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Ball Sucking

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission. ©2016-2020 Kewl Dad.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
New friends

Chapter 44

The night of the talent show, everyone showed up early at the Reynolds house to get in some last minute rehearsing before carpooling to the Performing Arts Center at the high school. 

The PAC, as they called it, had been built the  previous year, partly with donations from local businesses and the public in general, including a rather large anonymous donation from the band.  Despite the record companies objections that the donation was worth a fortune in PR, the group steadfastly refused to benefit from what they considered to be, the right thing to do.  

The PAC was a beautiful venue, seating almost a thousand, with state of the art lighting and sound, and when the school wasn”t using it, it was available for local concert and productions.

It was actually paying for itself now and while the school district oversaw the day to day operation of the PAC, it took up very little of their time and energy since students did most of the actual work involved in putting on the various productions. In fact the PAC was actually used as learning experience for students interested in theater, lighting, or other aspects of staging a production.

Around 6 the group loaded up and headed to the PAC, and once there they checked to make sure their instruments were set up and ran a sound check before being satisfied that they were ready.

The contest was set to begin at 7:30, and there were six acts competing that night, with award for first, second, and third place. The band had actually paid for the prizes, anonymously of course, and included cash and prizes worth over a thousand dollars all together.

Jaden joked that they were the only band who had to pay to perform, but everyone agreed that it was well worth it just get to play in front of an audience again, even if it was only a high school audience.

Little did they know, that once the word had gotten out that the group would be performing that night, the tickets had sold out in just a few days. It was a good thing that the student body had got their tickets early, because there was not a single seat empty the night of the show.

Aidan was acting as Master of Ceremonies and received a warm welcome as he stepped up to the mic.

“Good evening everyone. In case you don”t know me, I”m Aidan Reynolds…” he had to wait while the crowd applauded and cheered, then he held up his hands in an effort to calm them before going on, “And I”m in a little band called Alternate Love…” more cheering, more applauding.

“A little later me and the band are going to do a few numbers for you,” more noise, “but the real stars here tonight are the talented young men and women who you”ll be seeing perform in just a few minutes.”

“If you will direct your attention to the table we”ve set up in front of the stage, I will now introduce our distinguished panel of judges, Principal Walton, Vice Principal Lewis, Mr. Boyd, the head of the drama department, Mrs. Kelly from the vocal department, and our guest celebrity judge, our agent…Henry Miller.”

After a hearty round of applause, Aidan went on to explain how the judging would be done, what the prizes were, and then thanked everyone once again for attending, then introduced the first act, a email vocalist, name Lidia Swan.

Lidia was one of those students who came in below the radar for the most part, and the students were shocked that such a talented young girl walked the halls among them and they had never noticed her. Of course that was partly because she chose to keep a low profile for reasons best left unspoken. Besides being a bit goth, she was also a lesbian, with a girlfriend who attended a private school nearby. Her name was Helen Chapman, and she applauded and cheered the loudest when Lidia have finished her performance, and led the crowd in a standing ovation for the young singer.

After taking a bow, all the while staring directly into her lover”s eyes she waited on stage for Aidan to come back out.

“Oh man,” Aidan said, genuinely impressed with the girl”s performance, “Henry,  I hope you”re planning on talking to this girl after the show is over,” he chuckled, “I think you”ve found your next super star. Seriously, that was amazing Lidia and if you ever want to set in on one of our sessions, just let me know. We could use some female vocals from time to time. Everyone here seems to agree with me, right?” Aidan said, prompting the audience to begin clapping and shouting again. “Judges, remember this young lady when you vote. Ladies and gentleman a last round of applause for Lidia Swan.”

The next act was a magic act by a boy named Winston Stark, and though he did have one or two pretty good tricks, the act fell flat toward the end. Winston got a polite round of applause, but it was obvious he wasn”t going to be in the running for any of the prizes.

Next, was a boy band called Innocent Victims, a grunge rock band, and though they weren”t bad for a garage band, they wouldn”t be signing and record contracts any time soon.

The show went on, with act after act displaying their talents, but so far no one had come even close to the performance Lidia had given. Then the last act of the evening changed all that.

His name was Matt Kelso, and he was a dark haired, teen with brooding eyes, and voice so mellow and with such range that it defied logic. To hear him sing was more of a religious experience than anything, and even the most hardcore of the teenage audience gave him their rapt attention.

The song he performed was an original piece, and he accompanied himself on an acoustic guitar as he sometimes belted out the lyrics, then went into a soft almost whisper of a voice that caused goose bumps up and down the listener”s body. 

The song was about a boy who was different, shunned, bullied, but at first the listener doesn”t know why, then slowly Matt revealed through his lyrics that the boy was gay, an outsider, misunderstood both at home and at school. Then in the final lines of the song he spells out how the boy can take no more and ends his life. It”s a sad song, but with a strong message that left the audience stunned and in tears, and yet when the final note rang out, they were on their feet wiping tears as they applauded and yelled their approval. And another star was born.

When Aidan came on stage, he too was wiping tears, and instead of shaking Matt”s hand, he pulled him into a hug, which Matt easily accepted.

“Thank you Matt,” Aidan said once he”d gained control, “that was not only a beautiful and stirring song, but a very real an important message was relayed through it. Yes, there are kids right here among you tonight, who feel the same way the boy in this song feels, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they don”t wind up ending their life because we didn”t care enough to help them. I beg you, if you know someone like this, or you have suspicions that someone needs help, either reach out to them or find someone who will. And for those of you who feel lost, alone, misunderstood, bullied, our harassed for any reason, please know that there are people who care. Our own GSA here a school is a safe and welcoming place for everyone, not just those with sexual issues, but everyone. We have a variety of kids there, and anyone of them would be happy to help you through whatever your issues are. We have a website set up for our GSA, and the web address is posted on the bulletin board outside the offices, and in the common area. If you”d like to put it in your phone or whatever the address is: www.4yourgsake.edu.”

The judging had been comparing notes all during the competition and while they made their final decisions, Aidan and the band set up and performed three songs, and when they were ready to begin that final song, one of their standards, they invited Lidia an Matt on stage to sing along. It turned out to be the smash hit of the show and had the crowd on their feet clapping and singing along. The group drew the song out for two more stanzas and even had Zak do a drug solo before finishing the song with a long instrumental session.

When the last note died out the crowd went wild and demanded an encore, but they had already ran over their allotted time, and Aidan reminded them they still had the prizes to award, and they finally settled down.

It was a difficult choice between first and second place, since both Lidia and Matt were both so talented, but third place was an easy choice, a girl named Mandy Lewis who had done a spirited dance routine that had left the audience speechless.

“Judges, have you made you decisions?” Aidan asked once he had the audience settle down once more.

The judges nodded their agreement and a runner took the sealed envelopes from the Principal and handed it to Aidan.

“This is pretty exciting,” Aidan said, “before I make the announcements, let bring all our contestant back on stage and I”ll introduce each one again just to refresh you memories.”

The contestants waited nervously for their names to be called then stepped forward and bowed, received a spattering of applause, then stepped back. But when Lidia and Matt were introduced, the applause level went up appreciatively. It was no doubt who the audience favored, and Aidan was pretty sure the judges felt the same way too.

“Third place prize and 100 dollars goes to…” Aidan opened the envelope and his eyes flicked open wide, “Mandy Lewis!” 

Many stepped forward, excited and near tears as Aidan awarded her the trophy and the envelope holding a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

Congratulations Mandy, that was an amazing dance routine you gave us this evening.”

Mandy wasn”t much for words, but she did manage to thank everyone, and even gave Aidan a hug and a kiss on the cheek which caused her to blush bright red and erupt in giggles as he resumed her place by the others.

“Wow, thanks Mandy, kisses from pretty girls are just one of the many perks of my job,” Aidan laughed, and the audience joined in.

“I am told by our judges that first and second place awards were very difficult decisions to make, not because there was a lack of talent, but because two individuals stood out, and in their eyes both deserved to wind first place. However, since only one person could win, they were forced to make a decision.”

“So, I”ll announce our second place winner next.” Opening the envelope, Aidan raised an eyebrow. Though he couldn”t really argue with the judges decision, he thought he might have gone the other way on this one.”

“Our second place winner and 750 dollars cash goes to….Matt Kelso!” the applause was loud and the roar of approval was obvious, but he could still sense that some of the audience agreed with him and that Matt should have won first prize.

“Congratulations Matt,” Aidan said handing the boy his trophy and cash, “remember, Matt it was a very close call, and it could have gone ether way. Regardless, I see big things ahead for you Matt, and later I”d like to talk to you about your song and possibly a collaboration on some songs.”

Matt seemed happy to have won second place, and he already had plans for his prize money. His little brother needed a new phone since his had quit working, and he was going to buy him a nice smart phone to replace his flip phone. Any money left over would go into the pursuit of his dream, to someday be a professional musician.

“Thank you everyone,” Matt said holding up the trophy, “this is awesome…and I want to thank everyone for your support, my mom…my little brother Jordan, and my music teacher Mrs. Kelley, who never gave up on me.”

“Well, I”m sure we haven”t seen the last of you Matt. We”ll all be expecting big things of you now. Next year, it will be you the crowd is asking for autographs,” Aidan laughed.

“All right, next is the award for First Prize and a cash award of 1000 dollars. The winner, as I”ve said was tied neck in neck with Matt for first place, but in the end our judges decided that this person was just a little bit more deserving of the award. So, without further ado, I give you our first prize winner….Lidia Swan.”

No one seemed surprised that Lidia was the person accepting the prize for first place. Since Matt had won second place, it was pretty obvious that Lidia would be the judges choice for first place. However, the fact that they knew who to expect as winner didn”t dampen their enthusiasm as they cheered for her as she accepted her award.

“OH, gosh….I”m shaking,” she said nervously, “I never expected this…I mean…there were so many talented people here tonight, and truthfully I thought Matt had this trophy won hands down. Thank you so much, everyone, especially the judges, and the teachers, and staff who worked so hard to put this show on, and Aidan for doing such a great job of MCing and of course Alternate Love for performing. You guys are an inspiration to us who are struggling to follow our dreams in music. Thanks mom and dad, Carey, my little sister, and…Helen Chapman, the love of my life. Without her I couldn”t go on living, she makes everyday like Christmas to me,” she said surprising and delighting her girlfriend, who had been encouraging Lidia to come out publicly for a while now.

The applause was thunderous, then Helen rushed onto stage and took her side by here girlfriend and they hugged and kissed, causing more applause, catcalls, and lewd comments, but they were all in good nature. It was a happy time for them, and the level of acceptance that Lidia saw from her classmates made her smile.

After the program, the band met at a local restaurant and had a late meal while discussing the evenings events. Everyone was hyped about Lidia and Matt”s performances and it acted as a catalyst for their own musical pursuits. Aidan was serious when he said he wanted to collaborate with Matt on a new song, and Jeremy already had a song in mind to showcase Lidia”s talents if she agreed to sing with the band.

It was a good time for all, but again Jimmy was reminded that when it came to the music, he had little in common with the band, or most importantly his boyfriend Jaden. Sure he liked music, and his musical tastes mostly agreed with Jaden”s, but the difference was, Jaden made music, and Jimmy just enjoyed it.

“You okay babe?” Jaden asked when he saw the far away look in Jimmy”s eyes.

“Yeah, just tired I guess,” Jimmy said smiling.

“Yeah, me too. Too bad we have school tomorrow or we could shack up at my place and snooze together…after some lovin”…” he chuckled.

“Friday night for sure,” Jimmy said, stifling a yawn.

“Ready to go love?” Jaden said snaking an arm around his lover.

“When you are, I”m in no hurry. I know you guys got plans to make.”

“They do maybe, I just do what they say,” Jaden chuckled, “come on let”s go, maybe we can stop along the way somewhere and make out a little.”

Jimmy smiled, no matter how bad he felt , Jaden could always find a way to cheer him up. God, he loved that boy so much, and things were so much better now between them, but he still got depressed at times and needed Jaden to pull him out of it.

Jaden sensed Jimmy”s funk and knew him well enough to know what it was about, and what he needed. Finding a secluded spot wasn”t difficult at this hour of the night, and soon they were in the parking lot of the park near their house. Only one other car sat in the lot, but it was too far away for them to see if it was empty or occupied. It was possible some other couple might have the same idea they had, but they didn”t bother to find out.

Instead, Jaden leaned across the console and began kissing his lover deeply as his hands roamed Jimmy”s body. Sometimes he wished his car didn”t have a center console, but if things got too hot and  heavy, he figured they could go for a walk and find a nice dark place to make out.

Jimmy responded eagerly to Jaden”s advances, and pretty soon both boys were panting and sporting erections.

“God, you get me so hot and bothered,” Jimmy gasped between kisses.

“I need a bigger car,” Jaden teased, or a van we can lay down in.”

“Mmm…yeah…I wish.”

“Come on, let”s go find a nice tree to hide behind,” Jaden said, making up his mind at last.

“Okay, but if we get caught…”

“I can see it now, local celebrity teens caught naked in public park, film at 11,” he chuckled.

“With our good parts blurred out,” Jimmy giggled.

“Yeah, a big blur for both of us…” Jaden laughed.

They didn”t have to go far to find a dark secluded spot and they picked up right where they had left off. Before long, Jaden had Jimmy”s shirt  unbuttoned and was nibbling on his erect nipples and kissing his smooth chest and stomach.

Jimmy moaned lowly as Jaden slid lower, and after unbuttoning Jimmy”s pants, Jaden freed his hard cock and attacked it with his tongue and lips.

“Oh shit,” Jimmy gasped, “that feels so good.”

Jaden was unable to reply since he had 6 plus inches of teen cock in his mouth, but the sounds he was making said he was enjoying it too. In fact he sounded like a hungry man gobbling down his first meal in weeks, and it was hard to tell who was enjoying it more, him or Jimmy.

“I”m close,” Jimmy gasped after a while, “let me do you now.”

“In a minute, first I want to taste that creamy spunk of yours,” Jaden said, coming up just long enough to speak.

Jimmy gave in easily, he was too far gone at this point to protest much anyway, and a few minutes later he was grabbing onto Jaden”s head and thrusting into his wet, hot mouth, and seconds later he exploded in an almost violent orgasm. Jimmy”s knees went weak and he saw stars as his orgasm washed over him, radiating from his middle then upward and outward, till it seemed like all parts of his body were involved. It was the kind of orgasm that just kept on and on and Jimmy shook as if he were being electrocuted as the feeling overtook him.

“Good one, huh?” Jaden chuckled when Jimmy had finally come down form his orgasmic high.

“Ugh…” Jimmy moaned, “I know why the French call orgasms the little death now, it”s like going to Heaven when you do that to me.

“My pleasure love,” Jaden said, leaning in to kiss Jimmy wetly on the mouth, sharing Jimmy”s taste with him.

“Now you,” Jimmy said grabbing Jaden and pushing his back against the tree he”d been leaning against.

Jaden was putty in his hands as Jimmy dropped to his knees and in one swift motion pulled down his pants and underwear. When Jimmy”s warm wet mouth took him inside, Jaden sighed contentedly and began running his fingers through Jimmy”s soft hair. God, he loved this boy kneeling before him, and he hoped that love never faded. His heart was filled with such emotion at that moment that he felt tears well up in his eyes. They were tears of joy however, and nothing had ever seemed so right as it did at that moment.

Jimmy was experiencing some emotions of  his own at that moment, lust being at the forefront of them, but he too felt the love and devotion that Jaden felt, and it made this simple act of love so much better for both of them.

When Jaden finally cried out and began to come in Jimmy”s mouth, his tears fell at last, and emotions overwhelmed him to the point that he was shaking visibly. When Jimmy finally rose and saw the tears in his lover”s eye he was concerned at first, but when Jaden pulled him in for a deep kiss he  understood completely.

“I…I just love you sooo much,” Jaden sobbed, “please say you”ll….you”ll never leave me.”

“Shhh…I never will,” Jimmy said soothingly, a few of his tears mingling with Jaden”s now, “There was a time when I wasn”t so sure of that, but now…now, I know that we belong together and the only way you”re ever going to get rid of me is to send me away.”

“Then never…” Jaden sniffed, “I love you more today than I did yesterday, and tomorrow I”ll love you even more.”

“I feel the same way,” Jimmy said, wrapping Jaden up in a hug and kissing him deeply.

Eventually they pulled up their pants and walked back to the car hand in hand. The other car was gone now and they were surrounded by an eerie quiet. There was a slight breeze wafting across their skin, cooling them from their earlier exertions, and they were in especially good spirits.

“What would your mom said if you spent the night?” Jaden asked suddenly.

“Hmm…tempting, but I really don”t want to deal with her right now. Next year, we”ll be going away to college and we”ll be living together and probably get sick of each other,” Jimmy laughed, “but for now, I think being apart a little makes us more eager to get together.”

“Aww…okay,” Jaden said, pushing Jimmy against the car and kissing him deeply.

Eventually they separated and got back in Jaden”s Mustang, but Jaden drove slowly to Jimmy”s house, holding his lovers hand the whole way. Being the gentleman that he was, Jaden walked Jimmy to his front door and embraced him and gave him another deep kiss before waving goodbye and heading back to his car.

“Tomorrow I”m driving, remember?” Jimmy reminded Jaden, “I”ll pick you up at 7:30.

“I”ll be there lover,” Jaden said blowing Jimmy one last kiss.

Jimmy returned the kiss then went inside and up to his room. He supposed his mom and step dad were already asleep and he glanced at his phone to see it was after midnight. Yikes, he thought, an hour past curfew, but if his mom said anything he was sure he could convince her it was because the program ran over or whatever. As it turned out they never had that conversation, and his mother seemed unaware or at least unconcerned by his lateness.


From the window of his Hotel room in downtown Dallas, Texas, the handsome German boy stared out at the skyline and collected his thoughts. He was accompanying his father on a business trip, but as always he found himself with plenty of free time, and boredom soon set in.

His father was an important man, as head of Townsend Holdings, he was perhaps one of the most powerful men in Germany, if not Europe, but Lars didn”t really care about istanbul travesti all that wealth and power. Lars would have been just as happy to have had a working class father, perhaps one who would have spent time with him as a boy and taught him simple things like how to toss a ball around. Instead he”d been raised by Nannies and housekeepers and the only male influences in his life had been hired help. 

Oh there were a few cousins, Jeffrey in particular, who was four years older than Lars and had taught him everything he needed to know about sex, well gay sex anyway. Because Jeffrey was decidedly gay, and his interest in teaching Lars all about sex had been selfish on his part to say the least. He”d taken Lars” cherry when the boy was 12, and Jeffrey 16, and after that they had had a sort of an affair until Jeffery moved away to attend University a year later.

Lars had missed the sex, and though he loved Jeffrey, he wasn”t in love with him, but he soon discovered that he was not the only boy at school who liked gay sex. His first conquest was a shy little boy named Herman, who wore big glasses and stuttered when he got nervous.

As luck would have it, Herman was Lars new roommate that year at the all boys school Lars attended, and it didn”t take Lars long to seduce him. It had all started quite simply. Herman, who was horribly shy and modest, would go to the bathroom to change if Lars was anywhere about, however, he never seemed to mind when Lars changed right there in the room in front of him.

In fact, Lars noted that Herman seemed to be watching him covertly every chance he got, and one night he decided to test Herman and see just how far he could push him.

Stripping down to his underwear he gathered his things up for his nightly shower, then sat down on his bed suddenly spreading his legs wide. The crimson tint of Herman”s cheeks increased as Herman unabashedly stared at Lars crotch seemingly unaware of what he was doing.

“Are you perving on me then?” Lars chuckled.

“N….oooooo…” Herman stuttered, his eyes jerking away from the object of his attention and to Lars face where he stared at him in horror of being caught.

“It”s okay if you were,” Lars said smiling, “but it”s rather unfair you know? I”ve never gotten to see you in your underwear. You always run to the bathroom and wear your pajamas to bed.”

“I…I… was taught to be proper, that”s all,” the boy stuttered.

“There”s proper for adults, then there”s proper for your mates. Mates don”t care about being proper and wearing pajamas and all. Do you ever see me wear them?”

The boy shook his head, and stared straight at Lars, blushing even brighter red.

“Well, then…take off those pajamas and lets get a good look,” Lars commanded as he got up from his bed and walked over to where Herman sat frozen to his bed.

“I…shou…shou…shouldn”t,” the boy stuttered.

“Oh come on mate, it”s just us two and the door is locked. No need to be shy around me. We”re friends, right, and roomies?…we don”t have any secrets.”

Herman licked his lips nervously, and though he still wasn”t sure about all this, he began to unbutton his pajama top as Lars smiled his approval. When it came time to remove his bottoms however, Herman paused, looking panicky, and Lars stepped in to help.

“Now then, relax,” Lars said as he lowered the boy”s pajama pants to discover the boy was already quite hard, “Aw, you little tease, look at that pecker, it”s hard as a stick of wood,” Lars laughed, causing Herman to blush even deeper.

“I…I…I”m…so..so…sorry,” Herman apologized.

“No need to apologize, I think it”s wicked fun that you”re all boned up for me,” Lars said, reaching down and grabbing Herman”s stiffness.

“Ohhhh,” Herman moaned, closing his eyes and just letting go. Whatever happened wasn”t his fault, right? Lars was in control, and he was an innocent victim. Or was he? He”d had these feelings for other boys for a long time, but until now no one had ever acted the least bit interested in him in that way. In fact most other boys called him names, like faggot or queer, and bullied him, knocking his books from his arms or tripping him, and in PE they would hide his clothes so he had nothing to put back on after his shower.

“Do you like that?” Lars whispered as he moved in and nuzzled Herman”s ear, causing him to shiver.

Unsure of his voice, Herman nodded his approval vigorously, and in a rare moment of passion he leaned in and kissed Lars quickly on the lips.

“That”s it,” Lars chuckled, “kiss me Hermie, kiss me  hard while I wank you off.” he whispered, moving closer and engaging Herman in a deep toe-curling kiss as he reached into Herman”s  underpants and began masturbating him in earnest.

Herman got into the kiss rather quickly, and the feeling Lars was giving him down below was causing him to feel faint. Sure, he”d done his share of wanking, but up until now it had always been his own hand bringing him pleasure, and this new sensation was almost more than he could stand. He was dangerously close to exploding, but Lars kept kissing him and he couldn”t pull away long enough to warn him.

Fortunately, Lars wasn”t about to let Herman bust his nut and make a mess. Without breaking the kiss, Lars pushed Herman onto his back and somehow managed to strip off both their underwear before climbing on top of Herman and pressing his much larger dripping cock against the smaller boy.

“Oh Herman, you”re so fucking hot,” Lars said nibbling at Herman”s lips. 

Then moving a bit lower, he nuzzled the boy”s neck, then began moving downward kissing and licking and sucking his way down to Herman”s 4.5 inches of uncut cock. Looking up at Herman and smiling mischievously, Lars began to lick the boy”s stiffness, causing him to cry out and shake as if he were being electrocuted.

“Ca…ca…careful,” Herman gasped.

“Don”t worry mate, I won”t waste it,” Lars said, then swallowing Herman into is hot wet mouth, he began to felate him with enthusiasm.

Herman screamed out in surprise and pleasure as he instinctively thrust up, trying to force more of his cock into Lars greedy mouth, but he was already buried to the hilt. It only took a couple more thrusts into Lars” hot wet vacuum of a mouth to trip Herman”s trigger, and he literally exploded, filling Lars” mouth with a week”s worth of teenage spunk.

Herman, who had just experienced his first orgasm at someone else”s hand (or in this case mouth) was too caught up in his own feelings to really process what had just happened, but when the orgasm began to dull to a slight tingle, he finally realized what he”d just done.

“I…I…I”m so…so sorry….I…di..di..didn”t mean to to to…”

“Shhh…I wanted that spunk, mate. You taste good, like tapioca pudding,” Lars teased, “Did you enjoy your first blow job mate?”

“Yes,” Herman said without stuttering this time, and that caused both boys to laugh.

“Well, it won”t be your last,” Lars said, moving up to kiss the boy and allowing him to taste his own spunk on his lips.

At first Herman hesitated, but decided it would be rude to refuse Lars” kiss after the pleasure he had just given him, and he relented. Herman was surprised to find that Lars was right, his spunk did taste good, especially mixed with Lars” spit, and he returned the kiss eagerly.

“Now, my turn,” Lars said finally, giving Herman a wink, “this will be a night of firsts for you mate. First your first kiss, then your first blow job, and now…your first buggering.”

“Wha wha…what?” Herman said in horror, “You…ca can can”t me me mean…”

“Oh yes, I mean I am going to take your cherry tonight Hermie, and then I will fuck you anytime I feel like it. Is that okay with you Hermie?” Lars smirked.

“Wi wi will it…hu hu hurt?”

“Nah, not much. A little at first…but you”ll learn to love it after that…”

It hurt more than Lars had promised, but somehow Herman managed to take Lars 6 inches of hard uncut meat that first time without dying, though at times he fared he might. In fact, other than a sore bum for a few days, Herman suffered no ill effects, for Lars cousin had taught him well in the art of deflowering virgin boys.

By the weekend, Lars was fucking Herman regularly and sucking the boy off in return, and they were both content with the arrangement. However, one thing Lars hadn”t counted on was Herman becoming romantically attached to him. For Lars it was all about the sex, but for Herman it meant much more. To Herman it was the greatest love affair of all time, and he felt that he belonged to Lars and Lars alone, and that someday they would moved in together and live happily ever after.

Once Lars realized what was going on he decided the only way to end Herman”s romantic aspirations was to introduce Herman to other sexual partners. While he was perfectly content with what he and Herman had, Lars was always on the lookout for sexual partners and had dallied with several other boys on various occasions. One of those boys was a dedicated top named Bruce, you loved to fuck, and though Lars preferred to be on top, he had traded fucks with Bruce in Bruce”s dorm room while his roommate watched them and wanked himself.

It was a Saturday night right after the evening meal when Herman was introduced to Bruce. He and Lars had been laying in bed kissing when there was a knock on the door, and Herman immediately panicked and scampered back to his bed. It was fortunate that neither boy had undressed yet, but both were sporting hardons, and Herman was quick to cover his up with his pillow.

“Relax Hermie, I”m expecting someone, he”s cool though.”

Herman watched with confusion as Lars opened the door, and when the tall athletic red haired boy walked in he couldn”t help but stare. He”d seen the boy around before, and though he”d never been one of the boys who bullied him, he”d seen him with that group, the jocks, and he knew he was big into all sports.

Herman, meet Bruce. Bruce this is my fuck toy, Herman,” Lars laughed, causing Herman to gasp at his boldness.

“Nice,” Bruce said eying Herman lewdly, “Well, let”s see that arse then,” he added, anxious to get down to business.

“Not so fast,” Lars chuckled, “we”ll get there, just slow down a bit, all right?”

So they started slow, talking, and eventually undressing down to their underwear. At first Herman was terrified, but despite his feelings for Lars, he had to admit that he was curious about Bruce”s body and was looking forward to seeing more of it.

“Go ahead mate,” Lars teased, “you can touch him if you”d like,” he said when he noticed how Herman was staring at the hunky boy next to him.

“Give me your hand,” Bruce said, speeding things along, and when Herman hesitated, Bruce reached down and grabbed it and pulled it to his chest, “feel my chest, that”s what a real man feels like. Do you like it?”

“Yes,” Herman said, his stutter long gone now. After he and Lars had begun having sex regularly, his confidence had improved, and with Lars protection, the bullies no long taunted him.

“Then feel me…all of me,” Bruce growled, moving Herman”s  hand to the huge lump in his underwear.

Herman gasped out loud when he felt how large Bruce was, and his butthole actually tingled with anticipation. Lars had taught him well, but he supposed he had always been a bottom boy, and the thought of having Bruce”s larger penis in his bum send waves of chills through him.

“Get it out,” Bruce commanded, and with shaky hands Herman proceeded to pull it from the fly. It was not that much longer than Lars” 6 incher, but it was fatter, and Herman let a soft moan escape from his lips as he thought about what it would feel like stretching his bum hole open wide.

“Suck it.”

That was something else Lars had taught Herman to do well, and he wasted no time dropping to his knees and worshiping Bruce”s fat uncut schlong. It was leaking pre copiously, and to Herman it tasted like honey as he lapped it up greedily.

“He”s a good cock gobbler,” Bruce moaned, “but I really need some ass. Are you up for that Hermie?” Bruce said lustily.

“Is it all right?” Herman asked, looking at Lars with pleading eyes.

“I don”t own you Hermie, and you don”t own me. Fuck him if you want. Have fun, and enjoy yourself.”

Bruce had removed his underwear now, and he was already starting to undress Herman, who stood eagerly, enjoying the attention. When he was down to his underpants, Bruce spun him around and slapped his ass smartly and drew in a breath, “Yesss, you have a  nice ass. I hope it”s as tight as Lars promised,” he laughed.

“Yes sir,” Herman assured him, “for your…um…penis…it will be very tight.”

Bruce practically ripped the last remaining garment from Herman”s shivering body and pushed him face down on the bed. Then dropping to his knees, he surprised both Herman and Lars by rimming the boy deeply and wetly.

Lars was most surprised, because he had never thought of Bruce as being the giving type, especially when it came to eating ass, but he seemed to be enjoying his feast. Herman”s ass.

When Herman was good and relaxed and wet, Herman stood and slathered his cock head with is pre and spit and positioned himself behind Herman. Then lifting his hips to just the right angle, he lined up his cock with Herman”s pink moist hole and pushed in slowly.

Herman moaned, not in pain, but in pleasure, and Lars almost felt jealous at that moment to see someone else enjoying Herman”s tight ass. Stroking his own cock the whole time, he watched as Bruce slowly and intimately fucked Herman as both moaned in pleasure.

“Damn, this ass is tight,” Bruce purred, “You”re a lucky man Lars.”

“Oh, I think your luck just improved as well, right Herman?” but Herman only moaned louder in reply, “I think from now on Hermie is gonna want that big old dick of your”s regularly.”

Bruce took his good slow time fucking Herman, pausing when he felt close, and half way through, he flipped Herman over, pushed his legs high and fucked him missionary style while kissing him deeply. Herman was in Heaven, and he now had a new love, Bruce.

After that Lars and Bruce shared Herman often, and eventually they brought another boy into the mix. That boy, Fredrick, was blond, blue eyed and also a bottom, and Lars and Bruce would take turns fucking them when they got together.

It had been at least 8 years since Lars had seen Herman or the other boys, but he still remembered  how they tasted, and how their skin felt beneath his. He guessed in a way he had loved them, but he”d never been able to fall in love and stick with one guy, not until now. It was unfortunate that the boy he”d fallen for was already attached and lived thousands of miles away, but here he was, only a few hundred miles from him and if everything went as planned, he”d soon have the boy of his dreams despite all that.

“Jimmy, my love. I know you”re out there…so close…I can almost feel your breath on me,” he whispered as he continued to stare out the window at the city beyond, “I am coming for you…soon.”


A few hundred miles away, Jaden was just waking up from a pleasant night”s sleep. He”d really enjoyed his night out with Jimmy, but then he enjoyed every minute he spent with his boyfriend, the love of his life. Sometimes it was hard to believe that he…Jaden Reynolds, big time stud and one of the most popular kids at school…could fall in love with a boy. Oh, sure he”d always loved the fooling around, that was pretty much inevitable though being a twin and having access to a beautiful sexy boy like Aidan. 

The playing around had been fun, but Aidan had begun to take it all too seriously and that was when Jaden decided he needed to redirect his brother”s love interest. Aidan was becoming too needy and dependent on him, and he”d begun to worry that Aidan might actually be in love with him. But eventually they”d worked things out and found Aidan someone else to love, but somewhere along the way, Jaden”s feelings had changed as well.

At first the was quite sure that the messing around with his brother and other boys was just a prerequisite to his future relationships with girls. But then he”d met Jimmy, well not so much met, as rediscovered the boy, and all bets were off.

He guessed it was possible to fall in love with a person and not be concerned what they had between their legs, and by that token he supposed he could fall in love with a girl just as easily. But the truth was, he”d fallen in love with a boy, with Jimmy, and as far as he was concerned, he”d found his one true love. Sometimes he worried that Jimmy didn”t feel the same way, and then he”d say or do something that would touch Jaden”s heart and make him realized all over again just how magical what they had was.

And to think that their parents were not only accepting, but supportive of their relationship, made things even sweeter. Yes, if ever there was a Fairy Tale romance, this was it, albeit a gay one.

Stretching and throwing his legs over the side of his bed, he glanced down at the tent in his boxers and sighed. He needed to pee badly, but that could wait a minute. First things first.

Grabbing his phone he texted Jimmy.

Jaden: Good morning lover boy..rise and shine 🙂

Jimmy: Ha, I been up for ten minutes. Wanna drop by the donut place on the way to school?

Jaden: Sounds like a plan. Let”s see…you”re picking me up, right?

Jimmy: Yes, be there in 20, is that good?

Jaden: Perfect. Till then…love ya.

Jimmy: Love you back, laterz

Jaden put his phone down and pounded off to the bathroom to relieve his aching bladder. As usual, Aidan was already up and dressed and downstairs, probably having breakfast with his mom.

After peeing, he showered and then got dressed, arriving downstairs about 15 minutes later. As predicted, Aidan was at the breakfast bar visiting with their mom and sipping a glass of SunnyD.

“Morning son,” Mrs. Reynolds said, “out kind of late last night, weren”t you?”

“Uh, well…sorry, but me and Jimmy went for a drive and we just lost track of time,” Jaden said blushing.

“Yes, I remember what young love is like,” she chuckled, “Would you like some breakfast?”

“Nah, we”re stopping for donuts. Jimmy should be here any minute.”

As if on cue, a beep beep of Jimmy”s horn caused Jaden to hurry upstairs to grab his backpack, and after kissing his mom goodbye and giving Aidan a fist bump, he was off. Jimmy greeted him with a smile and Jaden leaned across the seat and kissed him warmly.

“Good morning,” Jimmy said smiling, “you”re in a good mood.”

“I”m always in a good mood when I”m with my favorite boy.”

“Oh, who…Aidan?” Jimmy teased.

“Come here you, I”ll show you who”s my favorite boy,” Jaden said grabbing for Jimmy.

“Hey, I”m driving here. Don”t wanna wreck…” he chuckled.

“Aww…later then. I”ll lick the jelly off your mouth after you eat your donut.”

“How do you know I”ll get a jelly donut?”

“Cause you always do,” Jaden laughed, “they”re like your favorite.”

“Well…I might get a custard filled one this time.”

“Then I”ll lick the custard off,” Jaden laughed.

The donut place was only a five minute drive and on the way to school, and they arrived before Jimmy could respond. They went inside and place their order, and as predicted Jimmy ordered a jelly filled donut as well as a custard filled one. Jaden laughed, but didn”t say anything as he placed his order for a cinnamon roll and a chocolate glazed cruller.

In the car, Jimmy grinned at Jaden and pulled his donuts from the sack. Then still grinning, Jimmy proceeded to make a mess of his face as he ate the jelly donut.

Jaden watched with a big smile on his face and then burst into giggles, “Oh babe, you need a napkin.”

“I thought you were going to take care of the mess…”

“Oh, well…if you insist,” Jaden laughed as he leaned in and licked Jimmy”s face clean like a big friendly dog.

A couple coming out of the donut shop stopped long enough to confirm what they thought they were seeing, then laughed as they hurried off to their car.

“Jaden, people are staring,” Jimmy giggled.

“Let them, I don”t care. I can”t let my baby have a sticky face.”

“Ahhh…” Jimmy said, but he was giggling so hard it was hard to keep still. Besides, Jaden”s tongue was ticklish.

They finally made it to school a half hour later, and after grabbing their books they went off to separate classes. They passed Aidan and Zak in the hall, but there wasn”t time to do more than wave.

At lunch, the four went through the lunch line and grabbed whatever looked edible, then took their usual table by the window. These days they were joined by a few of their friends, but it varied from day to day depending on what the others had going on. 

Sometimes even Dee and Jeremy were absent, choosing to go off campus and grab a bite or eat outside where they could spend some alone time. It was a casual atmosphere at their table, and just as it had been when they were younger, a safe place for any kids who felt they needed it.

Today it was a boy named Ariel Christian. Ariel was a small built boy with long dark hair and big expressive eyes that reminded one of those Precious Moments kids. He was cute to the point of being feminine looking, and because of his looks he”d become a target of the few homophobic bullies roaming the halls.

“Hi,” he said in a voice so small it might have belonged to a mouse.

“Hi,” Aidan said, taking the lead, “I”m Aidan, that”s my brother Jaden, Jimmy next to him, and this is my boyfriend Zak,” he said finishing the introductions.

“I”m Ariel,” he said looking up, then dropping his eyes as if ashamed to have spoken at all, “Um…is it okay that I sit here?”

“Absolutely buddy,” Jaden said, jumping in next, “Everyone is welcome here. We”ve made friends over the  years just by making our table a safe and welcoming place for others, right guys?”

“Yeah,” everyone agreed, then the others introduced themselves to the new boy.

“Thanks,” the slender boy said, finally managing a smile, “I heard about you guys from a kid in Art class.”

“Ariel?” Jaden said, looking serious, “Has anyone been, um…messing with you our bullying you? Is that why you wanted to sit with us?”

“Uh, no…not really,” he said softly, then noticing everyone”s eyes were on him, he blushed, “Um…maybe a little. They…um, call me gay and stuff.”

“We don”t tolerate that stuff here,” Jaden said, “we”ve worked hard to make this a safe place for all kids, but every once in a while some jack ass decides to try kadıköy travesti the system. The faculty is 100% behind us. We got the GSA started here and we have almost a hundred members now. Straight, bi, gay…curious, we got all of them, and three adult sponsors so we can have meetings each week.”

“Um, how can I join?” Ariel asked looking interested.

“You”re in luck, our next meeting is tomorrow at 4 in the auditorium. We have such a large turnout that we had to move it there after the first  year. Why don”t you come with us?” Jaden suggested. 

“Yeah, what class do you have last period?” Aidan asked, and they made their plans to meet up.

After that, Ariel reverted back into himself and didn”t say much, but he did listen attentively to the others and he was beginning to feel comfortable with the group. He had brought his lunch but he didn”t seem very interested in his food. Maybe that was why he was so small, or maybe he was just nervous, but the boys were determined to make Ariel feel right at home at their table.

Over the years there had been many kids like Ariel, who were scared, alone, and vulnerable, and they had managed to help each one of them and help them fit in. Some of them still came to sit at the table occasionally, but as they”d spread their wings and flown, they”d made new friends and moved one to enjoy a full and happy life. It was just one of the many things the twins and their friends were proud of.

“Hey faggot,” a voice came from behind Ariel. Then a giggle, “I see you found the other faggots,” the boy sneered.

At first Jaden didn”t recognize the boy, but when he did his temper flared even higher.

“I thought you were in Juvie or something Haywood,” Jaden said looking as if he had stepped in something distasteful.

“Ha, good one. My old man is a lawyer, fat chance of that.”

“Do you want something Haywood, or did you just leave you cake to get some exercise?” Jaden laughed.

“I came looking for the faggot, he owes me money, and I need it for my lunch.”

“I told you I don”t have any….” but before Ariel could finish the boy had him by the shirt and was dragging him out of his chair. 

It only took Jaden a few seconds to react, and the others were right behind him. By the time they reached Brooks Haywood and Ariel they were six strong and ready for battle.

“Boys! What”s going on here?” Came a loud authoritative voice from behind them as Mr. Parker, the lunch room monitor of the day came rushing up.

“Nothing sir,” Haywood said letting go of Ariel and actually brushing off his shirt as if nothing had happened.

“Mr. Christian, are you all right?”

“Yessirr..” the smaller boy stuttered.

“Anyone care to tell me what”s going on here?”

“Brooks, why don”t you go first,” Jaden offered with a smirk.

“I was just joking around. You know? having some fun with…uh…Ariel, that”s all.”

“Mr. Christian, is this true or is there something you”d like to tell me?”

“Uh, no sir…I mean yes sir, everything is fine sir.”

“Well, I can”t do anything if you won”t tell me what”s going on. Anyone else wish to elaborate on what happened here.”

Jaden considered telling Mr. Parker everything, but Ariel”s pleading eyes said this was not the time or place, and he decided to see if they could work things out without getting the adults involved.

“I think it was just a misunderstanding,” Aidan said, jumping in. The faculty respected both twins, but Aidan was the more level-headed of the two and his word held a lot of influence with them.

“All right, but if I see anything like this again,” he said staring at Haywood, “I will haul everyone involved to the principal”s office to sort things out.” And with that he walked away and his attention soon turned to some rowdy teens at a table near the back.

“You got lucky,” Haywood sneered.

“No, I”d say you”re the one who got lucky,” Jaden said, staring the boy down, all 6 foot, 250 lbs of beef.

“Yeah, if I were you I”d stay clear of Ariel from now on,” Jimmy said. A former bully, he knew how a bully”s mind worked, and he knew just which buttons to push, “Ariel has our protection now, and I”m sure you know what that means,” he said making a threatening motion toward Haywood, and smiling with satisfaction when he backed up in defense.

“Losers,” the boy muttered as he walked away.

“Hey, Haywood,” Jaden said then, “If you need lunch money, just ask. You”d be surprised how many nice guys there are around here who”d be happy to share their lunch with you.”

Haywood stared at Jaden for a moment, more from shock than anger, but then he huffed off, retreating into himself once more.

“Wow, that was interesting,” Zak said grinning at Aidan, then to Ariel, “Um…Ariel we have fifth period together, you can hang with me there.”

“Oh, ummm…okay,” Ariel said blushing and then everyone sat back down and lunch continued with further incident.

That wasn”t the last time they saw Ariel, and in fact after that day he was a frequent guest at their table. It would take him a while to be completely comfortable with the group, but it was a start and outside of lunch, he and Zak were forming a friendship that would bond him to others eventually. They managed to persuade him to come to the GSA meeting that week, and though he didn”t make any commitment, he wound up coming most times there was a meeting.


“The weekend is coming up,” Jaden said slipping an arm around Jimmy in the car that Friday morning. 

“What”s up, you got plans for us?”

“Not really, but I was kinda thinking about having you sleep over Saturday, is that cool?”

“Oh, I don”t know, I”ll have to check my calendar,” Jimmy teased.

“Well, whatever else you have on that calendar, scratch it out, cause you”re busy that night, with me.”

“Yes sir,” Jimmy giggled, “There”s a good movie premiering this weekend at the Mall Cineplex, wanna go see it?”

“Sure, first we can go grab some eats, then a movie, then back to my place for some good lovin”,” he said running his hand up Jimmy”s inner thigh and smiling at the sudden stiffening he was causing between Jimmy”s legs.

“Mmm…I dreamed about you last night,” Jimmy said suddenly.

“Oh, was it sexy?” Jaden said, leaning in to kiss his boyfriend on the cheek.

“Yeah, but kind of disappointing. We were doing a 69, but before we came I woke up.”

“Argh, that sucks. Did you wake up a sticky mess?”

“How”d you know? I felt like I was 12 again, and having wet dreams again.”

At school they ran into Ariel in the hallway and he gave them a shy smile and a barely audible, hey.

“He”s so shy it”s cute,” Jimmy chuckled, “We need to find him a boyfriend.”

“Why us? Aidan”s better at that stuff.”

“Well, it can be a group effort I guess. Who do we know? Hmm…” Jimmy said watching Ariel retreat down the hall.

“Come on, we”ll be late lover boy. I”ll think about it, but most of the gay boys we know are either attached or just looking to hookup, and we sure don”t want to subject Ariel to the slutty ones,” Jaden laughed.

“Hmm…okay, well…there must be someone…”

Jimmy thought about it all morning and by lunch he was no closer to an answer, so he decided to enlist the aid of the others at the table. Today Jeremy and Dee were there, but Ariel had as yet show up by the time everyone else was seated.

Jimmy didn”t waste any time getting it out there once everyone was seated and Dee and Aidan hopped on board immediately.

“Brilliant minds,” Aidan chuckled, “I”ve been thinking the same thing, Jimmy. Poor Ariel needs someone to love. He”s just such a sweet person, he”d be a great boyfriend for some lucky guy.”

“But who?” Jaden sighed, “Everyone we know is either coupled or a real dick.”

“Well, there must be some gay kids that we don”t know about,” Dee suggested, how”s your gaydar, boys?” she chuckled, “not every gay boy is out you know or in GSA.”

“Well, there”s that new boy…Derrick or Daniel or whatever?” Jeremy offered.

“Huh? What new boy?” Jaden asked, wrinkling his brow.

“He”s in my 5th period with me. I think he”s from Nevada or something.”

“Wait, do you mean Dakota?” Zak said, jumping in suddenly, “He”s in 3rd period English with me. He”s from Nevada, but he”s not new. He was just sick when school started and had to take online classes till he got better. I think he has like some kind of cancer or something.”

“Wait, I know him,” Jaden said then, “he lives in our neighborhood next to the tennis courts on Kingston. It”s not cancer, it was some kind of kidney thing, but he got a transplant and now he”s fine.”

“Hmm…why do you think he”s gay, Jeremy?”

“I dunno, I”m no expert, but I notice things. Like how he watches the other boys and not the girls so much. I”ve even caught him staring at me a few times,” Jeremy chuckled.

“Well, I can see why,” Dee said leaning into her boyfriend, “but you”re all mine and you better not be giving him any encouragement,” she teased.

“Down girl,” Jaden laughed, “It”s not like you haven”t shared him a few times with us.”

“That”s different, we”re…well…family.”

“Oh, so it”s incest?” Jaden teased, causing Dee to blush.

“Oh, shut up,” she laughed, “You know what I mean.”

“But back to this boy, Dakota, what”s he like?” Aidan said sounding impatient.

“Well, he”s cute, about 5″8″ maybe 130, fit and athletic looking, nice tan, cute face, brown hair, green eyes,” Jeremy said causing Dee to give  him “the look”.

“What?” Jeremy said, noticing her stare.

“You seem to know an awful lot about this boy, even his eye color,” she chuckled.

“Well, I”m just an observant kind of guy, that”s all.”

“I”m surprised you don”t have a picture of him on your phone,” Jaden teased.

“Shut up, you”re not helping bro,” Jeremy sighed.

“Guys, concentrate here,” Aidan said rolling his eyes, “Dee, you know you can trust Jeremy, we all know it. Now then, any ideas how we can get this kid at our table just to see what happens?”

“I”d suggest I invite him, but Dee would probably think I had other ideas in mind,” Jeremy teased.

“Okay, okay…I”m sorry,” Dee said snuggling into Jeremy”s side, “Do what you have to do, get him here.”

“Even if I have to suck him off?” Jeremy teased, causing everyone to break up in laughter and the mood was lifted.

“Only if I get to watch,” she said when the laughing died down.

Ariel never did show up that day, but later, Zak saw him in class and he explained he”s had a paper due and spent his lunch break in the library working on it. Meanwhile Jeremy was preparing himself for his encounter with Dakota fifth period.

Jeremy wasn”t worried about Dee”s little outburst, in fact he was flattered that she cared enough about him to be jealous, even if she had nothing to worry about. Besides an occasion romp with the twins and their baes, always with Dee”s knowledge and approval, he had no interest in other boys. He wished he”s kept his mouth shut about Dakota, but he had to admit, the thought of hooking him and Ariel up gave him a warm feeling. Like the others, Jeremy had taken to Ariel quickly and only wanted the best for him. 

“Hey,” Jeremy said to Dakota, who by chance sat right next to him in class.

“Hi Jeremy,” the boy said smiling brightly.

Jeremy had to admit the boy was cute, and that smile…wow. “My friends and I were wondering if you”d found a lunch table yet. If not, we”d like to invite you to join us tomorrow.”

“Well, I usually just sit out in the common area, but sure…I guess I could do that. Uh, which table is it?”

“Oh, you”ll know,” Jeremy laughed, “Cause it will be the one with all the good looking guys and girls there. Seriously, right by the window, I”ll wave at ya when you com in.”

They didn”t have much time to talk after that, but Jeremy couldn”t help but notice Dakota giving him little glances out of the corner of his eye when he thought Jeremy wasn”t looking.

At the door, Jeremy reminded Dakota about lunch the next day and Dakota assured him he”d be there. Then with a big smile Dakota started off to his locker, leaving Jeremy to stare at his cute behind. The boy really was cute.

The next day at lunch everyone eagerly awaited Dakota”s arrival, and Aidan had made sure that Ariel was there as well. They hadn”t told Ariel about their visitor though, and tried to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary, but Ariel seemed to sense something was up anyway. 

“Hey Dakota, over here,” Jeremy called out as he stood to get the new boy”s attention.

Dakota greeted them with a shy smile, then made his way over carrying a bag of chips from the vending machine and a Gatorade. 

“We saved you a seat,” Jeremy said pointing to the empty seat by Ariel as planned.

“Hi,” Ariel said looking up and blushing, then he dropped his head back to his tray and blushed profusely.

“Dakota, that”s Ariel beside you,” Jeremy said, then proceeded to introduce all the other present that day. Their table mates varied for day to day, but the core group was always there together at this important time of day. It was a time to laugh and share and catch up on things in their busy lives and they all looked forward to it.

“So, how”s it going Dakota?” Jaden asked, trying to get the boy to open up some. How”s your health these days?”

“Fine actually, the transplant went better than they expected and I”m totally back to normal…for now.”

“You had a transplant?” Ariel said shyly, “Um, was it your heart?”

Dakota laughed, but it wasn”t a mean laugh, it was good a natured-laugh, and his eyes sparkled with mischief as he answered, “No, it was a bit lower, but no..not that,” he said laughing again, “It was my kidney. I was only born with one, and the other one gave out when I was 14. I was on dialysis for a long time till they finally found a donor. It”s such a relief not to have to rely on a machine to live.”

“I”m sorry,” Ariel said blushing, “that must”ve been awful.”

“Well, it wasn”t horrible, just inconvenient, but I got used to it after a while. It was better than the alternative,” he chuckled.

“Uh, what was the alternative?” Ariel asked meekly.

“Dying,” Dakota said grinning, and Ariel blushed even deeper.

“Sorry, I didn”t know…”

“Hey, it”s okay,” Dakota said, finally realizing that Ariel wasn”t as comfortable with his condition as the others seemed to be. “So, enough about me. Aren”t you in my Social Studies class third period?”

“Um, yeah,” Ariel said, sounding embarrassed to be called out on it.

“I thought so. So, you”re new, right? Where are you from?”

This was going even better than the others had hoped. Dakota seemed to have taken an interest in Ariel right away, even if Ariel seemed so shy he might faint at any minute.

Eventually Dakota realized he wasn”t going to get too much conversation out of the shy boy, and he turned his attention to the others. But even then Ariel seemed to be hanging on every word Dakota spoke, and he watched him out of the corner of his eye the whole time.

By the time the lunch period was over, the group had accomplished two things, they”d got to know Dakota better and maybe made a new friend, and they”d introduced Ariel to a possible boyfriend, if he could conquer his shyness that was.

Dakota had liked the others, and though he had a few friends, some he”d known since grade school, his long absence had put a lull in those friendships and he was anxious to make some new ones. He liked the kids at the table, and knew most by name and by reputation, all except the new kid, Ariel who he found intriguing, despite his shyness. If for not other reason, he decided, he”d come back to the table just to see him smile and blush. He had such a nice smile, and when he blushed he was sooo cute.

The rest of the week went by quickly, and by Friday Ariel had loosened up some around Dakota, but he was still red faced most of the time and that only made Dakota more attracted to him. He knew most of the guys at the table were gay or bi, and he assumed Ariel was too, but no one knew he was gay, and he wasn”t sure he was ready to come out just yet. Still, he could make friends with the boy and just see where it went. There was no pressure to be more, or do more than was needed. After all, this was their final year of  high school and there was no need to get into a serious relationship.

Dakota figured college would be the best place for that. Being gay in college was no big deal, and if he found a boyfriend there, he”d have time to pursue the relationship. Meanwhile, he had to admit, it would have been nice to find someone to help him relieve his sexual tension, but until if and when he did, his hand was more than up to the task.

“Things are moving along nicely, but I think we need to give those two a push,” Aidan said as he and Jaden sat on their beds in the room they shared talking that Friday after school.

“How so?” Jaden said, throwing his phone down. He”s been texting Jimmy, but he had to go do something with his mom and he was out of touch for the time being.

“Maybe a double date or something, but nothing too obvious. So far we”ve only seen them together at school, at lunch. I wonder what would happen if they had some alone time?”

“Well, we could invite them along on a group thing I guess. Us two and Jimmy and Zak. That way they might not get too suspicious.”

“Yeah, maybe to a movie, but we need some place more private afterwards. Any ideas?”

“Rent a motel?” Jaden laughed.

“Ha, like that wouldn”t be suspicious.”

“Yeah, too bad it”s too cold to go camping.”

“Wait, what did you say, camping?”

“Yeah, but it”s like really cold at night…”

“Yes, but…what if we had a cabin?”

“A cabin, but who”s gonna rent us a cabin…oh, yeah…I know what you have in mind. The cabin the record company leases for VIP”s when they come into town. But, are we VIP enough to get it?”

“What do you think, 100k in record sales this quarter alone, and remember we have Greg on our side and that give us Henry as well. I think we might be able to call in a favor,” Aidan said grinning.

“Go for it then, I”m up for some roughing it in a cabin in the woods. One with wi-fi, satellite TV, and all the amenities.”

“I”ll call Greg and get things going,” Aidan said grabbing his phone.

It took a week of hard negotiating, and even then Henry refused to go along unless all the parents involved knew the plan. Well, at least the twins and their bae”s parents, for they hadn”t exactly mentioned that there would be two new boys tagging along. If they got the cabin, they figured they would deal with that little detail later.

Finally, the cabin was booked for them the weekend almost a month after they”d introduced Ariel and Dakota. Dakota”s folks were easy going and their only concern was that Dakota have phone access in case of trouble, which was no problem since there was also a land line at the cabin. 

Ariel however, was a different story. Sheltered most of his life by his mom, who was the main reason for his shyness and problems coping, she balked at letting her little boy go on an overnight with five strangers. However, what she didn”t count on was Ariel finally standing up for himself and defying her. 

“I”m 17 mom, and I can make my own decisions. These are my friends, and I want to go. You never let me have any fun, or make any friends, and I”m sick of it. I need to go on this trip mom, and if you try to stop me, I will never forgive you.

His mother”s eyes grew wider with each word, and for once she decided that maybe being firm wasn”t a good idea. After all, as the boy said, he was 17 now and he had a right to decide some things on his own. In the end she relented, but insisted on meeting the twins and the other two boys before she gave her final approval.

When the four came to visit just three days before the trip, Ariel”s mother met them at the door and offered them juice and cookies. Since her son had never been the kind of boy who attracted friends, she was little unsure what her role should be in all this, but she muddled through, and from the looks on the boys faces, the cookies were a correct move on her part.

“So, Ariel tells me you boys are in some kind of band, should I know you?”

“Well, ma”am, the group is called Alternate Love, and we have had a few hits and made several albums, but we”re mostly just local boys who enjoy hanging out with our friends and making music when we can,” Aidan answered for all of them.

“I saw you at the talent show,” she said, suddenly remembering that she had thought the group”s music was less annoying than most rock n” roll, “You performed very professionally.”

“Thanks, we really love music, and I guess you could say it shows in our shows and our recordings.”

“So, how did you and Ariel become acquainted?”

They”d rehearsed this part of the meeting over and over, downplaying the bullying, but making it clear that Ariel had the protection of the group and their friends. She didn”t seemed surprised that Ariel had been bullied, but she did question why the group would offer their help to a stranger.

“Well, that”s a very good question,” Aidan began, “first of all, Ariel isn”t really a stranger, we”d known him for a while, we just never got to know him very well until recently…”

“When the bullying in the gym happened?” She said, surprising them all. They hadn”t expected her to know about that particular incident, but Aidan recovered quickly.

“Yes, I guess we finally took notice of his situation and we wanted to help. See, that”s sort of what we do. We have a table at school that we call the Safe Table. Anyone who feels threatened, or lonely, or confused, is welcome there. We started it a long time ago, back in Middle School, and we continued it in High School, and even helped to form a GSA to protect some of the kids dealing with sexual issues.”

“Yes, I allowed Ariel to join, but I really think the boy will grow out of this thing with boys, he”s just young and confused.”

“I was around 10 when I figured out I was gay, so I”d have to say that Ariel probably knows by now what his orientation is, but that”s up to him.”

“So, you are gay?” she asked as if she was suddenly worried for her safety.

“Yes ma”am, we all are. Well, Jaden says he might be bisexual, but the rest of us have come to the conclusion that we prefer males to females,” he chuckled.

“Oh my. So, you are…?”

“Boyfriends, yes. Jimmy and Jaden are together, and Zak and I are a couple. We”ve been together a long time, and we love each other very much,” bakırköy travesti Aidan said smiling at Zak warmly. He was always happy and proud to declare his love for his other half, and the joy could be seen on his face.

“I…don”t know what to say. I”ve never known any same sex couples before. I suppose it”s more common today then when I was growing up, but it takes some getting used to.”

“Well, here”s the thing. What you have to remember is this, gay people are no different from straight people except for one thing, who they love. They still feel the same emotions, work the same jobs, eat the same food, watch the same movies and listen to the same music. Some even play sports, or they”re actors, or musicians, or ditch diggers. Who we love is really a very personal thing an no one else”s business when it comes right down to it.”

“I”ve never thought of it that way, but…Ariel doesn”t seem…well, like other boys. He”s always been soft and shy and intellectual. He isn”t at all outgoing like most boys, and I worry about him.”

“All the more reason to let him spread his wings a little and fly,” Jaden offered, “Look, Mrs. Christian, Ariel feels comfortable around us now, we”re his friends, and he knows he can trust us, and you can trust us. Nothing bad will happen to Ariel if you let him go with us. We will take care of him as if he was our own brother, right guys?”

“Absolutely, Jimmy said, “Ariel is a cool guy and we all like  him a lot.”

“Yeah,” Zak said, “Ariel and I are tight now.”

“Well, now that I”ve met you boys, I feel a little better, but…I do have some questions.  Will there be alcohol or drugs at this cabin?” she asked, cutting right to the chase.

“No ma”am, we”re too young to buy alcohol, and none of us do drugs. Drugs are for losers, and do you see any losers here?” Aidan said smiling.

“All right, but I suppose I should talk to your parents first.”

“Yes ma”am, my mom is expecting your call,” Aidan said handing Mrs. Christian her number. She trusts us, all our parents do, and they will tell you so.”

“All right then, assuming the call with your mother goes okay, I will give Ariel permission to go.”

“Thank you ma”am. I”m sure my mother will be able to answer all your concerns and put your mind to rest.”

“That went well,” Aidan said once they were in the car. They”d came in Zak”s Mini Cooper because surprisingly it had more room for passengers than the Mustangs or the Civic.

“I think so, can”t see her backing down now, I think she just needed to see that we weren”t a bunch of long-haired, tatooed weirdos,” Jaden laughed.

“Well, we”re not long haired or tattooed, but we might qualify as weirdos in some people”s estimation,” Jimmy chuckled.

“At least we”re not boring,” Jaden said smoothing back Jimmy”s hair and kissing his forehead, “any plans tonight babe?”

“Well, I was hoping to get together with my boyfriend later…”

“Oh, do I know him?” Jaden teased.

“Probably not, he”s really famous and rich too.”

“Not that rich,” Jaden said grinning, and the only claim to fame I want is to be your boyfriend.”

“It don”t pay much, but it”s steady work,” Jimmy laughed.

“I”m in,” Jaden said leaning in for a kiss on the mouth.

“Hey, you two…no making out in the Cooper, you might turn us over,” Zak teased.

“Okay, okay…we can wait…meanie,” Jaden pouted, “Hey, let”s go grab some tacos on the way home, okay?”

At the twin”s house, the four grabbed sodas to wash down the Mexican food and headed up to the bedroom the twins shared. They sat in the floor and ate, and talked about the trip and what they hoped to accomplish, but the conversation soon turned to the present.

When the food was gone, the boys threw away the trash and washed up before regrouping, on the bed this time.

“Where are your folks?” Zak asked.

“Dad is on a trip out of town, and mom went to our aunt”s house to a Tupperware party or something.”

“So we have the house to ourselves?” Jimmy asked.

“Yup, any ideas what to do with our time. Play board games, watch a Disney Movie?” Jaden teased.

“I have an idea,” Jimmy said pushing Jaden onto his back and straddling him. 

Jaden could feel Jimmy”s hard cock pressing into him and his own cock was starting to climb to it”s full 7 inches. He could feel the pre, gathering beneath this foreskin and soaking into his underwear, and he was eager to get some relief.

“Let”s leave these two alone,” Aidan said, taking Zak”s hand and leading him to his bed across the room.

“For now,” Jaden growled, “but maybe the second go round you can join us. That okay babe?”

“Whatever you want stud,” Jimmy said as he reached down to tug at Jaden”s shirt. He wanted his lover naked, and now, and with Jaden”s cooperation it didn”t take long. 

Even as Jimmy began kissing and licking Jaden”s hard smooth muscled body, he was removing his own clothes, and soon both were naked.  From Jaden”s neck to his nipples, then down his washboard stomach to the tantalizing stiffness below, Jimmy licked and sucked and kissed as they both moaned in ecstasy.

“Oh…yeah…lick my balls…” Jaden whispered, “yeah, like that…” he said opening his legs wider to give his lover better access.

Across the room, Aidan and Zak were laying side by side on the bed kissing, but they still had their underwear on.  Their relationship was more mellow than that of Jaden and Jimmy, and they usually took their time getting to the fun stuff. They loved kissing and cuddling and when they finally made love it was just that. Sex was fun, but sex with love was much better as far as they were concerned.

Jimmy had pulled the foreskin back on Jaden”s hard cock and was lapping up the salty/sweet juices as Jaden moaned softly. No one, not even Aidan, could make Jaden feel as good as Jimmy did. Aidan can close, and he loved his brother with all his heart and soul, but Jimmy knew just what to do to get him going.

“Oh gawd babe, that feels so good,” Jaden moaned as Jimmy took him into his hot wet mouth.

Jimmy could take all of it now, and as it entered his throat he began working his muscles, literally swallowing it down over and over, making Jaden shiver with pleasure.

“Oh babe…back off a little or I”m gonna blow. Come up here and let me taste my juice on your lips,” he panted.

This time they lay on their sides as they kissed and pressed their bodies together, their sticky pre-cum gluing them together. Jimmy”s cock was just a little smaller than Jaden”s, but actually a little thicker, with a nice flaring mushroom  head that was leaking pre copiously as they made out.

It was Jaden who made the next move, flipping around into a 69 position and taking Jimmy”s cock into his hungry mouth as his hands fondled Jimmy”s firm butt and balls. Jimmy moaned as he followed Jaden”s example. 

Soon Aidan and Zak were naked, turned on by the live porno show just a few feet away, and their passion ratcheted to the next notch as they began fondling one another. Both boys enjoyed bottoming, but found topping a pleasure as well, as long as it was with one another. The love they shared that way brought them closer together as they melted into one another, though it was hard to tell which they preferred more, taking or giving. 

Jimmy had assumed the prone position on his back now, his legs pulled up to expose his eager quivering hole, and Jade was quick to move in. He began by licking and sucking on Jimmy”s balls and cock, then pushing Jimmy”s legs higher he began slowly and wetly rimming him.

Jimmy moaned softly as he felt his lover”s tongue explore his most secret place and he was eager to feel his hard throbbing cock inside him.

“Fuck me,” he gasp, pulling Jaden up by the ears to kiss him, “I want you inside me.”

Jaden reached into the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a small bottle of lube and applied some to Jimmy”s hole, then a little to his cock. He knew he didn”t need much, as many times as they”d made love, Jimmy”s body opened up to him easily and he slid in quickly.

They lovemaking was especially tender tonight as they stared into each others eyes and occasionally kissed. Jimmy”s cock stayed rock hard the whole time, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum as Jaden rubbed against his prostrate on each stroke. Jimmy could feel a hands free orgasm coming on and he arched his back to allow Jaden deeper access to his body.

“I”m coming…” Jimmy gasped, seconds before  his cock erupted, sending a geyser of cum outward, coating Jaden”s stomach and chest before it dripped onto his own stomach.

“I”m right…behind…you,” Jaden said between breaths “ohhhhh, uhhhh, shit, yessss,” he cried out as he began to unload deep within his lover”s body.

He shook as if electrocuted as his orgasm ran through him, beginning deep inside him and radiating outward till it seemed to reach all parts of his body. It was the kind of orgasm that just went on and on, and when it finally subsided, Jaden was exhausted.

Gently pulling out of Jimmy he fell down beside him and pulled him in to face him as they kissed passionately, their sticky bodies pressing together as Jimmy”s spooge bonded them.

“Oh My God,” Jaden panted, “How does it keep getting better. Every time we make love I swear it”s better than before. Are you some sort of magician?” Jaden teased.

“Maybe it”s my talent. I mean you and the others have musical talent, maybe mine is…well…sex. Maybe I should”ve been a porn star,” he teased.

“Well, you could”ve made a fortune, but it”s too late for that now, cause you”re all mine now and you”re gonna be busy for the next 60 or 70 years.”

“Well, I”d be too old for porn by then,” Jimmy chuckled, “so I better find an alternate profession.”

“Yeah, well…music may be paying the bills now, but I”m gonna get me a good education so I have something to fall back on.”

While they talked softly about their future plans, in the bed a few feet away, Aidan and Zak were communicating in a different way.

It was Zak on top this time and to anyone watching the love the two shared would have been obvious. The look of bliss on both boys” faces said they were not only in love, but totally into their act of lovemaking. Zak was a little smaller than Aidan in several respects, but his passion made up for any areas he was lacking in. 

Aidan loved the feel of his lover”s soft small body on him and he pumped his hips upward to allow him maximum penetration. His cock was rock hard and leaking, but unlike Jimmy, he was in no danger of coming hands free, which was just as well since he would be making love to Zak next.

Zak was a happy little fucker (no pun intended) as he enthusiastically pounded the beautiful blond boy. Sometimes he had a hard time believing he had a boyfriend as cute as Aidan, but he”d accepted long ago that the love they shared was genuine.

Zak was in no hurry to come for he loved being inside Aidan and gazing into his eyes as they kissed, but this was feeling too good, and he could feel the sap rising in his balls and he knew it wouldn”t be long.

“I love you sooo much,” Zak said, then leaning down to kiss his lover he cried out into his mouth and began to come.

Wave after wave of hot sticky goo shot from Zak”s slender cock as he collapsed onto Aidan and rode out a very intense orgasm.

“I love you too,” Aidan whispered, once his mouth was free of Jimmy”s. “Rest a minute, then it”s my turn,” he added lustily.

Sometimes Aidan preferred doggie style to missionary position and when Jimmy was ready to proceed he coaxed him into position and prepared both of them for the act.

Jaden glance over and watched the two with undisguised lust, focusing on his twin brother”s shapely ass as he began to pound his smaller lover almost roughly. He smiled when he thought about how many time he and Aidan had flip fucked over the years. In fact for the longest time, Aidan was the only boy he would let invade  his most secret place. He guessed he”d been denying that part of him to others because he still wasn”t convinced he was gay or at least bi, but once he”d given in and accepted who he was, his life had gotten a whole lot easier.

“Damn bro, fuck him  hard,” Jaden teased, “What did you do to deserve that Zak?”

“I…love…it,” Zak stuttered as Aidan pounded his slender butt.

“I can see that from the smile on your face. You two certainly have an interesting relationship.”

“We all do,” Jimmy said from beside Jaden, “I don”t think there are many couples as open as we are. I mean, look at us, we can share and not get jealous, but we still love each other best when it”s all said and done.”

“Yeah, I guess we”re unique all right. Come on love, let”s go grab a drink,” Jaden said hopping up and offering Jimmy a hand up, “You guys want anything?”

“Coke,” Aidan grunted, “and a Dew for Zak.”

Jaden chuckled, “You got it.”

Downstairs, the two naked boys raided the fridge and stood sipping their sports drinks for a minute before returning to the bedroom.

“That was hot, watching those two,” Jimmy said leaning into Jaden.

“Yeah, well…we can do more than watch, once they recover,” he chuckled.

“How much time do we have?”

“Till nine, but I figure we should be dressed by 8 or so, just in case.”

“Then let”s go hurry them up,” Jimmy giggled.

When they returned, the other two boys lay side by side on the bed, holding hands and recovering from their orgasms. Aidan hadn”t taken long at all to come, having been stimulated by Zak”s cock in his ass before hand. They too were eager to play with the other two boys, but they needed a few minutes to recharge their batteries.

“Drink up,” Jaden said handing their drinks to the two boys.

They sat up and took a deep swallow of their sodas, then turned to lean against the wall as they worked on it. The two were still semi-hard, and Jaden suspected that it wouldn”t take much to get them totally erect, but there was time, no need to rush things.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Jaden pulled Jimmy down with him, and the four sat and talked for a few minutes, all the while staring at each others naked bodies, which only quickened their return to full tumescence.

“Just think guys, this weekend we”ll be alone for two whole days, no adults, no rules. We can even run around naked if we want,” Jaden said raising and eyebrow.

“What about Ariel and Dakota? Think they”ll mind us being horn dogs and running around naked?” Aidan asked.

“Well, if they do, it”s too bad. They”ll just have to close their eyes, besides, isn”t that why we”re bringing them, to get them naked with each other?”

“Yeah, but we might want to take it slow at first. Let”s not get in the door and yell, Orgy right away?” Aidan laughed.

“I”m hurt that you”d think I was so crass, I”d at least wait till after dinner,” he laughed.

“Speaking of orgy…” Aidan said then, “you guys want to do some swapping spit and body fluids?”

“Oh, I love it when you talk all scientific,” Jaden chuckled, “we”re just waiting on you two to get boned again, but we can help, right Jimmy?”

“Undoubtedly,” Jimmy said, reaching over to rub Aidan”s foot playfully, “Sometimes it”s weird to see two of you, but I could tell you apart even with my eyes closed.”

“Well, yeah…there is the matter of some foreskin,” Jaden pointed out as he lifted his erection and shook it.

“Even if I couldn”t feel that difference, I”d know,” Jimmy said, “you may be twins, but your scent is different.”

“How so, do I stink?” Jaden teased.

“No, not at all, it”s wonderful, and so is Aidan”s, and Zak”s for that matter, but each of you has a unique scent.”

“Now you sound like something from the nature channel,” Jaden laughed, “but I guess I know what you mean, your scent drives me crazy sometimes,” he said sniffing Jimmy like a hound dog.

“I have an idea,” Aidan said grinning, let”s put Jimmy to the test. We blindfold him and let him sniff us and see if he can tell who”s who, but no touching.”

“I”m up for that,” Jimmy said grinning, and if I”m right, all three of you have to make sexy love to my body,” he giggled.

“And if you lose?”

“Then I will make sexy love to all three of you.”

“Okay, how do we do this?” Jaden said, sounding excited.

They found an old tee-shirt to use as a blindfold and to keep Jimmy from touching them, they tied his hands behind him with the belt from one of the twins” robe. They had Jimmy kneel on the floor, and then one by one they stood in front of  him, just close enough to release their scent and pheromones in his direction, and one by one he guessed who was before him, and got it right every time.

“Wow, you weren”t kidding,” Jaden said as they went through the third time, “I think we have a winner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, but we all win…cause we get to taste my sexy boy.”

Still blindfolded, they picked Jimmy up and laid him on Jaden”s bed then all three piled in and began touching, licking, and tasting every inch of his body. Someone was kissing him, while someone was midway, and the third at his crotch or his feet, as Jimmy moaned lowly and enjoyed the attention. 

Even blindfolded he could tell who was doing what, especially when they kissed, since each had a unique style when it came to kissing. Finally, Zak straddled Jimmy and sat down on his hard leaking cock, taking all of him inside, then riding him till Jimmy gave up the goo one more time. All the time Zak was riding him, the other two had been exploring his body and stimulating him from every side and the orgasm was one of the most intense of his life.

“God, I came so hard,” Jimmy panted, “but I feel guilty, hogging all three of you. So, let me make it up to you guys,” he said sitting up and removing the blindfold.

“What did you have in mind?” Jaden asked, eager to get off again after the little group thing.

Jimmy proceeded to show them what he had in mind, and the three were literally blown away by what told them. As he sat on Aidan”s cock he had Jaden enter him from behind while he sucked Zak, who stood over Aidan”s body.

This was something new for all three boys, a double penetration, and Jaden wondered where Jimmy had gotten the idea. He didn”t care really, it was very exciting and erotic, and the friction of rubbing his cock against his twin”s brought him to a glorious orgasm.

As soon as Jaden orgasmed, Jimmy told Zak to take his place, then Jaden took Zak”s place, except he was kissing Jimmy as the other two fucked him. Aidan came next and that triggered Zak”s release and suddenly Jimmy was being filled up by two cum cannons.

“Oh God,” Aidan cried out, “I”m dying, this feels so good.”

“Uh…uh…man…oh man,” Zak added, “I didn”t know that could work like that. That”s definitely something I want to try, maybe at the cabin.”

“You mean, you want to get two cocks in ya?” Jaden said grinning.

“Yesss, I bet it feels so good. “

“It does,” Jimmy agreed, “and to prove it, I just came hands free…again.”

Sure enough Jimmy”s stomach and chest were coated in his sticky goo, but the others were quick to help him out and lick it all off.

They cleaned up next and got dressed, and not a minute too soon, as Mrs. Reynolds returned home earlier than expected. She had taken the call from Ariel”s mother at the party, and it didn”t take too much convincing on her part to get Mrs. Christian to agree to let Ariel go along. 

Finally the boys could rest easy and start making their plans and packing for the weekend at the cabin.

End Chapter 44

 Next up, the boys have a blast at the cabin, but an unexpected guest shows up to put a damper on things.

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