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The Opening of Shanni

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I had seen her at the club many times before, but tonight she was alone. She usually came with one of two men each seeming to have a designated night and not at all concerned with sharing her. She was well worth sharing and tonight she looked well worth anything.

I found out, by asking around, her name was Shanni and like me she was older than most of the club goers. She was dancing in the middle of the floor by herself and the floor was packed. Shanni was about 35 years old, African-American like myself, but darker in complexion. She was around 5′ 5″ and a size 7 if I had to guess and had a very plumb ass. I am 36 years old, 6′ medium build and love to fuck. My name is Ryan and I am single. But have a few women that I regularly fuck.

What she was wearing immediately caught my eye but for the younger crowd it was normal attire. She wore a short tight cotton dress dark blue and a pair of the most sexiest slide shoes imaginable also dark blue. The dress was vee cut in both the front and back. The front was low, but the back was cut really low down to the lower back area. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were not large but they were a nice size and seemed to be sitting up on her chest nicely. I quickly got out on the dance floor and started to dance with her. We started off at a normal distance but as the floor got crowded we danced closer. I finally had to grab her and dance in tight with her because she was making me so hot.

As I did this she and I got into a rhythm and we started grinding together. My dick was hard and she felt it against her pelvis. She whispered in my ear that she felt my little friend wanting some attention. I grabbed her ass and told her I couldn’t help myself as hot as she was looking. I worked my hands on her legs and slowly started to move upward.

I said to her in her ear, “I need to feel that ass that this dress is trying to contain.”

Shanni answered back, “I hope it’s all you want it to be.”

I worked my hand up her legs until I reached the bottom of her dress. When I got there I spread my hands and slid them under for a full cheek in hand grab. Shanni had a pair of thongs on and I felt nothing but ass. I pushed her toward me and bahis firmaları she raised a leg to get in as close as possible.

I told her, “Your ass feels good, and I love the thongs.”

She said, “Squeeze my ass baby, hard.”

As I did this, her dress began to ride up in the back. I let her know but she was not concerned. I then realized that what I had first thought about her was right, she was a definite free spirit. I started kissing her neck and down to her chest. Shanni leaned her head back and enjoyed my probing. I got to her tits but her dress was too tight to allow me to get my tongue in there. I was upset and let out a sigh.

Shanni said, “Don’t worry if you are a good boy you will get to taste them soon enough.”

Then she had me turn and look at the couple dancing beside us. A man was going to work on the girl’s huge tits. He had one out and the other he was massaging through her top with his hand. She told me that the girl was her friend and loved to get her tits sucked.

I said, “I sure would like to taste them myself.”

She said she had and they were very delicious. I asked her if she liked to suck tits and she said with a tongue this long I like to suck anything. She stuck out her tongue and it was long, very long. I looked surprised and she stuck it in my mouth. It went in almost to the back and she laughed. I sucked on her tongue and she started moving it out and in like she was fucking my mouth. Then by total surprise she let a small stream of saliva come down her tongue and into my mouth like she had just cum. I drank it down and told her it was time for us to leave. She wanted to go to her house and I we got out things and I drove us there.

Once inside, she had me sit on the sofa in the living room. Shanni went to turn up the heat in the place to about 80(F and then place herself on a stool at her wet bar directly across from the sofa. She slowly started to open her legs and let her hand wander down to her snatch. She pulled her dress up and sat on the stool with just her panties. She moved her panties to the side and began to play with her moist pussy. Shanni directed me to watch and she would tell me what she wanted me to do. She worked her fingers on kaçak iddaa the outside of her pussy and every so often she would slide one inside. I saw how wet she was becoming and started to rub my dick. The vision of her pink slit against her dark skin and pubic hair was almost too much to endure. I got hard really fast. Shanni saw this and brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them to tease me even more.

She said, “Take your clothes off down to your shorts and crawl on your hands and knees over to me.”

I did what she asked and when I got to her my head was eye level to her snatch. She pushed my head in her pussy and told me to let her see what I can do in there. I shoved my tongue deep in her pink slit and she moaned. I nibbled her clit and she jerked her pussy into my mouth. I grabbed her ass, to hold her still and began to work my tongue around her dark fat pussy lips. I gently began sucking on her lips and she started squirming.

She said, “I’m cuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg.”

I released her ass and she opened her legs very wide to allow her cum to flow. I put my mouth over her entire pussy and sucked hard. She held my head against her tight and flooded my mouth with some of the sweetest juice I have ever tasted. When I took my mouth off her cunt she sat on the stool and just shook. I stood up and slid down my shorts and was standing face to face with Shanni. I knew I had to turn the tables and take charge and I think I just did. I looked into her eyes gave her a hard deep kiss. That long tongue entered my mouth and moved smoothly inside. She sighed and I grabbed her tight. I slid my cock into her wet slit and slowly worked it in and out. It was getting very warm in the room and she and I were sweating a lot. The fucking got us wetter and she loved that.

Shanni told me, “I love to fuck when it’s hot and I revel in the sweat. Fuck me good, I need to be fucked really good and hard.”

I slid her dress off of her shoulders and clamped down on one of those tits. I sucked hard and she melted. I continued fucking her hard pounding her pussy and she kept her legs wide spread. She didn’t want to cum again but I had other plans. I let my hands work down to her waist. Her dress was still kaçak bahis around her waist and I grabbed it. I began to pull her toward me as my dick moved into her. She closed her legs around my back and rubbed her clit against my pubic hair. She was going to cum again and I could feel it. She stuck her tongue down deep in my throat and came hard against my cock. Saliva poured into my mouth as she came and she was totally spent. I eased my dick out of her snatch and told her lets go to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom I didn’t waste any time. I removed her dress and panties. I needed to cum badly and she was knew it. I got her on the bed on all fours and stood behind her with my feet on the floor. I pushed my cock in her pussy and pumped fast. I held onto her hips for leverage and pounded her as hard as I could.

Shanni was shouting, “Yesssss, fuck me good. I’ve been such a bad girl, fuck me hard and make me pay.”

I said, “I’m going to cum deep in this pussy.”

“Please do, make me feel it,” was her response.

I pumped several more times before letting loose with some of the most powerful blasts ever. Shanni stopped breathing to feel me cumming in her and when she began again she collapsed onto the bed. She looked over her shoulder and asked me to stay with her. I climbed into bed, spooned my cock against her ass and we fell asleep.

That next morning I awoke first and went to take a piss. On my return I was preparing to leave. I walked over to an awake Shanni and she opened her mouth, grabbed my cock and put it inside. Her hot morning breath on my cock felt wonderful. She tasted the piss on the tip and swallowed. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it while it was in her mouth. I knew I could cum quickly in the morning and I wanted to do that now. I shot quick blasts in her mouth before she had a chance to pull it out. Shanni’s long tongue came out and cleaned up all the spunk on her mouth. As I was leaving Shanni spoke to me.

“I never let men cum in my mouth, I don’t usually let them fuck me without a condom. I can’t explain what came over me but I lost all control with you. I had planned on bringing you here just to tease you and maybe let you lick my pussy a little, but you did it so well I couldn’t get a grip on things. Your dick was too good to have just once.” Said Shanni.

I answered back, “I’ll leave my name and number on the table call me when you would like to have fun again.

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