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The Ride

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You pull my face to your bare chest, and I ravenously begin to suck at your nipples, fascinating myself with your fabulous breasts. You let slip a quiet moan of pleasure as I squeeze, lick, and tease your tits. A free hand grabs your ass firmly, feeling the curves of your body through the thin materiel of your skirt before slapping your cheek hard.

I sit on the couch, my lips kissing your chest, licking at your nipples. You half kneel, your knee between my legs, your other foot on the ground, leaving your breasts before my mouth. You finish undoing the fastening of my pants and your hand darts inside, pulling aside pants and shorts to reveal my hard cock. You stroke it gently with your soft hand as you run the fingers of your other hand through my hair, holding me close to you.

Reaching behind you, I slide down the zipper fastening of your skirt and pull it down. You’re not wearing panties. My fingers find your swollen pussy lips, feel the moisture there, and slip slowly inside you even as you shift to allow me easier access. Then, pulling away from me, you let your skirt slide to the floor and pull me to a standing position. Sitting down, looking oh so sexy in nothing but a pair of high heels, you pull me to you, again taking my cock in your hand. You stroke it as you lean forward, kissing the tip, then licking slowly along my length. You kiss the tip again and you lips part as you take me into your mouth…

I moan in pleasure as your lips envelop my cock. I feel your tongue gliding along my shaft as you slowly take my whole length into you. You move slowly, teasing, drawing out the pleasure, before increasing your pace. Reaching down and around, my hand finds your breast, cupping it, feeling güvenilir bahis the softness of your skin before tickling your hard nipple. You handle my cock with such skill that I feel my orgasm approaching all too rapidly.

Urging you to stop, my cock ramrod straight like a sideways fencepole, I drop to my knees and spread your legs. The look on your face, one of almost disappointment as I end your blowjob, turns suddenly to anticipation as I kiss your knee, then down your inner thigh. I kiss your moist lips, letting the sweet scent of your hot pussy fill my nostrils. And then I begin to lick. It starts with a long, oh so slow lick from the lower end of your slit to the top, ending with a gentle flick around your clit. Without warning I lightly suck your clit into my mouth, letting my tongue roll around it, teasing it, before I let it slide back out. Burying my face in your hot pussy, I lick deep inside you, fucking you with my tongue.

You moan in pleasure and lust as I lick you, your body almost writhing in ecstasy. You place a hand on the back of my head, pulling my tongue even closer to your hot slit. As I pleasure you, my hands run along your body, exploring you, feeling every curve, every angle. I feel the soft skin of your thighs, the sweet round perfection of your tits. And every motion is accompanied by an act of my tongue, driving you wild. My raging hard on is begging to be let inside you, but still I lick, slow circles around your clit now, then faster, flicking it lightly, sucking it in and out of my mouth, then sliding back down, tasting you inside.

You cum suddenly and almost violently, your muscles contracting hard, your back arching. Your cries of ecstasy fill my ears as I feel the türkçe bahis effect of my pleasure upon your body. As your orgasm fades, I stroke my cock lightly, anticipating what comes next. I shift to allow my cock access to your wet lips, slide the head along your slit. You moan as my penis touches your pussy. “Fuck me!” you beg. But I’m determined to tease you, to make you even hotter.

You never give me the chance. You roughly pull me to my feet, spin me around, and shove me back onto the couch. Your heels clack against the floor as you rise, and without hesitation, straddle me. You take my hard shaft in your hand, guide it to the lips of your pussy, and plunge yourself down onto my cock as we both cry out in surprise and unparalleled pleasure…

I hold you by the hips, watching your beautiful breasts bounce slightly as you move up and down on my pole, riding me. I moan loadly, you moan in response, our bodies locked in a lustful embrace. You rise up, nearly letting me slide out of you, before plunging back down hard and fast. I quickly match your rhythm, my hips rising to meet yours with each stroke. I kiss your breasts as you wrap and arm around my neck, pulling me to you, using me for leverage. Our cries become indecipherable as your pace quickens still more, your body driving you towards yet another orgasm. Our bodies slap together rhythmically as we fuck. You turn your face down to mine, kissing me, taking me into a passionate embrace. Our tongues dance in each other’s mouths as my arms wrap around you, pulling you close to me. I feel your chest pressing to mine and you cum for the second time. You impale yourself on me, driving me deep, holding me there. But I shift, letting my hips do the work, güvenilir bahis siteleri I drive into you, keeping our pace even as your orgasm tears through you body, your eyes closed in pleasurable pain, biting your lip to stifle the cries.

As you come back to earth in the wake of your orgasm, I push you up and off my cock, almost throwing you down onto the couch. Moving swiftly, I let leg fall into to the floor but I prop the other up over my shoulder, spreading your legs again. I crouch slightly, letting my cock hone in on your wet lips, pushing inside you with ease. You reach behind yourself to grab the back of the couch, holding on tight as I pump into your pussy with a lust fueled violence. Your gentle moans become cries of “Yes! Fuck me, fuck me!”. Your cries turn to shouts. I lick a finger on my free hand, move it between your legs, finding your clit. I begin to run circles around it gently, then harder, faster.

You shout with passion as you cum again, this time your body shaking, your muscles quivering, your pussy like a vice on my cock. My own orgasm washes over me and I almost lose my balance, my body unstable as pleasure pours through me. My cock pulses, throbs, and my hot juice fills your slit.

I continue to stroke until my cock becomes soft. Then, regaining my balance, I stand, my cock growing limp before you, coated in your juice and mine. You take a moment to recover and I close my eyes to relish the pleasure and passion we shared. I’m surprised as I feel your hands on my body again, then your lips on my cock. Looking down, I see you take me into your mouth again, cleaning me off. And finally, you look up at me mischievously, your hand gently stroking my soft penis. You turn slightly and make to lay down on the couch. Led by my cock, I lay atop you, slipping into your arms, meeting your lips for a passionate kiss. Pressed against your nakedness, passion stirs again. And in your hand, my cock begins to grow hard…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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