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The Resort Ch. 03

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John suggested that it might be a good idea for them to go up to his room as it was getting late and asked Carla if she would like to join them with Jorge.

“What room are you in?”

she asked and when he told her, she walked over to her husband and whispered something in his ear and came back telling them that he’ll be up as soon as he finishes his desert. Tracy had nudged him as she walked away and remarked about what a gorgeous and sexy woman Carla was with such a beautiful body.

“And with a cock like that, she’s fantastic!” she added.

Then the five of them went into the dressing room and threw their clothing over their arms and walked naked to Gina and John’s room.

Gina was walking alongside Carla and was holding her semi-erect penis in her hand telling her that she can’t wait to make love to her and had been hoping they’d run into each other on this trip. John looked at Carla as soon as they went into the room and asked,

“Do you feel like being totally worshipped, my dear?”

and when she smiled in the affirmative, he suggested that she lie down on the bed on her back and each of them would take an organ to play with.

“I want that cock!”

Gina announced and Bill suggested that John take her pussy since he and Tracy had already had it earlier and he lay down and took her nipple in his mouth and began to gently nibble on it as Tracy did the same with the other one. The four of them had Carla squirming and moaning when there was a knock on the door.

“Come on in”, John shouted as he went right back to the delicious labia he had been sucking.

Jorge walked in and smiled as he saw his wife being worshipped by the four of them. He stood there a moment watching until Carla said,

“My mouth is empty and sure could use something nice and big to fill it. Can you suggest anything, dear?”

He grinned at her and got up on the bed and straddled her head as he lowered his thickness to her lips.

“Let me suck your balls first, darling. I want to get you nice and hard quickly so that I can really enjoy myself”

she said to him and he moved forward so that she could capture his ball sac with her lips. Bill looked up as he bit her nipple gently and saw an absolutely fabulous penis resting on her chin as she sucked his balls and he couldn’t resist moving up and taking the thick, swollen crown between his lips and nursing on it.

Tracy tapped him on the shoulder and asked if she could please have a taste also and he reluctantly pulled his mouth away and went back to sucking Carla’s nipple as Tracy took the thick head in her mouth. He was going to cut back in again when Carla asked Tracy if she would please put her husband’s cockhead in her mouth as she wanted to suck it very much especially after watching the two of them enjoying themselves so much. Tracy pulled her lips from the gorgeous tool and placed the crown to Carla’s waiting mouth saying,

“Please save some of his juices for me as I can’t wait to taste his cum.”

Carla nodded as she sucked on the swollen head and Tracy went back to sucking her nipple again. Bill felt a hand on his leg as Jorge asked him to swing around so that he could suck his cock and as soon as he did, Jorge’s mouth closed over his crown and he was lost in pleasure again.

Jorge pulled his mouth from Bill’s erection just long enough to ask Tracy to pile a bunch of pillows under Bill’s ass and then do the same on her side so that he could go back and forth between them. As soon as she lay back on the mound of pillows, he started moving from Bill’s erection to her wet cunt and then back again sucking both of them in turn. When he finished with Bill, he licked his lips and told him how delicious he tasted and how much he enjoyed his precum and then dipped his head to Tracy’s crotch and licked and sucked her pussy for a while and then told her how delicious she tasted before going back to sucking Bill again. Meanwhile, Gina and John were switching off sucking Carla’s organs and both of them remarked about how delicious each organ tasted whenever they changed.

Bill was tweaking Carla’s nipple as Jorge fed on his organ and suddenly he heard her cry out as her orgasm overcame her and Gina moaned in pleasure as she fed on her pussy juices and called to her husband to come down and taste them also. Jorge had Tracy’s clit between his lips and was sucking firmly on it when she cried out,

“Bite down on my clit, darling. I’m ready to cum!”

and she held his head in her hands and pushed herself into his face as her orgasm enveloped her and she started bucking like a bronco. As soon as she calmed down, he pulled his face from her crotch and thanked her for a most delicious drink and then captured Bill’s swaying erection in his mouth and sucked deeply on it trying to get another delicious drink from him. All three cocks were hard and randy but none of them were ready to cum as yet so John suggested that they take a break and have something to drink. avrupa yakası escort

As they got comfortable on the large bed, Bill looked at Jorge and said,

“You are one lucky man, Jorge. To have a woman as beautiful and sexy as Carla who can offer you everything you could possibly want sexually, must be fantastic!”

Jorge smiled as he clasped his hand in Carla’s and answered,

“I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and when I found out about her very special equipment, I proposed on the spot!”

Tracy blurted out, “If you didn’t marry her, I would have!” and they all laughed.

It was quite late by then and they all decided to go back to their rooms and get some sleep and meet again for breakfast in the morning. When he and Tracy got into their bed, she asked if they could sleep spoon fashion with his cock buried deep inside her and that’s exactly what they did. She sighed as his penis filled her cunt and then they closed their eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

They awoke with the sun streaming in the window since they forgot to close the drapes and Bill noticed that it was after 9 so they got up, showered and slipped into bathing suits and headed for the restaurant as they were both starving. Carla and Jorge were sitting at a large, round table in the corner and waved to them as they walked in so the hostess led them to the table and gave them menus. A few minutes later, Gina and John walked in and joined them. Gina reminded John and Bill that they were entered in the Mr. Penis contest tonight and better get plenty of rest so that their cocks would be in good shape since she expected one of them to win. Jorge smiled and told them that he had entered Carla also and they didn’t have a chance. The winner received a free all expense paid weekend at the hotel anytime during the coming year and he fully expected to take advantage of it soon.

Bill looked at John, “Maybe we should withdraw now. We don’t stand a chance against her equipment.”

Tracy objected and insisted that even though Carla had a gorgeous penis, they did also and they had as much of a chance of winning as anyone. They left it at that and went down to the beach after breakfast and did nothing but bask in the sun, swim and sail for the rest of the day. Dianne and Bruce didn’t get down to the beach until early afternoon explaining that they were bushed and slept late. About 6, Gina suggested that they leave and get ready for dinner since the contest was scheduled to start about 9 and she wasn’t going to have them miss it. They gathered their things and went back to their rooms planning to meet in the restaurant at 8 and John said he would make a dinner reservation for the six of them in the Italian restaurant.

Bill and Tracy saw Gina and John sitting at a large round table and walked over to join them just as Dianne and Bruce walked in. By the time they got settled, Carla and Jorge walked in and Bill had to remark about how beautiful she looked in her tight, short black cocktail dress. As they took their seats, Gina remarked to Carla,

“You look absolutely ravishing, my dear. I could have you for my appetizer, main course and desert all in one!”

Carla smiled at her and asked if she wanted her to sit on the table in front of her or somewhere else and they all laughed.

After dinner, they walked down the corridor to the main ballroom where the contest was to be held and went over to the bar to order some drinks while they waited for things to get under way. A little after 9, an announcement was made over the loudspeaker asking all contestants to come to the center of the floor. Everyone in the room was abuzz when they saw this gorgeous creature in the sexy dress walk with all the men to the center of the room and those that didn’t know Carla were whispering to each other and wondering what she was doing in a Mr. Penis contest.

When they got to the center of the room, a hotel employee told them to walk behind the curtained booths which were all around the sides of the room and place their organs on the red velvet pillows in front of them. They were told that each booth had a number and to note the number on their booth. They were also told that they were allowed to have one assistant in the booth with them to make sure that their organs were kept fully erect throughout the judging. Bill motioned Tracy over and each of the contestants had his assistant join him in the booth. The curtained booth had an opening where a penis and balls could be seen but nothing else so the contestant was totally hidden except for their tools which rested on the pillows. Every once in a while, Tracy would snake her hand through the opening and stroke his shaft to keep it nice and hard. He had removed his pants and shorts and stood in front of the opening while Tracy fondled his ass and kept him nice and horny. Tracy bent over every so often to see where the judges were and kept him informed as to their proximity. bakırköy escort

The judging panel was comprised of two men and three women, all of whom were employees of the resort and they seemed to be very diligent as they took considerable time with each contestant. When the judges reached Bill’s pillow, each of them took his erection in their hand and lifted it to see the underside and rubbed their thumbs over his slit. Then they made some notations in their pads and went on to the next contestant. Since there were about 35 entrants, it took some time until they finished and retired to another room to discuss their votes.

When they finally returned after about a half an hour, they called out the numbers of the booths that had been eliminated and Tracy was delighted when Bill’s number wasn’t called. The five finalists were examined once more only this time even more thoroughly as each of the judges took the crowns into their mouths and judged them for taste as well as looks. When they had completed their examinations, they conferred in the center of the room and the head judge picked up the microphone and requested each contestant come forward as their number was called. The first number called was the fifth place winner and a heavyset middle aged gentleman came forward to applause to accept his award which was a bottle of champagne. The second number called was John and he bowed to the audience as he accepted his champagne.

The next number was Bill’s and Tracy muttered that they didn’t know what they were doing as he went up to accept his award and shake hands with the other contestants. The fourth number was a young guy in his 20’s who was built like a wrestler and had a cock that Bill had to admit was beautiful. Then, with a flourish, the judge announced the winner and when he called out the number and Carla walked up to the center of the room with her gorgeous penis swaying straight out in front of her, the crowd went wild in delight and applause. She accepted her award of a free weekend with grace and dignity and the head judge asked her to please sit down on the throne so that her subjects could worship her winning organ.

Carla hitched up her short skirt and sat back on the velvet chair which was on a raised platform as a long line formed to examine the winning penis. Someone shouted out that this gorgeous woman couldn’t be “Mr. Penis” but he was shouted down as everyone agreed that her cock was the best of the lot. Each person on line knelt before Carla and grasped her erection and sucked it for a moment before releasing it and letting the next in line have their chance. Bill and John patiently awaited their turn and paid homage to the cock they had grown to love so much, as Carla smiled down at them and told them to be very nice to her if they wanted more later. John stopped the line for a moment and requested that Carla’s assistant, Jorge, who happened to be her husband, come forward as he deserved to worship the cock he had cultivated for many years and the crowd applauded as Jorge knelt before her and licked her crown in homage.

After everyone on the line had paid their respects to the winner, Carla came over and joined them in the bar. Dianne was miffed that her husband wasn’t a finalist and thought about challenging the results until Bill told her that they considered Bruce’s penis a winner in all respects and he personally couldn’t wait to worship it which was seconded by all the others. After a few drinks and some sexy conversation, Carla suggested that they retire to their room for a little playtime as she was quite horny from all the attention.

As soon as they got up to Carla and Jorge’s room, Bill walked over to Bruce and put his arms around his shoulders and consoled him for not being a finalist and then asked if Bruce would let him worship his beautiful organ because he thinks it should have won. Bruce smiled at him and said, “You say the nicest things. Of course I would love you to suck my cock and I want to do you also, so let’s get started. They peeled off their clothes and walked past the others who were still dressed and having drinks in the foyer, and went into the master bedroom and lay down in the middle of the bed on their sides and rested their heads on each other’s thighs and gazed with reverence at each other’s organs. Just as Bill was about to take the delicious looking crown into his mouth, there was a knock on the door and Tracy and Dianne walked in and asked if they could watch. It was always a tremendous turn on for him when his wife watched him with another guy or gal so he invited them in and told them to sit on the side of the bed where they could see everything.

Bruce grunted his approval as he nursed on Bill’s swollen cockhead and Bill couldn’t resist his beautiful, thick crown and leaned forward and engulfed it with his hungry mouth. He loved sucking a cock like this while his was being so beautifully sucked. He heard Dianne moaning and glanced over while nursing on the beşiktaş escort head, to see her naked with her legs spread wide and his wife on her knees licking the sexy crotch while fingering herself and watching him at the same time.

The sight of Tracy eagerly sucking pussy as his cock was being well cared for and he had such a beautiful penis in his mouth, had him in that special place that we would all like to experience more often. Bruce’s organ was oozing precum and Bill was sucking up each drop of the nectar as it flowed out. It was delicious and he couldn’t get enough. He sucked deeply on the sweet meat and squeezed it from the base up to feed on the juices he was creating. He felt a shake on the bed and glanced over to see his wife and Dianne eating each other, with a lot of noise as they were really into it. He concentrated on the wonderful penis he was sucking and played with Bruce’s large balls and occasionally slipped a finger inside his anus and got him going on a very nice trip just as he had Bill nice and high from his sucking. The two of them lost themselves in sucking each other’s cock and, as far as they were concerned, nothing mattered except their cocks.

They were both moaning as they sucked deeply on each other’s thick penis when suddenly, Bruce stiffened and Bill felt his cock explode in his mouth and shoot gobs of cream onto his waiting tongue. As he swallowed the delicious juices, his orgasm struck and his penis spurted streams of cum into Bruce’s hungry mouth and the two of them went off to Nirvana together as they fed each other. When the two of them relaxed after their last spasm, the silence was broken by applause and appreciative comments and when they looked up, they saw that the rest of the group had been watching them from the doorway only they were no longer dressed.

Tracy came over and kissed him as she thanked him for a wonderful show.

“You weren’t so bad yourself. I was getting hot as hell watching you eating Dianne and then the two of you eating each other right next to us”, he told her.

Bruce sat up, blinking his eyes, and told Bill that he hasn’t had an orgasm like that in a long time and he greatly appreciates the experience and thanked him for it. Everyone had migrated into the living room and were involved in various stages of sex when they got there.

Carla was fucking Dianne as she sucked on Jorge’s gorgeous organ so Bill walked up behind her and pressed his body against her fabulous ass and let his flaccid penis rest in her ass crack as she stroked away. He rubbed his crown up and down her crack and felt it start to respond. When it was about three quarters there, he stuffed it into her wet pussy and held it there until it got good and hard inside her and then he began to move it around and seriously fuck her. Carla turned her head towards him saying,

“Feed me that gorgeous cock of yours. I love being fucked while I’m fucking!”

Her cunt felt like heaven and he was losing himself in the pleasures she was giving him. Her pussy contracted around his thick shaft each time he withdrew his penis and was milking him and sending him off to never-never land. Then, as he fed his cock in deep, he felt a cock rubbing against his anus and turned his head to see Jorge feeding his thick penis into his ass. Feeling that cock fill his ass while his cock was deep inside a wonderful cunt had him off on another wonderful trip once again.

He heard Jorge say, “I was so horny watching you and Bruce suck each other that all I thought of was going over and fucking you while you two 69’d.”

“Why the hell didn’t you?” Bill asked. “I would have loved it and I’m sure that Bruce would have also.” he said.

Jorge’s cock felt wonderful as it moved around inside him in rhythm to his strokes into Carla and then he felt Jorge’s penis expand and start shooting ropes of cum deep inside his ass. It felt wonderful and Bill enjoyed every second of it. He was nowhere near cumming yet and could stay this way for quite a while and go on one high after another. Jorge kept his cock deep inside Bill as Bill continued fucking Carla and then they heard Dianne gasping as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Since Dianne’s cunt kept milking Carla’s thick penis, Carla couldn’t hold out and let go and Bill could feel her spasms as she pumped her cream inside the hungry pussy. After some time, they parted and sat down to relax. Since it was pretty late and none of them wanted to miss the great buffet breakfast, they decided to call it a night and continue on the morrow. Tracy and Bill headed for their room and were fast asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

The next few days went exactly the same. They rested and played on the beach during the day and from after dinner until the wee hours, they had fantastic sex. There was occasional sex during the day but they mostly saved it for the nights. The day came when Gina and John had to leave and they exchanged numbers with them as they wanted to get together again. They were based in Miami and only rarely did the two of them wind up in NY at the same time so Bill told them that whenever each of them was in town, to please come over and stay with them and they agreed. They spent the next few days mostly with Carla, Jorge, Bruce and Dianne and everything continued as before.

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