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The Night Of My Firsts

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The following is a true account of how my girlfriend and I lost our virginities. For her sake I have changed both our names. I’ve done my best to describe how she felt and put across what she may have been thinking at the time, but as I am not her this was not done easily, and perhaps not brilliantly-you be the judge! Enjoy!


Elena and I had been dating for about a year now. She was 19 and I 20. We had been friends some time before, but after a while had decided to move on (but that’s another story…)

Elena quite short, about 5ft 2. This was perfect for me, as it means I could easily fit her in under my chin. She had dark brown hair that went down to her pert, full, C-cup breasts. She called herself “chunky” but in reality she was perfect in every way. She had piercing brown eyes that could capture a man without ever letting go, a perfectly shaped protruding nose and shockingly red lips that stood out against her dark complexion. She had dark skin, which made her light pink nipples stand out even more when she removed her clothes. She had a full butt I liked to hold and, if she was in a good mood and would let me, nibble. Her shockingly pink slit hadn’t a single hair upon it. Her legs were long and slender, but with large, voluptuous thighs at the top.

I had seen her naked many times in our year as a couple, but she came from a catholic background and was shy, and so was often unwilling to do much more than kiss and explore-we had not even given each other and orgasm at this point. I was quite happy to wait for her. This was love, and I didn’t want to ruin it by forcing her into bed. Besides, as far as I was concerned sex was an added bonus to the joy I felt being around her. Her hair smelt of lavender, and when I kissed her skin a million tastes and smells filled my senses in a way I cannot describe. Her lips were soft, but with a viper-like tongue. She surprised me the first time we made out by nibbling my bottom lip. I loved it.

Her parents had won a holiday somewhere, I can’t remember where, and had taken her sister with them. But the holiday was slap-bang in the middle of her exams and so she had the house to herself for the next two weeks. I had finished Uni for the year and as such had plenty of time, and so basically lived in the house with her for the two weeks.

It was the first night of us being alone and we were curled up watching some crappy horror film from the eighties, laughing at the awful make up and low-budget monsters. I was stretched out on the sofa, with her on my lap, head on my chest, with a blanket over us. It was always heavenly with her. My hand was on her waist, and her hand interlocked with mine.

She paused the film. “You know…” she began. “We are home alone…” she smiled wryly at me and giggled. I smiled and kissed her tenderly. She was now sitting up, leg either side of me, kissing me deeply. My hands rested upon her hips, and pulled her towards me so that she was lying on me. I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest through our clothes as she flicked her tongue in and out of my mouth. I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth and licked across it, making her pull back and giggle.

“That tickles!”

My hands and made it into her shorts of their own accord and were kneading her buttocks. “mmm” she said, kissing my neck, “that’s nice…”

As she sat up my hands fell out of her shorts. Still straddling me, she took off her shirt. I took mine off. Her breasts filled her bra, and I could just see through the thin material her already perk and erect nipple. I sat up and kissed between her breasts, making contact with the skin with my tongue as I did so. My arms were wrapped around her, as they should have been. As they should always be. She lifted my head up and kissed me tenderly as I undid the hooks of her bra. I was now stiff as a board, and I guess she could probably feel it pressing against her mound through the shorts. I took off her bra, and cupped her tits in both hand. She threw back her head in pleasure, as I took the left nipple and placed pendik escort it in my mouth. This was the first of the first of this night, as I had never sucked her or any other nipple before. She seemed to really like it. We turned over so she was beneath me. Whilst teasing and squeezing her right nipple with my other left hand, I lightly nibbled and sucked her left nipple, brushing my tongue over it. She moaned.

“…not…” I took my mouth off her.

“Have I gone to far?” I started to draw back.

“No…I meant not so soft,” she giggled. She ha

d an amazing laugh.

I smiled and resumed my suckling, taking care to pinch down harder with my teeth. She yelped and jumped a bit the first time and I thought I had gone too far, till she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in closer.

She started to writhe beneath me. Her breath was being caught in her chest as I increased the speed of my licking, and increased the intensity of the sucking and nibbling. My rock hard cock was rubbing against her mound through our clothes. I pulled and squeezed her nipple other nipple. She let out a long, ecstasy filled moan this time and pulled my head in more, pulling on my hair in a way that made me feel like I was about to burst.


I bit down on her nipple and squeezed hard on the one in my hand as her body shook beneath me, she pulled my hair and squeezed the sofa cushions as a large climax washed over her body. Little yelps and moans escaped her mouth as she finished, panting.

She pulled me up, held me in tight and whispered in my ear, “thank-you”. She started kissing me all over, my forehead, my eye lids, my cheek and my neck before finally making it to my mouth. Her forehead had beads of sweat and I could feel with my tongue where she had bit her lip.

My head was swimming. Had I just given Elena an orgasm? Is that possible through nipples alone?

Before I could think much about this though, she pulled away from my lips and said, “I’ve wanted to try something for a while now, but I’ve been shy. Bear with me?” I nodded, unable to speak, and she kissed me lightly. I was curious, and a little worried, as to what this thing was. She got up and took off her clothes-seeing her naked wasn’t new, but every time my stomach fills with butterflies, my heart swims up to my chest and I feel such intense love as to be indescribable. As my eyes scaled her body, investigating and intruding on her private areas, her shocking pink pussy, visibly moist from the previous experience, I felt pain in my crotch as my dick pressed against my jeans. I shifted uncomfortably, trying to rearrange myself.

But before I knew it, she was on her knees on the floor, brushing aside my hands and taking out my cock herself. This was the first time she had ever held my penis in her hand. She looked at it longingly, smiling, as she slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft.

I gulped as the penny dropped.

“Are you sure?” I whispered.

She smiled, and in answer drew up closer to my now throbbing member. Her face was now mere millimetres from my dick, and I thought I was going to explode there and then. She rubbed her thumb over my head and I convulsed a little, making her giggle. She pulled back the foreskin and drew nearer to it. A drop of pre-cum lay upon my japs-eye. She blew on it, her hot moist breath making my member throb uncontrollably making it fall out of her hands. She laughed.

“Sorry, I’m teasing.” She held it back up and put it fully in her mouth. I fell back, the sudden intense pleasure pushing me back. Her tongue wrapped itself around my shaft, then licked the head, then tickled the top of my ball-sack. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere as her lips ran gently and smoothly up and down my shaft. It wasn’t long before the climax over took me. My helmet started to sparkle with ecstasy as my orgasm grew from the hilt of my sword. Pleasure and shot up my long, hard shaft with my cum, and my helmet seemed to burst into flames of delight as I squirted maltepe escort my load into the throat of Elena. I grunted, and felt my face contort as my cum squirted into her in three big shots. She swallowed each and every load as quickly as it came. I breathed heavily, and squirmed as she toyed my helmet with her tongue, collecting the last of my emissions. Yet another first.

“That was amazing!” I panted, and she laughed. She crawled up my body, laying butterfly kisses up my stomach, chest, neck and then upon my lips.

“Right…” I said with a grin, “your turn.” I kissed her as I turned so she was lying on the sofa beneath me. She giggled nervously. I kissed down her neck, onto her chest, cupping her breasts as I did so. I travelled down her body, kissing and licking as I went, till a faint trail could be seen going from her lips to just above her mound.

I spread her legs so my head was between them. I came face to face with her tight, pink slit, enlarged and soaked by the passion we were experiencing. I so badly wanted to make her feel as good as I had. I leaned in, so I was millimetres away. I blew a cold blast of air. She gave out a high pitched “mm” of surprise, and brought up her hips involuntarily. Her pussy caught my chin, creating a damp spot. I pushed her hips down and drew in closer. I ran my tongue from the bottom to top.

The heat was the most surprising aspect of it. As the almost-scalding heat of her touched my tongue, she moaned and shook a little in anticipation. I ran my tongue from the very bottom to the very top. Her juices were a blend of sweet and sour which I still crave to this day. I pressed my lips to the top, where her clitoris was, and sucked.


I looked up. Her head was back, and her hands were squeezing her nipples as my hands had an age ago.

I ran my tongue over her now inflamed clit.

She jumped, startled by the pleasure she was feeling.

“oooh Joe…I love you so much…more…please, more…”

I smiled to myself. I sucked harder and my tongue became more active on her clit. Juices were cascading off her pussy, making a small pool on the leather sofa.

“I’m soo clooose…”

I pressed my index finger against her labia without breaking contact between my mouth and her, and felt her squirm. My finger was instantly soaked. I slowly pushed it in, past and folds and found her hole. I hovered on the rim.

“Do it…please…”

Another first.

I slowly inserted a finger.

She was squirming so much now I was having trouble keeping my mouth pressed to her, but I persevered. I wanted to give this girl I loved so much as much pleasure as I could.

I decided not to go further than the joint in my finger, for fear of causing pain. As I could go no further, I curled it up, then straightened it, and then curled it again. This, as long with my suckling and licking of her clit, seemed to be enough to bring her climax again.


She grabbed a fistful of hair and cushion. Her legs clamped down on my head. I continued to lick and suckle and curl, feeling her pussy convulse as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

She finished after what seemed and hour, and sat there panting, with her eyes closed. I grinned at her. I licked her pussy again, from bottom to top as I had before. Her eyes shot open and she yelped as she jumped away from me, surprised by the feeling.

“Stop it you!” she laughed. She had the most beautiful smile in the world. A smile that could raise or set the sun as she saw fit. A smile that filled me with joy. A life giving smile.

My smile.

I got up, leant over her and kissed her deeply.

“Is that what I taste like!” She giggled nervously.

She made room for me, and laid on me as we had before, but this time with no clothes. Her body was tacky from sweat, and that was perfect.

She kissed my neck, curled up on me. I could still feel the heat of her pussy, radiating against my gut, just above my member.

She looked up and kissed kartal escort me on the lips.

“That,” kiss, “was,” kiss, “amazing.” Big kiss this time. I was in heaven.

After about 5 minutes of kissing, she pulled away. Keeping eye-contact, she reached down again and grabbed my dick. I had been nursing a semi since she got back on me, but almost instantly I was fully erect again. She rubbed my head against her outer labia. The butterflies returned, and my heart leapt to my throat. Her eyes never once left mine. No smiling now, this was too serious.

Too passionate.

I was surprised by her bold action.

“Are you sure?” I asked, hoping she would say yes. “I don’t want to pressure you.”

She giggled shyly, kissed me lightly and got up. Thinking we were done, my heart sank. She walked over to her discarded shorts and bent over to reveal a tight asshole and still soaked pussy. When she stood up, she was holding a condom.

“I’m sure.”

She came back to my open arms. She leant in, and hovered above my head, smiling. Our faces were millimetres away. I could feel her damp, warm breath.

“What do I want to hear?” She giggled. One of our

little games.

“I love you.”

And I meant it. Oh how I meant it.

“And I love you,” she descended and gave me my reward-true loves kiss.

After some kissing she took out the condom and covered my cock.

She came back up and kissed me, her wet mound pushing against my pubic area. She kissed me


She pulled away. We stood up, and she took me by the hand to her room.

We collapsed onto the bed in each other’s arms, her below me. After some kissing and nipple play, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and opened her legs, revealing once again her bright pink flower of perfection.

We looked into each other’s eyes.



She held onto me and slowly led me into her. We both gasped as we made first contact, and she squirmed as I slowly delved into her.

The last of the firsts.

It was hard to tell exactly how deep I was in her, but by the heat I could feel through the condom I’d say I was halfway in when she winced.

“Is it painful?” I started to draw out.

“No no no no!” She cried, “it does hurt, but in a good way. Just go slowly.”

I hesitated. I did not want to hurt her.

“Ok…push it in further,” she whispered.

I must have been further in then I thought, because I could only go another 2 inches or so before I was in fully. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her head, and she smiled as her body arched. I could feel her tight pussy grip my member tightly, then let go. She was so tight I feared I may go there and then. Luckily, her performance earlier meant I was to last a while.

“Ok…ok….im ready”.

Slowly, fearful of hurting her again, I started to move my hips in a thrusting motion. I pulled out and inch, then pushed back into her. Her large tits rolled in time with me in a mesmerising way. She bit her fist, stifling a yelp. I slowed, but she told me to keep going.

I put my hands so that my thumbs met just above her pussy. I decided to try rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb as I slowly rocked in and out of her. Her body started shaking as another orgasm swept over her as my thumb rolled her clit back and forth. Her vaginal walls closed and opened around my dick, causing me to cum too. The pleasure shot suddenly from my balls, up my shaft and into my head.

We moaned and shook, almost in sync. We were covered in beads of sweat and each of us were short of breath.

I finished before her, and left it in until she was done. I pulled it out, causing her to jump and yelp again as she had when I licked her after oral, then moaned and giggled to herself. I took the condom off, tied it up and put it on her bed-side table.

We got under the covers together, kissed for some time as we calmed down. Eventually she turned over and I spooned her. She sighed.

“That was great.”

I smiled, kissed her cheek, and we promptly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

That more or less set the tone for the full two weeks her parents were away. And two years later, we’re still together, in our own place now.

And unbelievably happy.

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