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The Park Ride Ch. 03

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So after yesterday’s time with Sondra, I realized I am having serious feelings for this woman I barely know. It feels like a high school crush and it feels good but at the same time, it feels scary. We are both in very serious situations that there are no easy ways of getting out of. I have a wife that will probably want financial support for a while at least if not a long while. She can have the house, but she can’t afford it without a degree and a decent job. I don’t want the house. Sondra has a husband that I get the impression he is just a control freak bully type and I already feel I have to protect her from what he might be capable of doing.

So today being Friday, I left work early and again, all I did was think about Sondra. I also went online and checked bank and credit card balances to see what I have and I checked into local divorce details. If we go uncontested, we can save a lot of money and if we agree to terms, we don’t need lawyers to do the paperwork for us. I will divorce my wife whether or not something gets serious between me and Sondra. I know it feels wrong to be with my wife and feels right to be with another woman so whether it’s Sondra or someone else, my marriage is coming to a close. It’s been a 5 year let down for me. I should have listened to my friends who were telling me I was too young and rushing things.

On my way home, I drove into the park and just drove around a bit. I went into the campground area and saw what I thought might be Sondra’s brothers 5th wheel because it had a license plate registered in the state they are from. However, there was no one outside and I didn’t want to knock on the door.

I drove by the pool and didn’t see anyone laying out that looked like Sondra. It was mostly kids and a couple of older women talking, watching me as I drove by. I drove around a little more and went home.

When I got home, my wife was napping on the couch with her mp3 player blaring in her ears and a shopping channel playing on the TV. I touched her on her knee and she woke up and looked at me like she was pissed I had awakened her. There was a soda can on the floor with cigarette butts in it. Great, now she’s smoking in the house when I am gone. So we fought about that and I walked out and said I needed some time to think about things.

She asked, “Where are you going?”

I answered, “I don’t know but I wish I didn’t have to come back!”

I drove into the park again, but I was 4 hours too early for my ride so I just went to a parking area down that secluded trail and walked back to that trail and down to the picnic table. I sat there just soaking up the breeze and enjoying the peaceful sound of the rapids in the creek, thinking about what I wanted to say to Sondra. I didn’t want to push things too fast but she only had 3 full days left here, including today, before they head back home and I really didn’t want our time to end, I wanted her to stay with me, but of course, where would she stay? What would we do then?

As I was sitting there thinking, Sondra appeared at the opening of the trail and said, “Dave? What are you doing here?”

I sat up real quick and answered, “Hey! Me and Jen got in a fight and I had to get out for a while.”

Sondra said, “Sorry to hear that. Me and mine had a nice talk last night and he agrees we have issues and have grown apart. He was actually cool with me wanting to leave. He is really unhappy, too. He’s probably cheating” she said laughing.

I laughed and said, “It actually sounds like it!”

I continued, “Well, mine is now smoking in the house which she knows I would not approve of. I caught her sleeping on the couch when I got home with a soda can full of butts by the couch. We had a nice fight and I came down here because I like this place. I was just about to fall asleep myself right here on this picnic table. I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I missed you” Sondra said, “I really illegal bahis did.”

“I missed you, too. You look great!”

She was wearing a pair of jeans and a light sweater. The cold front that caused the rain yesterday dried the air out and dropped the temperatures ten or fifteen degrees.

I then said, “Been doing a lot of thinking about everything and some things are going to get done. I am leaving Jen as soon as I can get everything figured out.”

“It’s not because of me is it?”

“No, you just helped me realize how miserable I was because when I am around you, I feel alive and young again.”

Sondra said laughing, “We’re only 27, Dave, and we’re not old! I feel the same way though.”

Sondra then uncrossed her arms and opened them towards me and I stood up to embrace her. I held her for a few minutes, holding tightly and rubbing her shoulders. She said quietly, “It’s funny that I came here to our creek just to close my eyes and wish you were here with me and you were already here. It’s like a sign.”

I replied, “Yeah, it might be more than coincidence.”

If I could have stopped time, or had a Groundhog Day moment, it would have been right there at that moment. I felt so comfortable in her arms and no words needed to be said. We held each other for a long time, just feeling each other breath and listening to the wind and creek. A woman who gave me a first impression as being someone to just screw around with and forget had now captured my full attention. I could only think of being with her whether I was with her or away.

I finally said, “What would you like to do for the rest of the day?”

Sondra replied, “I just want to spend it with you. It doesn’t matter.”

All of a sudden I remembered one of the guys from work was out of town and has a nice hot tub and pool in his back yard. I told Sondra, “Hang on a minute, I have an idea.”

I got my phone out of my pocket and went through my contacts. There it was his cell number! I called him and asked if he minded if I used his hot tub and he said sure, but his fence was locked and I’d have to climb over to let anyone else in. I said okay and told him I’d lock everything up when I was done using it. He asked if mine was broken and the question caught me off guard. I just said, “Yeah” real quick.

“Sondra, since that front came through yesterday, why don’t we go sit in some warm water for a change?”

Sondra said, “Sure. Do we need bathing suits?”

I replied, “No, it will just be us. We might need a towel though. I forgot to ask Mark if he had any out. We can pick up a couple at the store on the way to his house.”

“Cool,” she said and we began our walk out of the woods.

The trail was narrow but once we got out onto the road, I held her hand as we walked to my car. I opened her door and closed it for her, being the gentleman that I am. This was my older daily driver SUV. I have another car but I do not drive it to work. It spends most days in the garage and only gets out when the weather is nice.

We stopped off, got a couple of towels and some snacks and headed to Mark’s place. I pulled into his driveway and looked around at how I was going to climb the fence. It was at least an 8 foot fence. I got back in my SUV and backed it up to his fence, crawled up on top of it, and climbed down on the other side. I went around to the other side of his house and opened the gate for Sondra. The backyard was completely secluded as I had remembered so there were no problems with us getting naked in the daylight here. It was probably safer than the creek as well, less chance of someone walking up on us.

I said, “Here we are!”

She said, “Cool” and grabbed my left hand as we walked around to the back of his house.

I pulled the cover off of the hot tub, and then went over to the wall where Mark had told me the circuit breaker was. I turned it on and then walked back over illegal bahis siteleri to the tub and turned it on. The water was pretty chilly so we had to wait for it to heat up.

Sondra was watching me and after I checked the water for a second to make sure it was heating up, I went over to her. She grabbed both of my hands, locking her fingers in mine, and pulled me into her. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment and she looked as though she wanted to say something. I almost expected, and really wished “I love you” to come out of her mouth, but it didn’t. I think she was telling me that by the look she was giving me though.

After a moment of staring, she kissed me, just one slow, soft, puckered kiss. My eyes were closed and the kiss gave me goose bumps all over my back. She released her kiss, and then kissed me again. She squeezed my hands tight as our arms pointed to the ground at our sides. She let go of my hands and wrapped her arms around me. Her head rested on my chest as I looked over hers. This felt better than a dream, better than a fantasy.

After a few moments, I said, “Let me check the water, babe.”

We walked over and I stuck my hand in. It had warmed up a lot and I said, “It’s fine now. You wanna get in?”

She said, “Love to.”

We started stripping down and putting our clothes on a chair on the porch. I held her hand so she didn’t slip as she stepped down into the tub. I stared at her naked body as she stuck one foot into the tub. Her heart shaped ass was right before me and as she bent to get in, I looked down at the folds between her legs. I started to get an erection from seeing her naked again.

She turned and saw my semi hard cock staring her nearly in the face and said, “Don’t worry. We’ll visit you later.” She reached out and stroked my cock three times and it sprang to attention. I stepped down into the tub as well.

While I was stepping into the tub, she sat down into the water with just her shoulders and head above the water. Once I got in, I sat down beside her and she put her head back and said, “This feels so good. I could sit here all day.”

I said, “Yep, it sure does.”

While we were sitting there, a question kept coming back into my mind. Why me? Why was I the guy she picked in the park? I finally said, “I gotta ask you, why me? Why did you say hey to me in the park?”

She answered, “I really don’t know. I did not plan any of this, it just happened like this, ya know? I mean, if I hadn’t met you, I probably wouldn’t have done all of this. I felt so comfortable with you and you had something completely innocent and naive about you.”

I interrupted, “I’m definitely not innocent. Naive? Probably.”

She continued, “Dave, I have never met someone that I could be myself with like you and someone that makes me feel so comfortable. A lot of guys come on to me but they look at me like I am an object rather than a person.”

I said, “That’s probably because you are so beautiful.”

She responded, “I wish.”

“You are, Sondra, really.”

“Well, I’m glad you think so” she said.

Just then she said, “I have to pee again.”

“Well, I guess you can go around the corner and squat?”

She got up out of the tub and went around the corner of the house. When she came back, she was jogging with her hands over her breasts. “It’s cold out here!” she exclaimed.

She got back in the tub on my right and held me close, our shoulders and legs touching. I gently pulled her face to mine with my left hand and began kissing her, first soft lip contact, then passionate, with our tongues swirling and pressing together. I moved my body over more into the center of the hot tub where I was facing Sondra. She opened her legs for me to be able to grind into her mound with my lower body. I kissed her while I ran my fingers through her hair and moved my kisses over to her left ear. She smelled so canlı bahis siteleri good. I nibbled her ear lobe and then moved down her neck. She reached down with her right hand and started to stroke the tip of my cock that was sticking up above where we were grinding while she used her left hand on my ass to pull me into her while I was grinding her. I stuck my finger in her mouth and she began to suck it and moan with the rhythm of our grinding.

She stopped stroking my cock with her hand and started moving her body up and down so my cock rubbed her folds and clit. She was moaning and biting her lip as she stroked our pleasure centers with her movements. I pushed harder into her as she rode me. I could feel her small strip of pubic hair tickling the head of my cock.

“Fuck, you make me hot,” she said in a sexy whisper. She reached down again and pushed my cock head down to her opening and pushed hard towards me. All of a sudden her eyes got big and she breathed in a big breathe.

“Ow!” she exclaimed.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, I just took too much a little too quick. Go ahead.”

I pushed more into her using the guidance of her hand on my ass and hip. We slowly got into a rhythm and I reached down and started rubbing her clit while we screwed slow and shallow. I was only putting about half of myself inside of her so I had room to rub her button. Water was sloshing around in the tub from our movements. I started kissing her neck again while I continued to rub her clit.

After a couple of minutes, Sondra said, “Oh fuck, I am getting close.”

She reached down into the water and took over rubbing herself. I took my hands out of the water and used them to prop myself up better. I looked down at her and her eyes were squinting as she rubbed her clit. She was breathing in and out real deeply while holding every 3rd or 4th breathe. I felt her sweetness tighten around my shaft.

“Fuck me hard!” she exclaimed through clinched teeth.

I gave her deep fast strokes and could feel myself ready to unload into her.

She arched her back and shouted, “Yes! Yes! Oh God! YES!”

Her face was flush and her hand was stirring her clit rapidly. My cock was aching for release and started its unloading. My pace quickened and I fucked her as hard as I could in the water.

Her eyes opened and she asked, “Does my pussy feel good? I want you to come in me! YES!”

I reached down and met her mouth with mine as I shot the last of my load deep into her. I continued to fuck her hard and fast so she would continue her orgasm. As her body began to relax a little, I slowed my pace. Eventually I slowed it to more of a pussy massage, going in and out slowly, careful not to let my cock slip out.

Sondra said with glassy eyes, “Damn, you really know how to get me there. I like it!”

I said jokingly, “I give it my best shot.”

She said, “No pun intended.”

We both laughed.

Well, all good things had to come to an end so after a few minutes of holding her, I let my cock slip out of her. I moved back beside her and we held each other for quite a while longer in the tub. Once our skin started getting really wrinkled, we finally dared to get out. It felt like ice when I stepped out of the tub. I quickly put the towel around me and handed Sondra hers as she got out. I wrapped it around her and held her tight as I rubbed the towel on her to get her dry. I seductively dried her off making sure to massage her breasts a bit and rub her mound as well. We eventually put our clothes back on.

I turned the hot tub off and covered it back up. I let her out of the gate, then locked it and climbed back over the fence. We warmed up in the car on the way home and had some good talks. We agreed to see each other again on Saturday.

“You want me to bring my motorcycle, “I asked?

“Sure, “she answered, “That would be fun.”

“Dress warm, “I advised.

We decided on a time before I dropped her off at her brother’s camper. She gave me a nice kiss and again acted like she wanted to say something, but refrained from it. I knew what it was and I could have just as easily said it to her myself.

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