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The Plan Pt. 02

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Hi. I hope you like reading this story, I certainly loved writing it. Please read the first part, as this chapter will not make sense, but also because I think you will find it an enjoyable read.


Clara walked seductively over, naked. Her unrestricted tits jiggled with each step. When she reached me on the couch, Clara swung her leg over my chest, so now her pussy was hovering directly over my face. She started to lower her pussy to my face, but rose up again, teasing my outstretched tongue. After doing this a couple more times, my hands grabbed her hips and pulled her cunt onto my waiting mouth. I probed my tongue around her pussy, running it all over the puffy, aroused skin of her lips. She moaned gently, and wiggled her ass about on my face. My tongue slithered into her slit, and I ran it from the clit to the edge of her asshole. I felt her shiver; Clara’s skin rippled.

Now, I had my wife grinding on my face, and my daughter riding my dick. I could only see the soft skin of Clara’s ass, so I listened to their sweet moans and gasps as I licked and fucked them. Their sounds were so similar, a symphony to my ears.

“Mmm, yes” I heard Clara moan, “Lick my pussy… oh… yes”. I sucked on her clit, and Clara stiffened, before grinding even harder onto my face. My nose was bumping up against her anus.

“Oh… fuck… yes… I’m close… Oh shit… aaah!” I felt a dribble of Clara’s cum run onto my face. I steadily licked Clara’s cunt as she came down from her orgasm, until she lifted her pussy off of my face. Clara spun around, giving me a quick glimpse of our daughter bouncing on my cock, before she pressed her face against mine, and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Clara licked my tongue, tasting her own juices. We parted tongues and stared at each other, listening to the sounds of our daughter fucking herself on my dick.

“ooh… aah… oh fuck… yes… yes Daddy… ooh, fuck.” Clara and I smiled at each other; we’d done it, we got our daughter to fuck me.

“So,” Clara whispered, “how did you do it?”

“Well, you know those films we made ten years ago?”

“Mmm, yeah.” Clara was lightly rubbing her pussy.

“I was watching one of them, our favorite one, when Poppy suddenly came in and sat on my dick.” Poppy, still riding me, and with the added memory of last night, started to moan louder. Clara moved her hand onto her own clit and continued rubbing.

“That’s so hot. How was your daughter’s pussy?”

“Fucking amazing. It was so wet and tight, and I loved thrusting into it.” I put more effort into pushing my hips up in time with Poppy’s downward movement. I heard Poppy moan even more, sounding as if she was getting closer to climax.

“That sounds great,” said Clara, “I can’t wait to get a piece of our daughter’s pussy.” It was then that Poppy became so turned on by the thought of fucking her mother that she began to climax.

“OH, FUCK… I’M GONNA CUM… OHHH… FUCK… CUMMING!” Poppy shook violently with the power of her orgasm, her tenth since we had started having sex last night. Exhausted from our fucking, Poppy slipped off of my still hard dick and fell to the floor in a heap. Clara chuckled slightly.

“She couldn’t handle it. I’m sure she’ll get used to her Daddy’s dick,” Clara moved about onto her knees on the couch, “Now, pound me.”

I literally jumped in behind Clara and plunged my dick deep into her velvet depths. She was sopping wet, and gleefully tight. I was fully in, Clara was squeezing me with her cunt muscles. I was stunned at how similar my wife and our daughter were. I did as my wife told me to do; pound her.

My dick was flying in and out of Clara’s cunt, the sound of our skin slapping echoing around the front room. The fleshy skin of her ass rippled with each crash of my hips into her.

“UH… YES… FUCK ME… HARDER… FUCK MY CUNT… AAH… FUCK… YES… I’M GONNA CUM… AHH… OHHH… FUCK… YES, FUCK AAH” I grabbed onto Clara’s tits and sped up, fucking her through Clara’s powerful orgasm, before I sprayed my cum deep inside her cunt. Keeping my now softening dick inside of my wife, I hugged her, massaging her boobs with my hands. Clara bucked her ass back at random points, drawing out her orgasm. I held her for a few more minutes. Then, we got off the couch, and passed the sleeping Poppy on the floor. Clara bent down, and kissed our daughter on the forehead.

Clara looked at me with a loving smile.

“We have started a wonderful journey.”

We climbed the stairs, and made our way to our bedroom. Although it had not been long since Clara had got back from her parents’ house, she was already tired from fucking, and I was worn out after having Poppy in my bed last night and this morning. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.

I awoke to Clara staring me in the face. She had a wide smile.

“You sleep like a baby.”

“I was exhausted.”

“Poppy was insatiable, then?”

“Yeah; apparently she had planned it as well. You shouting the ‘Daddy’ thing got to her. She konyaaltı escort had wanted to do it straight away, but she got scared, so we only first had sex on the Sunday evening. Anyway, you helped tire me out as well.”

“I told you all we had to do was to get Poppy to think about you. I knew she’d go for it. So, are you glad that we did this?”

“Very; it was the best thing ever,” Clara raised an eyebrow, “Apart from meeting you.” I kissed Clara deeply. “So, what are we going to do today?” I asked.

“Well, I was planning on fucking on my daughter, but I don’t know about you. I’m pretty sure you’d like to watch.”

“I can’t wait to see that! I will join in though.” Clara gave a small laughed at my excitable response.

We walked down the stairs, saying ‘hi’ to Poppy when we entered the kitchen. She was unaffected by our nudity, as were we with hers. Well, I wasn’t completely unaffected; my dick started to rise at the sight of my daughter’s large tits and shaved pussy. Poppy glanced at my cock and gave a sly smile, spreading her legs a little, giving me a clearer view of her lips. I flexed my dick, giving it a bounce. Poppy stifled a laugh. I turned to Clara, who was looking for something to eat for breakfast, and sidled up behind her, slipping my dick between the cheeks of her ass. I kissed her on the neck softly, and Clara moaned appreciatively.

“So, what’s for breakfast?”

“I can’t find anything.”

“Well, if there’s nothing, we could just do something else, “I climbed onto the kitchen table, and laid down on it, “I’m pretty sure I could still eat something though,” I stuck my tongue and wiggled it about, “Anyway, you need to tell us about your time at your parents’ house.” I saw Clara thinking about it, but it didn’t take her long to decide. She clambered onto the table, a leg each side of me. She scooted her hips up to my face, and slowly rested on my face. I knew Poppy was sat just behind me, getting a good look at her Daddy tonguing her mom’s pussy. As I began to lick Clara’s cunt, she began her story of her weekend.

“Well, when I first got to Daddy’s I told him that you made my panties damp, and how annoying they were for the whole journey, so he told me to take them off. Daddy made me take off all my clothes as well, but we didn’t do anything for a while, apart from stroking my ass and my tits. I spent the whole evening naked. When it got to around six o’clock on the Saturday, we went up to Daddy’s room, and he ate me out. I told him that I told you about me and Daddy, and how we were planning on fucking Poppy. At that point, Daddy got really excited, and just threw me off of him, and plunged his dick into me. Mmm, yes,” Clara moaned from the memory and the added help of my tongue, “So I was his granddaughter while we fucked. Daddy got off on that really quickly,” I heard Poppy gasp. She was shocked that her grandpa thought of her sexually. Yet I don’t think she was too bothered by it, considering she had already slept with her father. I centered my swirling tongue on Clara’s clit as she continued the story.

“He came in minutes, but he stayed hard, so I rode Daddy for a long time. We fucked long into the night. I woke up to Daddy thrusting into me; I came really quickly. Daddy carried me downstairs to the kitchen while I was on his dick. We found mommy in the kitchen. Now, mommy knew about Daddy and me, but she never did anything, she would just leave us alone. But, when Daddy got into the kitchen, mommy just came over and shoved her face into my pussy and Daddy’s dick. It was like an instant orgasm,” Clara gave a small shiver of orgasm, “So there we were, in the kitchen, Daddy fucking me, and mommy eating me out. I came so many times.” Clara moved her hips about on my face faster, grinding her clit against my tongue. Her breathing quickened, and the pitch of her voice increased. From behind my head, I could hear the sloshing of Poppy fingering her own pussy to the view in front of her (or possibly the thought of fucking her grandpa). I wriggled my tongue about on Clara’s clit a bit more, before she came with a low moan and the buck of her hips on my mouth. Through my muffled hearing due to Clara’s thighs squeezing my head, I heard Poppy give a small cry as she presumably got her orgasm.

I felt the weight of Clara rest on my head as she tried to regain her energy whilst in the glow of her orgasm. I softly ran my tongue around the edge of her pussy and the inside of her legs. I felt some hair tickle my forehead; looking up, I saw Poppy, with flushed cheeks and a mischievous smile. At first I was confused, but I understood when Poppy’s head lowered towards mine and she poked her tongue out. Poppy dragged her tongue along the skin of her mom, drawing ever closer to her cunt. Clara noticed the touch of another tongue on her, and looked down, to see her daughter edging towards her mom’s pussy. Clara put her hands on the back of Poppy’s head, and gently pulled her daughter into her pussy. I watched in awe as Poppy’s tongue connected with Clara’s cunt. Clara, just like she had kültür escort when her mom had first licked her pussy, instantly came, from the knowledge that her daughter had her face in her pussy.

Poppy started tentatively, slowly moving her mouth around Clara’s cunt, but soon she was jamming her tongue up the slit, trying to extract the juices from her mom. I watched her tongue jab in between the pink folds, fluttering on the fourth lick. Clara was gasping at the feel of her daughter’s mouth on her pussy. I decided to join my daughter in tonguing Clara’s vagina, immediately locking onto her clit. She let out a loud sigh, and started to ride harder on our two tongues.

“Uh… uh… ohhh… yes… oh fuck…” I could tell Clara was nearing orgasm, so I tried something we hadn’t really done much together. I snaked my hand around, skimming her soft ass cheeks, slowly drawing ever decreasing circles towards her asshole. I heard Clara’s sounds of sex increase as I ran my finger on the edge of her anus. As I slipped my finger into her tight rear, I sped up the tempo of my tongue, as did Poppy, causing Clara to shake violently in orgasm.


Clara kept moving her hips on mine and Poppy’s faces, lost in her sexual bliss. With all her energy drained, Clara rolled off of me, hugging me tightly. Poppy joined us lying on the table, taking a place the other side of Clara to me. We ended up smiling at each other; No words were needed to add to our wonderful experience. I saw the two women I loved most in the world, as content and happy as I’d ever seen them.

“So, you never finished,” I wanted to hear the end of the story of Clara’s weekend with her parents. By the blank expression on Clara’s face, I could tell that she had forgotten that she was halfway through the story, due to her powerful orgasms, “About you and your parents.”

“Oh, yeah,” Clara laughed, “I forgot all about that. Where was I?”

“Grandma just shoved her face in your pussy!” Poppy answered.

“Okay, so we fucked like that for around an hour, then, when Daddy finally came again, Mom pulled him to the couch, and then rode him while I watched. It was beautiful; they know each other so well and I couldn’t help but masturbate to them. It was like I was watching the most erotic porn movie ever. Then, at around about midday, things started to calm down. We chatted mostly, catching up on what we’d done each recently, and I got to hear some stories from quite a while ago. They were wild.”

“Really,” Poppy’s eyes lit up in wonder, “What did Grandpa and Grandma do?”

“Oh, you know, a few orgies, some public sex,” Poppy’s face was one of shock, “It turns out Mom is a bit of an exhibitionist. Along with the public sex, she would flash strangers, and once, she went to work with a butt plug in her ass.” I was shocked at this.

“But she was a teacher. She taught a bunch of teens with a butt plug in her.” Clara nodded, with a wide grin. “Wow.” Me and Poppy exclaimed in unison.

“So you had a good time, then?” I asked.

“Yeah, but to be honest, I’m glad I’m back here with you two.” I gave Clara a light kiss on the lips. When I looked up, I saw Poppy looking at me expectantly. I gave her a quick kiss as well.

“Right, I’m going to get off this table before it breaks, otherwise we’ll have to make an awkward phone call to get an ambulance.” Clara and Poppy both gave a small chuckle, before we got off the table. I was tired from the last few days of sex, so I left Clara and Poppy downstairs while I went for a nap.

I woke up in a groggy state, and stumbled down the stairs. As I neared the bottom, I heard a small cry, emanating from the front room. I silently stepped to the door, and poked my head around the door, trying not to gain attention. I saw Poppy, in a robe, with her head in her hands, sobbing quietly. I saw Clara sat next to her daughter on the couch, one arm covering her naked chest, the other wrapped around Poppy, with shorts covering the upper section of her legs. I felt a strike of sadness seeing Poppy upset. I heard her quivering voice through her fingers.

“Oh God mom, what have I done?” Another short cry followed.

“Baby,” Clara hugged our daughter, “Its fine.”

“No, it’s not,” Poppy pushed Clara away, “Its incest, for fuck’s sake. That’s illegal.” I could tell that Poppy was angry, though it may have been a product of being upset and scared. Clara tried to comfort her.

“Poppy, I’ve been through this, and I know what you feel like. However, you need to know that this is fine. Seriously, it’s consensual, and it feels good.”

“I know, but he’s my dad. No one has sex with their dad unless they’re a weirdo.”

“Hey, I slept with my dad and I’m not a weirdo, am I?” Poppy laughed slightly through her tears. “Come on,” Clara continued, “I’ll show you something.”

I quickly hid in the kitchen, fearing Poppy knowing my presence would alter the way she was. I wanted to see the honest truth from her. Clara and Poppy passed me, without noticing me, before walking markantalya escort up the stairs, Poppy’s head bowed. I watched them reach the top of the stairs, before disappearing out of my vision. I made my way, silently, up the stairs. I glanced in mine and Clara’s bedroom, but they weren’t there. I saw the door to the study cracked open. I slid up to the door, poking my head between the gap from the door to the doorframe. I saw Clara sitting at the desk, gently swaying on the chair, still topless, opening up her e-mails on the computer. Poppy stood behind her, eyeing the screen intently. Up popped Clara’s e-mails, so I guessed she was showing our daughter the people who she conversed with about their incest activities. I was intrigued, as I had never seen how many people she talked to about their respective incestuous lives, but I could see a lot of emails pop up.

“Look at all these,” Clara pointed at the screen to Poppy, “All of these people, way over 100, participate in incest. And these are just the people that I talk with, there are loads others,” Clara spun around to Poppy, “See, this is not something that just a few people do. Incest is wonderful, and I’m sure many more people want to do it, but society doesn’t openly view it like that. However, I’m confident that behind closed doors, loads of people have sex with their family members, and that they think it’s awesome.” Clara stood up and hugged Poppy. “I believe that you should fuck your family members, but I know how you feel. Conflicted, scared, upset,” Poppy gave a small nod, “But trust me, this is fine. You are not in a solitary position. Here,” Clara jumped back around to the computer, clicking on one e-mail, “This is one from a young woman who I actually convinced to seduce her Daddy. She says it’s the best thing she’s ever done.” Clara again stood up, and rested her hands on Poppy’s shoulders, looking her in the eyes. “I would never do anything to harm you, you are my world.” Clara leaned in, kissing her daughter on the forehead, then on the lips. “You can read them for a while,” Clara spoke as she left the room.

Clara looked as if she was relieved when she saw me outside the door.

“So?” I asked

“Well, I don’t know. It seemed like after being alone for a while, she convinced herself that it was wrong. I just found her crying in the front room,” Clara burst into tears, “Oh God, have we done the right thing?”

“Of course,” I answered, “The last few days have been the best of my life. I wouldn’t change it for anything. And, because it felt good, it must be right.”

“I know, but Poppy doesn’t believe that.”

“I’m sure she’ll understand sooner or later.”

We didn’t see Poppy much for the rest of the day. She mostly stayed in the study, reading Clara’s incest e-mails. Apart from that, I’d had a relatively normal day; the beginnings of our incestuous lifestyle hadn’t had as big of an affect that I’d thought it would have. I chatted with Clara about normal things, did some housework, and watched sports. In a way I was glad life hadn’t changed much, but I was disappointed that I wasn’t getting my daughter’s pussy every moment of the day.

It was quite late when Clara and I went to our bedroom. I watched as she undressed the rest of the clothes she had on in front of the mirror. Clara wiggled her hips, shaking the shorts down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She turned slightly; admiring her thong-clad ass, then gave it a gentle slap, watching her globes wobble and bounce.

“Do you think Poppy will be alright?” I asked. Clara spun around to face me.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s just thinking about it too deeply. Tell me, she was fine after the first time you fucked, right?” I nodded. As far as I could tell, Poppy was completely happy when we talked after we had sex for the first time. “Good. If she was upset then, we would have a problem. But no, she was happy and enjoyed it. She just needs to stop thinking about it, and go with the flow.”

“But she feels she’s going against the flow.” I countered, the flow being society.

“Well, sometime’s the flow is wrong. More people should have sex with their mothers’, brothers’, sons’, daughters’ and daddies’.” Clara swiveled back to look at the mirror, slowly caressing her large breasts. She flicked the nipples, eyeing them as they became erect. I could see in the mirror that she had a concerned look on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do I still look good?”

“Of course; you look even more beautiful than the day I married you. What makes you ask?”

“I’m not sure. I didn’t feel too good about myself a few weeks ago, but then we started the plan to fuck Poppy, so I kind of forgot about it for a while. Now the excitement of that has calmed down, and life is relatively normal, the bad feeling’s come back again.” There was a silence, in which I wasn’t sure if I should say something or what I would say if I did have to talk. My confusing was sorted out when Clara spoke again. “Are they sagging?” She asked, cupping her tits and raising them up. Now, we were getting older, both of us were forty years old, and Clara’s boobs probably were starting to sag, despite being in good shape. However, if they were sagging it was unnoticeable. Clara looked at me, eyebrow raised, at my silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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