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The Retreat at Sharon’s Ch. 06

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After Tera’s game wrapped up, the group headed back inside and prepared dinner together while Ken, Erica, and Peter got cleaned up. They ate a variety of small plates and continued to hydrate, restoring their energy for the evening. The instructions for the evening were clear: everyone would return to their rooms and robe up for the night’s activities. Men were to go nude under their robes while the women could choose their attire. The women were to report to Sharon’s sitting room upstairs and the men were to meet in the romp room in the basement.

Carla and Max showered alone this time, preparing themselves for whatever came next.

“Be good. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” Carla told Max as he tied off the waist of his robe, pulled up the hood and headed out of the bedroom. He pressed two fingers to his lips and blew a small kiss back to her. She had a selection of lingerie laid out on the bed but stood at the base in the nude. That image of her pale nude skin glowing in the soft light of the room would stick with Max for a long time.

When Max reached the romp room, the door was open so he stepped down into the soft white carpeted floor and looked around at the sofas pushed up against the walls. The room had a projector in the ceiling and speakers built into the upper corners of the walls. Max stepped down into the discussion pit at the middle of the room joined the rest of the men who had already gathered, sitting on three sides on the steps of the pit.

“The note said to wait here,” Tom said with a shrug holding a small piece of paper in one hand.

“I guess the ladies left us here to jerk it out between us,” Peter said after a long silence greeted by laughs from the rest of the group.

Almost on cue, the door to the room shut and the men looked back to see Mikela standing in front of it. There was a collective gasp when they looked at her elaborate outfit. She had slipped out early from dinner and now Max understood why.

Mikela’s long dark hair was pulled back tightly into a large white headpiece that made almost a halo behind her head. A beaded white strand traced the hair part down the center of her scalp and met up with two more beaded strands at her forehead that hung loosely along her hairline and then wrapped back behind her hair to the headdress. Her hands were closed around something Max couldn’t see but he could see her fingernails were painted turquoise and matched the embroidered turquoise low-cut halter top that that showed off her almond colored cleavage and ran three quarters of the way down her arms. A heavy looking gold ornamental chain belt ran across her hips and held back her soft belly. Below the belt, a long white skirt with turquoise patterns sewn into it extended to just above her feet. Mikela silently entered the room, smiling down at the men as she passed them on her way to the far side of the discussion pit from Max.

“Back in India one of the classical dances is called Odissi. So I guess you can consider this my own variation on Odissi. Just for you.” Once she finished her introduction, she took a starting pose with her elbows bent and she opened her hands in front of her, revealing a pile of flower petals. “Tom, can you push play?”

Evidentially, there was more to the note Tom found, and he produced a remote control from his sleeve, pushed a button and then slid it behind him. Mikela stood flat on her left foot with her right foot balanced on the ball of her foot and toes flexed on the floor. The music started and it was an entrancing mix of drumming and stringed instruments, including what sounded like a sitar. It was definitely sub-continental, with a man’s voice singing lines that seemed to repeat from time to time.

Mikela kicked off the dance by tapping her bent foot on the ground and then slowly crossing her right leg over her left and then repeating the motion with her left foot and leg. As she crossed her legs, she exaggerated the motion, making it almost a gyration of her hips. As her breasts dipped, the men collectively leaned forward trying to get a glimpse down that low-cut top. Mikela sauntered around the room this way, teasing the men as she passed by each of them. The music slowed for a moment and her lower body came still near the front bank of steps where Max sat surrounded by C.J. and Peter. Mikela brought the flowers to her mouth and then leaned in toward Max before giving her hands a quick toss in the air, sending the petals showering down on the three men. An chuckle of surprise and wonder filled the room.

Mikela brought her hands back into a flat-palmed prayer pose and brought them to her heart before opening her arms to the men and then leaned back before raising them into a sun salutation pose. The music picked back up again, and Mikela’s movements picked up steam to match them. She brought her hands back into the prayer pose again before reaching them up in an elaborate circle while she spun to face the opposite wall. She sat down into her hips slightly, exaggerating the curves in her cute butt for the men and then swayed her hips back and forth as she stepped from beylikdüzü escort side-to-side on her makeshift stage.

She made another elaborate swooping gesture through the air with her arms and then turned a quarter turn. Her body faced the side of the steps that only Tom sat on, but she turned her head toward Max and his neighbors and smiled at them. She held her hands in the prayer pose in front of her breasts again and seductively dipped her hips more like the belly dancers Max had seen perform in Atlanta than the traditional Indian dance she started with. Clearly, they were about to see the adaptations Mikela had added.

As she continued to sway her hips, she extended her left hand out toward Max and smiled seductively, waving her hand in almost a beckoning gesture. She reached her right hand toward the left shoulder of her sleeved halter top. She pulled it down and teased them with an exposed shoulder before pulling it back again. She turned her body to the right to face Ken and she repeated the shoulder tease with her right shoulder. This time, after she pulled the material back, she dropped her hands to the hem on her shirt and slowly lifted it from her upper abs until it sat just above her her still dark nipples. She let her nipples hold it in place and turned her face to look directly at Ken as she gyrated her abdominal section for him.

Mikela stepped back to the front of the room where she started, letting the halter top slip back down over her nipples but she certainly had the men’s attention. Back at the front of the room, she struck several evocative poses with her arms and made very specific statuesque gestures with her thumb and index fingers before she reached back to unsnap the back of the halter top. Max leaned forward in his seat and felt movement in his groin. The halter top slid off Mikela’s shoulders and arms and she rotated it around her head as she pulled it off, covering and uncovering her round almond breasts before letting it fall to the floor.

Bare chested, Mikela teased them with intricate belt on her hips. She unclasp it and held it outstretched in front of her waist, swaying her hips back and forth behind it. She spun around while holding it out in front of her and then seductively let it cascade to the floor, clanging as it fell. Mikela returned to the stutter step that she opened the dance with, strutting around the inside of the discussion pit and giving each man a close-up of her round breasts as they seductively rose and fell with her movements. She put a hand behind Peter’s head as she passed him, spun around into Max’s lap and briefly rotated her ass in his lap, grinding her butt cheeks in his lap through the fabric in her long flowing skirt.

After her lap around the room, giving each man an eyeful of her bare chest and stomach and a little flirty attention, she returned to the front of the room and turned her back to the men. She reached her hands down to her of her waist and then opened her arms, holding one side of her skirt in each hand. She lowered the skirt slightly, teased the top of her almond butt cheeks and the pulled it back up. As she pushed the fabric away from her body, though, it because translucent in the backlight from the front of the room and Max could see the entire outline of her butt cheeks and the line of the small gap between them.

She passed the fabric from one hand to the other as she turned around, using it to screen her lower body. When she faced the men again, Max could see the outline of the gap between her legs and a hint of her dark landing strip underneath. She didn’t allow him much of a look, though, sauntering seductively across the floor again until she was in the middle of the room,holding onto the only piece of clothing she had left. As the music seemed to climax, she held the skirt in place toward Max’s line on the steps and turned her hips to give Tom a preview of her nude form from the waist down. She twisted the other direction, shooting a smile and a wink to Ken as she sensually swayed her hips.

For a finale, she dropped the fabric completely just before she swung her feet back around into her opening position and threw her arms up into another statuesque pose like something you’d see at an Indian temple. Her hands were frozen in very specific gestures with her head turned up to the right and froze in place staring at the very specific gesture in her right hand while her left curled down behind her. Her round breasts were turned up toward the direction of her right hand and her right hip was turned open so they could see the inside of her soft thigh and her delicious brown labia folds tucked just underneath her curly black landing strip. The elaborate headdress put an ornamental exclamation point on the pose. She allowed them to take in her naked form there for half a minute, a living work of art before the men jumped to their feet to applaud her and step down into the pit to thank her for the dance.

“I’m glad you guys enjoyed this little warm up,” she said, “But, just wait, there’s more. Why don’t you follow me?”

Mikela bostancı escort led them out the door to the stairs and started to climb. Her brown butt cheeks bounced as she strode slowly up the steps. Ken fell in line and climbed behind her, followed by Tom, Pete, and C.J. Max fell in line at the end. He could feel the erection the dance had given him, especially the end, tapping the inside of his robe as he climbed. When he reached the top of the steps, he saw the line was turning right and passing through the living room. The house was quiet which led Max to wonder where the other women were and what they were doing.

“Wait here just a moment,” Mikela told them as they reached the door. Max watched as her naked body crossed through the streaks of artificial light that were cast through the windows by the outside lights. She returned from the kitchen a moment later with a platter full of brownies. “And we’re off,” she said, opening the large glass door to the back deck. Max followed her heartbreakingly adorable ass down the long edge of the pool and then she turned around to face the line as she reached the top of the deep end of the pool deck.

“Have a seat,” Mikela instructed as she indicated that the men should sit on the edge of the pool. She placed the plate of brownies on an end table next to a lounge chair and stood next to it while she waited. Ken and Tom had reached to top end of the pool, so they sat directly facing the house, flipping their robe bottoms out so that they weren’t sitting directly on them and letting their legs dip into the water below. C.J. seemed to want to avoid dirtying his robe altogether. He unwrapped the belt on his robe, and then slid it off his arms, revealing his thin tight muscles down his chest and lean ochre skin. He folded the robe over itself and then tossed it on a nearby chair.

“I think C.J. has the right idea. Why don’t the rest of you get comfortable,” Mikela urged them. “Plus, I deserve a little skin for what I just did for you.” Mikela collected the other men’s robes as they pulled them off and pretty soon all four men were sitting naked with their legs dangling into the pool with their flaccid penises resting on the deck or hanging over the edge.

“You know, we’re all friends here, can’t you guys scoot a little closer for me? That’s it,” she said as the men pushed in close enough to lean on each other if they had wanted but not so close that they were touching.

“That’s good. Is it ok if I just come over and give you a little shoulder rub, Ken?” Mikela asked.

“I’d love it,” he replied. Mikela slid over behind him. He was so tall, she hardly had to lean over to start kneading his chocolate colored shoulders.

“If it’s ok with you guys, I invited someone to join us,” she said with a wave of her hand toward the house. The glass back door opened and Grace walked out, her large belly protruding out the the front of her open robe.

“Look at our beautiful guest,” Mikela said as Grace stepped up to the pool deck. “Grace is a little bit limited in how much she can join our activities this week so we set up something special before she’s physically out of comission for a while.”

Grace continued to walk toward the pool. Just before walking into the ramp into the shallow end, she stopped. She pulled her robe the rest of the way open, revealing her swollen breasts like curtains being pulled back at a theater. Her large flared red areolas appeared from behind the fabric. Her nipples were large dark bullseyes in the middle. She pulled it all the way back and let it drop, revealing the rest of her full sloped breasts and the crimson bikini bottoms she was wearing underneath. She resumed her stroll into the water.

“Look at how beautiful her breasts look, all swollen and full,” Mikela continued to narrate. “She’s glowing in this moonlight.

As Grace reached the point in the water where it had risen to the middle of her belly, she dipped her hands into the water and let it cascade down over her breasts.

“You know, Grace told me how badly her hormones have been raging lately. She said she saw something like this in a porno and she couldn’t wait to give it a spin. I bet she’d love it if you showed her some appreciation. Come on boys, I know you can get harder than that,” Mikela ordered them. With that, Ken reached down between his legs and started slowly stroking his already semi-erect black penis outward toward the pool. As it started to rise in his hand, Mikela started to drift between the men. “Be careful, Tom, I don’t want you to finish before you get your reward,” As she reached C.J., she smiled and pecked him on the lips as he looked up at her. “Eyes on prize,” she told him, as she turned his head back toward Grace who was now closing in on Ken’s position on the edge of the pool.

“Come on Maxie, get it hard for us. Just at those big beautiful breasts. It’ll be a long time before you get to see a live show like this again,” she told Max as she wrapped an arm around his chest. “That’s good,” she told him as she noticed his progress.

As çapa escort Grace arrived at the mens’ end of the pool, she reached out to Ken with her right hand and slowly replaced his hand with her own. She lowered her hand into the water for a second to splash water onto the shaft for lubrication and continued stroking while she kissed him on his chest and then his stomach. Finally, she worked her mouth down to the head of her husband’s cock and shifted her palm to his large smooth balls while she worked her lips up and down his shaft in full view of the other men. She brought her left hand up to the base of his shaft, using it to cover the distance she couldn’t cover with her mouth.

“I can see you’re in good hands,” Mikela told Max as she released her arm from around his chest and he watched her from his periphery as she walked away toward the back of the house. He turned his head for a second to get one more view of that ornate headpiece and her ass cheeks popping up and down as she walked away.

Turning his head back to observe Grace in action, he saw she was reaching over to Tom now with her left hand. She slowly pulled her mouth off of Ken’s large erection, letting his foreskin fall back into place, and smiled up at him before moving over to center herself inside Tom’s legs.

“Hi Tommy,” she greeted him softly and then dipped her body down into the water and extended her tongue to the base of his shaft and slowly slid up up to the bottom of the head of his cock. When she reached the top, she opened her mouth and plunged her face down his shaft. Max’s vantage was a little obscured from this angle but it looked like she had deep throated his entire cock. Tom threw his head back in appreciation and closed his eyes. Grace worked her mouth up and down Tom’s shaft for another minute and then moved to service Peter, who was tucked into the corner. Max could only see Grace’s back from this angle but he felt a hot flash as he watched her reach her left arm up to her own breasts to play with her nipples.

“I’ll be back,” she promised Peter as she finished with him for the moment. As Grace turned toward C.J., Max could see a combination of pre-cum and saliva starting to accumulate on the side of her lips and on her chin. She dove straight into C.J.’s cock, bracing her right hand on the base of the shaft and pressing her mouth straight down to swallow his whole cock in one motion. She bobbed aggressively on his penis and then pulled back, leaving a long strand of saliva and pre-cum dangling between her lips and the tip of his cock.

Grace wiped the strand from her lips and then looked over and up at Max. It was finally his turn. Max stopped stroking his own cock and it throbbed with the beating of his pulse. She smiled up at Max and started teasing his upper groin with her fingertips before sliding her fingers up the shaft of his cock. She grabbed hold and started stroking his penis rather aggressively as she moved her giant breasts up close and rested them up against his balls. She used her mouth to suck on the top of his shaft while she held the bottom of the head in her fingertips and then slid her right hand up and down, using her saliva as a lubricant. As Max watched, she kept using her left hand to pleasure his cock while she reached back over to C.J. with her right hand. She stroked both of them in synchronized movements and there was something incredibly pleasurable about the voyeuristic act of watching her give C.J. a hand job while she was stroking Max’s shaft at the same time.

He thought back to this morning when he was watching Sharon giving Peter head and then later when Carla slowly rolled that condom down Ken’s penis. He wondered if he’d get the chance to see Carla going down on another man before they left. That thought nearly made him cum. Grace must have felt something at that moment because she backed off his penis with a small “Oooh.”

Grace dipped herself fully into the water and then re-emerged before she treaded back toward Ken. Max could see the water glistening on her pale shoulders and flush full breasts in the moonlight. She started the the cycle over again, but this time she had a request.

“I want you to show everyone how much cum you can give me. Can you do that for me baby?” She pleaded with her husband as she started stroking his cock with her right hand and sucking on the head with her mouth. “Cum on my mouth.” she ordered him as she lowered her mouth under his long stiff penis and started stroking harder and harder. Max had completely stopped touching himself, fearing he’d finish before she made her way back to him.

Finally, the opening of Ken’s penis split open as it shot a thick wad of cum onto Grace’s lips and then down the front of her neck.

“Oh, my,” Max her a familiar voice say as Grace started sucking the remaining cum out of Ken’s cock. With all the attention on Grace, Max hadn’t noticed Mikela re-enter the pool deck. She leaned on Max’s right shoulder with her left hand. Just feeling her next to him while he watched Grace start to finish off Tom nearly sent him to orgasm. Grace slid her hand rapidly up and down Tom’s penis and then positioned her face next to his shaft while he used his own hand to finish the job. His penis looked like a volcano eruption as the cum sprayed up into the air and some of it stuck to the side of Grace’s face while some landed in the pool and on the deck.

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