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The Project Guide Pt. 01

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It was the final year of college, and the time for students scrambling for getting their final semester projects completed or running around for the last few companies that come for recruitment. I had gotten placed in my third year itself due to my extremely good relations with the placement officer and my ability to charm my way through difficult situations.

The final year project had a big impact on your over all score and passing it was a pre-requisite for joining the job I was offered. Sadly, my project group was just me and two other girls of my class that were, lets just say not very bright. We had managed to completely screw up the project, and with only fifteen days to go for the final project submission, it was time for desperate measures.

Our project guide was Mr Sawant, he was the brother-in-law of the Dean of the university and our Head of Department. He was famous for being an ass, and flunking students in the final year and destroying their careers. I was sitting in the library when I got a message from the placement officer, Mr Singh.

“Come over to my office I have Sawant waiting for you.”

I had mentioned about my project to Mr Singh, when we were on our way back from a meeting with the HR of a Mumbai based company. He had taken me along to represent the student body. It was more as an eye candy than anything else. Plus he got to have me alone in the back seat of the car for the four hours drive. The driver knew what was going on in the back, and I guess he must have been paid well in advance to keep his mouth shut. My nipples were sore from all the pinching and mauling, and my arms were hurting from the four hand jobs I gave him during the journey.

But I guess it was worth the effort, because now Mr Singh was helping me with the final year project. He had told me that he will talk to Sawant Sir and figure something out.

I walked over to the placement office, in anticipation of this meeting I had dressed to make my presence felt. As it was the middle of the week and during college hours I couldn’t have dressed overtly suggestive, so I wore my tightest pair of denims that fit my thighs and butt perfectly, the white top was a size too short and had buttons all the way down. The buttons on my bust were accentuating the curves by highlighting the strain they were in trying to keep my breasts from bursting out from the top. The pink bra was contrasting enough to be visible through the top, and yet did not look slutty. I wore my hair back in a ponytail, which made my features more prominent. The extra lip gloss was making my lips shine invitingly. The smudged eyes were doing their bit as well. All in all, I was putting myself out there to get this done.

The look on their faces as I entered the room said it all. The dress and the makeup were having the desired effect. Singh was sitting on his chair behind the desk and Sawant was sitting across the table. There was one chair next to Sawant, and I was motioned to sit on it. I put my bag down and sat on the chair, I kept the books that I had held across my chest on the table and crossed my legs.

Both men adjusted their pants a little as I smiled.

Singh broke the awkward silence, by telling Sawant how talented I am and how I helped him in getting the big companies to come for campus placements escort ataşehir in our college. I was smiling and acting flattered, while Sawant was busy ogling my breasts and thighs. My hands were in my lap, with the perfectly manicured nails had red nail paint on them. Following his gaze I gently caressed my thighs and adjusted the top a little to tell him that I know what he is looking at. He looked up and I gave him a smile that would have made his cock twitch in his pants.

Sawant was in his late 40s and had a son in first year of the same college. His wife was in the university admin staff. He had a pot belly, and hair all over his body, slightly bald and looked like a crude man. He was infamous for misusing authority and I could see that in his eyes.

Singh ended his monologue by asking Sawant to help me in the final year project. He looked at me and then at Singh and smiled, and then in the most condescending tone possible said, “I can see what you mean Singh. I am sure me and Tanya can work something out”.

He kept his hand on my thighs and asked me to come over to his cabin after 5 pm. The way he grabbed my thighs was indication enough of what was in store for me.

I was asked to leave and they continued their discussion. After a while I got a message from Singh saying that everything is set and if I do as Sawant suggested I will get the top score in the project.

At 5 pm I went to his cabin. It smelled of sweat and old paper, I sat on the chair across to his table and waited for him to stop ogling and start talking. I smiled at him when he finally managed to look at my face. Then he laid out his evil plan, which gave me goosebumps.

He wanted me to spend a week at his home, with his family. I will be Singh’s niece from Delhi, who is here for MBA entrance exam, and since Singh is going out of town for talking to companies for placements he can’t leave me alone at his place. The story in college, was that I was going with Mr Singh to Bangalore to meet with a few IT companies for campus hiring.

Sawant had a daughter as well, who was doing her Masters degree from abroad and came home once a year, and I was going to stay in her room. It sounded so creepy, but for some strange reason felt like an adventure as well.

The plan was put in motion when I packed my bags for the trip and Mr Singh came to pick me up at my hostel, he talked to my hostel warden and acted like a guardian who will take care of me on the trip. What did she know, that he was going to pimp me to another professor in the college.

We arrived at Sawant’s residence, which was half an hour drive from the college. We were greeted by Mrs Sawant and we sat there in the drawing room as guests, and were served tea and snacks. I looked around the house and felt like an animal in a cage. Mrs Sawant and Singh talked about family things and plans for me etc. Eventually, Singh left and Mrs Sawant showed me to her daughter’s room. I put my bag down and looked around. There were family pictures, pictures of her growing up and graduating. She was a really pretty girl. I walked over to the bed and sat on it. Everything was in slow motion, I knew I would be fucked again and again on this bed, in this room, in this house, and yet I was there. I walked over the cupboard and it was kadıköy escort still filled with her clothes. She was known to be a very popular girl in college and had some really nice dresses in there. Skirts, tank tops, beautiful trendy sleeveless salwar kameez, small nighties etc.

I was just starting to unpack when Sawant came into the room. He walked over to the bed and stood very close to me. I looked up in his lust filled eyes and tried to smile. But before I could react, his hands were mauling my breasts like a hungry beast from over my top. He squeezed them and pinched them and pressed them with all the pent up desire inside him. It hurt, but I felt sorry for him, and let him molest me on his daughter’s bed in his own house, while his wife was cooking lunch for us in the kitchen.

After five minutes of mauling and squeezing my breasts and rubbing his crotch on my forearms he moved back, looked at me with hungry eyes and said, “I will come tonight, wear something nice from that cupboard.”

I just sat there for a while, digesting by what he just said. It made me sick in my stomach when I realised what he wanted, and why he wanted me in his house. And I hated myself for feeling wet at the same time.

Since, his wife was there in the house, I didn’t want to wear anything too revealing during the day. So, I changed into a casual top and jeans before going for lunch.

At lunch, I sat opposite to him and his wife served us food. She was a really pleasant woman and started talking to me about her daughter and other random stuff, while he kept giving me cheap looks. After lunch she came with me to the room and told me to feel at home and showed me her daughter’s cupboard and said that I should wear whatever I feel comfortable in, and that there is no need to be so formal around the house. I smiled and thanked her for making me feel at home.

After she left, I decided to go through the wardrobe as there was nothing much to do. I took out one of her skirts and a plain white top. I took my clothes off looked at myself in the full length mirror next to the bed and knew why I was an object of desire for men around me. I smiled to myself as I wore her clothes. It seemed like she was shorter and thinner than me. So the skirt came till my mid thighs and the top was clearly a size too tight. I looked at myself again, and decided to keep those clothes on just for fun.

I walked out of the room hoping to bump into Sawant, but as soon as I came out of my room, his son walked in. He just stood there as if he had seen a ghost, and then scanned me from top to bottom, stopping at the right place. He looked familiar, so I just stood there and smiled.

I introduced myself as Singh’s niece , but he seemed very suspicious. I excused myself and went into the room and slid under the blanket and eventually went to sleep.

I was woken up by Mrs Sawant around 5 pm for tea and snacks. I slid out of the bed and washed my face and came to the dining table where Mr Sawant and his son Rahul were already having tea. They both gave me a nice ogle and poor Mrs Sawant didn’t even know their intentions.

She said, “Doesn’t Tanya looks pretty in Neha’s clothes? She reminds me so much of her. Come sit next to me dear.”

We had tea and discussed about MBA courses and maltepe escort bayan how tough it is to get into a good college these days. It was a very casual tea time conversation, after which everyone went to their rooms.

There was a knock on my door and Rahul came in. I was sitting on the bed doing some college work, I quickly closed it so that he does not notice, and smiled at him.

I said, “Hi Rahul, how can I help you?”

Rahul replied, “Tanya Didi (elder sister), I think I have seen you in our college before. Arn’t you the Tanya Mehra from Final Year Computer Science Department?”

I was dumbstruck, and didn’t know how to respond. If he opens his mouth in front of Mrs Sawant I can kiss my chances of passing college goodbye.

I got up from the bed, and walked passed him and closed the door. He turned around and looked at me, surprised by what I just did. I gave him the sexiest and the most seductive smile I could manage, and walked over to him, held his hand and took him to the side of the bed.

He started to speak, “Tanya Didi, what are you doing?” I put my perfectly manicured finger gently on his lips, and took his hand to my left breast.

I said, “Shhh!! not a word..” as my hands went to his crotch and I massaged his balls, grabbing his cock over his shorts. I could feel it grow in my hand as he furiously massaged my breasts and pinched my already sore nipples.

I moaned a little as he put his head on my cleavage and started licking my exposed breasts. My hands went inside his shorts and freed his young cock which was now a raging rod of steel ready to enter inside me.

I pushed him on the bed and took my top off, as I came over him. My skirt bunched up all the way as I slid the panty aside enough to let his cock enter inside me. He was still in shock, as I started to ride him like a slut, on his sister’s bed wearing her clothes. He was in heaven as his lips found the pink nipples screaming to be sucked. My bra was slid from my shoulders and was hanging around my waist as I moved over him faster, feeling him all the way inside me. Just then he held my shoulders and pinned me to the bed and came over me, and spread my legs wide. He entered inside me again with all his strength and started ramming my dripping wet pussy.

His hands mauled my breasts and he was giving me sloppy wet kisses on my lips. He was by no means an expert, but was compensating it by his eagerness to please me and prove himself as the man in the room. My legs were wrapped around him as he moved faster, pumping me, and I was matching him stroke for stroke by arching my back and moving my hips to take him all in. Just when I knew he was almost there, I held his face and whispered, not inside me, please cum on my breasts. He almost exploded hearing that, and barely managed to get his cock out as it started spurting streaks after streaks of his think cum all over my waist and breasts.

He dropped on the side and tugged his now limp cock back in his shorts and looked at me. I was laying there on the bed covered in his cum, my legs spread wide, and my naked young breasts standing proud. I was rubbing his cum all over me as if possessed by my own desires.

He heard his mom call out his name, and quickly got out of the bed and ran out closing the door behind him. I smiled at him as he left, still laying on the bed naked.

I stayed like that for a few minutes and then got up to clean myself. As I looked myself in the mirror a strange sense of power engulfed me. I felt as if I could have achieved anything I wanted in that moment.

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