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The Perfect Date

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Rob’s life was pretty good at the minute. He had a good job, a nice home and plenty of money. There was only one thing missing. He would give up everything he had if only he could find a nice woman to spend his life with. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t looked for someone. You name it he had tried it. Dating agencies, both online and off, going to nightclubs, pubs and singles nights yet nothing had worked for him. He was getting sick of the same daily routine. Every morning he wakes with an erection, masturbates to completion, has a shower, then his breakfast and sets off to work.

At work he sat behind a computer all day working in accounts, numbers filling his head to the point where, some days, he thought his head would explode. The only thing that helped him through was the sneaky peeks he took at adult websites every so often. How he wished he could find a woman to do some of the things those women did. Some of the pictures showed virtually impossible positions and he just wanted to give some of them a go at least once in his life. He was so grateful when five o’clock came and he could get out of the office. Only this night was going to change his life, possibly, forever.

Instead of going straight home and changing he decided to stop off at one of the many coffee bars that were starting to inhabit the city. It seemed to him that everyone was drinking coffee all of a sudden. Walking along the high street he spotted a place he had never seen before. The windows were all tinted so you had to go in to see what was going on and that made him curious. Instinctively he stopped and looked around and then up at the sign. It was definitely a coffee bar and not one of the adult shops he had frequented a few times.

Rob entered and he was amazed to see the place was quite full and he wasn’t the least bit surprised why that was when he saw the waitresses. They were all around the early to mid-twenties and every single one of them was topless. He couldn’t believe that such a place had been opened and that he hadn’t ever heard of it. He found a seat in the far corner and sat there waiting for a waitress to come over, unsure exactly what to order or how he would keep his eyes from staring at anything other than tits.

He didn’t have long to wait. She walked slowly over to where he was sat and slid in the chair next to him. He sat staring at her, almost open mouthed in awe. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Even though she wore high heels he guessed she was a shade over six feet tall and her body was perfectly proportioned. She had long golden brown hair that flowed halfway down her back. Her breasts were large, but not too large, yet they were also firm and if he had to hazard a guess he would say they were 36DD, and after all his time poring over adult websites he classed himself as a bit of an expert in the tit size field. There wasn’t any sign of any blemishes on her body at all, not even one single stretch mark. He had never seen such a perfect body, not even in magazines or films. He couldn’t believe his luck and he was determined to see if he could actually get her to agree to a date.

They sat together for quite a long time and he drunk far more coffee than he intended to, or what was possibly good for him. He had found out her name was Siobhan and she was only working there so she could pay for night school. She had, she told him, dropped out of school because she had been promised a fabulous career as a model. Yet what had really transpired was that the photographer was a sleaze who only did hardcore porn shoots, something she didn’t want to do. Topless waitressing was one thing, and that was only temporary, but no way was she going to degrade herself like that. Rob listened intently, never once staring at her magnificent tits, thinking that she would have been an excellent addition to the websites he frequented.

After she had finished he found himself telling her about his sad existence. How he had a well paid job but was missing the one thing that would make him truly happy. That was a partner to share it all with him. He told her about the dating agencies and the money he was wasting. He even found himself telling her about his non-existent sex life, yet he never meant to. That did actually make him feel slightly embarrassed yet he couldn’t help himself.

Siobhan listened as intently as he had to every word he said and never once left him, not even for other customers. The two of them sat there like they had known each other for years. Even her lack of clothes had been totally forgotten as he talked and she listened, and vice versa.

Finally he asked her what time she finished work as he would like to take her out for something to eat if it was possible, even though it was already gone nine o’clock. She replied that she would love to but she didn’t finish until eleven and it would be too late by then. However if he was serious she would love to go out canlı bahis for a meal the next night, as she wasn’t working. He told her that he was deadly serious and that he would pick her up at seven from outside the coffee bar. With that he got up to pay, lightly kissing her cheek first, and left the cafe.

Rob breezed through the town feeling like he was walking on air. He just couldn’t believe his luck in getting Siobhan to agree to a date, she was better than any supermodel or porn star he had ever seen. Stopping only to get himself some junk food he made his way back home. Once he arrived back home he sat down to eat his food, not that he was hungry really, washing it down with a can of beer. Looking over at his computer Rob decided that looking at hardcore sex sites would pale in to comparison to the thoughts of his date with Siobhan. Just the thought of his date was beginning to cause a stir in his trousers and he instinctively grabbed for the growing bulge, rubbing himself gently.

Rob stood, his erection straining against the material of his trousers, and walked through to the bathroom for a shower. Stripping off his clothes he glanced at his body in the mirror. Catching site of his throbbing, eight inch erection he began to stroke his cock slowly, thoughts of Siobhan running through his mind. Entering the shower, cock still in hand, Rob leant back against the wall and continued to masturbate. The hot water cascaded down his body and Rob’s hand got faster and faster, his balls starting to tighten, until he could hold back no longer. Looking down at his cock Rob, without meaning to, called out Siobhan’s name as warm cum erupted from the tip of his cock. Watching as cum dripped onto the shower floor Rob lifted his hand to his mouth and licked the excess cum from his fingers, the slightly salty taste causing him to shudder a little.

Rob, after finishing his shower, dried himself off and decided to head straight to bed, thinking that if he slept his date with the gorgeously perfect Siobhan would arrive quicker. Drifting off to sleep the last thing Rob saw was the face of Siobhan smiling at him still in her work clothes. Her tits gleamed in the light, her nipples erect and begging to be sucked and licked. Rob smiled as his eyes finally closed, his hand around his cock again, and he slept like a log.

Rob decided to give work a miss, something he never did, to be ready for his date. It had been so long since he had even got close to dating anyone he didn’t want there to be a chance of anything messing it up. He spent the day making sure everything was going to be perfect, checking and double checking his suit, making sure he had plenty of money and finally having a shower before getting himself dressed and leaving his home.

Siobhan was waiting outside the cafe just as she said she would be when he arrived. Upon seeing her he realised she was even more beautiful than he had first thought, and the clothes she was wearing accentuated every curve of her gorgeous body. She was dressed in a tight short skirt that came to an inch or two above her knees and a sky blue silk blouse that showed off her ample bosom, the material clinging to her tits showing a slight outline of her nipples. He couldn’t believe his luck being able to take someone so beautiful out for a meal and he was determined not to fuck it up.

Walking up to her he felt brave, yet at the same time fearful, and after greeting her he placed a light kiss on her cheek unsure what to expect. He stepped back and told her how stunning she looked his eyes looking her up and down taking in every inch of her body. She thanked him and told him that he too looked very handsome. They walked along the high street arm in arm, heading for the restaurant that he had booked, neither of them speaking, just taking in the cool summer evening air.

On arriving at the restaurant he led her to a quiet table in the corner, which he had booked especially, and held her chair out for her to sit down. He was going to be the perfect gentleman this night as he had already begun to develop feelings for her, and not just feelings of lust, feelings he had never felt before. He found it amusing that of all the places to meet someone he wanted to spend his life with he would never have imagined it to be a topless coffee bar. He didn’t ever imagine himself sitting with such a beautiful lady having a meal. Things like this just didn’t happen to people like him and he was determined not to make a mess of it.

The two of them sat there enjoying their meal. They chatted and drank just like old friends catching up after a period of not seeing each other. He had never felt so comfortable with a member of the opposite sex before, and he was getting very good vibes about the whole situation. Rob could hardly take his eyes off her as she ate her meal slowly.

Siobhan was equally happy with the situation. Working in a topless coffee bar was the last bahis siteleri place she would have thought she would have met a man like him, she just expected to be serving grubby little business men after a quick thrill. Men with more money than sense who thought all topless waitresses were dirty little sluts and would do anything to top up their earnings. And that was one thing she definitely wasn’t. She had never been one to jump into bed, or even drop her panties for the first man that came along. Yet there was something very different about Rob. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but she felt so comfortable with him. He hadn’t tried anything on and he had been the perfect gentleman ever since he had first sat down in the bar and she began to hope that something more would come out of this evening.

They were at the restaurant for about three hours just chatting and getting to know each other. They had finished their meal after only an hour or so but the longer they talked the happier they both seemed to be with each other.

The manager eventually came up to them to inform them that he would like to close and go home for the rest of the night. The two of them laughed and after paying for the meal, leaving a very generous tip, Rob stood and helped Siobhan into her coat and offered to walk her home. She declined and asked if he would prefer to go to a club for a couple of hours as she was really enjoying herself and didn’t want this night to end. He agreed to her request even though he hadn’t been near a nightclub for a very long time. He always felt that he was getting far too old to be clubbing but she convinced him that it would be fun, and as the night was still young it would be a shame to end it just yet.

They walked along the street heading towards the club, arm in arm, just like a couple of teenagers. They were talking, laughing and giggling and people who passed them stared at the two of them like they were from another planet. They hadn’t got a care in the world and nothing or nobody was going to be able to upset them on this night. As they neared the club Rob started to get butterflies in his stomach at the thought of trying to dance. He had always avoided dancing like the plague due to the fact that he had two left feet. Sensing his nervousness Siobhan stopped and stepped in front of him, placed her hands on his cheeks, and kissed him full on the lips. It was electric and Rob suddenly forgot his nerves and, wrapping his arms tightly around her, responded with a kiss of his own.

They entered the club, the noise making them both stop in their tracks. It really had been a long time since either of them had heard such loud music. They handed their coats in at reception, something that was obviously fairly new, well new to two people like these who had been away from the club scene for a long time. They then entered the dance area, the music seeming even louder, Siobhan virtually dragging Rob into the centre of the dance floor. The music was turned up so loud that trying to talk to each other would have been a complete waste of time so they just wrapped their arms around each other and started to try and dance, but even dancing was totally different nowadays.

The two of them looked at each other and burst out laughing. To all the younger people there they must have looked quite funny with their outdated dancing, like embarrassing parents at a wedding, but still they persevered. They were really having a great night, dancing away like two teenagers on a first date. The longer they danced the more Rob found his hands wandering all over Siobhan’s body, feeling every curve and praying silently to himself that she didn’t mind, hoping there would be many more nights like this too come and hoped she felt the same way.

They spent at least three hours trying to dance, watching the youngsters and trying to copy their moves, laughing and giggling as they did so. By the time the DJ announced that there would only be a couple more songs they were both completely shattered. They looked at each other and kissed again, even more passionately than they had outside in the streets. They were totally oblivious to everyone else around them and they even carried on kissing when the music stopped and the DJ thanked everyone for coming, and wished everyone a safe journey home. At the mention of the word home they looked at each other and both smiled, both of them thinking exactly the same thing. There was just one small detail that needed to be decided on next. Exactly whose place were they going to go to? Being as how they both lived equidistant from the club, but in opposite directions, the choice wasn’t going to matter. Returning to the street they looked at each other, kissed some more and found a taxi to take them to Siobhan’s place. They sat in the back of the taxi, each of them running their hands over the others body, and kissed all the way there.

No sooner had they bahis şirketleri entered Siobhan’s place than they were all over each other again. They were kissing passionately before the front door was even shut, and by the time it was their coats had been thrown in a heap on the floor. Somehow they made their way into the front room, still attached to each other by the lips. Collapsing in a heap on the sofa they finally managed to prise themselves apart, albeit only briefly, before starting to kiss furiously once again, tongues probing each other’s mouths as their breathing became faster and hands wandered all over each other’s clothed bodies.

Siobhan was the first to pull away this time, but only so she could push him back onto the sofa and begin unbuttoning his shirt slowly all the time kissing his muscular chest. She lightly brushed her tongue over his nipples as she kissed him, feeling them stiffen slightly under her warm breath. Further down his body she went, undoing his trousers as she went, before ending up on the floor on her knees, and removing them completely for him. She stepped back and looked at him feeling her own needs rising in her body. She admired his naked form, his cock semi-erect and laying to the side. Siobhan wanted him so badly but she also wanted so much more. She didn’t want him for one night, just a quickie; she wanted him for herself for ever. She left him on the sofa while she turned on some music and turned back to face him, catching him stroking his cock to its full eight inch length.

Siobhan smiled and started gyrating in time with the music, slowly unbuttoning her blouse before letting it fall to the floor. Her magnificent breasts were held in place by a bra that, to him, was at least two sizes too small. As she continued to move in time with the music she let her hands run across her tits, her nipples stiffening under her touch.

He lay back on the sofa watching Siobhan, his hand wrapped around his erect cock, desperate to feel her naked form next to him. Quietly he watched as she slowly, almost teasingly, unhooked her bra and dropped her skirt to the floor and finally she was there in front of him in just her panties. He reached his hand out beckoning her to him, and she obliged sliding next to him, their flesh touching for the first time. The electricity between the two of them was so intense and within seconds Rob had eased her panties over her silky smooth thighs and finally Siobhan was totally naked, her underwear thrown across to the rest of the clothes strewn all over the front room.

Picking her up in his muscular arms Rob carried her to the bedroom, gently lowering her onto the king size bed which was in the centre of the room. Lying on the bed next to her he lowered his head flicking his tongue lightly over her swollen nipples, alternating between one and the other. Rob gently let his hand glide over her smooth flat belly towards her very neatly shaved pussy. Ever so gently he eased his hand between her thighs, Siobhan parting them just enough to allow him access, before slowly inserting his middle finger deep into her. Siobhan gasped and bit down on her lip as he touched her clit his finger gently caressing it making her whole body trouble with ecstasy.

Rob played with her clit for a few minutes, Siobhan writhing and screaming his name, before letting his tongue follow the route his hand had taken. Slowly he removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue quickly flicking and sucking her clit. Rob was in heaven, the sweet smell of her pussy in his nose and the taste dancing over his tongue. As Rob probed Siobhan grabbed his head trying to force him even deeper giving her multiple orgasms. Rob drank her pussy juices greedily trying to make sure he didn’t miss any.

Screaming in ecstasy she begged him to make love to her as she desperately needed to feel his cock inside her. Obligingly he raised himself up the bed before slowly and gently entering her, slowly building up rhythm. For what seemed like hours to Siobhan he kept up the steady motion, refusing to let himself reach the point of no return, as she continued to cum. Siobhan hadn’t ever cum as much as she was doing now, her juices dripping out of her pussy with each thrust Rob made, yet she could feel no end to her orgasms. Rob eventually slowed his movements as his balls tightened and his cock began to twitch and Siobhan braced herself as he whispered in her ear that he could hold back no longer. Tightening the muscles of her pussy she refused to let him withdraw and suddenly she felt him cum, his cock twitching furiously as their juices finally mixed together.

Rob collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing heavily, before rolling to the side his arms still wrapped around her. They lay side by side staring into each other’s eyes, sweat dripping off their foreheads, gently kissing each other. Siobhan snuggled up as close to him as she could, feeling his warm breath on the top of her head, her hands tightly wrapped around his back.

“Please don’t ever leave me Rob.” Siobhan managed to say breathlessly.

“Don’t worry my darling I won’t. Rob responded kissing her forehead gently.

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