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The Rest Stop

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Since meeting only a week ago, at a local speed dating session, things were definitely progressing very quickly. While only actually in each other’s company for 45 minutes or so, we had seemed to develop an almost immediate attraction for each other. Over the last few days, our conversations (usually through texts) had gotten more and more revealing, and our attraction for each other seemed to be growing. As we gradually explored each other’s worlds, the words always seemed to drift to the more carnal of subject matter. Things had reached a fevered pitch by the following weekend and it was on that Saturday evening that this story began.

Susan was driving home that night, from a wedding in New Jersey that she had been attending. While we had agreed to meet the following morning for brunch (it would be our first real date), her route home took her very close to my house so it was only natural that I suggested she make a stop in route. While hesitant at first, Susan had reluctantly agreed to stop by for a little while as it was directly on her way home and might be a good resting point for the remainder of her trip home. It was only fitting that I had made specific plans for her visit.

After getting the house straightened up I adjusted the lighting, lit some candles, and then put on some light music. I turned the heat up a bit and then, just before her expected time of arrival, I ran a nice hot bath. I wanted her to feel fresh and clean so she would have no hesitation about what I wanted to do to her.

I kissed her passionately when she arrived. There was no need for small talk as we had both been anticipating this moment for some time now. After taking her coat I led her to the bathroom, which at this point was lit in a dim candlelight. I had her stand in front of the bathroom mirror and told her I wanted her to watch me disrobe her. I started to slowly unbutton her shirt while continuing to kiss and lightly bite her neck from behind her paying particular attention to that spot on the back of her neck that intersects with her hairline. I ran my hand over her bra and lightly squeezed her nipples beneath the fabric. From the sounds she made I could tell that her nipples were sensitive and that my actions were having their bahis firmaları intended effect. I wanted her nipples to be hard when I saw them for the first time and from her reflection in the mirror I could they had become taught and their outline clear through the fabric in her bra. I undid her bra and then looked at her reflection in the mirror. I liked what I saw and at the same time she could see my satisfaction and arousal.

As I continued to lightly knead her nipples between my fingers I told her to keep her hands down to the sides and stand still. While I lightly caressed the upper part of her body, I forced her to watch the scene unfolding before her. I was still fully clothed, but she could feel my steel hard cock pressing against her ass, anxious to be freed from its constraints. I passionately kissed her neck some more and whispered in her ear how much I wanted to devour her. I undid her pants and pulled them off along with her panties. She kept wanting to turn around, to touch me, but I didn’t let her, not yet.

Again I admired the sight before me and again, and though my eyes, she saw the effect it had on me. She was naked now and totally exposed to me. While still behind her, I ran my hands lightly over her entire body. I could feel her excitement building, and while I could have taken her there and then, I wanted her to wait, to anticipate the pleasure, to be consumed by it.

I took her to the bath and washed her, paying particular attention to her pussy and ass. Under the water my fingers danced around her, teasing her, until I slowly inserted one of my soaped-up fingers into her anus. I wanted her ass to be clean, so later on she would have no hesitation when she felt my warm tongue approaching. After a few minutes in the bath, I directed her to get out, wrapped her in a soft towel, dried her off and led her to the bedroom. The bed was made with newly laundered crisp white sheets and attached to the bedposts were some rope and wrist restraints.

I walked her over to the bed and carefully inserted her wrists into the restraints, so that she was lying face up and looking up at me, anxious but hungry for what she knew I was about to do to her. I told her to sit up in the bed and watch while I slowly kaçak iddaa revealed myself to her. First, I unbuttoned my shirt so she could see my strong chest and arms, and I saw through her eyes that she approved of what I had to offer. I undid my pants and slipped them off but left on my briefs at first. She could see the effect that she had had on me. My cock was rock hard, straining to be relived, the outline clearly visible through my tight black briefs, with the head of my cock just poking its way out beneath the elastic. At the top of my cock head was a singe drop of cum, a small sample of what had been accumulating in my balls ever since I anticipated her arrival earlier in the day.

I walked over to her, removed my briefs, and my cock stood straight out at attention just inches from her mouth. I inched a little closer, just close enough so that she could strain to touch it with the tip of her tongue, just enough so that she could taste the essence of what was inside of me. I held the back of her head and slowly pushed my cock into her mouth. I let her suck it while I thrusted into her mouth being careful not to reach the point of no return.

It was obvious she wanted my cock inside of her, but first I wanted her for myself. I made her watch as I slowly stroked my cock while looking into her eyes and while telling her what I was then going to do to her.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I had been waiting too long to taste her and hear her moan, and I wanted badly to put my cock inside of her. Starting at her mouth I slowly began to kiss and lick her, every now and then throwing in a little bite to vary the sensations. I worked my way down to her neck and then her breasts, slowly teasing her with my tongue before putting lightly starting to lick her nipples. As I put one of her breasts in my mouth, I began to lightly lick and suck it, observing her response, every so often biting her flesh to remind her who was in control and not allowing her to get comfortable with what I was doing. First one breast and then the other, and then both using my hands and my fingers, gradually intensifying the pressure, stretching and pinching her nipples, confusing her mind by keeping her on the threshold of both pain and pleasure.

After kaçak bahis a few more minutes of stimulating her this way, I worked my way down her torso and began to explore the rest of her body. At first I touched her softly, almost barely perceptible. I explored her inner thighs and then slowly parted her legs and began to lick her, slowly at first and then with more and more intention. I stayed below her clit, wanting to save that for the finish that was to come all too quickly. As I licked her pussy, on occasion I would fuck her with my tongue. She was writhing now, trying to get my mouth on her clit so she could finally reach her goal of orgasmic satisfaction.

I held her legs up and pulled her knees back so her ass was now better exposed to me. I moved my mouth down lower and started to work my tongue around her brown ass hole, slowly licking it, showing her what I was willing to do to bring her pleasure. She was on fire, as while still licking her ass, I took a finger and inserted it into her pussy.

Inserting another, I began to finger fuck her, while at the same time watching the expression on her face and the passion I was creating. Finally, I moved my mouth back to her pussy, and began to lightly lick her clit drawing circles around its now hardened mound of pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of her and began to suck her clit while still flicking it madly with my tongue. That was it, finally she exploded and her orgasm enveloped me with her pleasure. It was like I was caught in some magnetic force as her physical sensations were transposed into my own body.

I desperately needed to fuck her now, so I put a condom on, mounted her, and put my cock inside of her. It went in easily and I felt as one with her as I rhythmically began to fuck her, slowly at first and then harder and harder as I reached my hands underneath of her and spread her ass apart.

After a few more minutes of this I untied her from the restraints, turned her over, and had her get on all fours as I wanted a better view of that hot ass of hers. I pushed her down on the bed and continued to fuck her from behind, and now she could feel my whole body enveloping her. The strokes were smaller now but I loved how her ass felt up against my body. I held her writs tightly as I fucked her over and over again until finally I exploded and she could feel my cock spasm inside of her. I collapsed over her in a pile of sweat as the tension between us had finally been lifted.

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