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The Rogue’s Harem Book 2, Chapter 9: Harem’s Healing Love

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The Rogue’s Harem

Book Two: Rogue’s Wicked Harem

Part Nine: Harem’s Healing Love

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to B0b and WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Throbbing Aftermath

Princess Ava – The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

Blows hammered my head. The world spun around me as I clutched at the saddle horn. My stomach clenched again, my throat burning from the bile. I grit my teeth, tears streaming down my face as I struggled to gain control of my body.

“Princess!” Greta called out. “Princess, what happened?”

I shook my head, trying to think through the pain. Fear squeezed my heart. What happened? Did it work? Did I save Sven? I needed to know. I needed to find out what happened. I needed to access my other proxy with Sven, the original I gave him after he first fled Az ahead of my father’s soldiers. I grit my teeth. I couldn’t let this headache stop me.

I tried to sense my proxies through the pain. But my head… My head felt beaten by invisible fists. Another wave of nausea rose through me. My fingers tightened on my saddle horn. My body swayed and shuddered. I sucked in deep breaths, trying to calm the pain. I had to reach through it.

“Princess!” Greta shouted, her words screeching through my head, making it ache more and more. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“I’m… fine…” I groaned, sweat breaking out over my face. “I just… I just need to… to concentrate…”

“You look horrible, Princess.” She still clutched the reins of my horse. She pulled on it, stopping both our mounts. She began to dismount.

“No!” I barked at her. I threw a look over my shoulder, Echur and my father’s castle swimming on the horizon. “We have to keep going! We can’t stop! We have to get as far away as we can before my father discovers our flight.”

“But Princess,” Greta objected, “you’re sick.”

“I’m…” I sucked in a deep breath. “Fine… Just had… my proxy destroyed… It’s a… a… shock… Keep riding…”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Greta said, her words tight. Her eyes narrowed at me, her pale face tightening. “It’s just…”

“I’m in no danger,” I reassured her, sucking in another breath. The blows pounding my head felt a little lessened. “I’ll recover. My soul took a hard punch. Keep riding. I have to contact Sven.”

She licked her lips then heeled her mount.

I sucked in another breath, my stomach roiling again. Bile tickled at the back of my throat. I didn’t want to throw up. I needed to reach out to my proxies. I could feel them through the pain assaulting my head. It was like trying to pick something up small through thick, woolen, winter mittens. I could feel the shape, but I couldn’t quite grasp them.

I kept trying. I closed my eyes, swaying as my horse resumed trotting again. My stomach sloshed from side to side, acidic juices boiling in me. I grit my teeth, drawing breaths through my nose as I struggled to ignore the pressure on my head. I had to grab it.

I had to seize my proxy.

The fear crushing my heart propelled me. That hurt more. Not knowing what happened to those I loved. Sven and Kora and Zanyia were in danger. I didn’t want them to be harmed. I wanted to prevail over that shadowy thing that attacked them.

I couldn’t be weak. I couldn’t be pampered. I couldn’t afford to flee from pain. I wasn’t a spoiled princess any longer. I fled that life. I chose to be an outlaw. A bandit like Sven. I had to give it my all. I had to be strong. For myself. For those I loved.

For Greta. I led her into this. She would pay for my mistakes if this didn’t work out. If Sven…

No, Sven wasn’t dead. He would prevail. I just needed to reach my proxy.

My teeth ground together.

Sweat poured down my brow.

The pressure on my skull increased, squeezing down on my brain. It felt on the verge of rupturing. My spiritual fingers brushed my proxy with Sven. I felt the shape of it. I almost could pour into it. I just needed to try harder.

My horse neighed.

My hands clenched on the saddle horn.

“Come on,” I groaned, fighting off another wave of nausea. “Just…”

Hot agony stabbed into my brain as I forced my soul towards my proxy. I could almost slide my awareness into…

The pain vanished. I poured my existence into a proxy for my body. I inhabited a small, alabaster statue. My eyes opened into darkness.


Kora Falk – The Forest of Lhes, The Strifelands of Zeutch

I smiled down at Zanyia as she began licking her arm, cleaning up her own blood staining those horrible, poisoned wounds. The poison in them felt so nasty. It had taken the extent of my ability to channel my Goddess’s power and restore the art of the lamia’s life. Her tawny, triangular ears twitched and her tail flicked back and forth. A happy purr rose rumbled from her throat.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she said between licks.

I kissed her forehead. “You’re welcome.”

I sucked in a deep breath, still feeling a little off-balanced by everything. Zanyia was the last one hurt. I glanced around the clearing that held the ring of faerie mushrooms. Nathalie wiped at the blood staining Aingeal’s breasts. We came so close to dying. I stared down at the blood staining my robe.

Sighing, I prayed, “Rithi, I ask you to restore the beauty of my clothing and revert it to a pristine state.”

The simple spell washed over me, the blood and other stains rising from the pink cloth. The dart’s hole mended in a moment. It was one of the first prayers taught to me at the temple back in Az. It felt like a lifetime ago when I entered into Rithi’s service. A lifetime lived in a year. How many times had I come close to dying?

Too many.

My body shook. I glanced over at Sven crouched near the ruins of Ava’s rosy quartz proxy. My brother had such a dark expression on his face, lips tight. I pushed myself up to my feet and staggered over to him. When I reached him, I fell to my knees and snuggled against him. His arm slipped around my shoulder.

It felt so wonderful feeling that arm around me. I rested my head on his shoulder, feeling safe in his arms. He helped save my life. Death had come so fast. Just stepping out of the faerie ring and then the pain exploded in my chest.

I still felt so drained. Even invigorated by Aingeal’s healing spirits, my limbs felt leaden. Fatigue gripped me, like I had wrapped myself in wet woolens, the weight pulling on my body, trying to drag me down to the ground.

“What happened?” I asked, still confused by everything. The shadowy human. The other lamia.

“Ava saved my life,” he said. He picked up a piece of her statue’s face, turning it over. It looked macabre, the princess’s delicate cheek and part of her lips ending at jagged quartz. Bits of crystal sparkled in the pink stone.

“That’s not what I meant, brother mine,” I said, shaking my head. “I meant… The attack.”

“It was Keythivak,” Zanyia said. She pressed against my other side, worming her head beneath my arm. Her fuzzy ear brushed my cheek, twitching. “He’s one of Zizthithana’s servants. Her assassin.”

I grabbed the amulet through my robe, feeling the weight of it. We had to do something about it. We needed to do something about it. My skin suddenly crawled, the gem feeling dirty, oily. The soul of that damned biomancer lurked in there.

I wanted to rip it off and throw it away. But… But it was too dangerous. If he lived, he would make more monsters to plague the world. More abominations, cause more suffering.

“None are better killer than him,” Zanyia continued, squirming beside me. “Zizthithana must really want that amulet back.”

“Who else is the naga likely to send?” my brother asked.

“Hmm, besides Keythivak, the only servant she has left is Antrevia and her ogre, Gor.”

“Ogre?” I asked, feeling a little queasy. They numbered among the most loathsome of Las’s offsrpings. Not all of the God of Lust’s children were as delicious as Zanyia. Ogres loved to fuck, and they didn’t care how much damage their huge cocks caused while satiating their bestial passions. If a woman survived, the ogre baby conceived would rip her apart in childbirth.

“Don’t worry, Gor is kept on a short leash,” Zanyia said. “Zizthithana wouldn’t unleash him to track us down.” Then she giggled.

“What?” I asked, giving the lamia a curious look as my stomach kept roiling. Ogre…

Her eyes flicked over to Ealaín sitting naked, her ebony breasts swaying before her, her dented breastplate sitting on her lap. She stroked it, her face tight. Zanyia said, “Keythivak didn’t expect her.”

“Ealaín?” I asked, frowning. “Because she inspired me to banish the shadows wreathing Keythivak?”

“Partly,” Zanyia said. “But he didn’t expect one more person. When we went to Faerie, we didn’t have her. He must have tracked us to the ring and waited for us to come back, lying in ambush for us.”

“And Queen Sidhe somehow knew,” Sven said. “She sent us here to be ambushed.”

“Yes,” Aingeal nodded. “She does not like being crossed. And… you crossed her, my husband.” Emotion swam in Aingeal’s purple eyes.”

“Anyway, Ealaín being here disrupted his plans,” Zanyia continued. “Otherwise we might have lost.”

“We would have,” Sven said. “It was close. He disabled you, sister dear, then his shadows… They had substance. He was nearly impossible to close the distance to fight.”

My stomach tightened.

“I would have died if Ava hadn’t sacrificed her proxy,” my brother continued, his thumb running over the crystal lips. His forehead furrowed. “And the Las-damned bastard got away. He’ll try again.”

I took a deep breath, feeling that weight dragging harder at me. I didn’t want to sink into mire. So I put on a bright smile, wanting to inspire my brother, and said, “We’ll have to face that when he does. We know about him. We’ve fought him and won. Next time, we’ll have tactics. I have my magic to disable his shadowmancing.

“We will beat him, brother mine.”


Sven Falk

Kora’s words swept through me. I glanced at her. She had such a smile on her face. She believed it. She truly had faith in us. In me. My heart beat faster bursa escort as I stared at the loveliness of my sister’s face. She looked scrubbed clean, freshly bathed somehow. She almost glowed with her confidence, her loving radiance.

I tightened my arm around her shoulder, opened my mouth to thank her, when my pouch suddenly shifted on my hips. Something squirmed inside of it. My hand darted down, lifting open the flap and peering in and the various items shifting around.

An alabaster head peeked out around a spare pair of leather gloves, sandwiched between loose fingers. She peered up at me, Ava’s face captured in miniature likeness. A smile spread across her lips. Her arm burst out, thrusting up into the air.

“Sven!” she squeaked. “Thank the Gods.” She trembled, her face scrunching up. I expected to see tears spilling down her ivory face.

But stone couldn’t cry.

“You’re alive. I… I…” Her words broke up into hiccuping sobs.

I reached into the pouch with such care. I pulled her out. She cuddled up in my hand, grabbing my thumb. She rubbed her cheeks against it, her small, naked breasts jiggling. I felt her lips on my skin as she kissed it over and over. I held her before my face, grinning at her.

“I’m alive,” I said. Between Kora’s hope and the joy shivering out of Ava, confidence grew in me. The assassin caught us with our trousers down and a whore sucking on our cocks. Next time, we would end him. He had his chance. Now we knew how he worked. His fighting technique. We had learned how to fight him.

Aingeal and Nathalie joined us, my faerie wife kneeling down, cocking her head. Nathalie snuggled up against her, resting her head on the faerie’s big, soft tits. A blonde pigtail dangled down between the valley of those lush boobs.

“It was so amazing,” Nathalie said, a big smile on her face. “I was so scared for Master, and then you appeared.”

“Yes!” Zanyia exclaimed. She leaned past Kora, her face looming before the small statue. “It was so amazing what you did, Mistress Ava. You saved Master. I heard you shatter. I had no idea what that sound was, but I heard it. I bet you looked so awesome when you did it.”

Ava smiled at him. “It wasn’t that awesome. I wasn’t in any danger. My body’s safe and sound on my horse.”

“Your horse?” I asked, my brow furrowing. “Why are you on your horse?”

“Oh, well…” She squirmed on my hand. “I really didn’t get a chance to tell you. I mean, you were so busy with what was going on in Faerie, but… But…” She took a deep breath. “I’ve fled my father’s castle. I’m riding for the Forest of Lhes.”

I blinked. “What?”

“I just had to,” she said. “I had to get away from him. I couldn’t stand being around him any longer. He’s… He’s unhinged. You destroyed his army. He is wroth. And… I want to be with you. In the flesh.”

I listened as she described how she made her plan to escape the palace, using her bedmaid to blackmail Master Mage Shevoin, bluffing the guards, fleeing the castle. She spoke it so fast, her words spilling out in a breathy excitement that Zanyia would be proud of.

“So I’m coming to you!” she said. “I’ll be there in a few days. I’m riding for the forest. I’ll find you and be with you.” She rubbed her small breasts against my thumb, her nipples tiny points on my flesh. “I need you so badly.”

“I’ll be waiting,” I said. “Eagerly.”

“He’s always eager for a cutie,” Kora said, her hands rubbing my crotch. “Horny brother.”

“Always, sister dear,” I said.

Aingeal giggled. She pressed up against my other side, still cradling Nathalie’s head to her breasts. “He fucked a faerie queen last night.”

“With her daughter,” I added, giving my princess a roguish wink.

Ava giggled, shaking her head, her hair swaying about her back. “Only you could say that to your betrothed and expect her to be impressed.”

“Well, are you impressed?” I asked, Kora squeezing at my hardening cock.

“Yes,” she said. “It’s making my pussy wet. I can’t wait until I’m in your arms.”

“Me, too.” Then I furrowed my brow. “But what about spying on your father? We have destroyed his army of proxies, but he still has his human guards. He has his mage, his castle. Your information would have been invaluable.”

“I left my jade beetle in his office,” she said. “I can activate it and sneak around whenever he’s not around. I can read his reports and find clues.” She clutched at my thumb. “But, believe me, I had to get away from him.”

“I believe you.” I rubbed my thumb against her small breasts. She squirmed, grinning at me. “I’m going to love you so hard. And then… Then we’re going to end your father. We’re going to stop him.”

Ava quivered. “He has to be stopped. What he’s done…” Then she let out a wanton moan. “Ooh, I wish this proxy could grow. It was worth it to save you, but…” She glanced at the ground, at the pieces of her other proxy. “I really liked that proxy. I’ll never find another twinborn witch to enchant it. And my pussy is so horny now. If my proxy could get wet, I’d be forming a puddle in your palm.”

“I could enchant you,” Aingeal said. “I can do anything a witch can. They merely copy the powers of faerie. I breathe them.”

“Really?” Ava asked.

Aingeal nodded. “It’ll take some time to do properly.”

I glanced at Zanyia. “Does the assassin have access to healing magic?”

“I don’t think so,” she answered.

“He might,” Aingeal said. “He used two different spirits during the fight, but neither of them were the spirits that heal. Witches have to master each different type. Unless they’re a Tuathan twinborn witch with faerie blood in them, it’s difficult for humans to use spirits.”

“Then we’ll camp here and rest,” I decided. “The assassin took a bad wound. And we need to rest and recover.”

“Then I’ll allow you to rest and…” Princess Ava’s eyes slid around at the women. “And do other things. But you will owe me. When we are reunited in a few days, I expect to be pleasured.”

“I’ll give you my all.”

She smiled at me. Then her body went still. I rubbed my thumb against her one last time before setting her proxy back into my bag with care. Then I pulled Aingeal to me. My faerie snuggled against me, her breasts pressing against me. I stared into her purple eyes, seeing the love in there.

She’d burrowed into my heart. Just like Zanyia and Nathalie had. Maybe I just fell in love too easily. I kissed her hard on the mouth, loving her, wanting to revel in her passion. Kora squeezed my cock through my pants. My dick throbbing so hard as I kissed Aingeal.

My hand slipped down from her shoulder and reached around her. I gripped her breast. I squeezed that pillowy mound. She whimpered into my mouth. Kora nuzzled in, my sister’s lips joining our kiss, sharing in our love.

And soon Ava would join us.

“I think it is time for you to paint another masterpiece,” Ealaín said, the aoi si standing before us, her large, ebony breasts swaying.

“Masterpiece?” Kora asked.

“To heal Aingeal. Her body is not whole.”

Aingeal gasped.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Harem’s Healing Love


Such joy burst through me. Even more than when Sven appeared to save me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. That Kora could truly heal my severed wings? I thought the damage was beyond what any magic could fix. The muscles in my back twitched, wanting to flutter my beautiful, elegant butterfly-like wings.

And I would get to again.

Tears beaded my eyes as I stared up at my family. My… family. It was wonderful to have that again. My father had died in disgrace because of my prank that went awry, I was banished from Faerie, but at least here I could spend it with my human husband and his ever-growing harem of sexy beauties.

My big breasts swayed before me as I shuddered in delight. I lay in the tent Sven pitched for us in the clearing. I knelt on our sleeping bedrolls. We’d left all our camping supplies here before crossing into Faerie. I shuddered as everyone surrounded me, all naked and looking so yummy. Sven so strong and muscular, his hand stroking his thick, large cock thrusting from his straw-blond thatch of pubic hair, his balls hanging beneath his cock. Precum beaded at the tip. And his blue eyes… Those wondrous, passionate, azure depths stared down at me with such passion.

Such love.

My heart fluttered as I beamed at him. Zanyia may have tricked me into loving him, but my promise spoken thrice had changed my heart irrevocably. So to see that he cared for me back only made my pussy itch more.

Kora stood to his right, bent over, her rump and pussy aimed right at me. She plunged three fingers into her shaved snatch, her pink folds engulfing her digits. She let out such a wanton moan as she worked her digits in and out of her juicy sex, stirring up her passion. I turned my head, licking my lips, and grinning at Zanyia beside Kora, also bent over. Her tail wiggled from side-to-side as her left hand fingered her tight asshole and her right plunged twin digits into her snatch, fucking them in and out as her slender hips swayed back and forth.

“I’m going to drench you in so much pussy juices, Aingeal!” the lamia yowled. “You’re going to drip in it.”

“Good,” I purred.

“Yes, we shall coat you, Aingeal,” Ealaín said. She was the next one in the circle. I turned more to stare at her thick, ebony cock thrusting from the folds of her pussy, her pink lips wrapped about that dark shaft. Juices ran down her thighs as she fingered her cunt with her left hand, her right fisting up and down her girl-dick. “We shall provide the paint for Kora to work her masterpiece.”

“Yes,” I whimpered in utter excitement, my breasts quivering.

“We will fix you, Mistress Aingeal,” whimpered Nathalie. The slender girl completed the circuit, her pigtails dangling down her body, her tight slit adorned by her down of golden hair faced me. Her fingers rubbed at her clit, massaging it in circles. Bent over, her asshole winked at me, peeking out from between her butt-cheeks.

I leaned forward and licked at her asshole, tasting her sour musk. “Mmm, I know you will. I have such faith in Kora.”

“Yes,” Sven growled, stroking his dick faster.

I turned my head and fluttered my tongue against the bursa escort bayan tip of his cock. I gathered his precum staining the tip, loving how it felt on my tongue. It made me shudder. I swirled about his spongy crown. I loved the texture, the feel. My pussy clenched, my juices running down my thighs.

The sounds of Kora’s fingers plunging into her juicy cunt drew my attention. I gave my husband’s dick a final, puckered kiss, then turned my attention to my sister-wife. I treasured their incestuous passion. It was so kinky.

Her fingers pumped in and out of her, her tangy musk filling my nose as her cream trickled down her wrist. I licked it up, my tongue drawing up to her fingers. She buried them into her twat, guiding me to her juicy folds. I licked and fluttered my tongues about her digits, loving the flavor of her.

“Ooh, you’re eating Mistress’s pussy,” Zanyia purred. “Make her feel amazing. She’s going to fix you.”

“I am,” gasped Kora as I fluttered my tongue against her clit, reaching past her wrist to brush it. “Rithi’s beautiful gaze and inspiring radiance, I will!”

“I know,” I moaned.

I shifted again, Kora’s tangy musk lingering on my tongue, and turned my attention to Zanyia. Her tail fluttered back and forth faster and faster as she pleasured herself. She wiggled her hips, whimpering and moaning her delight as she frigged both her holes.

It was so hot watching her asshole swallow two of her fingers. That puckered opening gripped her digits so tight as they plunged into them. She whimpered and groaned, her small tits jiggling as wiggled her hips at me. I leaned in, her bush tickling my cheek, and licked at her folds.

“Yes, yes, yes,” yowled the naughty catgirl, her fingers plunging faster. She shoved a third finger into her twat as I savored her sweet musk. What a delicious treat.

I lapped up her juices then moaned, “Oh, your passion taste so good, Zanyia. I can’t wait until you’re squirting your cream all over me.”

“Drench you!” she yowled. “By Las’s amazing cum, I will!”

“She will,” Sven chuckled.

“Zanyia is a determined one,” the aoi si said.

Ealaín had tits as big as mine, but hers were so dark. I hadn’t had a chance to get to know her yet. She had appeared so suddenly. But she had a gorgeous body, and that cock, as big as Sven’s, growing from her pussy made my cunt ache. I leaned over, wiggling my ass at Sven as I sucked on the tip of Ealaín’s clit-dick.

Sven groaned, but I didn’t know whether it was caused by my shaking ass, or just the delight of witnessing me sucking on a woman’s cock. I didn’t care. So long as it inspired him. I heard him stroke faster as I bobbed my mouth on this amazing shaft. Her precum tasted so salty.

“That’s it,” groaned Ealaín. “Be inspiring, Aingeal. Any can spark creativity. Any can be a muse for the artist.”

“And she is a delicious subject to watch,” Sven groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes,” whimpered Nathalie, wiggling her hips as she frigged her clit on the edges of my vision.

That cute ass begged to be played with again. I had to taste her sour musk again. I sucked so hard on Ealaín’s dick as I pulled my lips off of it, giving the hermaphrodite one last treat before I shuffled over to the trembling sex slave.

“Oh, Nathalie, you are such a sweetie,” I moaned, grabbing her firm, tight ass. “So devoted to your Master.”

“I am! I love him so much! He claimed me!”

“I believe I had little choice in the matter,” Sven said, stroking his dick in the corner of my sight. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“You should never complain about a submissive thing wanting to love you,” I groaned before burying my face between Nathalie’s butt-cheeks and tonguing that delicious sphincter.

“Mistress Aingeal!” the delicious creature moaned. “Yes, yes, yes!”

My tongue swirled about her asshole. It danced and darted about her wonderfully sour hole. She trembled, her butt-cheeks squeezing down around my face. That felt so wonderfully nice. I savored it as my tongue darted over her wrinkled sphincter. I danced and swirled, making her squirm and groan. She shuddered, squirming her hips as she whimpered out her joy.

“Gods damn, but you are so exciting to watch, Aingeal,” groaned my husband.

“She’s such a wanton faerie,” whimpered Kora.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Nathalie moaned. “Oh, Mistress, yes. That’s so… Gods!”

My tongue plunged into her bowels. I shot past her tight anal ring and entered her sour sheath. I swirled around, caressing those velvety depths. She shuddered, her entire body trembling, her supple back arching before me.

“Ooh, she liked that,” moaned Zanyia, her fingers making such obscene sounds as she frigged asshole and pussy. “Ooh, yes, my orgasm is building.”

“Uh-huh,” Sven grunted. “We have to coat her.”

“We shall paint her body and let Kora work her masterpiece,” Ealaín purred. “What beauty she shall wrought with her magic.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Kora moaned. “Rithi’s inspiring beauty, I’m so eager for it.”

“Mistress!” Nathalie squealed.

Her asshole spasmed about my tongue. Her body trembled. Hot pussy juices splashed my tits. I shuddered at the naughty feel of her cream spilling over my breasts. She moaned so loudly as her orgasm spilled through her then squeaked in delight as a second squirt of her juices anointed me, her fresh musk filling the air.

I breathed it in, my heart pounding. I was coming closer and closer to being made hole. I threw back my head, my breasts bouncing, dripping with feminine excitement. My pink hair swayed about my face as I whipped my head around.

“Who is next?” I asked, turning on my knees, staring at the stroking cocks and fingering cunts that surrounded me.

“I am, Faerie!” groaned the aoi si. “Ooh, yes, you are such a naughty creature. You inspire such lusts in me dripping in Nathalie’s passion.”

I faced the ebony-skinned demigoddess just in time for her dick to erupt. Pearly cum fired hard from her dick. I shuddered as it splattered across my tits, mixing with the pussy cream. Hot lines painted my body, crossing up to my shoulders and collar bones. Pussy juices gushed down her thighs, soaking her hand.

She pulled her fingers from her snatch and flicked her pussy juices on my face. A hot rain anointed my features. I shuddered, tasting her spicy musk. My entire body trembled as her dick fired its last blast, her cum splattering my belly.

“Ooh, yes,” Zanyia moaned, peering at me from between her thighs, her eyes so wide. “That’s so sexy! Yes!”

She ripped her fingers from her pussy moments before a thick stream of pussy cream squirted from her cunt. I turned my head and shuddered as they splashed across my face. So warm and amazing, full of her sweet musk. She soaked my hair. It poured down my features and flooded down my neck, joining the juices on my flesh.

“Oh, Las’s amazing cum!” yowled the lamia. “Ooh, yes, yes, yes!”

“Cernere’s black cunt,” I panted, loving it, my own cunt on fire as they anointed me with their passion. “You next, Kora.”

I turned on my knees, facing the human priestess. Her butt-cheeks clenched tight as she groaned and whimpered. Sven’s left hand grabbed her ass. He slid his fingers into her crack, found her asshole, and penetrated it.

“Brother mine!” howled Kora as he fingered her asshole.

“Cum on her face, sister dear! Anoint her!”


Kora ripped her fingers from her pussy moments before she squirted her pussy juices. Her legs trembled as her tangy delight splashed onto my soaked tits. I cupped my slippery boobs, lifting them up, savoring the sexual fluids adorning my body. My fingers dug into my tits as my eyes rolled back into my head.

They all loved me so much. They anointed me with their passion. I was so glad that I played my naughty games with them. I turned, my body trembling so badly, and faced my husband. His blue eyes almost glowed with his passion. He grunted, his chest heaving.

“Do it!” I groaned. “Coat me in your spunk, my husband. Help your sister heal me!”

“Gods, yes!” His hand almost blurred as he fisted his dick so fast. “Pater’s mighty cock!”

Cum spurted.

Wonderful spunk splashed across my face. I closed my eyes, bathing in the salty flood. Ropy lines coated me. Thick rivulets ran through the pussy juices already adorning my features. I shuddered, breathing in all their musks, savoring the feel of all their passion dribbling down my skin, uniting me with them.

Such heady ecstasy swayed through me.

They loved me so much. They cared for me. And—

“Rithi,” chanted Kora, turning around, her round breasts heaving, “bless my natural paints with your divine love. Let your vision flow through me and restore the art ruined by the cruel acts of the world.”

The sexual juices adoring my body quivered to her words. They glowed bright white as Kora’s fingers moved before her. She painted my body, restoring the masterpiece of my natural beauty. I shuddered, the magic sinking into my flesh, warming me. My back arched. My pussy clenched.

An orgasm exploded in the depths of my cunt. My snatch convulsed. Wave after wave of delight surged out of me. I whimpered. My eyes rolled back into my head. Rapture convulsed my body as Kora painted my flesh in her cream.

I felt her touch sweeping across me, leaving me tingling. It swept over my shoulders and down my back. I whimpered, stars bursting across my vision as my pussy juices gushed out of my cunt. More paint for her to work with.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as the ecstasy slammed into my mind. “Thank you, sweet Kora!”

My wings sprouted. I felt them unfurling behind me. I threw a look over my shoulder, glimpsing their delicate shapes spreading out. They fluttered as the ecstasy washed through my body, flashing Pink.

Tears fell down my cheeks.

The light died.

“My wings!” I cried out, my big breasts, coated in pussy cream and cum, heaved before me. I licked my lips, tasting cunt and cum. I shuddered in utter delight. I flapped my wings harder, feeling the air stir around me.

“Thank you!” I moaned to Kora, staring up at her. “You’re amazing.”

“A masterpiece, sister dear,” Sven said, his dick throbbing before him.

Zanyia howled her excitement and then the catgirl tackled escort bursa me. I gasped as she bore me down to the ground. Her mouth went to my right breast. Her tongue, rougher than a human’s or a faerie’s, lapped up the mix of cream and girl-cum staining my tits, her eyes so bright.

“Feast, Nathalie. We have to clean our Mistress up.”

“Yes,” the Zeutchian girl moaned before she fell to her knees on the other side of me.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Harem’s Delightful Celebration


I licked with such excitement, tasting the mix of pussy cream on Aingeal’s body. It combined with the salty delight of the hermaphrodite’s girl-cum. My mouth watered in utter delight as I licked and nuzzled and gathered up every drop of the juices I could find. I wanted this delight to pour down my mouth. I wanted to feast on it.

So yummy. So good. Such an utter treat.

My tongue licked and lapped and nuzzled. I stared at Nathalie, her blue eyes shining back, as we cleaned our Mistress up of all that yummy fluids coating her body. My tongue rasped across her boob, cleaning as fast as I could.

I found her nipple, flicked it.

“Yes!” groaned Aingeal. Her body shuddered as my tongue danced over her nub. “Ooh, you two are so naughty.”

“Yes, they are,” Master groaned. He stroked his dick.

“What are you waiting on, brother mine? Fuck her.”

“Yes, yes, you have to fuck her, Master,” Nathalie moaned before the cute girl latched her mouth onto Aingeal’s other nipple, sucking clean a big blob of yummy girl-jizz.

I sucked hard on the other nub, my tongue dancing around it. I nibbled and shuddered, wiggling hips. My tail swished from side-to-side as Master fell between her thighs. His cock thrust out so hard before him, enchanted by that naughty priestess of Slata. He’d pleasured more than any other man had, so she gifted him mighty stamina.

He smacked his cock onto Aingeal’s hairless twat. It made such a naughty, wet noise that my own cunt clenched. I shivered, sucking so hard on the nipple as he drew the crown of his dick down to nuzzle at her pussy lips.

“Yes, yes, claim my cunt, my husband!” Aingeal moaned.

“Fuck her so hard, brother mine.”

My lips popped off Aingeal’s nipple. “Revel in her pussy, Master!” I licked my lips. “Fuck her so hard. Then I can lick her cunt clean.”

“Wicked slave,” Master said, such fondness in his tone. I felt his love and it made me purr.

My throat rumbling with joy, I sucked on Aingeal’s nipple. The faerie shuddered then gasped as Master penetrated her cunt. My own snatch clenched in envious delight, a sympathetic reaction I couldn’t control. Juices dribbled down my thighs. Despite my body still buzzing from my orgasm, I wanted to be fucked so badly. I wanted a cock in me.

“So, which one do you wish to enjoy, radiant?” Ealaín asked. “There are two naughty sex slaves that are inspiring such lusts in me.”

“I think I’ll enjoy Nathalie’s cute tush,” purred Mistress, moving behind my fellow sex slave. “Aingeal rimmed her, and the sounds she made were so… inspirational.”

Joy spread across Nathalie’s face as she nursed at Aingeal’s nipple. Mistress Kora fell to her knees behind the Zeutchian sex slave. I couldn’t see what our Mistress did, but Nathalie squeezed her blue eyes shut and moaned so loudly.

It must be naughty.

“That leaves me to enjoy your cunt, lamia,” the aoi si said, moving behind me.

I purred louder.

“Fuck her hard,” Master grinned at me as he thrust away at Aingeal’s snatch. “I know that purring sound. She’s got a hot pussy.”

“When doesn’t she?” Kora asked then laughed, her face briefly appearing over Nathalie’s body. Then she ducked back down and made the blonde girl squeal in delight.

It was true. I always had a hot pussy. Las created my race. His lusts ran through me. I wiggled my hips as the aoi si settled behind me. My tall brushed her big tits. I shuddered, loving the soft feel of them. I swayed back and forth, caressing her nipples as her cock found the entrance to my cunt.

I loved the feel of her clit-dick on my flesh. It was so stimulating. It made me groan and shudder. I whimpered about the nipple in my mouth as she slid slowly into me. Not a hard thrust like Master gave Aingeal, but just sinking into my juicy snatch.

I moaned about Aingeal’s nub as that thick girl-cock filled me up more and more. Ealaín took her time, whimpering out how much she enjoyed my pussy. The timbre of my purring changed, growing deeper as the wondrous pleasure rippled through my body.

I loved being filled with a cock.

I felt Master’s eyes on me, watching as the dickgirl fucked me. Her hands gripped my waist, squeezing as she bottomed out in me. I shuddered, swirling my hips and swishing my tail faster and faster. I caressed her breasts and stirred my juicy cunt around her dick.

Oh, she felt so amazing in me.

Everyone in the tent was moaning, including me. We writhed in our passion. Nathalie squealed, Mistress Kora feasting on her cunt while Aingeal’s breast jiggled beneath my sucking mouth. Master plowed her so hard. Then Ealaín drew back her cock, the silky friction shooting through my pussy.

I purred louder.

“What a delicious cunt you have, lamia,” the aoi si said. “What a perfect receptacle for a cock.”

“I do enjoy fucking her,” Master groaned.

My heart fluttered and I sucked so hard on Aingeal’s nipple.

“You enjoy fucking every pussy, my husband,” whimpered Aingeal. “Mmm, your cock… Your cock is stirring me up. Pound me, dear husband. I thought I would never experience this cock again!”

“You can have it as much as you want!” Master groaned, fucking her harder and harder, slamming his dick in and out of her snatch.

“Except when you’re buried in another woman’s pussy,” she panted.

“Good thing we have Ealaín now,” purred Kora.

“Mistress!” Nathalie gasped, her head snapping up from Aingeal’s breast. My fellow sex slave’s small tits quivered, her pigtails swaying about her innocent face. “Oh, Mistress, that’s so nice. Ooh, I like your fingers in my pussy.”

I shivered, my cunt clenching down on Ealaín’s cock as she thrust it so hard and deep into my pussy. She rammed it into my depths. She speared in now with hard thrusts followed by slow pull backs. She let me savor her girth retreating out of my cunt before she plowed back in again, filling me up.

I loved it. My flesh drank in the friction. Juices trickled down my thighs as she stirred my snatch up to a froth with her amazing clit-dick. She worked that girl-cock so hard and fast in and out of my snatch, making me dizzy with delight.

I whimpered, clawing at the ground. Such delight spilled through me. I stirred my hips, working them in fast circles as she plowed over and over into my depths. I shivered, clenching down so hard as she buried into me. It felt so incredible. She plunged hard, fast. She made me quiver and groan in excitement.

“Mistress Kora!” Nathalie squealed. “Oh, yes, Mistress Kora!”

“She loves you licking her ass, sister dear,” grunted Master as he plowed into Aingeal’s cunt.

“What girl doesn’t?” Aingeal moaned.

I agreed, my cunt clenching down on Ealaín’s dick.

“Yes, it is a remarkable experience,” Ealaín purred, her hands sliding up my body as she thrust harder and faster in and out of my cunt. Her hands found my small breasts.

She squeezed them, her fingers brushing my nipples.

Delight shot down to my cunt. I shuddered, my pussy squeezing down so tight on the thrusting girl-dick. Pleasure surged through me. I purred so loudly as I nursed on Aingeal’s fat nipple. It felt so wonderful between my lips. I treasured it there. I wanted to keep feeling that delicious nub as I sucked on her.

Aingeal bucked. She let out a gasp of utter delight, her face contorting in pleasure. Sven groaned, thrusting so hard into her. I knew those sounds, recognized the rapture bursting out of my faerie Mistress.

“Sven!” she squealed.

My mouth ripped from Aingeal’s nub so I could scream, “Cum in her, Master!”

“Flood her!” squealed Nathalie, her own face twisting with the unmistakable sounds of orgasmic bliss.

“Yes!” groaned Ealaín, plowing into my cunt so hard, bringing me closer and closer to my own delight.

“Gods, yes!” Sven grunted, thrusting so hard forward. His chest rippled as his muscles flexed. Passion exploded across his face.

“Sven, so good!” whimpered Aingeal. I knew he spilled his seed in her.

I licked my lips, my pussy clenching down on Ealaín’s dick as she rammed into my depths. The friction shot through my body. It crashed into the growing pressure in the core of my pussy. My ears twitched, my tail swished, and my yowls exploded from my lips.

I came.

My pussy writhed about the clit-dick pumping in and out of my juicy snatch. Cream poured down my thighs while rapture washed through my body. It made me tremble, My purrs rumbled out of my throat as I reveled in the pleasure.

“Rithi’s inspiring beauty!” groaned the aoi si. She buried to the hilt in me.

Hot cum spurted into my depths. Girl-cum. I whimpered, my cunt milking her dick as the ecstasy filled me. I savored it. I loved cumming so much. It made me feel so wonderfully wicked. My skin tingled. My nipples throbbed.

I yowled in delight.

And Master watched me. He watched us all writhing. His harem. It was almost complete. Soon Princess Ava would join us. I would finally get to taste her pussy. I licked my lips, so eager for it. Together, we were unstoppable.

Prince Meinard would fall. We’d thwart Zizthithana’s dastardly plans. And we’d stop this Paragon from resurrecting the horrible man whose soul dangled around Mistress Kora’s neck. I knew we would succeed. I could feel it.


Kora Falk

A wave of dizziness washed over me. I shook my head, feeling so tired as Zanyia scrambled over Aingeal, eager to sixty-nine with the faerie. Ealaín’s cum dripped down the lamia’s thighs as she straddled the faerie’s head.

I shook my head. Why was I so exhausted? Sex usually invigorated me. I guess it had been a long day. I licked my lips, tasting Nathalie’s sour ass as she sucked on my brother’s cock, cleaning Aingeal’s pussy juices off of his dick.

My family were eager to love each other. I couldn’t let a little fatigue stop me from joining the fun.

To be continued…

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