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The Roommates Ch. 04

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“That was awesome, now it’s my turn. If you think seeing me coming out of the shower is enough to get you going, wait until I show you this.”

Not that I would balk for a second at seeing her play with herself but I couldn’t, wouldn’t let her know that I jack off all the time watching her finger herself. What I hadn’t seen yet or anticipated was what she did next.

Sliding her hand back down her leg, she scooped up the remaining ropes of cum and planted her cum soaked fingers right onto her dripping cunt. Not that she needed anymore lube on her already saturated gash, she smeared my jizz all over her pussy, parting her lips and massaging her very erect clit.

Even though I had just released a load that had been brewing for the last couple of hours, amazingly, my spent dick jumped back to life as if it had been hit with a defibrillator.

I instinctively reached back for my now growing penis and as soon as I had wrapped my hand around my still somewhat flaccid shaft, Heather stopped cold.

With her finger still buried between her folds, she said, “nope, you can’t touch yourself, it’s my turn. You just sit there and watch.”

Again disappointed, I released my member and sat back as instructed and continued to watch Heather fuck herself. But before she started back in on herself, she pulled her very wet finger from it’s sheath, raised it to her lips and proceeded to clean the jizz mixed with her own juice from them.

My only thought was, who the heck is this person and what did she do with my roommate.

With fingers now clean of our combined fluids, she started her slow journey back down to her beautiful mound, stopping briefly on her breast’s where she twisted and pulled on her erect nipples.

“Do you like this,” she asked not really needing an answer. My now rock hard dick standing at full attention was conformation enough.

With her noticing that my cock had squeezed out a little left over cum from my last orgasm, Heather released her nipple and reached forward for my member. Grabbing it right under the head, she squeezed the drop out before scooping it up and smearing it back on to her cunt.

Damn, this was just down right torture at this point. It was the first time that my dick had been touched by someone other than me in months. And the fact that the one who was touching me was the one that I wanted more than anybody.

I again watched as she massaged my white cum drop between her lips and down into her tight hole. My sex was now on fire again and I wanted nothing more than to devour any and all of this woman. Again, I reach for my tool when she abruptly stopped again and gave me the look.

“I’m warning you mister, if you don’t just sit there, I am going to stop. Why don’t you just sit on your hand’s if you can’t control yourself,” she insisted.

She was well beyond stopping but for the sake of the game I played along and positioned my hands under my butt and urged her to proceed.

Satisfied that she now had my obedience, she sucked on her fingers again before continuing her assault on her pussy. With my hands firmly out of contact with my package she continued to fondle her clit and hole.

As her intensity built up, I could feel my own cock juice running down my shaft. At illegal bahis this point, Heather was well into pleasuring herself as she also threw her head back. Knowing by her breathing and now ferocity of her manipulation, I knew that it wouldn’t be long until she, herself, had a mind shattering orgasm.

As if it couldn’t get any better, while squeezing my hips with her legs, she lifted her ass off of the couch and with her free hand, reached under herself and started fingering herself with that hand while twiddling her clit with her other.

It was an amazing site to behold and if I had any cum left in my balls, I would have been wearing it at this point. Needless to say, I was about to find out that I indeed did have some left.

With her eyes closed and her mouth gasping for the air above her, she unexpectedly slid her finger from her cunt hole and easily relocated it in her puckered asshole.

At this point, I could do nothing but watch and coach. “Yes, that’s it Heather, fuck yourself, fuck yourself good.”

There were only two sounds in the living room at that moment; Heather quietly but still somewhat screaming with pleasure and the sloshing sound of her saturated pussy as she swiped her fingers vigorously back and forth over her clit.

“Oh my gawd Heather, that’s it. Make yourself cum,” I again coached as she neared her climax.

As her orgasm hit, she did something that had not happened in the video and something I would never forget. One final thrust of her hips upwards, she stopped suspended in the air, held her lips apart giving me a wonderful view of all of her glory and then proceeded to start spraying her cum as she was over taken by the intense orgasm.

She was in a different world and was uncaring of where she was spraying, but due to the way that we were sitting and the closeness of each other, she was spraying her cunt juice all over my cock, balls and stomach.

I had never been with a woman who was a squirter, so the feel of her cum splashing against me and the warmth of the fluid indeed set off another orgasm of my own. Still sitting on my hands, my cock began to jump up and down as if it was dry heaving trying to find the ejaculate that it so desperately wanted to release.

From the depths of my groin, my balls managed to find some jizz held back from my first orgasm. One small rope had a short flight as it only shot maybe six inches from the head of my pulsing cock. Two more drizzles of my white sauce ran from the little slit and down my shaft until it finally pooled at the base joining the clear, slick fluid that Heather contributed.

As both of our orgasms subsided, I felt as if I was truly deflated of energy and just remained there motionless without the will to even release my hands from under my butt. Apparently, my untouched penis had different ideas as it just rested on my belly, hard as it had ever been without the slightest sign that it was going to soften.

I can only assume that due to the lack of physical contact that my cock thought that it was still on stage and remained ready for action. Eyeing my strong seven inches, Heather spun around on the couch and proceeded to start licking up our cum, beginning with my thighs. My thighs, wet with only her cum, as was any illegal bahis siteleri place that wasn’t in the close vicinity of my dick or balls, was hers.

I could not believe what I was seeing as this kewl and collect roommate of mine was now licking up her own squirt. What the hell, Heather is a freak, I thought to myself as she finished cleaning her cum off of me and was now heading for my dick area.

Upon arriving at my cock, Heather grabbed it with a hand, held it up off of my abdomen and started to slurp up the pool of her cum mixed with my thick white sauce. Once she had successfully cleaned my belly of our combined Juices, she began her slow northern climb up my shaft, using her lips and tongue to clean my shaft.

My cock started to flex as her tongue and lips crested the crown before pushing its way between the soft fold of her mouth. I had already blown two loads and this was barely the first time that she had even touched me. I only got to enjoy her warm mouth sliding over my cock because of the two orgasms that I previously had. Otherwise, I would have sprayed my jizz at her throat before she would have ever had the chance to complete a single stroke.

She slowly massaged my muscle with her lips as she tried to push further down onto me only to momentarily gag once she hit the back of her throat. She had tried two more times, with the same result, before lifting her mouth off of me and exclaiming to me, “Oh my gawd, your cock tastes so good, but I need you to fuck me, right now.”

Lifting herself from between my legs and off the couch, she grabbed my legs and spun them to where my feet were on the floor and I was sitting. Only as I notice my phone sitting on the coffee table did I remembered that it was still recording.

Now, with me sitting properly on the couch, Heather walked in between my legs and turned around presenting me with her ass. Reaching back, she grabbed my stiff tool and held it straight in the air as she lowered herself down to it. The view that I now had of her perfect ass as she started to tease her shinny wet pussy with the head of my cock was beyond description.

She lowered herself down onto me only enough to push the head into her wanting hole before rising back up allowing my dick to slap down onto my belly. Heather followed it down until she had it pinned between her ass cheeks and my pelvic bone.

Back and forth she started to ride my hard cock totally engulfing it with her pussy lips and ass cheeks. She had also reached down between her legs and grabbed my balls and began playing with them. Pulling my scrotum up, she started to play with her clit though the skin of my sack.

After a minute of her riding me, she knelt forward, and with my balls still in her hand, she pulled the lose skin making my dick stand up off of me. Sitting back upright, she latched the head of my dick onto her tight pussy and sank onto it. She continued slowly impaling herself until she was fully sitting on my lap with me buried deep inside her.

She began to shiver and moan while perched motionless upon me. I noticed the hair on her arms and back stand up as chills ran down her back.

Once she had adjusted to the 7″ blunt object that was now violating her womb, she started to slowly canlı bahis siteleri gyrate her hips as if trying to somehow force more of me into her. Not that I would consider my penis as being big, but what I had was just enough as her inner canal was as stuffed as it could have been with my cock pressing the bottom of her sex.

Her channel that had it’s grip on my shaft, would have led me to believe that she was a virgin had I not known better. Not really wanting an answer and to kill the moment, I quickly thought to myself that Rick must have had a lot smaller of a dick than mine.

Once she was comfortably impaled on my dick, she began to increase her speed, grinding her wetness onto me faster with every thrust until she was bucking feverishly. Her hips were almost a blur as she fucked my human dildo, resting her hands on my knees for support.

As I started to approach the point of no return, Heather clamped down on me and suddenly froze where she was at. A moment later, with her body trembling, I again felt my balls and thighs blanketed in the warmth of fluid. I couldn’t see from the positing that we were in but I’m sure that my phone captured the moment that her pussy let loose again spraying a torrent of her cum onto me.

With Heather sitting on my cock waiting for the super sensitive feeling to subside, I used this opportunity to seize control. I bucked my hips up into her, popping her up high enough and long enough for me to place my hands under her ass and hold her there as I started to drive my dick up into her.

It was no secret that I was pounding her pussy as the sound of our dripping sex was very loud, thanks to her squirting a minute ago. With my dick hammering away, she started to wail as another orgasm shot through her. Having no intention of stopping until I unloaded my orgasm on her, I continued drilling away at her cunt as she sprayed yet another large amount of cum.

Not being able to physically support herself with her arms, she fell forward which in turn pulled her ass cheeks apart giving me a great view of her lips as they stretched around my shaft on the out and then pushed back up on the in stroke. Her tight little asshole was staring straight at me which brought me to that point.

I could no longer hold off as my head spun out of control and I began unloading into her. My orgasm seemed to last forever as my balls searched for the cum that wasn’t there anymore. That didn’t seem to make a difference to her tight cunt as it continued to flex around me trying to coax any jizz it could from me.

Finally giving up the fight, Heather leaned back onto my chest, resting her head on my shoulder and with no sign of remorse, just said “wow.”

Turning her head towards my face, she asked, “can I tell you something?”

Out of breath, I just grunted “uh huh.”

“I’ve never squirted before tonight,” she confessed.

Amazed at this revelation, I was also happy that if not only for a short time she had forgotten about Rick. Be it the wine, the pot or the combination of both, Rick had been put on the back burner as she fucked me like a sex deprived, middle aged housewife.

As Heather leaned forward to detach herself from me, a large amount of sticky white sperm flowed out of her gash and dribbled down onto my deflating dick. Somehow, I did manage to produce a fairly substantial creampie which Heather was more than happy to clean up again.

From that night on, our roommate relationship had definitely changed to the interesting.

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