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The New Hire

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She was starting her new job today, and she was very excited. She made sure to dress nicely. She had on her favorite blue skirt and black satin top. She wanted to make a good impression. After inspection her outfit, she slipped on her heels and left her apartment.

As she entered the office she notified the receptionist of her arrival and let him know it was her first day of work. He picked up the phone and called the HR manager. When he was done he introduced himself.

“I’m Will, welcome aboard.”

“Hi Will, I’m Lauren, nice to meet you.”

She seemed to notice that he was checking her out, but being a large girl, she figured it was just her imagination. Guys as cute as him never paid her any attention. Will told her it would be a few minutes and offered her a seat. The HR manager arrived, welcomed her and directed her to a conference room. As they walked away, Lauren wanted to see if her suspicions were correct so she looked back to see if Will was looking at her. Much to her delight, she caught him staring at her full round ass as it shook back and forth in her skirt. When he noticed she had caught him, he turned his head with a bit of embarrassment and went back to his work.

The HR manager told Lauren to have a seat and she set a stack of videos down on the table. She told her to watch them all and when they were done, to let Will know, and he would get a hold of her. Lauren sat back and began to watch each tape, all the boring orientation stuff. There was a small window in the conference room and occasionally she would see people pass in front of the door.

Will couldn’t concentrate. Since Lauren had walked in the door, his mind had been distracted. She was what he lusted after. She was average height, pretty face, and a full round figure that she had pushed tightly into her clothing. He of course noticed the tits immediately; they had to be at least a 40 DD. Then when she had walked away, her big round ass was perfect. He was trying to work, but he just kept drifting back to thoughts of her. His cock was growing, and bahis firmaları the thin slacks he was wearing was doing nothing to hide it. If he were to stand, he was going to be in trouble.

Once he finally got it to soften, he couldn’t take it anymore, he got up and walked past the conference room to sneak a peak at her. Lauren was bored out of her mind. It had been at least an hour since she started watching these boring ass tapes. She found herself gazing out the window in a daze when she noticed Will walk by. He slowed his pace as he got to the window. She looked away as not to embarrass him again. A few moments later he walked past the other way. Lauren smiled and decided a bathroom run was necessary. She looked down at her top and unbuttoned one of her buttons. Then she walked to Will’s desk and leaned over the counter.

“Where is the bathroom?” she asked

Will looked her in the eye and directed her to the ladies room. As he returned his eyes to his work, he made sure to catch a glimpse oh Lauren’s deep cleavage. Of course this did not go unnoticed by her; women always know when you are looking.

As she walked to the restroom, she got a tingle between her legs. She was the center of Will’s attention, and she loved it. When she returned to the conference room, she noticed Will walk by a few more times, each time slowing to catch a peek. This began to really turn Lauren on. She even felt her nipples hard and press against her bra. Her pussy was beginning to moisten and she discreetly ran her hand over her breast.

She felt her nipple and the touch of her hand sent a chill through her body.

Will was beside himself. He couldn’t keep his mind off of her big tits and round ass. He was constantly hiding his stiff manhood under his desk thinking of her. He finally subdued it when he was startled by a voice.

“I’m done, Janice told me to tell you when I was done.” Lauren said.

He grabbed the phone and dialed Jan’s number. She asked if he could introduce him around the office, because Jan was swamped with work. kaçak iddaa Will hung up and told Lauren the plan.

They walked around for few minutes saying hello to everybody and showing her the layout of the office. Lauren could feel his eyes checking her out the whole time. He would purposely walk behind her so he could watch her ass wiggle, and every time he introduced her to someone, he stood to the side so he could stare at her huge tits. All this only worked to make her even hotter. Her nipples were stiff, and as she walked the bra only stimulated them more. The wetness in her crotch was now making her panties wet. She was sure everyone could see how turned on she was. Her body was hot and she didn’t know what to do.

After the tour, Will took her to see Mary the IT lady. Mary told Will that she was leaving for lunch and to take Lauren to the “Vault” to get a laptop for her to use at her desk. She said to leave it on her desk and that she would load it with the stuff she needed after lunch.

Will led Lauren down to the basement of the office. At the bottom of the stairs was a big safe like door that opened to what looked like an old bank vault. Will opened the door and walked in. Lauren followed and slowly closed the door so it was just ajar, she wasn’t sure she would be able to open it if she closed it all the way.

As Will fumbled around looking through boxes looking for a good laptop, Lauren unbuttoned her top, held it open, and waited for him to turn around.

When Will had found one he felt was sufficient, he stood and turned to tell Lauren. As his eyes found her body, he couldn’t believe the sight. There they were, the object of his desire all morning. They were better than he expected, big, full round and he could see her nipples through the silky dark purple material. He stood speechless.

“I know you want me.” Lauren told him. “I have seen you watching me all day.”

Will just stared. His already semi-hard cock rapidly grew in his pants.

“And by the looks of that tent in your pants, you can’t argue.” kaçak bahis She told him.

Lauren moved toward him and dropped to her knees. She unzipped his pants and pulled his unit from his pants,

“Not bad.” she told him as she began to stroke it slowly. Chills of pleasure shot through his body as she masturbated his manhood. Then she lowered her mouth onto it and sucked it for all she was worth. Will grabbed her head and guided her back and forth on his rock hard member. He almost came twice. A few moments later Lauren stood and raised her skirt above her hips. She grabbed her matching panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Then she opened her legs and spoke.

“Eat my hot pussy.” She told him.

Will now dropped to his knees and dove into her folds, licking and slurping like a crazed maniac. He lapped up all her juices. Her taste was sweeter than honey. Then he found her clit and sucked it in hard. He flicked it with his tongue. Lauren was so hot that she began to cum. She wanted to cry out, but remembered where she was. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her. When she had come down, she spun around and bent over a stack of boxes.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now!” She told him.

Will stood and grabbed his cock and plunged it deep in her. He was so excited, he couldn’t control himself. He immediately started pounding her pussy hard and fast. Her mammoth tits shook back and forth in her bra with every thrust.

“You like that? You like my hard cock in you dripping cunt? He asked.

“Yes! That feels good; your cock is so hard. Pound my hot hole with your cock.” She commanded.

Will grabbed her hips and forcibly fucked her to another orgasm. When he was ready He told her, “I am going to cum in your pussy.”

“NO! I want it all over my tits! She screamed.

She turned around and grabbed his cock. She stroked it until it started shooting cum all over her tits and bra. Jet after jet landed on her. Will just grunted with every stroke.

When it was over, she reached down and cleaned herself as best she could.

She knew she was going to have the smell of sex on her the rest of the day, but she didn’t care. She stood up and said, “Want to get some lunch?”

“Sure.” Will told her as he stuffed his dick into his pants.

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