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The Service of Paul Purrfect Pt. 04

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Arriving home after a long day, I find the house in semi darkness and tea light candles on each stair leading up to our room. Kicking off my shoes I call out to you but getting no answer follow the candles up the stairs and in to the bathroom. You are naked sitting on the edge of the bath stirring gorgeous smelling bubbles through steaming water.

Seeing me enter the room you stand and come to me, without speaking you pull me in to you, claiming my mouth with yours in a deep kiss, your tongue exploring my mouth. You taste of wine and your naked body is hot against my still clothed one. As you continue to kiss me, you start to undress me, the zip to my dress pulled down and the material pushed over my shoulders, the material falling to the floor leaving me naked to your gaze.

Drawing me to the bath you help me slide in to the warm scented bubbles, the water swirling just below my nipples, the bubbles on the surface of the water veiling my body. Placing yourself on the deep ledge of the bath, your feet in the water, you wrap your fingers in my hair pulling me towards you and up on to my knees between your legs.

Taking some gel in to your hands you begin to soap my shoulders and as your hand works down over my back I lean forward to allow you to reach bringing my face just inches from your swollen cock. Opening my mouth I take your cock inside my warm mouth allowing my tongue to swirl around the head making you gasp and push further to the back of my throat.

As your hand glides down over my back to my bottom soaping my cheeks and in to the crease of my bottom, toying with my hole making me squirm and writhe. You can just see the outline of my curves in the bubbles a different glimpse each time as my body moves in time with the sucking of your cock.

Taking more gel your other hand now slips between us and over my breasts, my nipples hardening to stiff points as you soap them, pinching them to provoke a gasp and allowing your cock to slide deeper in to my throat.

As bedava bahis your hand glides down over my belly my legs part subconsciously to allow your soapy fingers to slide over my pussy, parting my lips as they slip inside me. As your fingers start to fuck my pussy in long hard strokes, your thumb pushed hard against my clit, I suck you harder and faster using my tongue to lick your shaft as my throat engulfs you and my lips slide effortlessly lubricated with your pre cum, my hands massaging and milking your balls, I can feel you begin to jerk and your breathing becomes heavier as my own orgasm builds rapidly in my belly.

As the first jet of your cum hits the back of my throat I look up at you, my mouth stretched wide around your cock, my eyes hooded with desire as I start to cum on your working fingers.

Pulling your cock from my mouth you finish the last of your orgasm over my upturned face your warm cum splattering against my cheeks smudged with my ruined mascara from the heat of the room. My juices flow over your fingers in to the water mixing with the bubbles as I cry out your name collapsing against your lap as you stroke my hair and wipe your cum from my face with the sponge.

Sliding back in to the water you leave me to recover in the bubbles and pour me a glass of wine, I can hear you moving around in the bedroom and briefly wonder what you have in store for me next as the warm water soothes my muscles. After a time I climb from the bath and wrap myself in a big fluffy towel drying myself off and tidying my hair in the mirror.

When I am done I pad naked in to the bedroom where you are sitting in a big black leather chair, as I approach you, you pull me on to your lap your fingers reaching for my breasts, as your mouth finds my neck kissing and biting just below my ear before whispering “are you going to be a good girl Antonia or do I need to punish you.”

“I will try to be good Mr Purrfect,” I gasp as your thumb and bedava bonus forefinger pinch and roll my nipples making them ache with desire.

“Do exactly as I tell you, go and lay on the bed on your back placing your arms and legs wide apart.”

Climbing off your lap I go over to the bed. Positioning myself as instructed I wait for you to move but you are not in any hurry and continue to sit and watch me. “Use your fingers to open your pussy lips for me Antonia” you instruct.

Doing as I am told I use my fingers to open myself up to your gaze, my skin flushing at the intimate action I am performing for you. “Good girl, now put your hand back to where it was and lay still.”

As I do as I am told I can feel my pussy getting wetter under your avid gaze and my nipples puckering in the cooler air of the bedroom. You sit watching me for a while stroking your recovering cock before moving towards the side of the bed.

Taking one of my arms you secure it to the bed with a silk tie and pull it tight but still with comfortable movement. Moving to the other side you do the same with my other arm. Leaning down to kiss me you ask “Do you trust me Antonia.”

Nodding without hesitation, you move to the foot of the bed and I find my legs being spread wider and both ankles secured in the same way as my wrists.

Taking two cushions from the chair you bring them to the bed “Lift your bottom Antonia,” you say and as I do as I’m asked you slide them underneath me. This has the effect of raising my pussy higher and allowing my legs to spread wider. I am now more open and exposed and as you stand looking at me I cannot help but flush.

Smiling you move to the side of the room before returning with a bowl of warm water, some shaving soap, a shaving brush and a razor along with a towel which you place beneath me. “I suggest you keep very still Antonia as I am going to shave your pussy.”

I suck in my breath watching you. Wetting the brush slightly deneme bonusu you coat it with the shaving soap, rubbing it in a circular motion over the mound of my pussy until it lathers nicely. Moving the brush down over my pussy lips pushing the bristles inside, teasing my clit as you do and making me squirm and gasp. “Keep still now Antonia,” as you bring the razor to my pussy and begin to shave.

Working the blade over my mound and down over my pussy lips, working in all of the creases until I am totally smooth. Using a sponge and warm water you clean the remaining soap from my pussy before patting me dry with a towel. Taking some oil from a bottle you start to massage it in to my bare pussy working it in to my skin and running your fingers between my pussy lips and across my erect clit which is now quite visible. I can feel an orgasm building fast in the pit of my tummy as your fingers work and I am moaning trying not to move.

I can see you are aroused, and your cock has swelled as you come to the end of the bed, using the remainder of the oil to coat your shaft you kneel between my secured legs, the head of your cock just resting at the entrance to my naked pussy. Using your oiled cock mixed with my juices you rub the head against my clit working me almost to the edge before driving your cock deep inside me until your balls are against the smooth lips of my pussy.

Looking directly at you as you start to thrust in to me, your cock rubbing against my G spot causing me to cry out at the friction. The feel of my naked pussy sucking and milking your cock is intoxicating and each thrust is sending you closer to the edge and your cock begins to jerk and throb inside me.

As my own orgasm comes in waves making me writhe and arch my back against your thrusts, you start to cum, pulling out of me your last spurts coating my bare pussy and running down between my legs. Pulling back you admire my cum coated pussy before rubbing your cum in to my skin as the last of my orgasm subsides.

Releasing my legs and arms from their bonds you come to lay beside me, pulling me in to your arms stroking the hair from my face and kissing me as you stroke down over my back. “Don’t get too comfortable Antonia, I have yet to punish you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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