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The Steamroom

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It was very late at night.

Except for one girl working there this evening. You and I were the only two there.

As you were seated at the machine pushing the weights, I couldn’t help but steal glances at your toned, sensuous body. Watching your muscles flex as a sheen of sweat was noticeable all over. Droplets forming on your brow and falling into your very deeply toned chest. I watched as the droplets started their travel deep down inside. Oh how I wished it were I. I again look over in your direction, what do I notice? You too, have stolen glances as well. I look away yet out of the corner of my eye, I see the desire inside of you as you stare at my glistening cleavage, beads of sweat coming down from them as well. The heat of desire and passion was so obvious between you and I. As you move onto another machine you watch as you see me leave and head towards the steam room.

You find yourself staring once again, this time at my shapely ass as I walk away behind the wall. At the last moment though, I turn, smile at you and then walk away. You wait a few moments, then make your way inside as well.

As güvenilir bahis You approach the steam room, you hear what can only be described as utter passion. You gently open the door, the steam making it so that you can’t even see in front of you However, a soft moan escapes my lips so you follow.

As you place yourself along side of me, You look deeply into my eyes. Desire fills them as I stare back. My right hand has been under my towel, bringing pleasure to myself.

You go down to your knees, and ever so gently remove my hand. My towel slips away, revealing my voluptuous body to your waiting eyes. You gently spread my knees as you begin to descend upon my waiting thighs. You begin licking all around, keeping near but not quite on my most precious spot. I begin to moan louder and my back arches backwards as you begin your final descent upon my moist, sensitive lips. You place your lips upon them while gently prodding with your fingers. You lick inside of me and begin to suck upon my clit. I place my hands behind your head and draw you further inside of me. My body begins to tremble türkçe bahis as my first of many orgasms starts. You suck down hard on my clit and drive your tongue as deeply inside of me as you possibly can as my orgasm washes over you.

When I finally open my eyes, a smile appears across my lips as I take your head in my hands once again and draw you upwards so that our lips may embrace.

By now your shaft has gotten so very hard and erect. As we kiss, I feel it touching at my very moist womanhood. I reach down and grasp it and wrap my fingers around it.

An “ohhhh” escapes,….. was that you or I?

I begin to stroke your shaft up and down making it unbearable to keep your composure. I guide you to the opening of my wet, juicy opening. You begin to move forward and slide the head inside of me.

Oh you are so warm inside me and I am so wet for you. You begin slowly descending till your entire length is totally embedded inside of me. Our lips sucking on one another,

My nipples grazing against your chest as you move in and out of me at a faster and faster pace.

Sweat pouring off güvenilir bahis siteleri you and I as we pound against

one another. You bend your head lower and take my nipple inside your mouth and begin sucking on it while your shaft continues it’s onslaught inside of me.

You then take my full breasts in your hands and begin caressing them as you alternate between sucking on them.

Our bodies now trembling with desire as your hard shaft works it’s way in and out of me. You then pick me up and turn me around.

I lean over the steps as you guide yourself deep inside of me from behind. You reach over me and cup my breasts once again in your hands as your hips increase their tempo.

You can feel yourself ready to shoot deep inside of me, our passions reaching towards their peak. Our bodies begin to shake uncontrollably as you plunge your shaft as deeply as you can inside of me.

Squeezing my trembling breasts as you erupt inside.

You continue to cum over and over again as another orgasm over takes me as well.

I moan out deeply for you…..

Both of us falling to our knees, panting, exhausted. We slowly get to our feet and make our way over to the pool where we then cuddle in one another’s arms in the cooling waters and just gaze into one another’s eyes…

fiction or reality?

©SLG 1/2002

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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