the flat pan with a thin layer of chocolate on parchment. Then I take a special kitchen tool, and with just the right technique, create funnel shaped, crinkled chocolate decorations.

“Just like that.” I say. “They go back in the fridge when we’re done.”

“Here, you try it.” I say, as I hand her the tool.

She tries a few times, but it’s not quite coming out well.

I say, “Here, let me show you again.”

I stand behind her to guide her hand movements. We almost get it right. I can smell her perfume now clearly. My semi-hard dick begins a full push against my jeans.

Moving up to her much more closely, I reach around and take her hands. As I move her right hand, my growing shaft is pushing against her ass and jeans.

“Ohh, I almost have it. I can see the proper motion now.” She says.

I take my hands and put them on her shoulders and massage them.

“It’s all in the technique. Relax.” I say.

“It’s really getting warm in here.” She says.

I reach around her again and take a bit of chocolate on my finger.

“You know how you can tell the really good chocolate?” I say.

“How?” She says.

“By how easily it melts on your finger.” I say, raising my finger to her lips.

“Taste how nice it is.” I say, holding my finger in front of her mouth.

She hesitantly reaches up and holds my hand, takes my finger in her mouth, and sucks the chocolate off the tip.

“Mm, that is good chocolate.” She says.

I wash off my hands and turn around with the towel drying them. My erection clearly evident pushing kaçak bahis against my jeans.

“So this pie has to be in the oven for about an hour and a quarter. Go ahead and put it in.” I said.

She takes the pie and puts it in the oven. “Middle rack? She asks.

“Yes, that rack is perfect.” I say, watching her bend over and slide it in.

She closes the oven and catches me looking at her. I smile. She smiles, knowingly.

“Oh I need to put a drip pan under it.” I say, grabbing a pan and popping it in the oven. I reach up to the microwave and set the timer for sixty five minutes.

Then I walk over to her and stand in front of her. “That should give us enough time.” I say.

Time for what? she says.

“The grand tour.” I say. “I’ll show you the rest of the house.

We went downstairs and I showed her the layout.

“Oh I like the closet shelves here,” She said.

“I did those myself. They just had the old style wooden boards in them before. Putting the wire ones in made it more functional.” I said.

We walk back upstairs, this time she is ahead of me, and I am totally checking out her jean covered ass. And I’m sure she knows it.

Walking around to the other rooms, she says, “It’s definitely warmer up here than downstairs.”

We go to the master bedroom. I close the bedroom door behind us and turn out the light. There is a small night light giving just the right amount of view.

“Hey, I’m not so sure this is a good..” She says, as I push her against the wall and kiss her.

She pushes me away a bit and says, “I can’t. I’m married.”

I hold her head in my hands and say, “I want you.”

“No. I…I have to go.” She says, as she tries to move away.

I pull her to me and kiss her passionately, pressing her to the wall. Her resistance slowly fading.

As I kissed her neck, her breathing increased, she started to moan and I felt her hand on my jeans.

My cock was fully erect.

My one hand went to her breast and caressed it. Her hand pressed harder against my jeans.

“You totally turn me on.” I say.

I reach down and pop the button on my jeans and unzip. Taking her hand, I put it inside my jeans as I kiss her.

“I know you looked at my cock the other day when I came by. I know you want to feel it fill your hands.” I say.

Kathy’s breathing is harder, and she reaches into my shorts to feel my bare cock.

“Oh God, that’s big.” She says.

“Yes. And you’re going to feel every inch of it.” I say.

I take my shoes and pants off and unbutton my shirt.

As she watches me, I pull down my black tight fitting shorts, and she sees my full erection in the air.

Her eyes widen. “Ohh…wow.” She says.

I reach down and take her shoes and socks off. Standing in front of her, and lean down to kiss her.

Her hand is on my cock stroking it slowly.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She says.

“Stand up.” I tell her.

I undo her jeans and push them off her hips. She has on some black panties. My fingers quickly land on her pussy, massaging her through her panties.

Standing there, I kiss her, my shaft pressing against her. I pull her close to me.

I pull her panties to the side and slide my fingers over her pussy. It’s wet.

“I know you want me, just like I want you.” I say to her. “Lay down.”

As I crawl on top of her, I kiss her from her legs, all the way up to her stomach. I unbutton her shirt.

Pushing her bra up, her beautiful tits fill my hands. My mouth finds her nipples as the scent of her perfume makes my cock twitch in her hand as she strokes it.

“Ohhhhh.” She sighs.

I slowly kiss my way down to her black panties. The scent of her wet pussy fill my senses. I lick her through the fabric. Pulling them to the side, my tongue glides over her sexy wet lips, tasting her sweet excitement. I reach up to pull them off her.

“No! She says. “I just can’t.”

I stop. “I understand.” I say.

Instead I continue with my tongue treatment all over her pussy. She tastes so good. My lips and tongue find her clit and begin focusing on it.

“No. Nooo.” Please she says and tries to push my head away.

I am not deterred, pulling her pussy to my face, I suck her clit. She starts to moan louder.

“You turn me on so much.” I say, as my tongue does circles on her clit.

I pull her hips to me, my whole mouth is loving her snatch. She is really moaning and starting to shake now.

“Oh God, no..ohh..ohh. She pants.

I suck her clit hard and slide two fingers into her.

“Ahhh…ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” She moans loudly and then spasms.

She orgasms and crunches her legs against my head, shaking, as my hands move to support her ass from underneath.

My cock is dripping like a faucet as I continue sucking on her clit through another series of orgasms.

I need that pussy.

I pull her panties off as she lays trying to recover and calm down. She has a nicely trimmed black bush triangle. Climbing onto her, I suck on her tits again. My cock is brushing against her box.

Moving up further I kiss her deeply. She is kissing me back, tongue and all. Her hand goes to my ass and pulls me forward.

My cock slides into her about half way. So nice and wet. I feel her heat surround me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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