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The Remote Cabin Pt. 03

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Note: English isn’t my first language, and you will find minor grammar errors. If this bothers you, please find other great stories on this site. Thanks.


Here was Tom, finally hitting the dirt road and heading up the mountain. He felt his heart flutter briefly as he did, his excitement getting the better of him. When he had received Milla’s phone call last night, he had been pleased: he didn’t talk with his long time friend often enough. But as soon as she had begun talking, he had sensed that something was off. She had sounded stoned, or drunk, or both. And she had definitely sounded agitated. For a few seconds he had thought that she had been in one of her occasional low spells, using drugs to get out of it. But soon he had realized that she was excited, aroused even.

Milla had talked about nothing and everything, which was strange. And suddenly he had heard a girl giggling in the background. Neither Milla or him had said anything funny, but the giggle had been clear. When the girl had giggled a second time, he thought he recognized Angelica. And then it clicked. His two friends were on their yearly nudist trip in the mountain. Milla had then said “Stop it!” laughing and clearly talking to Angelica, and had tried to resume her conversation.

Tom had smiled, trying to figure out why she had call him from their cabin. He had tried many times to get an invitation to that magical nudist trip. Not that he had never seen the girls naked before: both girls really liked nudism, and enjoyed it every time they could. He had quite a few memories of seeing them naked, of being naked around them. In fact, Tom could easily picture their stunning breasts in his mind. Which he had done during the call. But despite the fact that he had seen them naked before, the way Milla talked about that week out of time had always tempted Tom.

While he was glad to be included in this year’s week in some small way, Tom was still puzzled. As he had listened to her, he had wondered what the girls had taken or smoked: Milla had really sounded knackered. Her voice had wavered, she had stopped talking mid-word and had laughed way more often than had been justified. Nevertheless, she had been perfectly coherent, maintaining the conversation with ease. When she had said “So, wanna come and join us this year? Only a few days left, but if you’re free you’re welcome.” Tom had frozen. He had been shut down every time he had tried to get an invitation, and now she was offering one freely. He hadn’t even talked about it with her this year.

And so, as he drove the few remaining miles, he tried to remain calm. He had no idea what had prompted Milla’s change of heart, but he was glad regardless. He was mildly worried about the state of drunkenness the girls had been in, but it was morning now and they should be sober. He rounded the last bend as per Milla’s instructions and found the barely drivable path to the cabin itself. It was slow going because it was really rough, but Tom knew his excitement made the wait seem even longer.

Eventually he saw the cabin through the thick trees and stopped the car. By the time he had gotten out of the car and stretched the kinks out of his spine, he saw the girls walking towards him. They were both naked, which wasn’t surprising but always wonderful, and they were holding hands. At first Tom didn’t really notice that, bewildered by the sight of two remarkably beautiful girls.

Milla was the classic blue-eyed blonde beauty with long hair and a dazzling smile. He couldn’t miss her equally dazzling breasts and smiled as he suddenly remembered her asking him, while she was drunk many years ago, if he thought her breasts were big. And while they were not huge, they could certainly fill any man’s palms. Their very pale pink nipples danced with each of her steps as she walked towards him. He noticed her completely shaven bush, something new, but soon his eyes turned to Angelica.

His other friend was taller and strikingly darker. Angelica’s skin tone was much darker than her friend, and so were her luxurious hair and eyes, as well as her lavish, pitch black bush. He stole a few glances at the barely trimmed bush and felt a tingle deep in his belly. And while her long thighs, generous hips and smooth belly were remarkable, his eyes were drawn to his dusky skinned friend’s breasts.

Now there was a girl who would never have to ask if her breasts were big. Angelica’s breasts were natural wonders, large and full and ripened yet young enough to stand proudly up and thrust forward, defying any attempt at comprehension. Her bountiful hair were free behind her, looking like soft wings of curly brown locks.

Shaking his head, he smiled and walked towards his two friends. “Well well well… This is the legendary cabin. Looking at you both, I’m beginning to wonder if I didn’t have an accident on the road coming here…”

Angelica grinned, then said “Stop it right there! Please tell me you were not about to tell that cliché bahis firmaları joke about being in paradise after getting killed in the car! You know I hate clichés! What is it with both of you today?”

Tom replied “Er.., nope, of course not… I was not going to say that… at all.” he finished, shaking his head with his eyes closed but eyebrows raised. They all laughed.

“Give the guy a chance Angelica.” said Milla, helpfully. “He comes up to the two most beautiful women on earth, naked, ready to give him a hug and you make him feel bad because he tried to give us a compliment?”

Before Tom could add anything to the conversation or fully grasp what Milla had said, she walked forward and wrapped her arms around him for a long hug. Angelica laughed at the expression on his face as he stood frozen in her friends arms. When he did close his arms around her, he had no idea what to feel. Never before had he been given a hug in a nudist situation. He was still dressed, but holding Milla like this… “What the…” he mumbled as she pulled away, taking his hand to guide him to the cabin. Looking at Angelica, he simply raised his eyebrows. She replied “Oh… I don’t know what’s up with her… She woke in this fey mood for no reason I can understand.” she said as if Milla hadn’t been right next to them.

“No reason! Pfff!” the blonde replied, grinning.

“Just follow along and everything should be fine.” Angelica then kissed him on the cheek with a smile.

Twenty four hours earlier, Milla woke up from a late morning sleep. She and Angelica had woken up much earlier, but after a breakfast and a swim, they had jumped right back into bed for a couple more hours of sleep (and a quick shared climax, of course). It had been their second night together as lovers, after a stunning first day and remarkable second day.

The first had been eye opening for Milla, as she let her friend make love to her for the first time, then many times afterwards. Their second day had also been punctuated by many lovemaking sessions, but also with the growing realization that they were not only lovers in the physical sense of the word. That had been even more astonishing than Milla’s first lesbian experience.

This morning, even though Milla hadn’t woken up gently from her sleep, she was nevertheless grinning like a cat. She was on her belly, her face squashed against the mattress, stretching her arms above her head. And then she moaned. Angelica had woken her friend, new lover and perhaps lover in the other sense by licking her way up Milla’s thigh until she buried her face between the blonde’s ass.

While a few of Milla’s boyfriends had been intrigued by that strange fetish of eating her ass, none of them had ever done so with as much passion as Angelica had yesterday. And now, Milla found that she enjoyed being woken up with it quite a lot. She was soon giggling as a schoolgirl, feeling the fire of pleasure igniting again between her legs. Again. So fucking soon after last night’s passion, and this morning’s again.

“Why are you giggling Caryamia?” asked Angelica, her voice muffled by the soft flesh of Milla’s ass.

“You know why, devil girl! Stop talking and keep eating my ass!” she replied. For a long while Milla relaxed and let her friend have her way with her, licking and teasing her ass, asshole and pussy. Suddenly, she giggled again.

“What? Again?” came Angelica’s quick question.

Milla said: “I just had a thought… But don’t stop. It can wait!”

A few minutes later, Milla took a series of deep breaths, feeling her pleasure growing with each one. After the first deep breath, Angelica had dropped down lower until she could take most of Milla’s pussy in her mouth, driving her tongue hard. She grabbed the blonde’s ass in her hand and held firm until Milla’s climax crested over. The blonde screamed as her climax hit her, a powerful sound that Angelica was already becoming used to. Angelica prevented Milla from turning on her back and she moved upwards before laying over her lover’s back.

Muzzling her neck and kissing her ears and cheek, she asked “So, why did you giggle that second time? I certainly didn’t do anything different…”

“Hmmm… I just had the strangest thought. What if we invited Tom to come here tomorrow?”

“Well, that would really change the mood!”

Milla turned around under her lover’s body, but was glad to see that Angelica was smiling.

“Yes it could. But I don’t want you to think that it will change anything between us. I may feel like inviting a man in our little lesbian nest, but while this cabin is a one week thing, I don’t see what’s growing between us as such.” she paused, staring into Angelica’s eyes. “You know we talked about it yesterday. When you accidentally told me you loved me, it didn’t take me by surprise, nor did it make me feel bad.”

Angelica was now grinning, looking deep into her friend’s eyes as she kissed her. “So, why do you want to invite him here?”

And kaçak iddaa now it was Milla’s turn to grin. “Feel like teasing our old friend until he cracks?”

Angelica’s giggled. “Are you crazy? Poor guy!”

“Did you know that he has a big cock?”

“What?” Angelica laughed. “No I didn’t! And we have seen him naked…”

Milla replied “Well, one of his ex girlfriends, Judith, once told me that Tom had a big cock. Apparently he was bigger than most of my dildos.”

“Milla, as I’ve said we’ve seen Tom naked a few times. His cock is big enough, but not that big! Your blue monster is 10″ long!”

“I know! But that dildo is the equivalent of huge silicon breasts. No, I meant my biggest realistic dildos… And in any case,” said Milla “Judith assured me that he was a remarkable grower. Honestly I’m not sure you’ve been with enough men to know the difference.”

Angelica was unconvinced. “Still… With the recent studies, we know that 6″ is already above the real average… and that seven inches is quite rare! You think Judith was telling you the truth? How long did she say he was?” Angelica asked, clearly dubious about Judith’s honesty.

“Slightly above 7 inches. In any case, only one way to find out!” Milla laughed!

“Oh naughty girl…” replied Angelica. “Do you really want to tease the guy to death? You know he’s always had feelings for you.” Angelica finished with a touch of a smile.

“Just like he’s always had feelings for you!” Was Milla’s quick reply. “Truer feelings, actually, and you know it!” Both girls laughed.

Milla thought that Tom had never been particularly secretive about his feelings for both girls. First Angelica, ever since he met her at college, and then herself, since college as well. He had never asked either of them out, at first because they both had had boyfriends, and afterwards probably because he knew it wouldn’t work out. Especially with Angelica, which had been pretty much exclusively lesbian for years. Nevertheless, they both knew, and they were pretty sure that he knew they knew. Somehow it had never been awkward for either of them. Angelica asked her an unexpected question “What about your own feelings for him, Caryamia?”

“What feelings?” Milla replied, a soft smile on her lips.

“You know what I mean.”

“He is very dear to me, and I do love him, after a fashion. I’m pretty sure he knows by now.” the blonde finished.

“I don’t think so.”

Milla turned her head towards her new lover and asked “Do you mind?”

“Mind the fact that your heart is big enough to love more than one person? Not at all. And if we do invite him I wouldn’t mind either. You know I’ve never been jealous. “

“Who says I only want to tease him?” finished Milla.

“Hmmm… so now you’re itching for a cock? So soon?” Angelica asked, faking a sad smile.

“Pfff… Do you remember how hard you shouted when you came as I was fucking you with my strap-on?”

“Lies!” Angelica said, laughing before kissing Milla into silence.

But the blonde wasn’t done. Sitting up next to Angelica, Milla looked at her friend and asked a question that had been on her mind for a long time. Until recently, it had only been curiosity, but now she really wanted to know. “How long has it been since you had a real cock inside you?”

“You’re serious, aren’t you… You really want to fuck him?”

“No, I want us both to fuck him! You know he’s been dreaming about it for years!” Milla said.

“Of course, who wouldn’t wanna fuck you!”?”You too! Probably you more than me!”

“More lies!” Angelica said, a trace of her smile lingering on her lips.

“But I was also really curious… How long?”

“Oh I don’t know exactly. Years. Many years. In fact I havent had a male lover since meeting you two.”

“Do you miss it?”

“Not really. There are toys, you know? They do make those… In fact you should give them a try…”

Both girls laughed, Milla throwing a pillow at her lover’s head. After that they both looked at Milla’s box of toys as well as those that were laying around, discarded around them. “We should really clean this up before he arrives though…” said Angelica.

Ignoring her girlfriend’s attempt at diversion, Milla said “Well, my love, who better to fulfill your fantasy than Tom?”

“Oh dear… I should never have told you that yesterday.” said Angelica with a long sigh.

“Angelica… In the past few days you made so many of my fantasies come true… Isn’t it only just that I wanna make one of yours come true as well? And it’s been too long since you’ve had a cock inside you. A real one I mean.”

Angelica looked into those blue eyes, the eyes of an old friend and new lover, for a long time. “I do wanna make that fantasy come true… And if I do fuck another guy, I can’t imagine anyone else. But are you sure it won’t hurt Tom’s feelings?”

Milla looked at Angelica and smiled. “I’m pretty sure it won’t. But if things work out as I hope, I’ll straight kaçak bahis out ask him about it.”

“You really are a crazy minx, are you?”

“Yes, I’m… crazy… for…”

“Stop!” shouted Angelica, laughing! “You know I hate cliches!” After that she threw herself on Milla wrapping her arms around her and kissing her, the best way she had of preventing Milla from completing the cliche.

Later that same day, on the beach as the sun was beginning to set, Milla called Tom. As soon as he picked up, Angelica dove for her lover’s pussy and tried her best to distract her friend. After hanging up, Milla threw the phone away and grabbed her friends head. “Now you’re the little minx! Finish what you started!” she said, lying on her back, staring at the glorious sunset while enjoying Angelica’s amazing tongue.

The next day, after having placed what few things he had brought with him in his room, Tom emerged from his room fully naked. He had always been at ease in the nude. He had also been nude with these two girls quite a few times, which had never caused issues even though they both were sexy and the fact that he had strong feelings for them.

But now, as they both looked at him, it reinforced his earlier intuition that something was up. Despite lusting after them for a long time, he had never been aroused when seeing them nude. It was, after all, the essential courtesy of nudism. Today though… today was different. He could sense that something was different in the way they were looking at him.

Soon his intuition was pretty much confirmed. The trio spent an hour or two swimming and playing in the lake, and if Tom didn’t know better, he’d suspect that something was going on between the two girls. Once, a while back, Angelica had told him that she loved Milla. The both of them had spent a very pleasant evening together, sharing confidences, and she had confessed that particular secret very late into the night.

They had both known that Milla wasn’t bisexual or a lesbian, and Tom had sworn secrecy. Looking at them now, as they were all sitting on the beach, he sensed that something had changed. Before he could think about it more or even ask questions, Angelica looked at him and asked, point blank, “Tom, do you think that Milla has large breasts?”

“What?” was Milla’s explosive response. “Shut up! Angie!” but she was laughing, as if drunk.

“I’m serious!” said Angelica. “She’s been bugging me about this for years now… We need a guy to settle this once and for all.” the tall, obviously large-breasted girl said, staring into Tom’s eyes.

Tom stopped moving and just stared at the two girls. Milla was also looking at him, as if she was also expecting an answer. He finally said, a serious expression on his face “What’s wrong with you girls? Milla asked me that herself a couple of year ago!”

“No I did not!” was her immediate reply.

“Sure you did! You were as drunk as a teenager at her first spring break! Anyways, that is a very strange question. Isn’t it against the unwritten rules of nudism?”

There was a small pause, as indeed it was. Milla was at a loss for words, but Angelica replied, a funny but intense edge in her voice, “Don’t you wanna have an excuse to look at Milla’s breasts?”

“Again,” Tom said, taking a breath, and realizing that Angelica had dodged the question, “Isn’t the whole point of nudism the fact that there are no taboos about the body, about where we look?” he said, a crooked smile on my face, trying his best to deflect the conversation.

She replied, “Ok then wise guy. If there aren’t any taboos, then look at them and answer the question!”

Tom knew that Angelica was at least as good as he was as a debater… Laughing, he paused and temporized, “The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if you girls told me you wanted to play truth or dare!”

Both girls looked at each other, grinning and said “Yes!”

Tom shook his head, already feeling the faint but totally unacceptable flow of blood towards his cock. He said “You know, girls, there may be very simple and biologically uncontrollable reasons why men don’t talk about sex in nudist situations.”

They paused for a few seconds, and he saw Milla’s eyes opening wider and glancing very briefly at his cock. “Oh…”

Angelica caught on soon after. In the awkward silence, Angelica took a deep breath and said “Well, Milla’s so utterly naked that if she gets excited, we’re probably all going to notice it anyway!”

When she said that, Milla jumped on her friend and began play fighting, which quickly turned into a tickling match. Tom couldn’t help but smile and laugh, but more importantly he couldn’t help but stare at the two beauties as they fought. Breasts flying every which ways, thighs opening, hands grabbing asses, pussies and assholes exposed as never before…

He was also fully aware of his erection, and for a moment was horrified about it. This was unacceptable in nudist situations. Then again, after a few seconds, he shook his head and relaxed: catfights between incredibly sexy girls were also totally unacceptable. He was sitting, so the erection wouldn’t be all that obvious… But he knew they’d see it.

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