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The Persistence of Memory Ch. 05

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The First Memento

I put down the photo album and rummaged through the box. Then I found a single long white feather in this wonderful cornucopia of wonderful memories. I placed the feather beneath my nose and breathed deeply, there faint but there I could smell your musky scent on it. Oh yes I remember that night and how we enjoyed it, I remember that night the moon shining on the bed.

You lay there blindfolded and your hands tied to the top of the bed and your feet tied to the bottom of the bed naked you were exposed to my sight and to my touch. When you had entered the house I met you and kissed you passionately and led you to the bedroom, at first you were surprised and then delighted as I undressed you and lay you on the bed. I did not speak but just acted. I lit the candles and let the moon shine into the bedroom. Then there was surprise again as I tied your hands to the bed with the silk scarves you sometimes wore. You trusted me since you knew I would not hurt you and you wondered what game we would play this time. Finally I blindfolded you and you waited.

I stripped my clothes from my body and lay beside you. You felt me on the bed, felt my breath bahis firmaları as I brought my face close to yours. Then I took a feather from where I had left it and I began to stroke you softly with it. Softly it stroked along your skin. So softly that it felt like it was merely the movement of air.

Yet I saw that you were becoming excited, heard your breathing become heavier and saw your nipples grow hard and sensitive. You wriggled in the bed telling me how you wanted me to take you now yet I was to torment you even more. I felt a desire to prolong the torment I was inflicting and the feather touched the nipples. Your back arched and I was amazed to see the rhythmic pulsing of your pussy as juices spilt onto the clean sheets. I moved the feather over and around your nipples. I followed the curve of your breast and heard you groan and plead with me to take you and relieve your need.

I slipped the feather downwards and allowed it to slide along your marvelous belly. I loved resting my head there and listening to the sounds that your body made. It moved along the curve of your outer thigh and then along your leg until I explored your feet with it bringing kaçak iddaa peals of laughter as it drew across the soles. Before I lifted the feather along your legs I put it down and reached to a bowl beside me.

Placing the feather carefully on the bedside table I reached over and placed my lips over your breast. You arched your back as the crushed ice enveloped your nipple. I would swirl the ice against the hard flesh and then touch the cold teat with my tongue warming it. I tormented your flesh with a mixture of cold ice and warm flesh. I felt your body writhe and your screamed as your pussy spasmed and came, juice spilled out of your open engorged lips.

I pulled away from your nipples and picked up the feather again and traced intricate patterns along your calves and along your knees. By now you were begging me to fuck you. To thrust my cock and push it hard into you. I raised the feather and allowed it to tickle and torment your thighs. As I allowed the feather to touch and arouse you it became wet and sticky with the the juices that were being sweated from your very active pussy.

Then I moved the feather between your legs and stroked it along moisture kaçak bahis clad pussylips. You gasped strongly and I saw the juice flow quicken as you came yet again. My cock was so hard and I wanted to stick it between your lips and thrust deep into your waiting pussy but instead I brushed the feather along the lips and finding your hard sensitive clit poking in the air I played the wet feather about the organ. I enjoyed the cries of joy that echoed in the room.

Denying myself no longer I place the feather on the bedside table and slide between your legs. I guide my hard cock to your lips and ram it into you with the harsh brutality of my need. Helpless you cry out with the pleasure of being taken as my cock shoots in and out of your wet pussy. Another orgasm rocks through your body. Feeling your pleasure I thrust harder, deeper and faster into you. I feel you move desperately as you want to release your hands and legs but I do not let you but continue to take you and my cock grows quickly ready to cum inside you.

I kiss you and thrust my tongue deeply into your mouth. Then I cum. My cum rushes through my flesh and deep into your pussy. I spurt creamy cum into you until I can spurt no more. Satisfied and sated I can cum no more and I lift my body from yours. I bring my rapid breathing under control and release your bonds. You kiss me softly and growl with passion still in your body.

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