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The Roommate

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The club had been too loud for them to talk so they’d come back to Megan’s house and spent about three hours chatting, watching cartoons and looking at Megan’s drawings and art collection. Gemma hadn’t met someone she’d connected so easily with for ages. Not since she was in school, in fact. When she spent 8 weeks forming a close friendship with that Dutch exchange student, then sobbed the whole night through when Sophie had left to go back to Holland.

Now she had come to a new city to study and made a friend in less than a week. Megan had the same quirky sense of humour as her, she loved the same TV shows, looked at other people with the same kind of derision mixed with compassion for humans and their faults. She was also beautiful, and Gemma was in awe of her gorgeous silky black hair and strong, curved body, so different to her own pale, red haired and skinny appearance, with legs so thin her nickname was Bambi.

“Wow, this drawing is so different in style. It’s amazing.” Gemma pointed out a sketch in one of Megan’s art diaries, a pin-up style black ink drawing, of a voluptuous brunette beauty in stay-up stockings and crotchless panties. Megan smiled.

“I didn’t draw that one. That’s a drawing of me. My housemate Drew did that one.”

“Oh, wow. That’s pretty cool. I recognise the hair, now that you point it out.” Gemma looked at the drawing again and wondered how much of a likeness it was for Megan’s body. It was stunning. Then it occurred to her that this ‘housemate’ of Megan seemed pretty comfortable sharing his imagination of Megan’s naked body with her, down to the fold of labia peaking out just a little bit from between the lips of her vulva, sweetly bordered by lacy lingerie… Or was it drawn from live model? What kind of relationship did Megan have with her housemate? Gemma looked around and realised that, while there was a bathroom and a big curtain up dividing the space into two, it was a studio apartment, with a bed in the main living space and another behind the curtain. She must be pretty comfortable with her housemate if she could deal with so little privacy.

“I’ve had an awesome night tonight, Gem. I’m so glad I met you.” Megan jumped onto the bed where Gemma was sitting, still flicking through the sketches, and lay down next to her.

“Me too! It has been so much better just chilling at your place than it would have been if I was in the club all night. I can’t believe I found someone who actually laughs at my awful jokes.”

“Hahaha your jokes are awful. That’s why I like them. I only laugh at awful jokes. Seriously, you’re perfect.”

“Naw, that’s the sweetest thing haha. It’s so late but I don’t want to leave! I just want to stay here and hang out forever surrounded by your rad drawings and watching stupid cartoons. You’re going to have to kick me out if you ever want to go to bed.”

“Are you kidding? I’m not going to kick you out onto the street at three in the morning. You’re sleeping here tonight. I don’t have a spare bed, but there’s heaps of room in this one.” Megan playfully grabbed Gemma in a hug, as if to stop her from leaving. Gemma held up the sketch book pretending to protect it.

“Alright, alright. Actually, that would be awesome, taxis are hella expensive so it would be way better to train it tomorrow morning. Are you sure it’s cool with your housemate?”

“Of course it’s cool. You think Drew is going to be like, ‘can you not have gorgeous fiery-haired babes sleeping in my apartment please? I hate coming home to beautiful women, such a drag’? I don’t think so.”

“Haha, I don’t think anyone has ever described me as a ‘fiery-haired babe’ before.”

“They definitely have. Maybe not out loud. They’re definitely thinking it.”

Gemma laughed sheepishly.

“Oh my god, you’re blushing! That is adorable. Seriously babe, you need to get used to compliments. You’re going to get them a lot in the city. Men are going to be crawling at your feet.” Megan said this as she started casually undressing, getting ready for bed. She threw an oversized shirt at Gemma, kadıköy escort then she undid her bra, slipping it down her arms. Gemma looked away but held the image of Megan’s smooth bare breasts in her mind. They looked exactly as round and perfect as their pinup sketch versions, with small brown nipples, skin paler than her arms but still honey-tanned.

When Gemma looked up again, Megan’s face was covered by a t-shirt she was slipping over her shoulders, her breasts still naked and bouncing slightly with the movements of her arms. Gemma had been about to make a comment about not being so sure that she wanted men to crawl at her feet, but perhaps now was not the time. She looked away in time to avoid being seen looking, and realised that she was supposed to put the t-shirt on to sleep in, not sit there holding it, trying desperately not to stare at Megan’s tits. Megan looked over at her and said, “Oh, you can get dressed behind the curtain if you like. Being a dancer, I’ve totally lost all of my modesty.”

“No, no, um, it’s okay.” Gemma stood up and took her jeans off while Megan slipped her pencil skirt down over her hips. She was wearing stay-ups underneath, and a cute pair of lacy panties with a heart on the front. Gemma thought about the crotchless panties from the sketchbook. While Megan peeled off her stockings and climbed onto the bed in just her t-shirt and panties, Gemma took off her own shirt and bra, leaving her standing there in nothing but her plain white cotton underpants. Her pale, slender body stood in contrast to Megan’s darker curves, and Gemma’s large pale nipples made her small breasts come to a point. She noticed that Megan was openly staring at her as she put the t-shirt.

“Fuck. You look incredible. What I wouldn’t give to be slim like you.”

Gemma smiled awkwardly. “Um, thanks.”

“Haha you’re blushing again! Girl, I’m going to keep complimenting you until you can deal with it. Hey can you turn the light off?”

Megan put the lamp next to the bed on while Gemma flicked the switch. In the dim room, she could feel her face still burning with embarrassment, but she also felt the heat of arousal. As she slid into bed next to Megan, she thought about how much she wanted to feel her body, kiss her smooth skin. She felt like what she was doing was wrong, that she should tell Megan that she might be gay or whatever. Or maybe she should just say that she wasn’t comfortable sleeping here and she was going to call a cab.

Megan turned the lamp off and to Gemma’s surprise, she immediately wrapped her arms around Gemma, pulling her close into a cuddle. The moon filled the room with warm grey light. All of Gemma’s senses were alive to every detail of Megan’s closeness, feeling the softness of her body through her shirt and the naked contact of their unclothed legs together. Gemma could smell the candy-like sweetness of Megan’s hair, and taking a deep breath in, she absorbed the earthy scent of her body. Megan pushed her body against Gemma, making a little “mmmmm” sound as she nuzzled her face into Gemma’s neck. Gemma was filled with confusion but her body was on fire.

She put her hand on Megan’s hip, feeling the smooth skin and the top of the elastic of her little panties. “Megan. I…”

“Mmmm,” Megan murmured. Megan’s leg wrapped around Gemma’s and Gemma surrendered to the urge to run her hands up and down Megan’s naked thigh.

“Megan, I should have told you something. I like…”


Megan started to move her hips against Gemma, pushing her pubic mound up against her, grinding herself on Gemma’s hip.

“I like girls,” she finished, running her hands up over Megan’s butt, still covered in the soft cotton fabric. Megan sighed, so Gemma kept going, reaching around to grasp her curved cheeks and slide her hand between her thighs from behind. Her flesh was so soft but firm, her skin so smooth. Gemma kept running her hands all over Megan’s ass, gorging her senses on the feeling of her thighs and ass cheeks, Megan’s hips grinding more and more kartal escort firmly.

“Megan. You’re so beautiful. I…” She stopped and took in a sudden breath as her hand slipped from groping Megan’s thigh up into the wetness of her pussy, soaking through her panties.

“Oh god,” Gemma said with a heavy sigh. She rubbed her fingers along the wetness and up to Megan’s clit and back down again, Megan’s hips grinding firmly onto Gemma’s hand. Moving the elastic of Megan’s panties to one side, Gemma slipped her fingers between the lips and inside, feeling the heat and throbbing pulse of Megan’s arousal, as hot and wet as her own. Megan took a sharp breath in, her nails gripping Gemma’s shoulder, “Oh”.

She kept grinding her hips, this time thrusting herself up and down onto Gemma’s fingers, her breasts with their firm little nipples sliding up and down a little against Gemma’s arm. Gemma moved her thumb onto Megan’s clit and gently rubbed it side to side while Megan sighed, “Oh, Gem.”

Gemma couldn’t take any more of that. She wanted much more of Megan. She pushed her onto her back, fingers still inside her, and climbed on top of her, kissing her firmly on the mouth and then kissing and gently biting her body all the way down to her pussy still covered by the love heart on her soaked panties, the whole time jamming her fingers so deeply inside of Megan that her knuckles were grinding against her. She pulled her fingers out and Megan whimpered, her eyes opening as if waking up for the first time.

Megan watched in the dim light as Gemma pulled her panties down, lifting her hips up to let her pull them over her round ass. Gemma kissed the bare shaved mound of Megan’s vulva, lightly tickling her with her mouth as it moved down to the slit, which looked just like the picture in her sketchbook, plump and smooth and with a little bit of labia poking out neatly from between her lips. As Gemma’s tongue slid into the slit, wrapping around the labia and down to the sweet wetness, Megan’s back arched and her hands grabbed the sheets in two fists. “Mmmm.”

Gemma hungrily licked Megan’s pussy, again slipping her fingers in deep into her, and holding them there, in as deep as they could go, while flicking her clit side to side firmly with her tongue. Megan moaned and sighed, her flat belly stretched out and her tits bouncing as she moved her body in time with the strokes of Gemma’s tongue. The door clicked shut. A male voice said, “Oh. Fuck. Sorry ladies.”

Gemma froze, which made Megan moan, “No, god, don’t stop.” She looked up when Gemma pulled her fingers out of her.

“Oh. Shit. Drew, hi.” That broke the spell and Gemma pulled sheet over Megan, then she started apologising to Drew, who was still standing in the dark next to the door.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were coming home.”

Megan interrupted her, “It’s my fault, sorry Gem, I wasn’t thinking.” She pulled Gemma under the sheet with her. Drew apologised a few more times while making his way over in the dark to his bed behind the curtain, not looking in their direction. Gemma’s heart was beating quickly, from the shock but also still from the heat of her arousal.

She tried to take some breaths and calm down, lying still next to Megan and listening to the sound of Drew, just past the curtain, putting his keys down, the click of his belt being undone, the squeak of his springs as he put his weight onto his mattress. Gemma could still taste Megan. Her fingers were still wet from her pussy, and Megan’s body was still pressed against her in the warmth of her bed. Megan started grinding her hips against Gemma again. Gemma didn’t move.

She quietly felt the soft thighs wrap around her again, but lay still, listening for Drew’s movements. Megan kissed her neck. “Gem?” she whispered. Drew coughed. They lay still for a little while, listening to each other breathing, Megan’s legs still wrapped around Gemma.

They heard Drew moving around in his bed. Megan whispered “Gem, I want you so badly. Do you want to stop? I kurtköy escort don’t want to stop. I can be quiet.” Megan’s hand slid under Gemma’s t-shirt, and caressed Gem’s breast, moving down her slender torso then up to her small, firm breasts again.

“Oh god, Gem, you’re so beautiful. I really don’t want to stop.” Gemma slid her shirt up over her head and Megan kept caressing her body. Gemma listened to Drew move again in his bed, and exhale heavily. She thought about his drawing of Megan, and thought about him fucking Megan, about cock plunging deep into Megan’s wetness where her fingers had been. Impossibly, it turned her on even more than she had been.

Megan’s hand slid down into Gem’s panties. “Mmmm.”

Megan’s gentle fingers slid along Gemma’s clit and circled around it, swimming in Gem’s wetness. “Mmmm, Megan. Put your fingers inside me.” She whispered, but Gemma realized she’d been loud enough that Drew could not have helped but hear it. Megan slipped her fingers into Gemma and started to lick her nipple. Gemma slipped her own fingers back inside Megan and Megan kissed her, the hot wetness of their mouths mirroring the hot wetness that their fingers slid in and out of, with increasing urgency.

Gemma said, “Drew can hear us”.

Megan stopped moving and sighed. “He probably can, yeah. We don’t have much privacy here, I’m sorry.” But as she started to pull her hand away, Gemma grabbed her wrist and pushed Megan’s fingers back inside herself, grinding her hips onto her hand .

“No. I don’t want to stop.” Megan smiled and closed her eyes with pleasure as Gemma’s hand pushed and grinded against her pussy. “Maybe… Drew can join us?” Gemma tentatively asked.

Megan smiled. “Really? Are you sure?”

“I think so.” Megan unwrapped herself from Gemma’s embrace and out of bed, walking over to the side of the room separated by the curtain. She stood there, naked, visible to Drew. Then she turned again to the bed and slid back in next to Gemma, with Drew following, getting into bed next to Megan. She rolled over him so that he was in the middle, Gemma moving close to him, pressing her near nakedness onto him, the smell and feel of his body so different from Megan.

He turned to Gemma and smiled, kissing her on the mouth softly. Gemma put her leg across him, feeling his erection on her inner thigh and Megans naked thighs next to him. Megan’s hands reached across him and again caressed her breasts. Megan pulled Gemma towards her, pulling her onto Drew, who held her hips on top of his, grinding his erection into her panties and groaning, while Megan caressed her ass and slid her hand under her panties, delicately playing with the outside of her asshole. Gemma moaned, and sitting up to straddle Drew, she pulled aside her panties and impaled herself on Drew’s thick cock, taking a moment to enjoy the shiver of such complete penetration.

Megan’s fingers still lightly caressed her ass as she sat still, feeling Drew’s pulse inside her. He started playing with Megan’s tits and Gemma could see how much she liked that, how hot she was getting. She sat up and straddled Drew’s face, and just as Gemma started to bump up and down onto his cock, Megan started to grind her ass on his mouth, playing with her own clit while she did so. Gemma grabbed Megan’s tits, feeling them bounce with Megan’s movements on Drew’s face. Drew’s hands moved from grabbing Megan’s ass on his face to grabbing Gemma’s ass on his cock, and Gemma could feel that he was getting harder, bigger, filling her up more and making rougher, faster movements.

Grasping Megan’s bouncing tits and feeling his intense rapid thrusting beneath her, it was too much, Gemma felt a wave of pleasure mount and then crash over her, making her collapse forward onto Megan, who held her while the spasms inside her subsided.

Still thrusting himself into Gemma, Drew grabbed Megans ass while licking her deeply, sending Megan off the edge, trembling now in Gemma’s arms, as Gemma was filled with Drew’s hot cum, thrusting her hips down hard on him as if to drink it all into herself. The two girls kissed, laughing at the intensity, their hair sweaty and tangled. They climbed off Drew, leaving him a wet mess. They cuddled each other next to him, while he cleaned up and then cooled down, all falling asleep in the same bed in the warm moonlight of the city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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