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The Reception

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Just great I just found out my dad had to leave for a long weekend business trip and he asked me to take my mom to a wedding. I really did not know the couple; my dad said the bride was the daughter of one of his associates at work. I was hoping I would have the house to myself for a while and then go out with some friends without having my parents around to bother me. Now I had to escort my mother to a wedding for people I did not know, man I sure hope I will be able to sneak some booze while mom is not looking.

Well the wedding was on Saturday so I got up early showered and shaved so my mom could have the bathroom for as long as she needed. Now usually my mother dresses very conservatively, she usually has on conservative blouses and slacks. Whenever I have seen her dressed up for social occasions she would wear a nice skirt and blouse, maybe a jacket, never anything sexy.

When I finished putting on my tie I headed down to the living room to wait for my mother to come downstairs. About an hour later she finally came downstairs and I was stunned at what I saw. My forty two year mother came down stairs in a stunning short black skirt that was cut mid thigh and a sleeveless blouse that fit very snuggly showing off her ample breasts.

My mom had her mid length blonde hair perfectly styled and up, which allowed her to show off the diamond earrings she was wearing and the pearl necklace she had around her neck. I rarely ever saw her in makeup, yet her face was painted like it was a masterpiece.

“Wow mom you really look great!” I said with a whistle to boot.

“Thanks Billy, you look nice as well.” She said. “You think I will need a jacket?”

“Maybe for later, it should be plenty warm enough.” I told her.

It was about a forty five minute drive to the church where the wedding was being held and the service lasted around a half an hour. Then we drove for about fifteen minutes to the banquet hall where the reception was being held. We found our table and took a seat, several people who had obviously known my parents came up to my mother trying to find out where my father was and to pay their regards.

The food was buffet style and after the usual wedding fare there was a band for dancing. My mother commented that there were several attractive young ladies for me to dance with. I told her I did not want to dance and would rather just sit back, she however danced with a few men whom she claimed knew my father from work. I was intrigued as a couple of these guys took bold moves in trying to grab my mom’s ass or boob while they slow danced. I have never looked at mother as a sexual object until tonight, something konyaaltı escort came over me when she was dancing with this short bald man who kept trying to cup her round ass.

“Excuse me, may I cut in?” I asked.

“Yes please do.” My mother said.

“Wow when dad is not around his friends turn into wolves.” I mentioned.

“Yes it is usually like this when he is around too, I only do it to be polite.” She responded.

“Well you won’t have to dance with anyone else the rest of the night, I will dance with you so you can be safe.” I announced.

“Well my hero!” she said giving me a kiss on the cheek. “I guess I can also take this as a good opportunity to have some fun and get a little drunk tonight. Seeing how I have my big strong son to take care of me.”

“You can do whatever you want tonight mom.” I said.

She was right in what she said, she ordered several drinks as the night progressed, her speech slurred and she was having some trouble with motor skills as we danced a few more times that night. Finally I she told me she thinks she had enough and I helped her out to the car, I got a good view of her well toned legs as she got in. I can not believe I never noticed her body before, her ample breasts felt firm as I held when we danced, when she led me to the floor the sway of her round ass was intoxicating and now I saw how beautiful her legs were.

On the ride home she leaned her head against the door and quickly fell asleep, I could hear a light snoring coming from the passenger side of the car as we drove. At the first stop light I realized her skirt had ridden up and I could see that she had on black lace garters and panties to match. I could not resist, I reached down and ran my hand up a stocking clad thigh. Then I finally got to her panties and pulled the fabric aside, I could feel the dampness from her pussy. It was hot, so I began to rub her wet pussy with my free hand and drove with my other.

All the way home I rubbed and then eventually fingered my drunk mothers wet pussy, I was even shocked when in her drunken stupor she began to hump my fingers moaning softly as she did. When we got to our driveway I straightened her out and then I got her up and into the house. She plopped down in the recliner in the living room and kicked off her heels, she slurred a few words I did not understand and then she passed out.

This was my chance I gently reached up and undid her garters, and then I slid down her panties. I took them and put them to my nose to inhale her musk fragrance, and then I took both of her legs and put them on the arms of the chair. I had her pussy now face level and kültür escort buried my face to it; I licked and sucked at her pussy. My tongue found her clit and I shoved two fingers up inside her tight snatch.

“oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She moaned softly without opening her eyes.

As she did in the car her hips began to buck and she was now fucking my fingers, I could not believe all the juice as my tongue was working extra hard to keep up. My mom just kept moaning softly and bucking her hips as my tongue kept on her clit.

“cccumming.” She said incoherently.

Once I had gotten her off I stood up and pulled out my now hard seven inch cock, I positioned myself just right and slid it in easily to the hilt. I pounded my incestuous meat in and out of the place I came from eighteen years prior. As before my mother just laid there emitting the same soft moans and incoherent utterances. Soon I could take no more and I shot my load inside of her cunt, spurt after spurt of my incestuous seed filled her pussy.

I cleaned her up after I was done, in a half assed effort I managed to get her panties on most of the way. I put her feet up and covered her with an afghan that was on the couch, I went up to my own room going fast asleep.

It must have been just past dawn when I felt something I have never felt in my bed before. My mother was sucking on my limp cock; she was expertly bringing it to life within her wet soft mouth. I moaned aloud as she got it hard to its full length, she stopped and reached for her blouse pulling it off. Then she took off her black lace bra to reveal her big ripe firm tits. I went to say something and she put a finger to my lips; she then took off her skirt. She no longer had on her panty hose, garters or panties she must have removed them before coming into my room.

She then climbed on top of me and grabbed my hard cock to line it up with her pussy; once she got it into place she impaled herself on to it. She placed both of her hands above my shoulders and began to ride my cock. I took my hands and ran them over her body; I then found her firm tits and played with them, gently pulling on her fat nipples.

Once she announced very loudly that she was cumming she then got off of me and stood on the floor. I wondered what she wanted and just laid on my bed dumbfounded until she told me.

“Get up baby and fuck me from behind.” She said.

She had leaned forward and placed both hands on my dresser; I stood up and spread her legs. I positioned my cock to her pussy and shoved it inside of her pussy; I fucked her like a jackhammer on a city street pounding it to her good and hard.

“Yes markantalya escort you motherfucker fuck me hard dammit.” She growled.

I reached up under and roughly grabbed her tits; I tweaked, pulled and twisted her nipples while we fucked. She reached behind her with one hand digging her long nails into my thigh; the other reached up and pulled my hair.


“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” I yelled shooting my cum into pussy

We lay quietly on my bed for several minutes trying to recover from the rough fucking we just had in my room. Finally my mom explained to me what had happened, she said she woke from a very erotic dream she had that I had fucked her last night.

She reached down to rub her pussy and she found my cum was still oozing out of her, this made her feel very horny. She said she masturbated in the chair yet it was not enough for her, she wanted to get fucked by a real cock.

Even though she was apprehensive about the fact that I took advantage of her when she was in her drunken state last night, it turned her on that a young man like myself still found her attractive. She said she came into my room this morning and found me sleeping naked; she could not resist the opportunity to get fucked by a young man again.

“Mom if guys my age realized how hot you really are they would constantly be hitting on you.” I said

“Really, I don’t know if I could dress like I did last night on a regular basis.” She said. “Your father wants us to keep up a good conservative appearance for his clients.”

“Mom after last night I realized what a beautiful sexy woman you are, you have a sexual beast just dying to get out.” I explained.

“Yes I have not had sex like that since your father and I first got married, our sex life is boring. I tried to spice it up a few times but he is more involved with his work than with our marriage.” She said with some tears in her eyes.

“Then mom, I want to have an affair with you. I want to spice up your life and treat you like the beautiful sexy woman you are.” I announced.

“Oh baby, this has to end before your dad gets back.” She sighed.

“Mom, I love you. Let me give you what dad can’t” I said rolling her over onto her back.

“Oh my this is such a tempting offer.” She giggled.

My cock was already recovered and I slid it in easily, we began to thrash on the bed. The headboard was beating a steady beat as I pounded my cock in and out of my mother again.

“Yes baby, yes I don’t want you to stop fucking me, make me feel like a woman again.” She said while we made love.

With that I took her legs up onto my shoulders and shoved my cock into her deeply, I knew from this day forward my mother was going to let me fuck her sexy body whenever either of us needed it.

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