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The Son of Lust Chapter 11: The Sphinx’s Naughty Riddle

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The Son of Lust

Chapter Eleven: The Sphinx’s Naughty Riddle

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: This story was commissioned by Ultrasound 7 and has allowed me to share it with you. This may contain scenarios and acts that I normally wouldn’t write. There will be a strong sex slave/domination theme. I will keep this from violating any cannon established in the world and I developed the mythology that drives this story.

Kurtis – Goldport

Out in the Rathay Desert was a sphinx.

When I learned about her existence last night in the common room of the inn, my mind exploded. The plan I had to make money was abandoned by the tales of a sexy sphinx out in the desert who guarded a treasure horde.

She just needed someone to solve all her riddles.

I wanted to breed every daughter of Las out there. Or, at least, a member of every female-only race my divine father had sired upon the world with his masturbation. Sphinxes were one of them. Lion-women hybrids. They were said to sexy, deadly, and utterly loyal to the man who could tame them. But if you couldn’t, they would rip your guts.

The perfect test to prepare for Ankush. If I couldn’t handle one sphinx, I would have my hide torn to pieces by the rakshasas. I was lucky to have learned about her in the pub from this merchant’s wife riding my dick. I was hoping to use her to get money from her husband, but then she whispered about Nephi.

“None have ever solved her riddles,” Heliana had moaned as she worked her married cunt up and down my dick. “It would take a brave man to win her horde.”

That was me.

So with my mother and sisters, we set off.

Captain Telesi was more than happy to bankroll the journey. She would wait for us in port. I had shown the women on that boat true passion. They were all carrying my children and addicted to my cock. Yes, they fucked their men, but they would all be eager for me.

Lucky for the three men on board, they would have a few days to enjoy their women without me along distracting those beauties.

“Are we sure about this?” Lasla asked. “Your plan to get the merchant to pay you to fuck his wife and daughter was brilliant. We could have done that to a few merchants. Even get them to pay extra to watch. It’s safer.”

“This is more fun,” Pyrriah said. She was eager, her red hair spilling down the shoulders of the green robes she wore. She had her tulwar strapped to her side. I wore mine, too. A week on the ship had given her time to instruct me, if a little, on how to use it. “We’re going to have a blast, Lasla. Relax. It’ll be so much fun.”

“Still,” Lasla said, “I’m just worried. No one has ever done it.”

“If it comes to her attacking, we have mother,” I said. “I don’t want to kill Nephi, but I will unleash our mother.”

“I won’t let any harm come to us,” said my dragon-mother. “There’s no one to see me out here.”

She was powerful in her dragon form, but there were limits. If a mob learned about her, or a knight, that would be bad. Angela had founded her own order of hermaphroditic knights. Women with cocks who were champions of the world. They were said to train to fight dragons in honor of Angela killing the “last” dragon alive, Dominari.

I wouldn’t want the Knights Dragoon after my mother. But if I had a sphinx, I would have a protector who could be open about her abilities. And I also had Pyrriah. She had a natural aptitude for fighting and an eager desire to throw herself into the fray.

“It will be fine,” I told them all. “I’m going to tame her, fuck her, and breed her.”

Pyrriah threw back her head and let out gleeful laughter. I glanced at Lasla, perched on her camel. We would sell them back once we accomplished our mission. We would need them to carry the weight of our treasure. She looked gorgeous in her purple robes. The necklace of pearls I bought her gleamed about her neck. She brushed them, her fingers sliding over them one after the other.

Then she smiled. “How do you do that, Kurtis?”

“Do what?” I asked with a playful smile.

“Make me feel like things will work out. Make my fears go away.”

“Love,” my dragon-mother said behind her. “You love him, Mistress Lasla. You want him to protect you and believe he can.”

Lasla smiled, her cheeks warmed by the sun rising to her our right over the scrublands that characterized this side of the Rathay desert. She glanced at me and my sister smiled. We may not have shared a womb-like I had with Pyrriah, but Lasla was still my triplet. She was a third of me, just like Pyrriah was that other third.

The elation at making her happy held back the monotony of the desert. For a while. It grew hotter and hotter as we headed inward. It was a dry heat that made me feel like I was baking. We had four pack camels behind us in a line, each one loaded down with food and water. Enough water for the four of us to survive a week out here. More than enough time to find the sphinx and bring her back.

I understood why we needed them. The sun sucked the moisture out of me. I kept having to drink warm water from the skin. Despite that, it was refreshing to guzzle it down. With how much I was drinking, I should be pissing every hour.

My sisters and dragon-mother were guzzling down the water, too. We had grown up in the heat, but it was surrounded by lush vegetation and had the ocean’s cooling breeze. There was no escaping it, though the robes did feel comfortable.

The desert people had the right idea.

The camels plodded along. They often would take bites of the prickly acacia bushes we passed. When they did, something acrid filled the air. The plants smelled wholly unappealing, not something I’d ever want to eat.

They weren’t the only plants. Prickly things with wide, paddle-like branches covered in spines dotted the area. Others were squat pillars that bristled. Cacti, Mother called them. She claimed they had fruit in the right season and you could even get water from them.

“You just had to be careful of their stingers,” she said. “Some are venomous. It can be hard to tell them apart.”

“Lovely,” I muttered.

Everyone knew where the sphinx’s cave was. We had a map of it and everything. None had ever taken her loot. There were stories of entire bands of treasure hunters who went after and failed. “When you find the field of bones, you know you’re close,” said the merchant’s wife after I had bred her married pussy. “They lead to her cave. The remains of the men who died over the eons trying to claim her loot. They say she eats them.”

I wasn’t afraid. I was Las’s son. Even if I couldn’t solve the riddle, I would make her so horny she would be begging me to fuck her by the end. It would be magnificent. My dick throbbed and ached. When we camped for the first night. I had to fuck my mother and sisters three times each to calm myself down.

They were all smiling at the end and dripping in cum. That was another reason I needed plenty of water. Had to keep the jizz flowing for my naughty family.

It was mid-afternoon of our third day when we came across the bones. By then, we were in the early edges of the Gold Hills. They were a series of folded land ahead of us. There were made of winding canyons and flat plateaus. Sometimes, we’d find strange formations of rocks balancing on each other. Made me wonder if giants were around to stack them in those precarious positions.

A salt pan littered with bones led to another of the mesas, reddish thrust up stone made up of bands that varied the hue from nearly orange to almost rust. The bones here were old. Gnawed upon. Brittle. They were obviously scavenged but never buried by the elements. The camels didn’t seem to mind, but my nervousness grew as we crossed them. The air danced before us in the midday heat, making it appear that a refreshing lake lay before us. It melted away as we came closer.

Instead, we found a cave.

I swallowed at the dark tunnel bored into the mountains. Lasla’s face had gone pale but Pyrriah looked excited. A subtle flicker of red light, almost drowned out by the bright sunlight, danced through her hair. She dismounted, hand on her tulwar’s pommel. I slid off my camel and stared into the hole. I had to believe I could seduce the sphinx.

I would seduce her. I was Las’s son. His lust bled out of me. I turned women on. I made them wet and aching for my dick. Then I made them cum harder than any other man could. The sphinx would gasp on my cock in ecstatic lust.

“Let’s go,” I said. “Lasla, remove the collar and chastity belt from our dragon-mother. I want my mommy-slave able to transform if things go badly.” I glanced at her. “I’ll trust you to know when it’s right.”

“Yes, Master,” she answered, her voice hard.

The gold collar vanished around her throat. She wore red robes, hiding the rest of her body, so I didn’t see the vanishing chastity belt that kept her clit from growing. Both also kept her small, human form from expanding into her draconic one.

I stared at the darkness before us. Then I fetched some of the torches we brought. We lit them with flint and steels and head in. The cloth wrapped around the wooden staves had been soaked in an alchemical concoction to let them burn for hours. They had a sizzling hiss to them different from any fire I had seen, but they shed a bright, white light.

I led the way into the cave. The air felt so cool compared to the outside. Just a few feet in, and I was groaning in satisfaction. A smooth floor led down and to the right, the stone walls closing in until it was only wide enough for two of us to walk abreast. I led the way, Pyrriah right behind me, then Lasla and Mother. The torches painted the walls.

We rounded the bend, and a rippling light gleamed on the walls. It undulated and played. I could hear the cool babble of flowing water. My heart beat faster and faster as the tunnel curved around and then opened onto a cave. Sunlight lanced down into it from a hole in the ceiling, falling on a stream that flowed through the cave. It had a slight slant to the right. The water flowed from one crack and out the other. Beyond it lay a wealth of gold coins. They were stacked high.

And before bursa escort them lay a large cat. A lion. Fur a tawny gold, tail idly swishing. Instead of a feline head, it had woman’s. A mane of dark-red hair spilled about her shoulders and down her back. She slept, head resting on great paws. She had her gray-feathered wings folded up along her flanks.

“It’s been a long time since any have come here,” she said, not opening her eyes. Her tail swished faster. “One man, two women, and a… what are you?”

“We’re all humans,” I said, not wanting her to know what Mother was.

“Yes, yes,” said mother. “I’m human.”

The sphinx sat up. Her human face descended to a human chest and large breasts, her skin a tawny-brown. The fur began just beyond those, at her shoulders were her forelegs descend from. She fixed golden eyes on us, slitted like a cat’s. Her wings stretched out wide behind her for a moment then folded up.

“Not you,” the sphinx said. “Her.” She fixed on Pyrriah.

“What do you know about her?” I demanded.

Her eyes flicked to me as I marched forward. I had to be in charge. I splashed across the brook, the water soaking my shoes and soothing my feet. Then I was out on the other side, facing her. She smiled, her tongue flicking across her lips.

“I ask the riddles here,” she said. She sat on her haunches facing me. Her large breasts had a slight sway as she breathed in and out. Her human face was gorgeous. As she spoke, she flashed sharp fangs, though. She flexed her paws, her claws extending and retracting. “Do you submit to my contest and my questions three?”

“Yes,” I said, hand on my tulwar.

She flicked her gaze to the sword. “That is of no use here. You cannot take Cernere’s treasure by force.”

“Cernere’s?” I asked in confusion. “I thought she held her treasure in the Black Vault.”

“She holds her treasures wherever she wills. A horde of gold coins requires no elaborate construction to guard. No labyrinthine prison to contain. Just a simple test of cunning and wit. Something every thief needs.”

“I’m no thief.”

She breathed in. “I can smell all those married pussies on your cock. You steal men’s wives and their future by leaving your progeny in their women’s wombs.”

“Perceptive,” I said, grinning.

“You think to steal the treasure from me through charm and seduction. That you can seduce me with that cock.” She licked her lips. “Show it to me.”

I undid my tulwar’s sword belt and dropped it down. Then I slid off my robe and let it fall down my back.

“Brother,” Pyrriah said. “Maybe you should keep your—”

“Only one may cross the brook,” the sphinx growled, her eyes shooting past me. “Stay on the other side, or the rules are broken. Then I am free to act how I see fit.”

“Like fucking my cock?” I asked.

She glanced at my hardon. “It is amusing you think that will deter me from my mission. I have spent a thousand years in solitude. In anonymity, known only to treasure hunters simply as sphinx or as bitch.” She smiled. “They name thus when I rip out their entrails and devour them while they still scream.” Her tongue flicked across her lips as she stared at me, but not at my cock. “What will your guts taste like.”

“You’ll be too busy gagging on my seed to ever find out,” I said boldly. “You’re going to be mine, sphinx.”

Her lips curled back. “That is not my name!”

“What is your name?”

“I ask the riddles.” Amusement flickered in her eyes.

“Brother?” Pyrriah said.

“Stay on the other side,” I said. “I’m fine. She wants to play some riddles, I’m up for it. Let her get to know all my charms.”

She laughed, her big breasts shaking. “You have confidence. Boldness. You don’t stink of fear, merely lust. And not for the gold. You’re here for me.”

“The gold’s just a bonus,” I said.

“Very well,” she said.

What has lips but is no mouth,

What hungers but eats no food,

What takes seed but is no soil.

I mulled that over, thinking. Lips but no mouth? Hungers? Seed but no… I blinked. It couldn’t be that. It was so simple. I had so much experience with them. I stared at her, my brow furrowing. It was so easy that I felt it had to be a trap, but what else could it be? It fit all the requirements.

“A pussy has lips, hungers for cock, and takes seed.” I winked at her. “Usually my seed.”

“Indeed,” she said, her claws scratching on the floor. “If you could not solve something so simple given your hedonism, I would be sorely disappointed. But the look on your face. You suspected the trap. Thought it too easy. How about this one?”

What has fire but does not burn,

beguiles but is not enchanted.

Inspires but is no art.

Worshiped but is no god.

Desired but is not gold.

My brow furrowed at that one. It was definitely the harder of the two. Fire that doesn’t burn. How can something have fire? Beguiling. Inspires but wasn’t art. I didn’t have much experience with art. Worshiped… What did I worship beside a god?


But that was the answer to the last riddle. So it couldn’t be pussy. Right? Desired but wasn’t gold. I didn’t desire gold. I desired pussy. Cunt. Hot snatch. I wanted to dump my seed into women’s twats and breed them with my seed and…


They definitely had fires in them, and they were beguiling, inspiring, and desired. I worshiped them. Ached for them. I glanced at the sphinx, my brow furrowing. She had that smile on her lips. This mocking gleam.

Did she really think this was hard? “Women,” I said. “They fit all those categories.” I glanced at her. “So do you?”

“Correct,” she said.

This was so easy. I wanted to blurt that out, but why gloat? One more riddle to go. I was ready for anything, my dick thrusting hard before me. She stared at me with those yellow, slitted eyes. Her tail swished back and forth.

“None have ever figured out this riddle,” she said. “They come here to my lair and are always stymied. I’m left alone. Unknown. Cursed to guard this treasure by Cernere. Will you be the one to set me free?”

“If that’s the riddle, then, yes,” I said, grinning.

“No. It’s this.” She gave me such a penetrating stair. “What is my name?”

I blinked. “What? That’s not a riddle. How can I figure it out?”

“All the clues have been given,” she said, her tail swishing back and forth. “Answer correctly, or pay the consequences.”

I swallowed, my fingers flexing. This was insane. There was no way I could answer that question. Her name. My eyes flicked around the room. Was there any clue inhere? I saw the beam of sunlight that fell down on the underwater stream behind me. The stacks of gold coins behind her. My eyes flicked around the room.

Nothing felt right. Gold couldn’t be her name. Treasure? That didn’t feel right. What would you name a sphinx? Nephi? It felt like a good sphinx’s name, but how could that hers? She could have any name in the world.

“This is unfair,” I complained.

“Since when was life fair?” asked the sphinx. “Do you forfeit?”

“No,” I growled, facing her. “I don’t.”

“I think you do,” she said. “You have no idea how to solve the riddle.”

“I can’t solve the riddle!” I roared back.

“Forfeit!” she purred and charged at me.

She leaped at me with such speed, her wings flapping to propel her pounce forward. I threw myself to the side out of instinct. I hit the stony ground and rolled. I came up to my feet to find her landing on the cave floor where I had stood. Her big breasts heaved. She turned to face me.

“Brother!” Pyrriah appeared before me, her red hair aflame. She had her tulwar out, standing between me and the sphinx.

“Begone, Gewin’s get!” snapped the sphinx.

A wind sprang up and slammed into Pyrriah. She flew back across the stream and hit the ground at my mother’s feet. She swelled, growing into her draconic form. Blue scales broke out across her skin. Her breasts melted into her belly scales. Wings sprouted from her back while her neck grew long and sinuous.

The stream glowed with sunlight. It blazed upward and then a barrier of light split the room in twain, cutting me off from my family. The sphinx grinned at me as she advanced on her paws, her big boobs swaying.

“This contest is between me and you,” she said. “What is my name?”

She leaped.

I flung myself towards my tulwar. I hit the ground on my belly, grunting at the smacking impact. I snatched up my sword and whirled around. I thrust the blade out before me as I rose. She darted in, wings rustling.

I could fight her. Pyrriah had shown me how. I had a god’s blood pounding through my veins. I focused, fighting to control my fear. I just had to wait for her to get aroused. For her to succumb to the lust for my cock.

I thrust my tulwar at her to stop her charge.

She slid to a stop and snarled, her claw flashing out. She batted my tulwar. To my shock, the blade flew for my hand and fell on the stone. I swallowed as a low and dangerous growl rose in her throat. She stared at me with those golden eyes.

“No one in the town mentioned your name,” I groaned. “Heliana didn’t mention it.”

“No one knows my name!” the sphinx growled, sounding bitter. She swiped a paw at me, claws gleaming in the barrier’s light.

I jumped back, arms pinwheeling. I landed, caught my balance. I shifted my feet, heart pounding in my chest. How could I defeat her? A week’s training wasn’t enough. How long could I run around this room before she caught me?

“I’ve been here my whole life!” she snarled. “Unknown. Uncared for. Just a guardian over gold, a joke by Cernere! Chained. No one!”

She rushed in at me, her wings flapping. Her paw slashed at me. I grabbed it with my hands, gripping her furry limp. The force threw me on my ass. I hit the ground, tailbone exploding in pain. She snarled and pounced on me.

Her paws struck my shoulders, pinning me down. She lowered her beautiful face, expression twisted in anger. Her feline eyes stared at me. Her sharp claws pricked at my skin, moments from tearing me in half.

“What is my name?” she demanded.

Panic bursa escort bayan tumbled through me. Clues. There were clues? What were they and…?

“No one knows my name!” If that was a riddle, it would imply that not even she knew her name. Unknown. No one. Her whole life. Had she been brought here as a kitten, newly born? Had she never been given a name by her mother? Cernere?

“I have spent a thousand years in solitude. In anonymity, known only to treasure hunters simply as sphinx or as bitch.”

Was that the riddle? To figure out that she had to be named? Cared for? Loved? Her riddles… Pussy. Women. She wasn’t just a monster. She could shift out of this form into one that was human. Feminine. Did she ache to have a man claim her? Make love to her. Spill his seed in her. Worship her.

“What is my name?” she roared, her face almost at mine, fury in her eyes.

“Nephi!” I cried out, that name that had popped into my mind bursting from my lips. “Your name is Nephi!”

Her head snapped down.

But she didn’t tear out my throat.

She kissed me. Her lips met mine in a fierce kiss. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I met it, feeling the rougher texture than any of my other women. I groaned as I kissed her, my hands sliding up to stroke the tawny fur of the sphinx’s body.

Of Nephi’s body.

The fur melted from my fingers. The claws prickling my shoulders retracted. Paws became slender fingers. I stroked a narrowing torso. I caressed smooth skin. I kissed her with hunger as she became human. I stroked down to her hips. Her thighs. I caressed over her rump. Her large breasts pressed into my chest.

I loved her. Squeezed her. I groaned as she popped her mouth off of mine. She licked her lips and stared down at me with joy in her eyes. And shock. She trembled, her mane of dark-red hair spilling about her tawny face. She still had feline eyes.

“Nephi,” she groaned. “What a beautiful name you’ve given me, Master.”

“Master?” I asked.

“I’m the true treasure here,” she whispered. “The gold is just the bait. Cernere placed me here.”


“Because it amused her,” she said and kissed me again.

I groaned into her lips, loving the feel of her breasts against me. My sphinx purred, a pleasant rumble rising from her throat. I caressed across her skin, feeling her smooth flesh. She felt amazing to touch.

Then she broke the kiss and scooted down my body. “Mmm, let me love you, Master. I’ve always wanted to suck a cock. I have dreamed of it.”

“Go for it,” I panted, my dick throbbing. I had my own sphinx! “Suck my cock, Nephi.”

She purred louder. Just saying her name made her happy. How long had she lived without one? Just sphinx or bitch… What sort of names were those?

She sucked my cock into her mouth. She nursed on me. I groaned, loving the feel of her mouth kissing down my stomach. Her hand grabbed my cock. She stroked me, her yellow eyes staring up at me with such hunger.

“Mmm, suck my dick, Nephi,” I groaned.

“Yes, Master,” she cooed.

She reached my cock and licked my dick. Her tongue traveled up my shaft, rough and yet delicious. So wet and hot. I groaned as she reached the pinnacle. A shiver ran through me as she caressed over the crown. She teased me with that naughty tongue. She had me throbbing, aching, just ready to burst from the delight.

Her lips kissed at the tip. She smooched around it, kissing about my cock. She made me feel so good. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut as she sucked on me. Her nursing was fantastic. Just a delight to enjoy.

“Nephi!” I groaned.

With a purr, she slid her lips over the crown of my cock. She sucked me into her mouth. I groaned, shuddering at the feel of her tongue sliding around my cock. It felt amazing. Just the best in the world. My face scrunched up from the bliss of this moment.

She sucked like she was dying of thirst and only my cum could satiate her. She had her ass thrust up in the air, curvy and gorgeous. She bobbed her mouth, working her lips up and down it. The pleasure spilled through me.

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned. “Work that mouth, Nephi.”

She did. With hunger. She sucked with all her might. One hand grabbed the base of my cock, holding tight while the other found my balls. She kneaded them. Massaged them. I groaned at the wonderful skill with which she sucked.

My face scrunched up. The pleasure blazed through my body. My balls tightened beneath her massaging touch. I hurtled closer and closer to cumming. To basting her mouth with spurt after spurt of my cum.

It was incredible. amazing. I loved having my own sphinx. I hurtled toward that moment of cumming in her mouth. I knew I would be leaving here with my own sphinx. I shuddered on the rock floor.

“Las’s big dick, you know how to suck!” I groaned. “You’re about to taste his son’s cum.”

She froze.

“That’s right. Papa Las is my dad,” I groaned. “Same with that girl you threw out of here.” There was a question about how Nephi saw Pyrriah, but it vanished as my sphinx sucked again. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. This amazing pleasure was outstanding. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I licked my lips. I was so close to that moment of erupting. To firing all that cum into her snatch. My heart hammered in my chest. The wild beat of bliss shot through me. I squirmed on my back, climbing towards that moment of explosive release.

“Gods damn, you’re going to drink all my cum down!” I moaned. “Then I’m breeding you, Nephi. I’m going to pump all my cum into your cunt and fertilize that virgin twat.”

She purred with hunger. Her voice hummed around my dick. The pleasure burst through me. I erupted.

My cum fired into her mouth. She gulped it down. I bucked with each blast. Pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision. It was incredible to feel. I loved every second of this ecstasy.

“Las’s big dick!” I snarled. “Oh, Gods damn, that’s good. That’s fucking amazing. Yes!”

My heart pounded in my chest. The pleasure slammed through my mind. I groaned, spurting jizz into her mouth. She swallowed it all down as I hit that peak of pleasure. She purred louder, nursing on my cock like she wanted to get out every drop remaining.

Then her mouth popped off. She stared at me and then pounced. “You fuck me now,” she moaned, straddling me. Her big boobs swayed over me. “You breed me, Master?”

“Going to breed you so hard, Nephi,” I growled. “I’m going to fuck you hard. Pound you from behind.

She gasped and then she darted over me, her breasts rubbing into my face. Her dark-furred pussy flashed by. I grinned, spotting the drops of her juices. I breathed in, smelling her tangy musk. I salivated and rolled over onto my hands and knees.

Another daughter-race of Las enjoyed and bred. I grabbed her hips, my dick throbbing and aching. I brought my cock towards hers. I pressed it against her cunt, so eager to fuck her hard and breed her. My dick throbbed before me.

I pushed against the wet folds of her twat. I felt her hot passion bathing the crown of my dick. She felt incredible against me. I found her hymen. She was a virgin. That was so hot. I pushed on her maidenhead.

“Master!” she gasped, her membrane stretching.

“Nephi!” I groaned and then thrust into her. She gasped, her tail thrusting up straight as I tore through her hymen.

I sank inch after inch of my dick into her cunt. Her back arched as I slid into her deflowered depths. She purred with such passion as I bottomed out on her. I groaned as every inch of my dick slid into her once-pure depths.

“Master!” she moaned, squirming beneath me. Her thighs held me tight. She stirred her hips around my cock. “Oh, Master, yes!”

I grinned down at my sphinx, her big breast jiggling. I slid my pale hands up her tawny flesh to grab those golden-brown tits. I squeezed them. She moaned, her leonine eyes staring up at me with such delight.

I drew back my cock her pussy clung to my dick. Her hot sheath massaged me. I groaned, savoring that delight. Then I slammed back into her. I fucked into her pussy. I rammed into my sphinx’s cunt.

“Oh, Master, yes!” she moaned. “It’s so good.”

“You have a delicious pussy, Nephi,” I groaned, squeezing her tits.

She beamed at me, her lips lush. I loved the sight as I fucked my cock into the sphinx’s cunt. Her pussy clamped down on me. I reveled in the silky grip of her snatch. It was perfect. Tight and wonderful.

Was there anything better than fucking pussy?

I thrust at her, reveling in the passion of her cunt squeezing about me. The powerful monster was mine. I had tamed her. Now I would breed her. I would one day have an entire army of sphinxes loving and protecting me. My daughters and granddaughters. I would breed them all.

“Oh, Master, you’re eyes!” she moaned. “They scheme. I love it!”

I grinned at her and thrust into her cunt. I buried hard and fast into her snatch. “I have such plans for you.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Master!” she moaned, her pussy squeezing around my dick. “I can feel your plans. So big and strong. They’re going to overwhelm me.”

I grinned and winked at her.

I leaned down and wrapped my arms around her body, crushing her tits to my chest. She held me tight. She gripped me as I slammed into her. I drove my cock into her cunt’s depths over and over again. I buried deep and hard. She squeezed her snatch about me. It was so delicious. I loved every second of her cunt clutching about my dick.

She gasped. Moaned. Her passion echoed through the room. I groaned, burying my dick into her snatch again and again. I slammed into her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her cunt, savoring her silky embrace. It was magical. Outstanding.

She gasped, her pussy squeezing down around my dick. She gasped as I fucked hard into her. Fast. I buried my cock deep into her pussy. The ache built and built in me. She squirmed beneath me, her boobs rubbing into my chest.

“Master!” she moaned. “Yes, yes, Master! I’m going to cum. I can feel it. An orgasm. Your dick is amazing, Master. Better than my dreams.”

“You didn’t know how sexy your owner would be, escort bursa did you, Nephi?” I demanded.

Her fingernails raked my back and her cunt clenched down on my cock hard as she moaned, “No!”

I grinned and thrust hard into my sphinx’s cunt. I buried to the hilt in her juicy depths. She gasped and shuddered, her pussy gripping down on me. Her deflowered silk massaged my cock, bringing me closer and closer to exploding in her.

I buried into her and she yowled. She arched her back, rubbing her big boobs into my chest. Her nipples rubbed over my skin. She shuddered and then her pussy went wild. Her cunt rippled about my dick.

“Master!” she gasped as she came.

“Gods, yes!” I groaned and slammed to the hilt in her. “Yes!”

I erupted into my sphinx and bred her.

I could feel that successful impregnation as I pumped my seed into her. That only swelled my pleasure. The rapture hammered my mind as I unloaded into her cunt. I fired spurt after spurt of my jizz into her snatch.

I trembled through my rapture. It was incredible. My mind melted from the delight of cumming in her. I groaned, pumping load after load of my spunk into her. I flooded her. Her hot flesh rippled about my dick.

“Oh, Master,” she moaned. “Oh, that’s so good. Mmm, yes, yes you really, really, really filled my pussy with your cum.”

“I know!” I groaned, hitting the peak of my pleasure. I panted as I lay on her, reveling in deflowering her. then I realized the barrier was still up.

My sisters and mother must be worried.



“When is the barrier going to drop so we can join the fun?” I asked, pacing back and forth. I was so horny, I could hardly concentrate on what the sphinx meant by calling me “Gewin’s get.”

I was Las’s daughter. I shared a womb with Kurtis. There was no way we could have separate parents.

“He’s cumming in her,” Lasla said. My sister quivered beside me, as naked as I was. The moment she said they were fucking, we stripped off our robes. “Oh, he’s pumping her full of seed.”

“That’s my son,” purred my dragon-mother. She had gone back to her human form when we knew he had won.

“Let us join, Kurtis!” I shouted, my pussy on fire. I wanted to love that naughty sphinx, too. I was horny to fuck as many daughter races of our father as he—

The barrier dropped down into the stream. I gasped to find him standing up over the sphinx. She had assumed human form. His cum matted her thick, dark-red bush. I squealed and rushed forward, leaping over the water.

“This is Nephi,” said Kurtis. “I named her. She’s coming with us.”

“Yes!” I moaned and fell to my knees between Nephi’s thighs. “Hi! I’m Pyrriah, Kurtis’s twin sister.”

“And I’m Lasla, his other twin sister,” said Lasla.

“Oh, my,” said the sphinx. Then she gasped as I buried my face into her cum-mated bush and attacked her pussy with my tongue. “Riddle’s solved, that’s good!”

I licked up the sphinx’s tangy pussy cream and Kurtis’s salty cum from her cunt. She shuddered then gasped in surprise. Lasla straddled Nephi’s head. In moments, my honorary twin sister planted her cunt right on the sphinx’s mouth. I grinned, wondering if this was Nephi’s first taste of pussy.

“Mmm, lick me, Nephi!” moaned Lasla. “Lick my cunt out. yes, yes, that’s so good. Ooh, you got a rough tongue. It’s nice.”

“It is,” Kurtis said and fell to his knees behind me. His cock pressed into my butt-crack. I felt all that wonderful pussy cream on his tip; the perfect lube for my asshole.

“Kurtis,” Lasla purred. “Can I suck Mother Azuliana’s cock?”

“Yes, you can,” he growled and thrust.

I moaned into Nephi’s cunt, her silky bush rubbing on my face. My anal ring surrendered to my twin’s dick. My brother’s cock penetrated into my asshole’s depths with ease. I groaned in delight, shuddering as he penetrated deeper and deeper into my bowels.

I groaned, clenching my asshole down on his dick. I savored the velvety friction. He went deeper and deeper into my asshole while I lapped his cum out of the sphinx’s tangy pussy. She moaned, feasting on Lasla’s cunt.

My sister licked her lips as my dragon-mother stepped into view, her clit-dick growing bigger and bigger. It bounced before her, bobbing up and down. Lasla moaned and snagged it. She pulled my mother’s dick to her lips and opened wide.

She sucked on that hermaphrodite-cock with hunger. Kurtis groaned, thrusting harder at my asshole as he watched the wicked sight. My bowels melted around his dick, the delight reaching my cunt. I groaned and whimpered, my tongue dancing through Nephi’s pussy.

“Gods damn, that’s hot!” growled my brother.

“Yes, it is, Master,” our dragon-mother cooed as she fed her dick to Lasla’s hungry mouth.

My sister moaned and bobbed her mouth, sucking on her step-mother’s big dick. I loved the sight as I feasted on the sphinx’s furred muff. I licked and lapped at her. I gathered up her spunk. I licked it out of her. It was so wonderful to enjoy.

I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt, moaning as Kurtis’s sodomized me. He fucked me with powerful strokes, driving his dick into the depths of my bowels. His cock smacked into my flesh over and over again. It was intoxicating. Exciting.

I groaned, shaking my hips from side to side. I stirred my cunt around that big dick. I loved the feel of him in me. He stretched me out in such wonderful ways. I groaned loving every last thrust into my anal depths.

“Las’s big dick!” he groaned, hammering me. My orgasm swelled.

“Mmm, big dick, indeed, brother!” I moaned, red light flickering in my hair spilling around the sphinx’s thighs. “Oh, yes, fuck my ass! I’m going to cum.”

“Yes!” Nephi moaned, her voice muffled by Lasla’s cunt. “This is so tasty. It is unlike anything I’ve tasted before.”

“Yes, yes, pussy is delicious,” moaned my dragon-mother. “Matar’s big girl-dick, suck my cock, Lasla. You’re going to get a mouthful of hermaphrodite-cum.”

Lasla squealed.

Kurtis thrust hard into me, his hands stroking my body. I groaned, my tongue scooping out the last of his jizz I could find in Nephi’s pussy. I flicked my tongue up to her clit. I brushed her bud. She gasped and shuddered. Her big boobs jiggled.

I loved the way she humped against my face. She gripped me with her thighs, rubbing her furred muff across my lips. Her ticklish curls felt so wonderful. I sucked on her clit. I nursed on that naughty pearl.

“Riddle’s solved!” she growled. “That’s so good. I’m going to cum again!”

“Do it!” groaned Kurtis, slamming his cock to the hilt in my bowels.

“Yes!” Nephi moaned.

Her tangy cream gushed out of her pussy. I shuddered, licking and lapping up that sweet delight. I squeezed my eyes shut, groaning as I savored that cream spilling over my lips. I gulped it down. The delight fed my own impending orgasm.

Kurtis slammed his cock to the hilt in me. I groaned and then my asshole exploded. My bowels rippled around his dick. He groaned and thrust into my anal depths. My flesh rippled around him, sucking at him.

“Gods damn, Pyrriah!”

“Cum in me!” I moaned, the pleasure rushing through my body. “Oh, yes, yes, cum in me!”

“Cum in her, Master, please!” our dragon-mother moaned.

My asshole certainly wanted that. As I drank down the sphinx’s pussy cream, with some more of Kurtis’s cum, he slammed his dick into me. He buried that big dick into my writhing bowels again and again.

The pleasure rippled through my body. My fiery hair glowed with my excitement. His hands caressed up to my boobs. He squeezed them. Gripped them. I shuddered through my orgasm as he hammered me.

“Las’s big dick!” he growled and slammed into my bowels.

His cock erupted.

I came a second time, reveling in the heat of his cum pumping into my bowels. I rubbed my face into Nephi’s cunt, smearing my face into her bush. I loved the silky curls spilling over my face. I groaned, my bowels milking his cock.

Then Lasla squealed. I could feel my sister cumming. Her boobs jiggled. She groaned around Mother’s cock. I shuddered, watching my dragon-mother’s big boobs jiggle. She moaned, her face twisting in rapture.

“Oh, that’s so good, Lasla!” she moaned.

“Cum in her mouth!” growled Kurtis as he pumped his jizz into my bowels.

Our dragon-mother moaned, “Yes, Master!”

Her body shuddered. Pussy cream gushed down her thighs. Lasla’s throat worked. She swallowed down my mother’s cum while flooding Nephi’s mouth with pussy cream. I trembled through my own rapture, hitting the peak of it as I milked out my brother’s cum.

My bowels wrung him dry. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest. I sucked in deep breaths, trembling through the ecstasy. His cum filled me up. I lifted my head, pussy cream dripping from my face.

“That was amazing,” groaned Nephi. “Master, your sisters are amazing.”

“Yes, they are,” Kurtis said, stroking me.

I shuddered at his touch, my bowels squeezing about his dick.

Lasla shuddered, her breasts quivering. Then she slumped. I knew her orgasm had passed. She nursed out the last of my dragon-mother’s cum. She stepped back, her hermaphrodite-dick shrinking back into her clit.

Lasla stared at me. I grinned and crawled to her over Nephi’s body. I grabbed my sister and kissed her. She thrust my mother’s cum into my mouth. I groaned, savoring that flavor. It was almost as good as Kurtis’s. I trembled, my tongue dancing and swapping with hers.

He had tamed a sphinx. My brother was amazing. I was so glad to be his twin sister. Lasla and I would have so much fun at his side.



“She’s remarkable,” Mother said as she fell to her knees before me. She grabbed my dirty dick.

“Yes, she is,” I said, staring at my sphinx in pride while my sisters kissed. “She’s going to make Ankush easier. We won’t have to risk you revealing yourself.”

“Yes, Master,” my dragon-mother moaned right before she sucked my dirty dick into her mouth.

I grinned and savored every last suck. Having my own sphinx would definitely make dealing with the rakshasa’s interesting. The smile spread on my lips as my dick throbbed in my mother’s cleaning mouth.

I couldn’t wait to tame a rakshasa.

To be continued…

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