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The new me

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Ever since the first time I saw him I knew that I just had to have him. His name was Jose. He was tall, about 5’11 muscular, shaved head. It was hard to miss. And I at the time was 5’1 with shoulder length dark brown hair brown eyes and curves that made the boys drool.
The night that we meet we flirted a little but that’s all we did. This went on for quite some time just flirting and nothing happening. Making me want him even more just not knowing it yet. But soon enough all this would change.
It was a warm summer Saturday night when some friends and I decided to go to a show to see some local punk bands play. So I wore a short black cheetah print skirt with black steel toe boots and a tight black shirt that was printed with the words discharge on it (which is a band) that showed off a little clevage . When we got there we noticed we got there kind of early so we just walked around and socialized. As I was talking to people and trying to get a little buzz from the couple of 12 oz cans of pbr I had, I suddenly then felt a pinch at my sides .
“What the fuck? Who the fuck just pinched me?” I turned around frantically waiting to smack someone but then I saw who it was and just smiled.
“Well what the fuck to you too”, he smiled and just wrapped his big arms around me and pulled me close to him. I just enjoyed the brace and squeezed him back. When we finally released eachothers grip he walked me over to a bench and we both sat down.
“so how you been Ashley? “
“Same old shit different day”
“ya same here…..you know ive been wondering when I was gonna see you again”
“oh really, and why is that”, I looked at him trying to act stupid.
“ oh come on, you know why I’ve missed your supple soft lips pressed up against mine and that beautiful curvy body pressed up against me mmmmm”.
I smiled at him as I began to blush a little. My leg started to shake as the butterflies in my stomach were building up. At that moment I needed a little liquid courage to calm me so I finished off my can and pulled out another and started to take big shwills of my semi warm beer.
When the bands started playing, right away that big hunk of a man head straight towards the pit and began to go wild. Singing along and pushing people. However I was on the side enjoying myself watching him while I slowly started to get more buzzed without really knowing. By the end of the night when the last band was done playing Jose walked over to me all sweaty and shirtless and asked if I wanted to hang out at his house and of course I said yes.
When we got to his house I sat on the couch right away while he went to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the couch I noticed that he forgot to close the bathroom door or maybe just did it on purpose. I walked towards the door and peeked through and saw his buff chest which had little spreckles of hair on it and his nice big sweaty biceps gleaming in the fluorecent light . I bit down on my lip as my hand slowly started rubbing my leg making me a little wet and flustered. But then I stopped myself before he could catch me and headed back towards the couch. When he came out of the bathroom he just gave me a smile and headed towards the kitchen.
“Hey do u wanna beer or something?”
“ya sure I’ll take a beer .”
“Wasn’t that a great show?”he asked as he handed me an ice cold beer.
“ya it was really good, im so beat though”, i said as I layed my head on his lap
“ya me too”
We just sat there a bit in silence as he brushed my hair from my face and just ran his fingers through my hair in a constant motion.i closed my eyes enjoying his soft touch. Just then I soon felt his hands start to wander down to my shoulder and to my chest. He started to cup each soft 34c breast. Squeezing and grabbing then movin his hand towards my butt and grabbed my cheeks and massaged them both. Then suddenly he smacked my ass. I jolted a little and got up and embraced him in a deep kiss as my tounge slid in and out of his mouth teasing his tounge. While doing this I rubbed my hands across his chest muscles and down towards his growing bulge. Rubbing nice and slow just to get him started. He couldn’t resist it anymore and he unzipped his pants quickly.
“oh fuck baby I want you to suck my hard dick”
“id be glad to” I said while bitting and licking my lips.
I got down on the floor and grabbed his dick and started licking and teasing his head. But he was in no mood to be teased.
“Fuck no. Stop teasing me. I want you to gag on my fucking rock hard cock.”after saying this he immediately shoved his dick down my throat making me gag. Then he grabbed me by my hair and roughly started to fuck my mouth. I was trying to push him away but he was too strong.
“oh come on you know you want it you fucking tease. suck my cock uhhhh yaaa.”
I had to give up the act because he was bursa escort right I did want his dick in my mouth and I loved the way he was sooo forceful.i looked up at him as he was gagging me with his cock..
“Damn baby you look so hott with my dick shoved in your mouth ahhhh yaaaa fuuucccckkk.”
“god Ive been wanting this for such a long time and I knew you’d be a good little cock sucking whore.”

I just looked up and smiled at him at that fact. Finally after he released my head he told me to undress and I threw my clothes off right away. As I stood there naked he started stroking his cock just looking at my plump supple pale breasts and smooth glistening wet pussy. He then got up and walked towards me and gave me a long wet kiss while his hands were squeezing and massaging my juicy butt. He then ran his fingers through my hair as we kissed and felt eachother. Then suddenly I felt a hard tug from my head.
“Ow that fucking hurts. Stop!”
“oh shut the fuck up!your gonna do what I fucking say or your gonna feel a lot worse pain than that. “
“fuck you. I don’t have to do shit for you!”
He smacked me across the face and I hit the floor shocked grabbing my cheek. Then he pulled me up by my hair and threw me on the couch.
“Open your legs and let me see that tasty young tight pussy of yours”.
I opened willingly and showed him my pussy. He started rubbing my clit and feeling the wetness of my pussy lips.
“I knew you liked it, you just like to be a teasing little slut don’t you?”
I looked down at him as I was bitting my lip trying not to give away my little grin inside.
“Can you lick my pussy please?”
“Well… maybe if you beg me nicely I will.”
“Please master please eat my wet pussy.”
“mmmm ya that’s a good little whore.” He said as his head dived into my moist opening. Tounging my wet little hole pushing deeper and deeper.
“uhhhh yaaa that feels soo fucking good”
He then started to tease and lick my swollen clit flicking it and then sucking on it real hard which made me go crazy. He circled his tounge around and around and then started working my pussy with long hard stokeds. Licking up and down all the way from my little butthole to my clit.
“mmmmmm yessss just like that ohhhhh yessss, your sooo good with your tounge”.
He just looked up at me and smiled and shoved is face even deeper into my pussy, trying to lick up all the juices coming out.
“ohh fuck Im gonna cum ohhhh”.
“no you can’t cum yet, I have to cum first so get the fuck down on the floor on all fours and spread that pussy open for me.
I hurried to the floor dripping wet from with pussy juice and got on all fours. I looked back at him and spread open my little pussy for him. Then I shook my butt a little inviting him in. He scooted over toward me and smacked my ass.
“whack! Whack, whack” until it was nice and red
“mmmm I love how ur big juicy ass jiggles as I smack it…..damn”.
As I started to enjoy the smacking a little I suddenly then felt a warm big sensation enter my pussy.
“uhhhh fuckkkk your so bigg”. I yelled trying to adapt to his size
“Ohh fuck yaaa you like that big hard cock don’t you. Mmmmm you got a tight little fucking pussy. Don’t worry I can fix that.”
He started to thrust slow at first letting my pussy adjust to his size then he went faster and deeper.
“ohhh fuckk yaa give me that cock fuck me hard mmmmmm”
“ya take my big dick you little fucking slut.you’ve been wanting it for a long time havent you.”
“mmmmmmm uhhhh”
“answer me bitch” he said smacking my ass hard then pulling hair back trying to get me to respond.
“yes master ive been wanting you to stuff your cock in me ever since the first time I saw you”.
“ya I know you did because you’re a little cock hungry whore, uhhhhhhh” . He then began to fuck me harder giving me all he’s got.
“noooo im not. Don’t uhhhhhh sayyyy thatt mmmmmm.”
“don’t lie say your cock hungry whore or I’ll stop fucking your pussy and go for your ass”.
“nooo don’t. ohhhh im a cock hungry whore that wants your big dick in me mmmm give me more master.”
He then pulled out and suddenly stuck his throbbing wet cock in my tight little ass.
“ohhh damn you got a virgin little ass don’t you. Well not any more uhhhh yaa. Im gonna stretch that hole out.”
“You fucking liar you said you wouldn’t if I said it. Fuuucckkk yoouuu!”
“Fuck you bitch you don’t say that shit to me I can do whatever I want because you’re my little whore and im your master”
With that said he began to fuck my ass harder and harder and after the pain had subsided I began to enjoy the feeling of his cock in my ass. He made me feel like a little whore but I loved every moment of it. I could feel my pussy start to get wetter and I began to rub it as he fucked my ass. It all started to build up and I just couldn’t take it anymore.
“ohhh bursa escort bayan fuckkk master can I please cum pleeeaaasee I cant take it anymore”.
“ yes you can.”
“uhhhh yessss that cock of yours is soooo good.” I felt exhausted after I came but still loving his dick in me.
“oh shit now im gonna cum. Turn around. I wanna cum in that lovely mouth of yours.”
I faced him waiting for his yummy juices with my mouth wide open and an eager look on my face.
“yesss… uhhhhh fuccckkk mmmmmm uggghhhh. Fuck that was fucking good. Now swallow.”
I swallowed happily enjoying it as it slid down my throat with ease. He just sat back against the couch and just looked at me.
“mmm that was yummy master.”
He then pulled me by my hair towards him and gave me a long wet kiss tounging my mouth with his spit.
“well good because you better get use to it. For now own you’re my little bitch and you live with me. So you do what I say when I say with no argument. And your only to call me master nothing else. Is that understood?”
“yes master.” He pulled me close to him giving me another kiss and I just couldn’t resist. We shared the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced. When it was over he told me to get some sleep because tommorow would be a long day. I got up and layed on the couch then fell asleep right away.
The next morning I woke up bright and early at 7 and walked to the bathroom to go pee. As I was on the toilet I could hear Jose begin to wake up. He suddenly then opened the bathroom door and looked angry.
“Bitch get off the fucking toilet I have to pee.”
I got up holding in the rest of my pee just giving him a scared look.
“Wait hold on a second get on you knees and open your mouth”
I looked at him in discuss and got on my knees.
“Good girl now open up that pretty mouth because I really need to go”
“ahhhh that’s good”
As soon as his yellow stream hit my mouth I winced and made a yucky face because of the tart warm taste. But I still took all of it like a champ. Though my mouth was almost full he just kept on peeing. Then he stopped.
“Now swallow.” I shoke my head a little trying not to spill my pee filled mouth.
“Bitch don’t make me slap you”, he said while raising his hand giving me a stern look.
So I then quickly swallowed it all gulping down every last drop and then when I didn’t expect it he just suddently started to pee on my face and tits. I didn’t resist or say anything because I knew what he would do but to tell you the truth I kind of like his warm piss dripping all down my body.
When he was done he left the bathroom and told me to clean myself up and take a shower. So right away I got in the shower. It was nice to feel that warm water spraying down on my body. As I was rubbing my chest, is started to remember the warm feeling of jose’s piss running down my body, all over my tits and in my mouth. So I sat down in the tub and began to rub my already wet pussy. I just imagened all the dirty things he said to me and how he ate my pussy last night. I was getting hotter by the minute.
“mmmmmm”, I muffled a little. Then I started to rub my clit a little faster wishing my master was there letting me suck his dick.
“mmmm uhhhh yaaaa.”I started to get louder as my rubbing speeded up.
“Hey! Did I say you could rub that dirty pussy of yours?”
I stopped, just shocked to see him standing there. He rushed over to me and pulled my hair back and got in my face.
“Did I fucking say that you could please yourself? Did I?”
“No master you didn’t.”
“Then why are you? You know your suppose to make me cum before you.”
“Well I got kind of horny after you had peed on me so I thought I could deal with it in the shower.”
“ohhh so you do like getting peed on? Ha Ha. That’s good to know because from now on every time I have to be your gonna be my own personal toilet.”
“ummm ok.”
“So lets fix this little horny problem of yours. Come here get out of the tub.”
I got out right away and sat on the floor.
“Open your legs.”
I looked at him with curiosity and obeyed his orders. Right when I opened up my legs he dived right in between them and started licking my enlarged clit and sucking on it.
“ahhhhh yaaaa thank you master mmmmm yourr soo good at that.” He muffled a little laugh and looked up at me and just continued with his pussy eating. Then he stuck a finger in my tight hole and fingered and licked me.
“uhhhh yessss fuck me with that finger master”. He then lifted his head up and just smiled at me and continued finger fucking me.
“Ya you like that don’t you, you little slut?”

“Oh fucccckkk yesss I love your big finger in my hooole.”
“Damn your pussy is getting really fucking wet.” Then he slipped another finger in me and fucked me harder and deeper.
“ohhh shiitt im gonna cummm… master can escort bursa I please cum pleeeaasssee?”
“Hold on a little bit more”, he said with a devilish smile on his face.
“ughhhhh fuuckkk I can’t!!!”
“Ok you can cum now. I want your cum all over my fingers”.
“ahhhhh yesss mmmmmmm.”
“mmmmm good girl yeaaa cumm for me.” After my orgasm subsided he took out his fingers and put them in my face.
“Lick your juices off my fingers.” I started to lick and suck on his fingers cleaning up all my juices. I liked how I tasted it was so sweet and yummy.
“You’re a good little slave aren’t you? Yess you are.” I looked up at him and smiled.
“Now get up and go change. I bought some new clothes for you and I put them on my bed.”
I got up and rushed to his room and picked up the clothes. It saw a black short strapless dress and black two inch high heels and a short skirt that I knew would barely cover my ass with a pink tube top that on covered my boobs and showed my stomach. So I decided to go with the dress. I slipped it on and put on the heels and put some light makeup on. I then came out of the room and walked to the couch and sat on my master’s lap.
“Damn you look fucking hott.” He looked me up and down while drooling.
“Really? Oh thank you master. But you’re the one who picked out my outfit.”
“ya and I did a hell of a good job. Now bend over for me a little so I can see tha t big ass of yours.”
I got up and bent over looking back at him and shaking my butt in my tight little black dress.
“Fuck your ass looks good in that little dress. I can almost see your pussy in it when you bend over.”
I smiled and shaked my ass some more seeing if he’d do anything.
“Shit id fuck your ass right now but we have to get going. We got a party to go to.” So he grabbed me by the arm and we walked to the door and left. When we were in the elevator I could feel jose caress my ass and squeeze it. I looked at him with a smile but reminded him of the two other guys in the elevator. He didn’t care he just continued and then eventually got behind me and lifted up my dress. I just stood there shocked and not knowing what to do. Then I felt his big hands caressing my breasts and his hard on rub against my crack.
“mmmmm” I moaned a little. Then I remembered the other men were in the elevator and opened my eyes and looked at them. They just smiled and licked their lips.
“Go ahead boys u can touch but I get her big ass.”
“What? Master please don’t I thought I was just for you.”
“I changed my mind. I think I can share you.”
Then both the men rushed towards me with sex in their eyes. One of them was quite short about 5’6 brown hair and eyes and kind of chubby. And the other guy was about 5’9 with black hair and fit, he was actually kind of cute. As Jose bent me over both of them wiped out their dick and grabbed one of my tits. I immediately began sucking and stroking them each letting their dicks get nice and hard. Then I felt my master thrust forward and felt his dick being shoved up my still tight asshole.
“uhhhhh mmmmm”, I moaned as I took the chubby guys dick in my mouth while my master fucked my ass.
“ohh damn baby your still pretty tight fuuckk.” He started to pump me real slow at first then thrust quicker and harder. While he was enjoying my tight ass wraped around his dick I was busy pleasing those two men. Sucking one and stroking the other, then switching off.
“Damn girl you sure know how to suck a dick uhhhh yaaa.”
“Ya I know dude. That’s why she my good little cock sucking whore.” Just then he started to fuck me harder. So hard that I stopped sucking their dicks and and just started moaning real loud.
“ohhhh yesss fuucckk mee master. Fuck my little asshole uhhhhhh.” The two guys began stroking their dicks as they watched him fuck my ass.
“oh shit baby im gonna cum in your ass. You ready for it?”
“Yes give me your cum master. I want you to fill me up with your juices.” Just then I could feel him explode inside me and the other two came all over my face and I opened my mouth. After they were all done cumming we all adjusted ourselves and I cleaned the cum off my face and ass my licking it all up off my hands.
Then suddenly the elevator dinged and the door opened. And we all stepped out together.
“Dude your bitch is hot. To bad I couldn’t fuck that pussy. Maybe sometime me and my friend could come over and get at it if that’s ok with you?”
“Hell ya. Im in 204A. Come by anytime you like.”
“Cool thanks. Maybe we’ll be by later.” They winked at me and left.
“I cant believe that just happened.”
“Reall y? Well did u like it? Wait of course you did you’re a whore.” I looked at him in discuss but then smiled and nodded my head yes.
“ya I loved it.”
“Well good because I have some things planned for you today that I think you’ll love even more.”
I looked at him in shock but wondering what other things I was in for today. Thinking about all the possibilities.

To be continued…………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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