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The Slow Buildup

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I enter into your bedroom searching for you but do not find you anywhere in the dark. As I make my way to the bed I feel your hands around me, dragging me, pulling me to the bed. You lay me down on the bed quickly tying my wrists to the headboard posts. My legs spread wide as my ankles are quickly secured to the posts at the foot of the bed.

As my eyes open wide seeing you above me, my heart skips a beat as my breath starts to quicken in anticipation. You lean in and begin to run your fingers up and down my body, your fingertips pressing against me, tapping against my flesh. Goosebumps begin to cover my body as I feel your lips follow where your fingertips once were. You are careful to avoid my pussy as I begin to strain against the restraints, trying to arch my body up against you yearning for your touch.

Your lips trail over my body, up and down, kissing, sucking, and biting over my flesh. Your lips never touching my nipples or pussy as they cover my body. Your hands rubbing firmly over me, your fingers stretching out against my breasts. Running a line under them, crossing up over them and back down again. Your fingers so close to my nipples but never touching them. I feel them harden and straining for your touch, my whole body now wanting to feel you.

Your fingers moving lower, pausing to tickle at my belly button before I feel them just above my pussy. My body on fire now, wanting to feel your touch. Your fingers move down to the top of my pussy, avoiding my clit as they move along the outside of my lips. Meeting back up at the bottom of my pussy. As your fingers continue toward my ass, I feel your tongue licking along my outer lips, again teasing me by not pushing inside or touching my clit.

Your tongue continues up and down the outside of my pussy, occasionally sliding over the middle of my lips. I feel you raise my legs up as your tongue travels down my ass, poking out against my rosebud but not pushing in. My breath is ragged, my nipples rock hard, my pussy dripping with wetness. I call out to you, begging you to let me cum.

You rise up laughing, drinking in my body straining against the restraints. Seeing my nipples hard and pulsing, my pussy lips swollen, pushing my clit out between them. You look into my eyes as your hand strokes your cock. I see your precum ooze out the tip and through your fingers and my tongue involuntarily licks my lips.

“In good time Jennifer,” you say as I feel you lower over my body. Your cock in your hand, letting the tip of it run over my body like a paintbrush. You start at my forehead, letting your precum paint my face as you slide your cock down it. You briefly cross my lips but don’t linger as your cock continues to rub over my body. I feel you running your hard, throbbing cock over my breasts but again avoiding my nipples, down my stomach letting your precum pool into my belly button. Your cock now sliding down further, my hips arching against bahis firmaları you, hoping you will rub over my clit and swollen pussy lips. Instead you continue to torment me, running your cock only along the outside of my lips, down my ass and over my legs.

You stare at me once you have finished. My body aglow in a reddish fire. My body twitching and straining at the restraints. My chest heaving in ragged breaths. My nipples extended, my pussy lips swollen, my clit aching. My body covered in a sheen of your precum. I stare in anticipation as I see your body begin to lower against mine hoping to feel your hard cock splitting me open.

Instead I feel your tongue and lips against me, licking up your precum off my body. Slowly, firmly, your lips and tongue begin to run up my body. My breath has turned to moans as my body is on fire for release. I hear your breath begin to quicken as you near my pussy but yet again you tease me. Only licking up your precum and not sucking my clit into your mouth. As your tongue begins to lap at my belly button I can feel your cock against my leg. Hard, throbbing, and on fire against my skin. Once again your tongue moves up not missing a single drop of your precum until you are sucking at my forehead.

I can feel your cock pressing hard against my stomach as you move down to my lips. Kissing me fully, thrusting your tongue into my mouth, letting me taste you on your lips and tongue. You pull away moving up my body, your cock sliding between my breasts. You stop and smile and just briefly bang against each nipple with the tip of your cock. My body tingling in arousal, twitches hard each time you bang against my nipple. My moans increase in intensity.

You rise up further telling me, “Shhhhhh. You are making too much noise” and promptly run your cock over my lips. My tongue pokes out against you, tasting your precum from its source this time. My lips purse open as you begin to feed your throbbing cock into my mouth. My lips hungrily close over it, sucking you further into me. My tongue bathing your cock in its caresses. Up and down your cock my tongue slides as my lips suck against you. My hands pull hard at their restraints, as I want to touch you.

You tilt my head back as you push more of your cock into my mouth, this time hearing your moans echo off my body. I feel your cock pulsating in my mouth as my lips clamp harder over you, pulling you further into my mouth until I feel you begin to touch my throat. I open my mouth wide, gasping for breath before closing over you again. Your excitement builds as you begin to fuck my mouth harder and harder. Each time your cock slides further into my throat until I feel you all the way in, your balls banging against my chin, your pubic hair tickling at my nose.

I constrict my throat muscles, milking your cock as I do. You moan even louder and begin to thrust faster in and out of my mouth. My whole body is awash kaçak iddaa with desire, my nipples on fire, my clit throbbing as your cock continues to bury into my throat. I feel your cock twitching faster now, hear your moans becoming more constant and I suck even harder. Wanting to taste your cum sliding down my throat.

As I feel your cock expand, your balls hitting my chin, your moans turning almost into a scream, you pull out all the way. “NO” I scream, “Give me your cock back. I need to taste your cum.” You don’t listen, instead stroking your cock quickly until you scream out, exploding all over me. You point your cock like a fire hose, blasting me with your cum over and over, coating my entire face with your cum. My eyes close as your cum runs over my face, dripping everywhere.

As your cock stops spurting you lean down and begin sucking your cum from my face. Gathering it in your mouth but not swallowing it. Your tongue is everywhere until you have cleaned all of the cum off me. Your lips move to seek mine, your tongue thrusting in to curl against mine. Your cum sliding into my mouth as we share a cum filled kiss. My body straining to rub against you, wanting desperately to quench the fire burning inside me.

As our kiss softens and you pull away, I look into your eyes and mouth a single word, “PLEASE”. You smile at me, your eyes still glazed over with lust as I feel you start to move down my body. Your lips brushing over my nipples as you continue your descent. You settle between my legs, your tongue licking along my pussy. Tasting my juices that have leaked out of me. As your tongue begins to move closer and closer to my clit, I feel your fingers circling around my breasts. Making smaller and smaller circles toward my nipples. At the same time I feel your tongue now running between my pussy lips, separating them as you lick at the inner edge.

My body is in constant motion now, jerking uncontrollably, trying to reach against you further. Wanting you to finish me off. Then without warning, your face mashes into my pussy, your tongue battering against my clit. Your fingers complete the circle and pinch my nipples hard between them. I scream like a banshee as my body erupts like a volcano. My orgasm rocks my entire body from head to toe. My toes curl, my eyes roll back as my hips thrust against you, my pussy spasming out of control. Pushing juices onto your lips and tongue. I feel your lips covering me now, sucking my juices down your throat

My body not stopping, my orgasm coming over me in waves as I struggle to keep from passing out. Your tongue begins to soften slightly against me as I finally feel my body begin to come down. My juices continue to pour out over your lips and tongue. You reach down, untying my ankles and then with a quick motion move up untying my wrists. My whole body wraps around you as our lips meet again, this time sharing my juices instead of yours.

I feel your kaçak bahis cock hard and throbbing again, pressing against my pussy. As it bumps my clit, a switch goes off inside me. I look at you and say, “FUCK ME HARD”. Your hips push forward, thrusting your cock inside me as my hips thrust up against you. The prelims are over as they only served to increase our lust. We are like two animals in heat, no longer human, our only mission is to fuck.

Your hips slam hard against me and yet it is not hard enough. The animal has awoken inside me and I want it harder and deeper. You sense this as you lift my legs high, placing my feet onto your shoulders. I throw a couple pillows down toward you as you move them under my ass. Your cock slips out of me and you can’t resist the invitation my ass makes propped up high. You push against my ass, my juices serving as lubrication, and slide into me. My eyes pop out of my head as I feel you fill my ass. A bolt of pain passes through me soon replaced with pleasure. It is as if every nerve ending in my body has been concentrated in my ass and pussy.

My hips begin thrusting hard against you, forcing you deeper into my ass. My hot, tight ass causing your cock to throb hard inside me. You continue stroking deep into my ass but feel yourself getting excited too soon. You reluctantly pull out of my ass, as I am cock crazed now. I don’t even hear myself as I yell at you, “Put that cock back in me. Ride me hard.”

You raise my legs up once again as you bury deep inside me in one thrust. Our passion, out lust has now been turned on full. Our bodies slam against one another faster and harder with each thrust. There is no passion, there is no intimacy. Only pure animal lust. You mouth bends down and captures a nipple between your teeth. You begin to chew on my nipple as your cock continues to batter in and out of me. My pussy clenching around it like a vice each time it buries deep inside me.

My nails clawing at your back, digging into your skin as we both begin to feel it build. As our excitement drives higher, our bodies move even faster. Our hips slamming against one another, your teeth now biting against my nipple. And then I feel it begin at my toes traveling up my body and back down again. I cry out, “Give it to me. Let me feel you explode inside me!!!”

My pussy clamps down hard on you as I feel myself go over the cliff. My entire body begins to convulse in orgasm. The tightness of my pussy becomes too much for you. You thrust into me a final time, reaching new depths as your cock swells. I feel your balls banging against me as you scream out and explode deep inside me. I can feel your cum blasting against my pussy walls, scalding me with its heat. My body continues to ride wave after wave through my orgasm. Your cock not stopping as you continue to explode inside of me. Our hips never stopping, only starting to slow.

I feel my body begin to crash down, your cock beginning to soften inside me. Our bodies covered in sweat, in cum, awash in satisfaction. You look into my eyes, not needing to say a word as we both realize this is only the beginning of a long, satisfying night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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