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The Show, Act 01

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I was sitting in my home office when Cory came bouncing into the room.

“Hi daddy!!”

“Hello baby. What’s up?”

“Ready for the show?” asked Cory barely able to contain her excitement.

“The show?”

“Yes the show. The show. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about it already?” I looked up from the computer screen into her hazel eyes. She was quite the beauty, in fact both of them were. I have two daughters, Cory and Amy and the fact they are both beautiful is where any similarity ends. Cory at nineteen is the oldest with raven black, neck length hair, small mouth, and small upturned nose. Her five foot six inch frame is slim with beautiful round curves in all the right places. She’s also possessed of perfectly round natural 34D cup breasts and an equally perfect heart shaped ass that I know most men would follow into hell to possess. Amy on the other hand is a tall, lanky five foot eight, eighteen year old with short cut auburn hair, blue eyes, wide mouth with full lips, and a regal, elegant nose adorning her oval face. She also has long legs, a tight round ass and a pair of pert 32B breasts that resemble a pair of upside down teacups.

But as different as they are physically, it’s their behavior that really sets them apart. Cory is verbose, vivacious, bright and possessed of a devious mind, while Amy, also bright tends to be very quiet, and more than a bit shy. Cory leads, Amy follows usually happily and such is the dynamic of their close relationship.

“No I haven’t forgotten.” I looked into her eyes, “Sorry princess, I guess I’ve been a little distracted of late.”

“Distracted? Try Depressed or at the very least gloomy! Well tonight that all changes. Amy and I are going to put on a show that’ll blow your mind. Ready?” Her breasts jiggled freely beneath her thin T-shirt and I noticed that she was wearing what looked like fishnet stockings under her khaki shorts. That should’ve been my first clue that something was amiss.

“The show must go on,” I said not really feeling it as Cory took my hands and pulled me out of the chair. She then pulled my chair out and placed it in the middle of the room facing the door. She then pulled me forward and sat me in the chair.

“Just trust me, okay daddy? And do what I say, at least as far as you’re able.” She giggled a little then kissed me on the cheek. As I sat there I thought back to all the times the girls would stage talent shows for my wife and I. They looked so cute in their little outfits and so funny as they sang and danced always out of tune with each other. Wistfully I wished for those times again when things seemed so much simpler. Suddenly Cory did something I was completely not ready for. Grabbing both my arms, she pulled them back behind the chair. I heard a clink but before I could react my hands had been handcuffed together. She then bounced out of the room only to return instantly with some lengths of ropes.

“Cory, what the…?”

“Now daddy, you promised to trust me right?” Interrupted Cory as she deftly strapped me to the chair. She even tied my legs to the chair’s legs making me completely immobile and at the mercy of whatever insidious plan she had in mind. After making sure all her knots weren’t going to come loose, she went and stood behind me.

“Okay daddy, say aaaah!”

“I really think this has gone far enough. You need to rel….” Again I was cut off as a plastic ball gag was placed into my mouth, the straps of which were then tied securely behind my head.

“This is just for you daddy.” Cory whispered into my ear. She then kissed me on the temple before sauntering over to the door, switching off the light and leaving me bathed in darkness.

It seemed an interminable amount of time passed while I sat tied to that chair. I could hear movement as things were being moved about the room, but they had pulled the blinds and had turned all the lights out in the whole house. I then heard some hushed whispering, then silence. I didn’t have to wait long before someone entered the room.

Suddenly, flash, a handheld spotlight was turned on illuminating Cory’s face, though I had to do a double take before I realized it really was Cory. She wore a top hat, what looked an old tuxedo jacket with tails and nothing underneath; I could see the outline of her breasts shimmer beneath the jackets lapels. She also had on the fishnet stockings but instead of the shorts, she wore what looked like a leather thong bikini with a zipper on the front, while on her feet she wore shoes with four inch heels. In one hand she held the spotlight, while in the other it looked as though she had a riding crop. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head as another part of my anatomy suddenly came to life. Then just as suddenly I had the urgent need to rid myself of my bonds.

“Prisoners, heed your mistress. As part of your torture tonight, I give you the slave girl Fateema!!” Cory swung the spotlight to the doorway where a radiant, veiled Amy stood, fully decked out in an ‘I Love Genie’ outfit, except that the one Amy wore left nothing to the imagination. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She wore an open push up brassiere with nipple clamps on each teet connected by a small gold chain. Her pantaloons were completely see-through showing her hairless vagina, her long legs and tight backside. She was barefoot while on her wrists hung several colorful bracelets. As Arabic style music emanated from a boombox Amy began a seductive dance into the room. As she swayed her hips, she moved her arms and snapped her fingers in time to the music all the while gradually moving closer to my chair, and as she got closer my body betrayed me as my cock grew hard as steel making a very noticeable tent in my pants.

“Stop there, slave!” commanded Cory. As Amy did as she was told, Cory came forward and pulling a string on Amy’s pantaloons, let them slide to the floor leaving Amy wearing only a thin gold chain around her abdoman.

My mind was reeling; the whole thing had taken on a surreal dreamlike quality. I couldn’t understand what had gotten into my decent, proper daughters. It was like I didn’t know these girls; they had become complete strangers.

Stepping behind Amy, Cory held the spotlight and riding crop in one hand, while she seductively stuck two of her fingers between her red lips. Then reaching around Amy, Cory ran her wet fingers up through Amy’s labia to her now prominently protruding clit.

“Oooooh!” moaned an aroused Amy as she leaned back against Cory as Cory’s fingers lightly played with her wet clit. And while I knew what was coming and I knew it was wrong, my cock was so hard I thought it would explode.

“Slave, prepare the prisoner!” Cory commanded as she licked her fingers clean of Amy’s juice.

“Yes mistress.” With that Amy climbed onto the chair, placing her feet firmly on either side of me, then grabbing my head firmly she ground her dripping slit against my face, rubbing her swollen clit against my nose until my entire face was covered in her sweet discharge, and sweet it was and fragrant and fresh, just as one would imagine an eighteen year old virgins to be. She then bent down rubbing her tits and hard as rock nipples against my forehead, my bound mouth, and my chin. Finally as she straddled my lap with my erection rubbing against her most intimate parts, she brought her face down and started to lap her juices from my saturated countenance.

It was when she stopped licking and pulled away that I was able to gaze into her eyes and then I broke into a cold sweat. I don’t know what I expected to see; maybe anger, or malice, perhaps a cruel smirk of the victor over the vanquished. I thought maybe that I had done something that had pissed my kids off so bad that they felt that they had to go to these kinds of extremes to get back at me. I figured they’d probably leave me tied to the chair with a raging hardon, then at some point they’d come back and tell me just what the fuck it was that I did. But that would be okay, because I’d still have my honor and at least a little of my dignity; I’d still be able to think of myself as a good decent man, as opposed to a pervert who ought to be locked up in a very small box. Why? Because I hadn’t fucked the two most cherished and important people in my life, and for some reason at that moment in time, that was everything. But….I was wrong. This wasn’t about revenge. Amy wasn’t mad at me, didn’t hate me. There was nothing in her eyes but love, adoration, passion and lust and as she mouthed the words ‘I Love You’ while unzipping my pants. Getting off my lap, she kneeled between my splayed legs and reaching in my fly, grabbed my hard nine inch cock and freed it from it’s confines, I knew then I was lost.

“Omigod Cor…uh mistress, his thingie’s fucking huge. Daddy, I can’t believe you’ve been keeping this monster so well hidden from us all these years!!!”

“It’s pretty impressive up close and personal isn’t it slave?” Cory put in further boosting my ego or deepening my shame depending on which shoulder you sat on.

“Yessss,” purred Amy lustily as she touched some precum I was leaking and smeared it up and down the length of my rigid member, “it’s beautiful.”

“Prepare the prisoner!” repeated Cory.

“With pleasure Mistress!” Breathed Amy. She then kissed the purple, swollen head of my cock, before sticking her tongue out and running it up and down the length of my penis. My muffled exhortations to stop fell on deaf ears as Amy opened her lips and engulfed me in her warm, wet mouth. As Amy’s head started to bob up and down on my steel hard member, Cory watched with a look of satisfaction. I, on the other hand, was sweating profusely trying not to empty my balls into my sweet angel’s mouth. Even though it had been well over a year since last making love to a woman, I couldn’t allow my seed to escape me. I could tell Amy wasn’t very experienced, but the feeling of her making love to my cock was indescribable, and I knew that if she kept going I wouldn’t last long.

“Now slave,” Cory said, her voice quivering a little “come prepare güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me.”

Reluctantly Amy released my saliva drenched cock from her mouth with a wet pop, then grabbing it with both hands gave it a little tug as she stood and returned to Cory.

I hadn’t noticed before but there were now a bunch of candles surrounding the room on the bookshelves, side tables and desk, and they were all lit giving off an ambient, intimate light to the room.

Amy circled Cory until she was directly behind her. Amy then removed Cory’s top hat and put it aside before taking her jacket and sliding it down Cory’s arms revealing the most beautiful pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. They were full and round hanging seductively from Cory’s chest with large areolas topped with small nipples. As my eyes drank in the sight of one daughter undressing the other, Amy reached around and pulled down the zipper of the leather panties and then yanked them down Cory’s legs till she was able to step out of them. Then Amy stepped in front of her sister and kneeling down, placed her face against Cory’s engorged labia and started to lap as she pushed two fingers into Cory’s gushing hole and began slowly finger fucking her sibling.

“Oh yes,” moaned Cory as she held Amy’s head against her quim, “that’s it my pet. Ready your mistresses kitty. Get it nice and sloppy. Ooooh fuuucckk!”

“You are prepared Mistress.” Replies Amy as she looks up at Cory, who then helps her to her feet and holding Amy’s face gives her a passionate kiss, thrusting her tongue into her younger sisters mouth.

“Assist me.” Pants an extremely aroused Cory her voice thick with lust. Amy then takes her hand and leads her to where I’m still bound and gagged, though my erection hadn’t subsided in least; in fact I couldn’t remember a time when I’d been more aroused. Mimicking Amy’s earlier moves, Cory straddled my lap and then with her hands encircling my neck, she looked into my eyes as she slowly lowered herself till my cock nudged against her sopping passion pit. She was in total control as she let the head my penis nudge between the lips of her vagina, and then she’d rise up again keeping paradise at bay. She did this several more times before finally settling her weight down and fully impaling herself on my schlong all the way to my cum filled testicles.

“Holy shit,” squealed Amy “you’re really doing it! You’re fucking daddy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so hot….so erotic before!!! Gawd Cory, he’s stretching your little pussy so wide. How does it feel?”

“Fucking awesome!! I feel so completely stuffed with cock. How do you like filling your daughters tight little puss with meat daddy? Do you like fucking me daddy?” Vigorously, I shook my head no. Cory then grabbed me and looked me straight in the eye.

“Tell the truth daddy. It’s wrong to lie, especially to your own baby girl. You like my hot cunt wrapped around your cock, huh? Would you like to really fuck your princess? A simple nod will suffice.” I quickly acquiesced and nodded yes. “Oh daddy, I’m gonna fuck you so gooood. You don’t need to do a thing.” And with that she raised up until I was almost completely out of her before slamming back down. I watched her face as it distorted into a look of complete ecstasy, then her lips parted and her eyes rolled up in their sockets.

“Ooooooh fuuucckk, Amy. Daddy’s gonna make me cum. I’m gonna cum on his big fat fucking cock. Omigod….I’m cu…cu…cumming!!!!” She then threw her head back and screamed as she buried my cock to the root in her spasming, clutching love hole as the rest of her body shuddered and shook as she rode her orgasm to completion. As Cory started to come down, Amy stood next to us and gave Cory a deep, passionate kiss.

“That just looked so amazing!!” gushed Amy.

“Okay daddy, your turn,” murmured Cory as she again began to grind her hips against my pelvis, “I want your cum in me. Shoot a big load in your baby girl.”

We were both sweating profusely, though for different reasons, and as she slowly slid her pussy up and down the length of my rutting cock, I watched a bead of sweat roll down from the nape of her neck, over her collarbone, and through her cleavage. Suddenly she started squeezing and releasing me with her vaginal muscles, the sensations were incredible and I began to feel a powerful impending orgasm coming.

“Yeah, that’s it. Give Cory your cum. Fucking shoot it in me, I want to feel it in my womb!!!!” Cried Cory as her movements got faster, and her breathing more ragged. My own breathing was also ragged and with the ball gag still in my mouth I thought that I’d pass out.

“Oh you beautiful bastard, y..y..you’re….gonna…m..m..make m..,.me c…c…c…cum again!!!” With that she tore the ball gag from my sore mouth.

“C..C..Cory…” I panted.

“Shush!” she said as she kissed me ramming her tongue down my throat.

“Ooooh sweet mother……Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!” I wailed as my cum traveled up the length of my cock and pumped what felt like a gallon of warm güvenilir bahis şirketleri man cream into my heaving, willing daughter. Suddenly Cory screamed as another orgasm wracked her lithe body.

“Fuuuucccckkk daddeeeee, I loooovvvveee yoo soooooo much!!!!!!”

After we both stopped shaking Cory slumped against me, her heaving breasts crushed against my chest. I started to say something but before I could utter a word, she put the ball gag back in my mouth.

“The show’s not over yet daddy. That was just Act One. Come slave!” Amy assisted Cory off my still rigid cock as it left the warm confines of Cory’s snatch with a wet plopping sound. Amy then leaned over and taking my member in hand, put it back in her mouth sucking mine, and Cory’s combined juices off my cock.

“Mmmm, you two taste soooo gooood daddy!” Purred Amy.

“Come slave. Come clean your Mistress.” I looked over to Cory. She was lying on my desk, her legs high in the air holding an ankle in each hand. I could clearly see the open lips of her freshly fucked vagina, and the cum that leaked from her hole to her anus. Without hesitating Amy got up, went over to Cory and planted her mouth over Cory’s leaking hole and began to suck all my discharge into her mouth.

I was so aroused I could’ve broken wood with my cock. I couldn’t remember a time when I’d ever been this aroused, but I was also totally conflicted about watching my two teenage daughters doing each other, not to mention doing me.

“Yes, that’s it, drink it all up like a good slave. Drink your daddy’s seed out of my hot cunt. Now lick my asshole, good girl, yeessss stick your tongue deep in my ass,” moaned Cory, her speech getting ragged, “now get your ass up here and feed me your sweet virgin pussy!” Amy climbed onto the desk and soon they were in a torrid sixty-nine, feasting on each others wet gashes.

Cory was the first to explode in orgasm as her thighs shook as she gave a long muffled howl, her mouth being full of Amy’s puss. That in turn triggered Amy’s orgasm as she squealed and flooded Cory’s face with her womanly cream, as she arched her back and shook through her intense cum. Amy then turned around and lying on top of Cory breast to breast, gave her a deep kiss. As they broke their embrace, they both sat up and looked at me, smiling sweetly. Then Cory swung her legs off the table and again straddled my lap, my cock so hard it hurt. Slowly she lowered her body until she was squatting directly over my throbbing erection.

“Amy, hold daddy’s cock for me!” Amy quickly got off the desk and kneeling between my legs, took hold of my erect member.

“Jesus Cor….uh Mistress, I don’t think it’s gonna fit!!”

“Oh, we’ll make it fit won’t we daddy?” I could feel my cock nudge against the lips of her flushed pussy, when she adjusted her hips and suddenly she had me aligned with her anus. She then started to slowly lower herself onto my jutting prick as it started to part the tight, puckered ring of her asshole. With her hands around my neck for support she slowly let her ass swallow inch after inch of my cock. Her face was a mixture of intense pleasure and pain and her breathing deep and ragged. After every inch or so she’d stop, letting herself get used to my cock, then she’d ease down further until finally her ass cheeks were resting on my testicles.

“Ooooh fuck daddy, that feels sublime. I feel so completely stretched wide and stuffed with cock. Did mom ever let you fuck her ass?” I shook my head no. “No? I didn’t think so. That’s her loss. Amy, you gotta try this!! It’s an incredible feeling having daddy’s big cock stuffed up your ass!!”

“Gawd Cory, I’m so envious. Maybe after daddy takes my cherry, he’d like to fuck my ass too!!”

“How about it daddy? Would you like to fuck Amy’s tight, young ass after you take her cherry? I bet you would. I bet if I untied you right now, you’d fuck her bowlegged wouldn’t you?” I groaned into the ball gag and nodded my head, “of course you would, but right now I want to feel your hot man cream fill my bowels!” Cory then started to slowly raise and lower her ass on my prick as she gave me the most amazing, grinding ass fuck I’ve ever had.

Amy in the meantime, was massaging my ball sack and then when Cory was far enough up, she’d grab the base of my cock, jack it a few times then stop as Cory’s ass slid back down.

“I can’t believe you got daddy’s cock all the way up your ass like that!!” gushed Amy. Cory just gave a little smile as she continued riding my slick member. I could feel myself quickly getting to the brink of no return and I groaned loudly into the gag. As she did before, Cory pulled the ball gag from my mouth and ferociously mashed her lips against mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth as her hip movements became more erratic.

“C….C….C..ory,” I stammered as she began to fuck me hard, bouncing her ass up and down my cock. She then pressed her lips against mine as we both screamed in unison into each other’s mouths. As we screamed I could feel my boiling cum rush up the length of my penis and pump deep into her bowels. I deposited three large volleys of cream into Cory’s recesses, when Amy suddenly pulled my cock from Cory’s ass and placing her lips over the swollen head took the last spurts down her throat. She then licked and sucked my cock till she was satisfied she’d gotten every drop.

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