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The Panties Ch. 03

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Monica examined the note as a slight frown crossed over her face. “What gift?” she whipped herself around to face Nick, immediately she waved the small post-it in his face and glared at him.

Nick took a step back, stammered and shuffled his feet as he tried quickly to come up with an explanation for the note that wouldn’t upset Monica. “I… I just left… her something… while you… while you were in the shower… it’s… it’s not important,” he stumbled over his words in his response to Monica.

“NICHOLAS!!” Monica shouted, “What is going on?”

Nick stood there, stared at his feet and hoped Monica would just drop it. Monica quickly turned towards the stairs and made her way up to her sister’s room. Upon catching sight of her movement, Nick followed behind and continued to try and think of some way to explain it to her.

Monica pushed the door open, stood in the middle of the room and examined her surroundings. She carefully looked around and tried to find any evidence of what he might have left for her sister.

Nick, having kept pace behind her now stood in the doorway, his thoughts unable to stabilize. He watched intently as Monica looked around the room.

She turned and glared at him once again, “What did you leave her? Where is it? Tell me, damnit!”

Nick sheepishly looked up into her searing green eyes, “Please, can you just let it go?” he pleaded in a quiet tone.

Monica took a second look at the bed and noticed her sister’s underwear strewn around on the bed. She turned and glanced at the dresser where she immediately discovered that the top drawer was partially open and Jaclyn’s panties were disheveled and spilled up out from the drawer.

“Jac is very organized; she doesn’t leave her room like this. Was it you? Were you rummaging through her panties you perv?” She pushed Nick in the chest as she got angrier with each word.

Nick stumbled back, fell onto the bed and grabbed ahold of Monica’s wrist to try and maintain balance. His weight pulled her back down onto the bed where she collapsed on top of him.

Monica grabbed his arms and pushed herself up in order to look him in the eye. She squeezed his arms, “You ass, what casino şirketleri happened? Are you screwing around with my little sister? Did you fuck her Nick, did you?” questioning him as her face started to get red with anger.

Nick immediately wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down tight against him in the hope that would stop her from lashing out. “Monica, no, it’s nothing like that. You know I would never do anything like that.”

Monica pushed herself off of Nick and stormed out of Jaclyn’s room and hurried down the hall to her own room. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out what exactly Nick had done in her sister’s room.

Nick followed behind her as she raced to her bedroom. “Monica, please!”

“My sister? What did you do in her room?” Monica spouted out on her way down the hall.

He grabbed her wrist as they entered Monica’s room, turned her around and looked into her gleaming eyes, “No. I never touched her. I don’t know why I did it, you were in the shower and I was thinking about you when I walked past her room and my curiosity got the best of me.” His head dropped immediately and his face turned bright red. He couldn’t look at her anymore.

“Tell me. What did you do in there? Were you playing with her panties?” Monica calmly questioned.

Nick coyly nodded his head and avoided any possible eye contact with Monica.

“Nicholas! You have me available to you pretty much whenever you’d like, you have plenty of my underwear to use, why would you used her’s?” Monica reached down and grabbed Nick’s hand and squeezed as she tried to understand.

Suddenly Monica’s mind went round and round. She let go of his hand, turned around and pulled open her dresser drawer with all her delicate undergarments. Monica took to big handfuls of her panties, night gowns and some assorted lingerie and tossed it on the bed. She reached down and spread all of her clothes out around the bed.

Monica grabbed ahold of a few of her panties and stood in front of Nick. She grabbed ahold of the waistband of his jeans and immediately shoved several pairs of her panties down the front of his pants. At this point Monica had a wicked grin on her face as she casino firmaları pressed her soft undies against Nick’s groin.

She squeezed them down against his crotch, “Here, is this what you want? Is this what gets you going?” Monica asked devilishly, “How about if they’re warm?” She pulled her hand from his pants, stepped back and undid her jeans. Monica seductively pushed her tight jeans off her hips, down her thick thighs and to the floor. She stepped out of them, pushed Nick down onto the bed on his back, stood at the end of the bed, grabbed her stretchy, shiny black boyshorts and pushed them off her much faster.

Monica took a step forward with her panties in hand and tossed them onto Nick’s chest. “Show me what you did to my little sister’s pretty panties.”

Nick took a deep breath, grabbed Monica’s still warm panties and brought them to his face, inhaled deeply and let her musty feminine scent fill his nostrils. He groaned aloud as Monica took notice of the bulge that had developed in the front of his jeans through the panties she’d already stuffed down there.

Monica coughed, “Show me you perv.”

He suddenly realized what she asked of him. He took a deep breath as his mind raced. His fingers reached down for his zipper, now as if on autopilot he undid his jeans and pulled his stiff erection from underneath Monica’s clean undies.

His breath picked up as he brought Monica’s still warm boyshorts down and placed them around his cock. He placed the gusset of her panties over the tip, wrapped his hand around the panties and around the erection that pulsed under the soft material.

Monica stood mesmerized as she watched her friend rub her warm panties over the head of his penis. She was always disgusted at the sight of any penis she saw, but this was different, it was covered with her panties and she couldn’t see the flesh. All of a sudden she felt a little moisture as it slid down her inner thigh and grinned to herself.

She knelt at the foot of the bed, her hands on his knees, legs spread, and eyes feverish as she watched her panties slide around on his stiff dick. “Come on Nick, don’t stop now.”

Nick couldn’t stop, his eyes glued on Monica’s güvenilir casino sexy body. Her thick, muscular thighs fully exposed, her swollen, pink pussy just barely visible between her legs with the angle of her leaned down over him. He can smell her pungent scent of arousal and he knew she was going to want more.

Monica noticed Nick’s eyes fixated on her exposed lower half and grinned once again. She slid off the bed, walked around to the side of the bed, bent over, presenting her big, round ass to Nick’s prying eyes. She moaned softly and reached her hand between her thighs to cup her sticky crotch. She reached out and placed her left hand on the dresser to catch her balance as she pulsed her hand between her thick thighs.

Upon the sight of Monica’s big butt next to his face, he let go, without closing his eyes, tensed up and let out a deep sigh as his cock started to pulse. It pumped his cum into the crotch of Monica’s still warm panties as his orgasm coursed over him, his eyes still fixated on his favorite part of her body.

As she heard him grunt she bent over further and watched from between her legs as he ejaculated into the panties she just had on. After his orgasm subsided, she turned back around and looked down at her friend, “Is that it?” she questioned.

“Yes… wait, no…” he replied with a heavy voice, “pu… put them on for me” he moaned.

Monica flung her arm out and snatched the panties from off his softened cock, slipped her legs into them and pulled them up over her shapely hips. As soon as the hot cum he deposited in the crotch made contact with her slippery pussy, she moaned and arched her back. She started to feel very hot and her pussy began to flood her already soiled panties.

Unable to take it any longer, Monica jumped back up onto the bed, straddled Nick’s waist and pressed her wet, panty covered pussy down against his already re-hardening shaft.

Nick immediately reached around and grabbed two big handfuls of her plump ass cheeks; he dug his fingertips in and massaged her round butt.

Monica dropped her head down and started to grind her hips down against him. She pressed her engorged pussy against his hard cock and rubbed it back and forth through the panties with her wet slit.

“Nick, make me cum,” she exclaimed as she started to move her hips faster and pressed down hard so his cock would just barely push through the fabric and between her lips.

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