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The Party Animal

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I put the phone down with a feeling of disgust. A cancelled gig meant a significant cut in my income and an evening with nothing to do. Just as I was feeling sorry for myself, Craig called.

“Hi Jake. Are you working tonight?”

“No mate. The bloody venue have just called to say they’ve had a fire and had to close.”

“Great! Well, not exactly great from your point of view, of course, but if you’re free tonight, do you fancy coming to a party? It’s at the student hall of residence. Could be fun.”

We met in the Student Union bar, had a couple of cheap drinks and arrived at the party around eleven. It was a warm evening, and the room was already steamy; more so because a lot of the girls weren’t wearing very much. Micro skirts, tight skimpy tops, lots of navel piercings and tattoos on display. Several people were smoking – they clearly weren’t worried about the smoking ban – and there was an interesting aroma in the air. It wasn’t just tobacco.

Some of the girls were really going for it with the dancing. I got myself a coke, splashed a bit of vodka in it, and Craig and I watched the action for a while. There were half a dozen girls on the floor, all dancing wildly to the pounding techno that was blaring out. I guessed that some Ecstasy tablets had been taken, judging by the way they were bouncing around.

One of the girls in particular, a slim blonde in amazingly high heels that made her about six feet tall, seemed to be in a trance. She moved really well, but did look rather out of it. She was wearing a short, clingy Lycra dress, with (apparently) no bra. Her tits were small but nicely shaped under the fabric, and the nipples were pointing accusingly in my direction. She had a rather blissed-out smile, big, come-to-bed eyes and a wide, sexy mouth. I like that in a girl. It’s a nice place to park a cock for safe keeping. And talking of my cock, that’s something else I like in a girl, and it was beginning to point back at the blonde from inside my jeans.

Most of the other guys were standing around looking, clutching beers and ogling the girls, as is usual at these events. I noticed that Craig was in conversation with a cute Asian girl, so I decided to join the dancing. When I was a kid, my parents sent me to a performing arts school, because I was good at music. We were forced to do dance training, which initially I loathed, until I got quite good at it. A lot of my buddies used to joke that because I did dance training, I must be gay. Actually, the really great thing about it was that quite a few of the guys were gay, which meant the rest of us had the pick of the girls. When I was eighteen I fucked seven of the twelve girls in my class. And these were all dancers, fit, young, very flexible, and pretty wild and extrovert. I had my first two-girl experience, my first deep throat and my first anal sex, all in about six weeks at that school. It was heaven.

And it also meant that, unlike most guys, I know how to move and don’t feel self-conscious on the dance floor. So I just put my drink down and slipped into the little cluster of honeys in the middle of the room. I was soon dancing with the tall blonde, making lots of eye contact, smiling and mirroring moves. Although she was clearly high on something, she seemed to be enjoying dancing with me, gyrating her sexy body to match my moves as I did with her.

We danced together for almost an hour. It seemed that she wanted to keep going indefinitely, but I was getting thirsty and in need of a rest. In a brief break in the music I gestured that we should get a drink, and she smiled and nodded distantly. I reached out, took her hand and led her off the floor and into the neighbouring kitchen, where it was quieter, cooler and where there was a range of drinks laid out. There was a large bottle of sparkling water, so I found two clean plastic cups and poured us some. Despite her apparent lack of interest, she downed the liquid about as quickly as I did, and I poured her another.

“I’m Jake, by the way. What’s your name?” I half-shouted over the din of the booming dance music from next door.

“Edie.” She smiled, then burst into a fit of giggling, and started swaying wildly. I put my water down, reached out and steadied her. Before I knew it, she’d collapsed against me and she had her hands on my shoulders.

She looked at me blearily. “You’re nice,” she said in a rather distant voice. Then she kissed me – rather a full-on kiss for someone with whom she’d got no farther than exchanging names. But I wasn’t complaining; she was a very attractive girl, and she kissed well.

When eventually she broke the kiss, she smiled at me again. “Nice. Got a cigarette?”

I’ve never smoked, but I said “Hold on a moment,” stepped back into the common room and came back thirty seconds later with two Benson and Hedges and a box of matches I’d blagged from Craig, who was getting busy with his new Chinese friend. “Shall we take these outside?” I said, handing one to her and pocketing bahis firmaları the other for later. “It’s very hot in here.”

We went upstairs and out onto the roof. We weren’t the first people up there. Several couples were in darkened corners, doing what couples always do in darkened corners. I could see one girl on her knees in front of a guy, in a doorway on the far side of the roof. I tried not to stare.

The music was still pounding – “uncah, uncah, uncah” – from two floors below. Edie and I leaned on the safety rail, and I lit her cigarette. It took me two attempts, as it’s not a skill I’ve ever had to master. She blew smoke and looked out over the city for a while, the streetlights curving off in all directions.

“Pretty,” she said. Then she giggled again. I had no idea what she was on, but she was definitely in a world of her own.

“Yes, you are,” I ventured.

She turned and smiled. Then she blew out some more smoke and leaned in to kiss me. I ignored the taste of tobacco and focused on the feel of her lips and tongue. They felt good.

“Nice kisser,” she said, when our mouths parted.

“Yes, you are,” I said, and she giggled again, and then nearly collapsed. Again, my arms went around her and she clung on to me.

“You’re nice.” It seemed to be about the only word she could say.

“So are you,” I said, kissing her softly again. As a set of chat-up lines, this was down there with “get your coat, you’re pulled”, but she seemed not to notice. She dropped her cigarette and kissed me again. Her mouth felt very sexy, and I loved the feel of her slim, lean body against me.

She looked at me with an expression that could best be described as ‘fuzzy’ and a rather vacant smile. “Can we – can we fuck, please?”

“What? Here?” Bloody Hell, that was quick!

She swayed a little, seemingly unsure. Then a rather distant smile came over her face. “My room,” she said. She pulled on a cord that was around her neck, and a key appeared from inside the low neckline of her clingy dress. “Downstairs.”

She leaned on me as we headed back down the stairs, pausing frequently to snog. I took the key off her, and checked the number. She had a room on a floor below the party, so I led her back down and to her door. She leaned on me as I unlocked, and we fell into the room together.

It was a typical student bedroom; quite small, furnished pretty basically, untidy, a little smelly, posters on the walls. But hey, I wasn’t there to admire the décor. We fell onto the narrow bed and resumed our kissing and groping, and she seemed not to object when I pulled her skirt up around her waist and slipped my fingers inside her tiny thong panties. She was already wet, and when my finger delved into her tight little cunt and started playing with her g-spot, she made lots of approving noises.

“Mmmm, yes!” she moaned. “Oh! Eat me! Eat my pussy!”

Not so much a request as a command, I thought, so I duly moved down the bed, removed her panties and began to feast. Not the sweetest I’d ever tasted – she’d got rather sweaty as a result of the dancing, which slightly marred the flavour – but I love the taste of pussy anyway, so it was still good. It also seemed to have been a few days since she’d shaved, and her pussy lips were a little stubbly, but I ignored that and focused on spreading her open and enjoying the slippery pink. I worked my tongue around the silky surfaces, spreading a juice trail like an erotic snail, tantalising every part I could reach, tickling her tight little bum-hole and tracing her trim inner folds with my tongue, nibbling the pink flesh with my lips.

When I started slowly finger-fucking her at the same time, I got the distinct impression she was enjoying what I was doing, judging by the way her body bucked off the bed, and she grabbed my hair and ground her pussy into my face. From that position it was a bit hard to move my finger, let alone my tongue. However, I managed to press its surface onto her clitoral shaft and rubbed it back and forth. As a final trigger, I slipped another finger into her arse, slick with my saliva and her juices. She screamed – and came. I felt the throbbing in both holes and held on, lapping and rubbing away until she was begging me to stop. Only then did I unplug from her and slide up the bed for a kiss.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” was all she seemed to be able to gasp.

“Yes? What do you want?” I quipped. I’m not always a sex-god – sometimes I only make it to demi-god status – but I’d clearly performed a miracle tonight as far as she was concerned.

She just lay there, smiling, eyes closed, gasping for breath. Women always look at their most beautiful just before, during and just after orgasm. Edie was pretty before, but now she looked gorgeous – and extremely fuckable.

“I guess you enjoyed that?” I said softly.

“Mmmm, yes!” she said. Her eyelids flickered open and she smiled broadly. At that moment I felt an overwhelming desire to stick kaçak iddaa my cock into that lovely wide mouth and see how much would go in.

“What do you want now?” I asked. I needed to get my cock out of my jeans and into somewhere wet, hot and tight as soon as possible.

She smiled. “Let’s see you first,” she slurred.

I got off the bed and pulled off my clingy t-shirt. Then I unfastened my jeans and peeled them and my jockeys off, taking my shoes and socks off in one go and leaving a small heap of discarded clothing amid the other mess on her floor. The entire act of undressing took around thirty seconds, with minimal finesse. Well, for fuck’s sake, I was horny as hell. Pausing only to extract the two condoms I’d secreted in the pocket that jeans-makers provide for the purpose, I climbed back onto the bed.

“Oooh, nice!” she slurred. That word again. I peeled the top of her Lycra dress down over her pert little tits, and dipped my head to savour each nipple in turn. She giggled. Then I moved up the bed and presented my cock for closer inspection.

Did I say I like girls with big mouths? I once fucked a sweet little oriental thing with the tightest and juiciest cunt ever. Unfortunately, her mouth was similarly small, and my cock-head would barely go past her teeth. Though she struggled really hard, she could never give a decent blow-job. Edie, on the other hand, seemed designed for the purpose. After a couple of tentative licks, she opened wide and swallowed, and two-thirds of my length was suddenly enveloped in soft, wet heat. When she swirled her tongue, I thought I was going to come instantly.

Unlike a few girls I’ve met, Edie didn’t do true deep throat. My cock hit the back of her mouth and went no further, but I wasn’t complaining. What she did with that mouth was outstanding. Her tongue felt quite broad, and it wrapped around the lower surface of my cock and maintained a soft, wet, delicious friction that was mind-blowing. Her soft, pouty lips kept in wet contact with my shaft, increasing the sensation of me fucking her mouth. I looked down at her face, and she was sucking my cock like it was the most natural thing in the world. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be mentally quite far away, as she almost casually moved that soft, luscious mouth up and down my length. I didn’t mind at all. If she did much more of this I was going to come so hard I’d risk blowing a hole through the top of her skull!

Then, abruptly, she stopped. My cock slid back, ready for another wet and exhilarating ride over the soft surfaces of her clever mouth – and then slipped out. I looked down, and the faraway look had returned to her eyes. She looked at me dreamily, casually holding my straining member inches from the hole that it so wanted to return to.

“Would you – would you please stick it up my bum?”

I’m not often asked for anal sex. Sometimes I have to persuade and cajole a girl into it – or perhaps that should be ‘it into a girl’. Sometimes I get a girl really turned on and then surprise her. It generally works, and usually we both really enjoy it. Occasionally I get my face slapped, or invoke a lot of screaming and shouting, and once – unfortunately – I got a well-aimed knee in the groin that ruined an otherwise perfect evening. But only on a few, rare occasions does the girl request it, and never in my previous experience using words like this. She sounded like a schoolgirl wanting to try something naughty.

But who was I to disappoint a lady – or for that matter, a pretty, stoned, apparent slut like Edie? My disappointment at failing to get sucked off by the best blowjob artist I’d met in months was instantly blown away by the prospect of a good old dirty arse fuck. And given the stubbly nature of her pussy, I felt this might be the more comfortable option from the holes so far untried.

“OK, sure! Do you have any lube?”

“Er – don’t know,” was all she seemed to be able to say.

I checked the drawer by the bed, and sure enough, in amongst a handful of vibrators and a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs, I found a half-full tube of Astroglide. Bingo!

“How do you want it?” I asked. My personal favourite is ‘dirty missionary’, where the girl spreads and the guy plunders the wrong hole. That way, both of you get to enjoy the sight of the dirty deed being performed – a mutual aphrodisiac, in my experience. Also, the guy gets the added enjoyment of seeing the girl’s face as she goes through the sensations of slightly worried discomfort to acceptance and enjoyment to – hopefully – orgasm. And he also gets to look down into, and manually pleasure, a pink, wide open and usually very wet pussy, which is a sight to gladden hearts and stiffen cocks the world over.

I was about to suggest this to Edie when she struggled up off the bed, sliding the ring of fabric around her waist past her hips and onto the floor. Her only remaining clothing was the pair of high heels, which made her as tall as me. She tottered to kaçak bahis the wall where there was a long mirror, and put her hands on the wall on either side.

“Like this?” she asked, seemingly unsure.

“OK,” I replied, imagining the erotic possibilities of fucking a pretty girl up the arse, up against a wall, in front of a mirror. ‘This could be good’, I thought.

So I quickly unwrapped and applied a condom, then lubed up my hands. Despite what it shows on porn movies, ‘a quick spit and then shove it in’ never works in the real world. When I inserted the first, heavily lubed finger, she gasped – I assumed because of the cold lube. When a second finger followed – and more lube – she started to moan. The third finger was harder to insert, even with yet more lube, but I kept on finger-fucking her arse with all three for a while, trying to loosen her up. She still felt very tight, and I knew the perils of going in too soon. It normally ends in tears – initially hers, then later mine when I lose forever the sexual services and wet orifices of an attractive young lady.

My free hand snaked round to her pussy. She was still very wet – or perhaps wet again – and the little cries of ‘Ooh! Ooh!’ changed tone when I started stroking her clit again.

When I judged she was ready, I slowly extracted my fingers from her arse, briefly inspected the hole for signs of stretching – it definitely seemed wider than when I had started – and applied my rubber-coated and copiously-lubed cock head. I knew better than to ask ‘are you ready?’ In the past, several girls have backed out of the deed at this point, so I’ve found that it’s best to just test the hole, get your cock-head inside, and then see how she feels.

So I did. She was still almost painfully tight, and I focused on stroking her clit as I increased the pressure on her still-resisting ring. Her little cries and moans served as a further dick-stiffener, as I pressed slowly but relentlessly in.

When the head of my cock pushed through and her ring clamped tightly onto my shaft, we both gasped. I love that moment; the two of you, locked in a fantastically dirty embrace, tighter than any other. The girl, adjusting to the stretch of her sweet little sphincter and the intrusion into her dark hole, the guy relishing the intimate embrace of said sphincter and the hot tunnel beyond on his cock. Add to it a well-frigged clit and maybe a nibbled neck and a nicely squeezed tit, and both of you should be moving up the stairway to heaven.

I sensed her excitement beginning to increase as I kept gently stroking her clit. Her pert firm tit in my other hand felt gorgeous, the hard nipple drilling a hole in my palm. I leaned close, licked the side of her neck and circled her ear with my tongue. Then I felt her slowly, tentatively, push back a little, and I responded by pushing a little deeper. She gasped, and I slid back, spreading the lube around, stretching her a little more, and making us both more comfortable.

“How does that feel?” I asked at last.

“Nice. Strange. I – I don’t know.” So I still wasn’t going to get much sense from her.

“OK. How do you normally like it? Shallow, deep, fast, slow?”

“I – I don’t know,” she gasped again. “I – I’ve never done it before.”

WHAT? This had to be a first. Not the first time I’ve taken a girl’s anal virginity, you understand, but definitely the first time a strange girl – in every sense – has asked me to sodomise her without ever having tried it before.

I mean, anal sex is all about trust. If the girl is experienced, she needs to trust herself to know what she wants and how to steer the guy correctly so he stops short of hurting her if he’s not as experienced as she is. If she’s an anal virgin, or has only done it once or twice, she should know the guy well and be confident that he knows what he’s doing and that he’ll be gentle and skilled. Anal ineptitude can be extremely painful. I’ve met girls who’ve had the misfortune to be sodomised for the first time by guys whose only experience of anal is through looking at porn. It’s taken me months to persuade them that anal sex can actually feel good. When I succeed, it’s always hard work, because they’re frightened it’ll hurt again and they can’t easily relax, and it’s very difficult to make them come. It sometimes means they can never enjoy it again.

Edie had to be seriously stoned to allow me, a total stranger, to open her arse for the first time. She was frankly very lucky that she’d chosen me for the task, as I had the skill and knowledge to make her first experience a good one. If, of course, she remembered any of this in the morning.

I started a slow rhythm, never pushing deeper than the lube would spread, pulling back enough to stimulate the inside of her sphincter but not to stretch the ring too much. She continued to move with me, which is always a good sign, and to make little whimpering noises – which can be either good or bad.

“Why – why did you want me to – stick it up your bum, Edie?” I thought I’d use her words to start with, and see how she reacted.

“I – I always wanted to try – to try…” Her words petered out, in a sequence of soft, high-pitched little gasps.

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